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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Tel: (646)-257-4045

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1 review
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I wait now a week for my order H17##1106 but i havend resived nothing i am thinking to contact my creditcard compagny to tell them about this compagny because i don't trust them.

Marjon from the Netherlands.

1 review
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I ordered from dog trainer thinking this was Canadian 3 weeks later nothing I request a tracking number,track it and its being shipped from Israel Post what the hell. Probably going to have to pay duty on that. 4weeks later still nothing, should of read these reviews first

1 review
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I've reported this business to my credit card company as fraud. I highly suggest you all do the same. In an age where I can order something through eBay or another international site and not take 2 weeks to "ship" an item with countless excuses about how they transfer items to a warehouse that's in a village is beyond me. Please everyone, call this into your card issuer/bank as fraud. That's what this is. A collect our money and never produce a product fraud.

Charles R.
1 review
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Please do not waste your time with ForDogTrainers, they are backchaining, no inventory & you can wait weeks,
.....They filled my order with their inventory & shipped in 1 day, & are known in the business w/ working dogs for years, I would honestly write they are respected & have high quality dog equipment, & helping customers.


Dog Sport Holland is het bedrijf van Hanny van Nimwegen en Nicole van Dam.

Hanny is rond 1985 begonnen met kleine reparaties aan KNPV pakken. Nieuwe mouwen inzetten, met lapjes jute repareren, leren pakken opknappen, etc.

Langzaamaan groeide het bedrijfje onder de naam Hondensportartikelen Hanny van Nimwegen. Van 1 machine in de voorkamer van Hessenweg 194 tot een compleet ingerichte schuur.

Zo groeide het bedrijf uit haar jasje. Opzoek naar een groter pand vonden we op Hessenweg 190 een geschikte lokatie.

In 1993 ging Nicole volledig in het bedrijf meewerken.

Door de groei en de internationale bekendheid vonden wij het nodig om een andere naam aan te nemen. Dog Sport Holland.

Na bijna 10 jaar aan de Hessenweg 190 te hebben gewerkt zochten wij in 2001 wederom een nieuwe lokatie. Dat is ons huidige adres. Jan van Arkelweg 3 in Achterveld.

Hier hebben wij een mooie, ruime winkel en een prettig atelier. Samen met Jamie en Demi werken wij aan het (door) ontwikkelen van hondensportartikelen. In ons atelier staan talloze naaimachines, snijmachines ed. hiermee maken wij met veel plezier onze bijtpakken, mouwen, leerwerk etc.

Hierdoor is het mogelijk om tegemoet te komen aan de wensen van de klant.

Voor het aanmeten van pakken is het raadzaam vooraf even te bellen zodat wij voldoende tijd kunnen inplannen om alle mogelijkheden door te nemen.

Een afspraak maken voor kleine reparaties is ook handig, hierdoor is het soms mogelijk om te wachten op de reparatie en het materiaal gelijk weer mee te nemen.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Over 10 days and not shipped. First I ordered days later they said they did not charge for shipping next they wanted me to send PayPal I did days later they wonted transaction # I give it days later they said we will give it to the Wright department still days later not shipped. If you want something from this company order it a year before you need it.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

They ripped me off of 100$, I ordered a french bulldog muzzle and it still hasn't showed up, 53 days and counting! I asked for a refund and still haven't got it and doubt i will! They have stopped replying to emails, delete my comments of Facebook to show what a scam they are and have gone silent since asking where is my product or money! If you google dog muzzle they come up with so many random pages or your area code to try pull you in to their bull$#*!. For example if you type muzzles Australia it will come up with .au or for nz but it's a company in America who say they make it there and then order it from Israel and never shows up! Don't waste your money or time!! It's a scam!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ive ordered twice through ForDogTrainers and had great communication/service both times and the products have been of good quality. Ive had a swift response to all my questions and the staff were very detailed oriented enough to let me know that the muzzle I ordered initially for my dog may not be the right fit for him and gave me an alternative recommendation that turned out to be the right fit. I was so thankful for the advice and impressed that they cared to that degree to contact me before processing the order to recommend a different type of muzzle. Thanks again for the product and the helpful advice. He is wearing this one comfortably and safely thanks to your help.

1 review
1 helpful vote

So I been trying to order from this company for over a week now and Im not talking no little order Im talking a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff and I have had the WORST MOST UNPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EVER FROM THIS COMPANY! First of all my credit card declined the sale bc it thought it was fraud so I verified the purchase from my credit card called this company and informed them to run the card n only have a very small window to do so be for it gets declined again so what do these people do wait till the next day and hours later to try n run my card after I specifically explained to them that they had to do it then or else it would come back denied now a week has gone by n about ten orders later I still HAVE NO ORDER IN THE SYSTEM NO NOTHING NO PRODUCTS NOT EVEN A ORDER NUMBER BC THEY KEEP CANCELING MY ORDERS THEN WHEN I CALL THEY ENDED UP HANGING UP ON ME BC I WAS UP SET WITH THERE UNPROFESSIONALISM AND WITH THE WAY THEY OPPERATE SO THEY HUNG UP ON ME N INSTEAD OF RUNNING MY CARD AGAIN JUST CANCELLED ALL ORDERS NOW EVERY TIME I CALL TO CANCEL THE OTHER ONE THEY WONT PICK UP SMH... horrible horrible service

1 review
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I ordered 3 products and received instant email confirmation of the order. Within a few minutes, I received another email offering me 20% off any additional items I purchased within 24 hours. I didn't take advantage of the offer but liked the idea. One of the items I ordered was a nylon skirt pouch to carry treats and rewards. I received an email asking me my waist and hip measurements to make sure the item would fit properly. Nice! It fit perfectly! I'll be ordering more items from

1 review
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Ordered a brown leather harness and leash with brass buckles. Shipping was slow but considering where it came from I can't complain. They provided a tracking number immediately upon request and answered all of my emails within an hour. The harness and leash are gorgeous and the leather is great quality and I'm expecting them to last awhile. Would order again.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Thor!
Thank you for finding time to share your feedback. I really appreciate it.
Happy customers are usually lazy to leave a review but you are definitely not one of them. :)
1 review
1 helpful vote

good products. so if you know exactly what you want you are ok but if you need customer support its not going to happen. Tried countless ,(at least 10 times), to contact to return an item that was misrepresented on the website. I called during the designated hours as stated by their answering machine but nobody ever picked up the phone. I always recommend their products to friends BUT always remind them what happened to me that their customer service doesn't exist as it is nonexistent.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Gary,
Thank you for taking time to review FDT company.
Unfortunately, I left you a couple of private messages and got no reply. I wanted to understand what time and when you called and see why your call wasn't answered by our support team.
Our support works at designated time.
Here is the schedule.

Hours of Operation for phone support (EST - Eastern Standard Time)
Mon-Thu: 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Friday: 9:00AM - 1:00PM

If you decide to share details I will be happy to solve the issue . Thank you once again!
1 review
0 helpful votes

Well, it has been over 10 days and no return label has been sent as was promised.

I wanted to edit my original review again to reflect this. I do not seem to be able to do this but apparently I can submit another review. I wanted to change the rating back to one star.

Instead of sending a return label they issued a "response" to my original review that completely ignored the issue of poor craftsmanship and goes on and on about the fit, which was never the issue.

They go on and on about how wonderful they are and how everyone loves them. The 14 one star reviews other than mine would belie this.

The muzzle they sent is very asymmetrical in construction with the spine noticeably off center.

The large ventilation holes are noticeably uneven.

The padding is bunched up with the rivets on the very edge of the padding material.

If given the opportunity to inspect this example before purchase I would have not bought it.

Instead of a refund I am getting a run around. One would do well to avoid this merchant.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Walter,
Thank you for leaving a review.
I understand your disappointment. Let's deal with it!
I need to explain a few things first.

Muzzle sizes presented on the website are for returning customers who know what size their dog is. There are lots of dogs whose measurements do not comply with their breeds. E.g. Labrador may get GSD size and we should never forget about not pure breeds. If we see that you are a newcomer, our support team contacts you to ask for measurements. It is done to prevent exchanges, that causes you a lot of discomfort. So I guess it is better to spend time remeasuring a dog and getting the right size then exchanging the product later.

If a customer says that muzzle don't fit we request photos not because we do not trust you or smth like this, we do it because sometimes people adjust muzzles in a wrong way and the problem is quickly solved in this case. If a customer insists on returning or exchanging then we do it for sure with no problem.

We never lie about our products, we do handcraft them and ship directly to our customers with no 3rd party. The thing is that we have European warehouses and US warehouse. Sometime US customers get items from European warehouse. This happens not often but still it does. When we ship from Europe we send items to our PA warehouse and from there your order travels to you. I hope it made the situation clear.

Walter, I would like to check the details of your order and see what can be done for you to stay on the side of happy customers. Please provide any info like order number or email address. Thank you!
Looking forward to your reply!
1 review
1 helpful vote

We are in the dog training business, and have been using For Dog Trainers for a few years now. They are a great company to work with: their customer service is very responsive, and answer our questions quickly. Their products are great and reliable.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Daniela,
It is a pleasure to read a review like this.
Thank you for finding time to rate us!
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Sent me the wrong size muzzle, so I contacted them. They asked me for details and pictures, which I sent, but have had no reply! Some emails were even rejected for some reason!! Very misleading; they give you the impression that their muzzles are tailor made; however, they're just your bog standard size!! I COULD HAVE PAID A LOT LESS IF I HAD JUST GONE ON AMAZON - NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I FEEL THAT I HAVE BEEN LULLED INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!! DODGY BEYOND BELIEF!!

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi KTChng,
First of all, I am really sorry you had a bad experience with our company. All problems can be solved, and we would be happy if you give us a chance to deal with this situation.
I decided to leave public replies because not every person replied to my private messages I sent 2 or 3 times to all people who had negative experience with Fordogtrainers. I understand that everything should be done in time, but they say it is better late than never... I need to know order# or email address of the person who placed the order, we will track every stage of the order handling to understand what went wrong.

As regards rejected emails, we tell our customer that a file attachment should not exceed 3mb size otherwise the system of mail parsing simply rejects the email and we never see these emails.
We really handcraft muzzles for medium and large size dogs, that is why we ask precise measurements of a dog's snout, and sometimes we even ask a customer twice to remeasure when it is clear that one of the measurements is done incorrectly. Of course, we have templates for standard dog breeds but we also have a 'custom' size option. And all this process of reaching out a customer to get more details about dog breed, age, gender and photos can delay this process a little and can give an impression of time consuming process but it is done for your pet to have comfy muzzle and to prevent returns and exchanges that takes a consumer's time as well.

So, I would be happy to communicate with you either in private or in public to solve this issue together, we will do our best to show you the best service we offer and you will help us improve. Thank you for leaving this review, it 'keeps us up ' :)"
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently ordered 7 Artisan dog collars from Fordogtrainers. They arrived today and they are all absolutely beautiful! I am delighted. They are so well made. The leather and buckles are of excellent quality and very strong. My dogs will probably wear out before their collars do! Thank you Fordogtrainers! If I ever need more dog gear I'll be buying it from you.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi J.W.,
Thank you for finding time to write a review. It means a lot. Thank you for sharing your shopping experience on!
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I received an email from the company to trade links. I informed the company of our policy is that we do not share links. The fact that they even asked and are randomly asking businesses to trade links is a sign of poor business practices.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi James,
Thank you for sharing you opinion on the matter of 'trading links'. I guess it is not a review for our products or service, it is more personal opinion on this topic.
We never trade links for money or smth. We exchange them. And since we are online business we have to obey to strict rules of Google and other search engines. We are not ashamed offering other companies to exchange links because it not prohibited and even according to Entrepreneur magazine ''Exchanging links with other, related websites is a good practice." Please, see full article here
You are always welcome to visit our online store and become our customer. I will be more than happy to read your review on our dog supplies.
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I spoke with their online chat about a potential purchase worth over £150.00, the person I spoke with was arrogant and rude.

Glad I never bought from them even more so after reading the reviews posted here.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi John,
Thank you for leaving your review.
Maybe there was some misunderstanding ? If you provide date and time of corresponding or an email address I will check the chatt and will add it here.
Julia and Alice - our support team, they are very nice and polite I can't even imagine these two girls being rude to anyone at all.
I guess there is no need to ask for order number because you did not complete your purchase.
If you ever decide to try our service and products we offer I am sure you will be more than happy.
So I really suggest you following our social nets to get one of promo codes we offer and try our company once more :) What do you say?
1 review
0 helpful votes

overall the quality of items are very good, shipping is reasonable and normally very fast, prices are also reasonable and makes shopping a breeze for the items you want

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Jenny!
Thank you for finding time to share your experience with FDT company. We really appreciate it :)
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've done business with FDT for many years now and each order is as perfect as the last. When there is a problem, even if it's not their fault, they will resolve it promptly. For anyone wanting top notch equipment for their dogs, I wouldn't go anywhere else. FDT is the best GLOBALLY, you won't need to look elsewhere.
Many thanks to the team at FDT

Yours truly

Alex & Mary

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Alex!
FDT team says 'hello and thank you' as well :) It is great that happy customers like you can find time and share experience with Fordogtrainers company. We do appreciate it!
1 review
0 helpful votes

Great products and great customer support from Melissa, orders are dispatched swiftly and meet all our expectations

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Geoff!
It is very great you found time to leave a review in such a busy world. FDT team is very thankful to you.
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am also surprised how bad of the review this site has. I ordered 2 collars and a leash. Absolutely a great quality, never seen anything similar in Canada and fairly inexpensive. At least a dozen of people in the dog park comment every day how pretty the collars are and many asking for the web site. To be honest, I would hesitate to order anything if I knew about the bad reviews before, but I only seen them after I placed an order. I am also surprised about the complains regarding the customers service. Once I read reviews, I was kind of panicking thinking this is a scam so I bombarded the company with the questions regarding delivery. To my surprise, I received answers within like 15 minutes, even though we are half world apart. The only disadvantage is a waiting time for the order. Mine arrived after a whole month of waiting, but it was worth it. The collars are absolutely STUNNING, an eye catcher, hard not to notice them and again amazing quality. Don't be afraid to order, but prepare for a long wait if you are in North America.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Joanna!
Thank you very much for sharing your experience. It is nice to know that some of our happy customer are not lazy-potatoes and spend time reviewing us:) I am not sure if there is a company with 100% happy customers. But we definitely want to become such.
Moreover, happy customers leave reviews less frequently . We have thousands of happy customers who simply have no time to register and leave comments, unfortunately. Many thanks for understanding and kind words!
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's unfortunate that some of you have had a bad experience with this company. I was skeptical at first because they are located in a different country. To add to my anxiety, their customer service wouldn't respond to my messages. I went as far as putting a claim in on paypal to get my money back. I received my harness today (Feb 23 2017) and dammnnnn, this harness is OFFICIAL! Excellent quality! You will pay twice as much anywhere else. I will be buying more items from them, I will be more patient next time since it's coming from Israel and I'm in New Jersey, USA. The whole process took 2 weeks.

I'm a real customer and this is a real review.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Rashid,
I appreciate you found time to review FDT company. Thank you for attaching pics, it took you a while I guess,. Your dog looks gorgeous in this leather harness.
You can send these pics to our support (not exceeding 3mb size) and we will post them on our website and social net if you want.
We have US warehouse and European warehouses. Sometime items are shipped from Europe to USA. This happens when US stock misses a few items from the order. But we are working on that issue. Very soon this problem will disappear. Thank you for being patient and understanding. And thank you for choosing us!
1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed an order for two muzzles. I am an experience dog owner with two dogs race. They sent two muzzles that were not the size I ordered and didn't fit either of my dogs. Were difficult when I requested an exchange for what I had ordered. STAY AWAY from this website.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Karin,
Thank you for leaving your review. I am sorry you did not get the expected service.
We have a clear policy of returns and exchanges. It is consumer biased policy which allows you to exchange or return the product/s you bought no matter the reason. The only thing you need to do is to write about the problem to our support, get return label from them and visit ups or ems office (depending upon the country you live in) and send it back, after we receive it, money is returned to you. Please, let me know your order number or email address and I will check the corresponding to understand what happened. Thank you!
I would like you to help me understand what was difficult with the exchanging process, can I get more details about your order? I will personally investigate every case with negative experience to understand how many customers actually had bad experience and what we can do to become better company
1 review
1 helpful vote

their items are really top level and in the last months they really grow up and now offer a very kindly customers service.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Tommaso,
I appreciate you spent time writing your review! Thank you very very much!
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a dog collar from this company back in February 2016 which was lost by UPS and I asked them to send me a new one to replace the lost one I paid for. As of today May 13, 2016 they are emailing me and harassing me. This company is very unprofessional and an absolute joke. Do not waste your money or time with them.

Response from Guy K., ForDogTrainers Representative
Hi Jennifer,
I am sorry your item was lost while being delivered, sometimes it happens. We use ems and ups delivery service depending upon the customer's country of live. In situations like these we bear responsibilities though it is not our fault at all, and we send a new item to a customer.
Can you please, let me know your order id or email or even a person's name who placed the order?
I need to check the corresponding to see what happened.
I understand that your review was here for a while without any attention, but it is better to deal with it late than never.
Please, let me know the requested details. Thank you once again for sharing your experience.

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