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Todd Hicks blogs on job interview preparation, cooking and travel, respectively.

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I know a lot about survey sites and other sites that pay you to run ads or do other things online. My reviews are fair and thorough.


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It was easy to get accepted as a small publisher, I think their pop-under ads are safe and the $10 payout threshold you must meet to be able to cash out is reasonable compared to many other ad networks but my earnings were weak and I thus thought it wouldn't be worth it to wait at least 10 years to reach the minimum payout level based on my pace.


It was easy to get started with them as a publisher and I accumulated a little bit of earnings but my balance suddenly stopped growing and I got the sense it would take too long to earn enough to cash out, if ever.


It's easy to get accepted from them and get started but their pop-up ads aren't cool; each time they were triggered, they caused a redirect and made getting back to my sites impossible.


I was able to register and create ad blocks to use to run ads on my blogs but these units were soon taken away by Nplex without explanation. Furthermore, I made no money from them.


This site isn't popular and they have screwed up with my registration as far as I'm concerned. A few years ago, I listed my first blog upon registration. However, I was given a message in my dashboard saying my site was declined due to a 3rd party lookup tool discovering suspicious traffic. First of all, I'm honest and there's nothing wrong with my traffic. Second, why have this type of tool look into members' traffic?


I give them credit for quick registration approval, quick offer approval and being able to cash out once your balance reaches the $25 threshold but this isn't enough to offset the minuses. Having registered with them in October, I haven't received 1 click for running banners for some of their offers on my blogs.

No clicks? This situation is unusual. Also, I went from having dozens of impressions to just zero to one over the last few weeks.

From what I've seen, most of their banners are too big; this is an inconvenience if you're trying to minimize this bandwidth and thus allow your site pages to load quickly, which is essential. Finally, I just received notice informing me an offer I've been running will soon expire and thus asking me to remove the creatives for it from my sites.

Matthew L. – WOW TRK Rep

Hi Todd, hope you are well.

Thanks for your positive comments about the network.

Regarding the click issue, we use a third party platform for this HasOffers, which is a market leading platform and have one of the best uptime records for tracking. We record thousands of clicks daily without any issues, there might have been an issue with how you placed the link on your site. Did you ask your account manager about this issue, for help from them?

Regarding banners on offers we tend to ask advertisers for common ad sizes websites use for example 300x250,728x90,468x60 to name a few. Sometimes however an advertiser may choose to pick different sites, but the majority of the time if an offer has banner creatives they will be in commonly used sizes.

Regarding the offer you were running being paused, unfortunately this does happen - a little too frequently to be honest. This is something we are looking into improving in 2019 (potentially having longer minimum contracts).

Thanks for your feedback and I hope you find the above useful and we will definitely take everything you said on board. :)


I just closed my account with them. Although they offer opportunities to earn money, they can't be trusted as far as I'm concerned. I began to link my bank accounts but they wanted to know my password for them. I could understand if they just wanted to know my routing numbers in order to give me a direct deposit for money I earned but I would never reveal my passwords to a third party or any other individual; a legitimate company surely wouldn't ask you to do that.


I enjoy being a member. I usually get a few survey invitations per month, the surveys I qualify for are generally quick and I almost always earn 50 points when I screen out of a survey, which is the case most of the time. Also, I love my member dashboard which looks good, is easy to navigate and makes it easy for me to see my points balance. The drawbacks are you must accumulate 14,000 points to be able to request a $10 check and I just waited about 5 to 6 weeks to get my first check from them.


Looking to reduce the size of the large banners and thumbnail images on my blogs and thus speed up page loading, I thought this site would fulfill my needs. Although I was able to reduce the images after uploading the JPG URL for them then display the size-reduced images on my blog, I was disappointed the next day when I viewed my blogs and thus saw the images gone; there was a message in the boxes where the images had been displayed revealing that the images had expired. It was a waste of time fixing this mess and re-inserting my images.


I could almost give them their props for providing pretty designs and offering free service besides paid options. Unfortunately, I can't give them a decent rating.

The navigation process on their site is too slow plus my bottom line wasn't met. Though you can create pleasing campaigns, preview them and send a test email to yourself, it's too hard to actually send newsletters and introduction messages to subscribers you listed in their system.


Take surveys and record your fitness activity with them - it should truly pay off for you. Although I was impressed when I signed up with this site less than a year ago, I didn't know it would be quite this good. Although you must accumulate 10,000 points to receive a $10 payment through direct deposit or PayPal, don't be discouraged, as you can reach this level in months.

In addition to being able to record your fitness activity with many apps, you'll likely receive at least one email from My Achievement per month that invites you to complete the latest offers or take a brief survey that may reward you with anywhere from a few points upwards to 100 points or more. Finally, I signed up to participate in a special project a few months ago in which I respond to an invitation to do a brief survey for 3000 points monthly for the next year. Guess what? I just received my first payment which arrived a day after I requested it.


I have nothing bad to say about Ad Sella. Once you register then list the URLs for your websites/blogs, Ad Sella is likely to notify you within a few days of your acceptance as a member. Upon acceptance, you can create ad blocks to put on your sites, letting potential clients easily pay you and thus start running ads on your space. Other great aspects include: 1) getting exposure from snapshots of your sites appearing on Ad Sella's home page daily, 2) being able to set the prices for your ads plus the duration they will run, 3) being able to list your own sales/refund policy, 4) only having 15 % of what you make from a sale deducted as a fee and 5) once you make a sale, Ad Sella automatically installs your ad on your site. I recommend you put it in writing that customers will receive a full or partial refund if they opt to pull their ad before it's set to no longer run then follow through on this policy. Make sure to not under-price or overprice your ads - if you charge less than $10, clients are likely to assume they won't get value from giving you a chance. I started setting my prices at around this level after joining in November. I incrementally raised my prices after that and have kept my ad prices at $25 per blog for awhile; feel free to charge more than this if your visitor traffic is high in addition to providing quality publisher content. Finally, don't back down from maxing out the price level you feel comfortable with and don't get discouraged; I didn't make my first sale until last month.


Although Facebook has been in the news lately regarding a privacy scandal, I would join again in a heartbeat. As long as it's reasonable, you can post what you want and you can market your services although I only promote commercial stuff to my friends unless it's how-to information such as new posts from my self-help blogs which I promote to the public in general. You can easily make posts, comment on posts, express how you feel about posts and report offensive content plus personal attacks. Also, you're provided a list of people you may know. Long story short, Facebook is great for connecting with friends and relatives.


Looking for such reviews, I wish I had seen these bad reviews on Commission Junction when I joined them in August. Although it's easy to get accepted into the program, the member dashboard is good and I was given a 2nd chance after deactivation on March 1, I don't know where to start regarding what's wrong with this service. Here are the things I dislike about them: 1) It's too hard to reach their support team; 2) If you close your browser, you must login again even if you didn't previously log out; 3) You must accumulate $100 to cash out by check, $50 to cash out by direct deposit; 4) Page loading is slow; 5) Advertisers are allowed to go many months to approve or decline your application to join them; 6) Some advertisers will invite you to join them by email, only to turn you down upon applying through your CJ portal; 7) One advertiser dropped me within a day of approving my application; 8) I've made no money here despite my efforts, my running their advertiser banners on my blogs, my posting their brands discounts on Facebook; and 9) Advertisers are miserly in which some of them state on their banners you'll receive a certain amount of money for generating banner clicks in a 7-day or 90-day period but never pay you no matter how many visitors you continually send them - this can hurt you if your account is deactivated and you're charged a dormancy fee for not earning any commissions for 6 months.


Getting started with Payclick is easy in which your website or blog is likely to be accepted and within just a few days; plus, you'll have a 100 % fill rate in which your ads always show and you can even use code they provide that lets you override customers' ad blockers. However, you aren't likely to prosper from this service unless you have blockbuster traffic. For starters, you'll only be accepted on a CPM basis where you get paid for impressions if your site draws 100,000 visitors monthly. Having been a member for a year, I've drawn less than 10 clicks and all but one of them have only added up to 1 cent in my account with the other click only garnering 6 cents. I just pulled all of their ads because it's not worth it waiting at least a few decades to accumulate the minimum amount of 20 bucks required for getting a payout.


Anyone can use this service for free and inserting their button code into the HTML/Javascript settings of your website or blog is easy. The social media buttons are very visible and you can easily place them high on every page of your site in the left sidebar or right sidebar, enabling visitors to share your content on Facebook, Twitter and other channels.


It's a free service and it's easy to place their social media buttons code on your site. This can help you if your blog/website pages aren't long because the set of buttons you're provided with is small and will automatically fall at the bottom of your page below your content no matter where you try to place it - this will likely not help you if you have long pages because few visitors will go that far thus limiting your viral potential. I got a little benefit from using them when my content was relatively short. Fortunately, there are better alternatives.


I recently registered but the registration went nowhere. Once I was in my dashboard upon registering with my email address, I saw a notice saying I would need approval before I could post to the forum. Well, that has been over a week but I haven't heard back. On top of that, each time I try to sign in and click "Forgot password", the system says it doesn't recognize my email address.


Although you can consistently accumulate money for pop-under ads displayed on your websites/blogs, the earnings potential isn't much and you must accumulate 10 bucks in your account in order to cash out. More importantly, the ad experience is terrible in that if your visitors click anything on your site, an interstitial ad that appears from Pop Cash may make it too hard for them to return to your site without closing out all of the extra tabs/windows that pop up.


They send survey invitations frequently and the amount of points allotted for the surveys is adequate. When you screen out of a survey, you'll likely be awarded points for your effort. Also, you can earn money for referrals - great referral banners are provided. The only drawback is you must accumulate 1000 points to be able to cash out with no fee; however, you can easily reach that level within a few months on a consistent basis.

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