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About Me:

Todd Hicks blogs on keyboard typing, tennis, job interview preparation, math, cooking and travel, respectively.

How I Can Help:

I know a lot about survey sites and other sites that pay you to run ads or do other things online. My reviews are fair and thorough.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

tennis, baseball, entertainment

95 Reviews by Todd

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I recently registered but the registration went nowhere. Once I was in my dashboard upon registering with my email address, I saw a notice saying I would need approval before I could post to the forum. Well, that has been over a week but I haven't heard back. On top of that, each time I try to sign in and click "Forgot password", the system says it doesn't recognize my email address.


Although you can consistently accumulate money for pop-under ads displayed on your websites/blogs, the earnings potential isn't much and you must accumulate 10 bucks in your account in order to cash out. More importantly, the ad experience is terrible in that if your visitors click anything on your site, an interstitial ad that appears from Pop Cash may make it too hard for them to return to your site without closing out all of the extra tabs/windows that pop up.



They send survey invitations frequently and the amount of points allotted for the surveys is adequate. When you screen out of a survey, you'll be awarded ten points for your effort. Each time you accumulate 200 points in your account, you can cash out for a payment of $2.35. Although I'm fine with getting $2.25 after a 2% transaction fee is factored in, the drawback to this website is that you must accumulate 1500 points to be able to cash out with no fee.


About a week ago, I was referred to Inco Money by a website I posted ads with in the past. Although there are an unlimited amount of ads to view on any given day, you must accumulate $150 in your account balance before you can withdraw your money for your first payout "to show how serious you are about sticking around for the long haul". In closing, I wish to also inform you that after not having to log back into my account to view ads for the first several days, I discovered I would have to sign back in last night. However, I kept getting a message saying I was either inputting the wrong password or my account was deleted due to inactivity. I requested for the system to let me reset my password nearly 20 hours ago but still haven't received the email for that.



Don't bother signing up to participate in this forum. They gave me no warnings and banned me for life for no specified reason.



It's easy to set up your shirt storefront and you can easily customize the apparel items you choose to sell but I had an account with them for about two years and got no sales.




PayPal works flawlessly in remitting the money sent to you from friends as well as businesses you have provided a service to such as taking surveys. You can use it to receive money from selling products/services on your website/blog, with the purchases being secure. Finally, I recommend you opt to receive the money you cash out into your bank account within one business day instead of requesting a check in which you'll have $1.50 debited from your total remittance and wait nearly 10 days to get your money.



What's acceptable about them is the amount of available topics they have. What I can't stand is that they make it too hard to create a new profile for the different types of forums they have such as math and workplace; therefore, you can't easily link to more websites/blogs of yours where your niche matches the forum service. I was able to overcome this problem with a Google search before but I can't do it now.

Travelpayouts.comimage coming soon



I'm giving them a neutral rating. I have nothing bad to say about them and I appreciate how they send you newsletters to try to help you out in addition to providing banners and links that operate successfully. If you get good traffic to your traffic blog/website and from social media and your visitors are consistently responsive plus convertible, I encourage you to give this site a try, as it has strong earning potential for everyone. However, I recently quit using them after being a member for nearly a year and a half because in addition to getting no sales, I never even got any clicks to my links/banners other than my first few months of membership when I got a few clicks.



If you provide a comment that's helpful and you're sure is on topic to a post but the site manager disagrees with it, it gets deleted.



From what I've seen after registering with them, they're unfair and treat members unequally. Using the section designated for self-promotion, I created a thread to promote my newest book. Within the next day or so, they deleted my thread, claiming endless self-promotion spamming. A few days ago, I sent a message asking about this and pointing out that they have left similar threads in place but they have ignored me by not responding to my message.



Although they have good chat customer service and let you craft a good story in your video, you won't have much control over the editing process; for example, your dashboard will indicate you can insert your own image file. I tried to do that in order to insert a file containing my blog URL to overcome the finished video not clearly enunciating my link but still couldn't insert my own file or graphics. Finally, your video likely won't be published to YouTube like it should and you won't be able to embed the video code into your website/blog like you can with YouTube videos; instead, you'll only be able to insert the link itself - I can assure you this won't look right on your site.



You'll likely waste your time leaving comments on this blog. Either your comment may not actually go through despite no indication of the topic being closed or your comment will be posted but you find it gone the next day.



If you remain civil and on topic, you can freely express your views about cooking. The more you participate, the more trophies and other recognition you receive. On top of that, you can get your own signature in which you can link to your commercial website after remaining a member for a week and posting five messages/replies to other posts or creating five posts.



If you don't get much interest from other ad networks to run their ads on your website/blog, this site won't likely be of use to you either. You could easily go several months and get no ad clicks and no bids. Furthermore, the full-page ads they provide can result in ads popping up over visitors' entire computer screens with no easy way to return to your site.



They have numerous categories to choose from and I thought I would be in business writing articles for them in exchange for a payment but no! About 72 hours ago, I finished writing an article in my member dashboard and completed each step on the submission form but each time I click "Submit for review", I get an error message. On top of that, I notified them of this through the support system but still haven't heard back.



They provide an advertising board that has much potential and let you publish up to four ads a day but the frustration isn't worth it. You can garner up to nearly 200 views over two days or so and perhaps get a click-through out of it but still not get an actual visitor to your website out of it. Also, it's bad that you can't simply rerun your ads after they expire within a day. I'm tired of having to rewrite at least one to two ads daily. Tonight, I would have had to rewrite all four of my ads.



You'll have a seamless experience running ads with them. You can choose a strong title and write great content to your liking in a box that provides limited but nevertheless adequate character space. There's no charge and you can run your ads as long as you like. The main drawback is you're limited to a maximum of three ads and you can only run one of them on any given day.



This public speaking blog appears to only accept comments from a select few people. Although a comments box is there at the end of articles along with a box to put your URL into, it's likely your comments won't actually be published and go live even though it may seem like you've been published after hitting the "Back" button and going to the bottom of the page.


Although the moderators have been accommodating in letting my posts go live and letting me have a commercial link in my signature, you must do hard searching to find topics that aren't several years old. Plus, each time I try to log in now, I get a message saying my username and email address don't exist in the system.

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