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About Me:

Todd Hicks blogs on keyboard typing, tennis, job interview preparation, presentation tips, math, cooking, travel and personal happiness, respectively.

How I Can Help:

I know a lot about survey sites and other sites that pay you to run ads or do other things online. My reviews are fair and thorough.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

tennis, baseball, entertainment

78 Reviews by Todd

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You'll have a seamless experience running ads with them. You can choose a strong title and write great content to your liking in a box that provides limited but nevertheless adequate character space. There's no charge and you can run your ads as long as you like. The main drawback is you're limited to a maximum of three ads and you can only run one of them on any given day.



This public speaking blog appears to only accept comments from a select few people. Although a comments box is there at the end of articles along with a box to put your URL into, it's likely your comments won't actually be published and go live even though it may seem like you've been published after hitting the "Back" button and going to the bottom of the page.


Although the moderators have been accommodating in letting my posts go live and letting me have a commercial link in my signature, you must do hard searching to find topics that aren't several years old. Plus, each time I try to log in now, I get a message saying my username and email address don't exist in the system.



Although the potential to earn good money from running their ads on your website/blog is there and you can cash out upon accumulating 10 bucks, the money you see in your balance can disappear at any time. For example, I had 20 cents in my balance for this past January. By the time February rolled in, only nine cents of that stuck. Last month, I only earned a fraction of a cent and up to this point for March, I got nothing. Also, there will be days when you can't log in to your account despite a few tries of putting in your password again, making sure you have it right.




You can get good information from them but they're too mean or at least they were when I was a member. They gave me a permanent suspension for linking to paid articles of mine in my posts. Although their policies forbade using the forum for commercial purposes, they didn't make it clear in their policies that you couldn't do what I did - I tried explaining that to them but they didn't want to reason.



This is a place where you can say what you want about jobs that's relevant to the topic in your posts without the owners censuring or banning you because they may disagree with your views. Also, you may post a commercial link in your signature without being suspended or banned for it. Finally, the members are friendly.



This is a great site for members and non-members alike. As a non-member, you can read articles on the site and read the forum comments. As a member, you have a lot of latitude - if you don't abuse another member, you can freely ask questions and express your views in your posts. You may have up to five or six lines and include many commercial links in your signature without a spam penalty - just make sure to not put them in your post.


If you stay civil and on topic, you can freely express your views and ask/answer questions in your posts. Also, I've been a member for over a year and haven't gotten in trouble for including a commercial link in my signature - I never put it in my posts.



I'm disappointed I had recently been banned for I suppose having a commercial link in my signature but the ban which I had thought was permanent has been lifted. Overall, I've had a pretty good experience here and you can freely express your views.



Stay away from them. One reason why they banned me is they disagreed with my posts, calling them immaterial - I provided what I thought was helpful advice and got "helpful" votes. The other reason was for having a commercial link in my signature - when I signed up, they didn't forbid this in their policies. On top of that, they ignored the appeal I wrote.



You can consistently garner a few dozen or more impressions from running their safe ads on your sites but that's the only good thing I can say about them. They recently went from letting you cash out upon accumulating ten bucks in your account to making it so that you must earn 25 bucks to request a payment. You can easily get up to 1000 impressions and still have no money in your account balance. On top of that, you can get multiple clicks and not earn one cent from that.



This is a pretty good infographics service overall and a great supplement in case you've reached a posting limit elsewhere. Although it can be so tough to edit your graphics that you must delete them and start over, they are still sufficient enough to post on your online site and there is not a limit to how many of them you can post. Plus, you can choose the free graphics.



They provide quality infographics such as charts, posters and other visuals that enable you to get more traffic, engage your visitors, etc. Furthermore, it's easy to install and edit these features. What keeps me from giving them five stars is that you can't have more than five infographics posted at the same time in your account without upgrading and paying about 30 to 50 bucks a month.



I won't give them a one-star rating because they frequently send survey invitations and some of their surveys are worth at least a few thousand points. On the other hand, the negatives outweigh the positives. You must accumulate 25,000 points to get a retail gift card (no cash offered), some of the surveys are routed to sites where you constantly get routed to other surveys and you will often get a survey that takes much longer than the ten or fifteen minutes promised before you begin, with the incentive (1000 points) not worth it. Finally, it takes too long to get the 25,000 points anyway.



As you sign up to run ads on their account, they state that they accept most publishers and will especially accept you if you have quality content but this couldn't be farther from the truth. Although I have quality content on all my blogs, this company rejected all of them without providing an explanation.



After I signed up months ago, I didn't write an article because I couldn't find anything to write based on the type of articles sought by the clients. Although I explained this to the website owner as he emailed me to urge me to write, he kept frequently writing to me on this until I logged in and made it so I would get no more notifications from them. About a month ago, I made my occasional login attempt only to find my account had obviously been cancelled by that same guy.



I continue to use it so it must not be that bad. What I like about them is that when you find work you qualify for, the tasks are quick and you will get paid within a few days through your PayPal account, even if you literally just earned a few pennies for doing work that day. What I dislike is that many of the tasks require you to have qualification for them and it's hard to pass the tests to get those qualifications. Also, I don't often get work because I don't have any of their qualifications.



This is another site I've wasted time running ads with on my blogs. All you or your visitors have to do is pull your scroll bar or click somewhere on your pages and there will be a blank pop layer that covers your entire site for several seconds - this despite the fact that this site is officially providing pop-under ads which pop up under the user's browser and generally don't lead to annoyance. Also, the earnings appear to be infinitesimal. If you run ads, frequently test your links and click away on your sites to make sure you're not getting bad ads that can ruin your online business.



Although you can consistently get a lot of ad impressions from running their ads, they provide complete reports and they let you cash out once you accumulate a dollar in your account, you may not ultimately be thrilled, especially if you generally don't get much traffic like me. I recently reached the 1000-impression threshold with legitimate traffic but because none of my impressions produced clicks let alone clicks that converted into action, my balance is stuck at no revenue and they won't upgrade me to their premium publishers program which would enable me to get paid on a CPM, CPC and CPA model for impressions, clicks and conversions. To add insult to injury, they don't point out on their website that they are mainly a cost per action network that won't pay you without you delivering traffic that converts; on top of that, they generally provide the same ads over and over again that don't pertain to your websites/blogs and are not likely to even attract clicks.



Ad Media, or Monetize, has rejected me. First, they don't state on their site that you must have 1000 unique visitors monthly. Second, they waste your time by sending you a welcome email and having you go to their site to fill out a tax form but the problem with that form is you can't put your signature and date on it and you can neither save the information nor successfully submit the form.

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