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Todd Hicks blogs on job interview preparation, cooking and travel, respectively. http://jhacac.blogspot.com http://gfpana.blogspot.com http://httwlh.blogspot.com

How I Can Help

I know a lot about survey sites and other sites that pay you to run ads or do other things online. My reviews are fair and thorough.


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123 Reviews by Todd

Over a month ago I registered with this staffing agency as part of my requirement to actively look for work in order to get unemployment benefits; when I did this I thought I was investing my time in a promising temp service. Alas, they wasted my time.

To begin with, I spent 75 to 90 minutes about two weeks ago signing electronic documents and reading the company's policies in advance of a mail room assignment I was supposed to start on the Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. When I went to the agency's office two days later to have my proof of worker eligibility processed they told me and three other applicants there that they're different from other temp agencies in that they only offer temp-to-perm assignments. They also told us the assignment was to be at a Pitney Bowes location in St. Louis County.

Having not heard back from Staffmark by the next Tuesday I tried to reach the recruiter who sent an email on the supposed job and gave the orientation but she didn't answer her mobile phone. I then did an online search on Staffmark to find another number to call.

As I did this I saw that reviews had been posted on this agency, with an average rating of two stars. One of those reviews revealed an experience similar to mine, that of being set up for an assignment that apparently doesn't exist. Another review pointed out that Staffmark only offers low-paying job offers - I agree due to my brief experience of just seeing offers only ranging from $10 to $11.50 an hour.

Finally, some of the review writers complained of doing an assignment for this company but not getting paid for their work. I have detailed how Staffmark is a waste of job applicants' time and talent. Avoid this service.

Tip for consumers:
You use this service at your own risk, as your time will be wasted.

Products used:
I applied for work through Staffmark.

Dot Audiences is a site that lets publishers monetize their blogs or websites by featuring a poll in hopes of earning revenue. As a blogger and webmaster, I signed up with them and began running three polls I created on my job hunting blog and my author website I run through WordPress. I saw some use of my experience with Dot at first but I'm unimpressed after all.

First, my polls produced some clicks but none produced any poll responses, at least none I could detect through my reports. Second, I haven't earned any revenue from my clicks or impressions. Third, my publisher account reports make little sense to me in my dashboard.

Tip for consumers:
I'm unsure about tips in this situation.

Products used:
ad monetization for blog and website publishers

It's easy to set up your books for audio script auditions, provide your tax information and set your payment preferences but that's as far as I can go for praise, as I ultimately wasted my time setting up two books to be made into an audio book to be available for sale. Once you listen to an audition then click "Make Offer" then complete the offer form, it's impossible to make your offer go through and thus have it reflected in your dashboard. I feel sorry for the voice actors who undoubtedly spend oodles of time searching for auditions, responding to them, making a voice over and no doubt are left hanging to get an offer from an author in hopes of earning revenue from a one-time production payment from the author or sharing book sale royalties with the author.
I was minding my own business when this site invited me by mail to become a member about 2 months ago. I accumulated some points for completing my profile and they supposedly offer a 5-dollar payout upon accumulating 500 points but this is far outweighed by the negatives. Most of the time I've spent taking their surveys, I have either ended up being disqualified or finishing a survey only to be rerouted to another survey.

Many weeks ago, I spent at least 20 minutes taking a survey before screening out. Finally, I just spent a long time taking a survey and completing it but not being credited for it and thus earning any points for my toil.
After you sign up, you'll likely get multiple survey invitations for the opportunity to earn a buck per survey daily and most of the surveys are quick but good luck earning money from these people. For starters, you're unable to fill out a personal profile at registration time; consequently, you can't increase the amount of relevant surveys you take.

Each time you take their surveys, you're likely to be screened out eventually, with a message saying you're unable to complete the survey. The last straw was spending awhile on a survey tonight I thought I was qualified for, only to be screened out once again.
It's relatively easy to get accepted and you can cash out upon accumulating $50 in revenue but that's as far as I can go for praise. It was a hassle signing up because I had to go back and forth in my emails with them and I had to fill out their registration form a few times before I finally made it in successfully in late February.

From February 26 to March 13, I generated a few requests, or ad impressions, from advertisers on my blogs and earned close to 1 cent; beyond that, I haven't received any impressions or revenue accumulation.
It's easy to sign up and you can accept assignments on both the office work side and the production work side. From what I've seen, Randstad works harder than any other staffing agency to find temp and temp-to-hire work for you.

Their website is user-friendly and you can use it to create an account and thus set your tax status and keep tabs on your direct deposit or pay card earnings statement. Finally, this company grants second chances; I'm grateful for having one after messing up on my first assignment from them. The lone drawback is you don't have the option to get paid by check.
It's fun to ride the bus across America with this service and it's a lot cheaper to travel this way than by airplane or train. Also, you can save 10 % on your rides by having an online membership through their website. Furthermore, it's easy to book a trip through their website and by calling them and free Wi-Fi service is offered on the buses and at the bus stations.

The cons of riding Greyhound are that there are often long delays due to bad weather, the driver not showing up, etc. The free internet service is spotty; on my most recent return trip, I was able to get online at the Cleveland station but unable to get online at the next stops despite having successfully connected to Greyhound's internet service portal. Finally, you still have to pay the customary $20 fee to change your schedule in the event of a death in the family; on top of that, the agent I just talked to made an error on my departure time and said I would have to pay another 20 bucks to change that (despite the fact this error occurred on their end).
• Updated review
They recently went from letting you quickly get paid by check or PayPal upon accumulating $25 in your account from taking surveys to only letting you redeem your earnings through an Amazon gift card. Although your cash-out request is likely to quickly be approved and Amazon offers such a vast array of merchandise you can order with your gift card code then receive within a few days, Product Report Card should have left in place the option to receive our earnings through PayPal and checks.

Product Report Card
Josh A. – Product Report Card Rep
Thanks for your review, Todd. While we do offer Amazon rewards, we are seeking to expand our rewards options soon!

The ProductReportCard Team
Why I love Product Report Card
• Previous review
You will frequently get a survey invitation and when you don't complete a survey, you will get 10 cents for your effort as long as you respond before the survey closes, so respond as soon as possible. You should quickly reach the $25 payout mark and you should quickly get paid whether you opt for a check or opt to be paid through PayPal.
• Updated review
Stay away, as you likely won't get paid for your hard work. My recent earnings withdrawal request was rejected with no explanation, despite having earned the 1000 + points I accumulated beforehand.
Matt G. – branded surveys Rep
Hello Todd,
We'd be happy to look into this for you. Please reach out to us at info@gobranded.com. Thank you!
Go Branded has lost its luster
• Previous review
They let you take plenty of surveys and polls for pay. You will always have plenty of survey opportunities and you can cash out for 10 bucks once you accumulate 1000 points. However, things have dramatically changed for the worst. It used to be that we would usually get five points for each survey we don't qualify for and any brief personal information update form we complete but now I'm usually given just 1 point or two for that.

They did away with the 30-point "You're an ace" bonus we would often get for screening out of surveys but being a good member. It's no longer the case you get 30 points for answering each poll in a series; now it's 5 points for all members. I kissed earning 10 points for taking a poll and 110 points for doing a poll for 10 consecutive days goodbye.

So much for my being a gold member. They have come up with dumb excuses for these new changes, with one of them being that they're trying to get quality survey taking done; what does this have to do with quality survey taking? I'm sticking with them for now but they may lose me if they keep this all up.
I registered to become a publisher with them 3 and 1/2 weeks ago but I still cannot insert their ad code on my blogs because they haven't made a decision to accept or reject my sites. Too, I emailed my account manager to expedite things but that hasn't netted a response or action either.
I signed up to be a publisher with them about three weeks ago but they haven't sent an email confirmation.
I should have known better than to sign up with them. Although they have a descriptive interface, they don't have an FAQ or terms of service section on their site. After registering then listing my first blog in my dashboard for approval, their system presented a message saying they don't accept blogspot sites per their terms of service which they don't make available.
If you insert their ad code on your site, you'll get ads that when triggered produce multiple pop-up layers that cover up your site and make returning to it too hard.
This site used to be pleasurable and reliable; you could read emails,
Take surveys, watch ads and do other fun activities for money then cash
Out by check or PayPal upon attaining $20 in your account and actually
Be paid within a short time frame.

Now I and several other members have
Gone months without being paid despite having enough
In our accounts. UR keeps saying they always pay and keeps coming up
With excuses, with one of them being they're waiting on confirmation
From their bank. Stay away from this site.
It was easy to get accepted as a small publisher, I think their pop-under ads are safe and the $10 payout threshold you must meet to be able to cash out is reasonable compared to many other ad networks but my earnings were weak and I thus thought it wouldn't be worth it to wait at least 10 years to reach the minimum payout level based on my pace.
It was easy to get started with them as a publisher and I accumulated a little bit of earnings but my balance suddenly stopped growing and I got the sense it would take too long to earn enough to cash out, if ever.
It's easy to get accepted from them and get started but their pop-up ads aren't cool; each time they were triggered, they caused a redirect and made getting back to my sites impossible.
I was able to register and create ad blocks to use to run ads on my blogs but these units were soon taken away by Nplex without explanation. Furthermore, I made no money from them.
This site isn't popular and they have screwed up with my registration as far as I'm concerned. A few years ago, I listed my first blog upon registration. However, I was given a message in my dashboard saying my site was declined due to a 3rd party lookup tool discovering suspicious traffic. First of all, I'm honest and there's nothing wrong with my traffic. Second, why have this type of tool look into members' traffic?

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