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Somehow, this developer VegasSlots was able to charge all payment methods exponentially without a manual authorization. Despite their Posted Agreement showing " PLAYSTUDIOS, and not Apple, is solely responsible for our iOS App and the services and content available thereon.", they deny having access to finances. Yet the APP has hacked my accounts for thousands of dollars!


LED LIGHT STRIP DEFECTIVE: only 5 bulbs worked out of the entire strip. Website shows no contact information; no warranty or return policy. I've sent numerous messages on the product information / "support " page. No response after 2 weeks! This product sells for $89.
Perhaps they'll respond here...



Guest REFUSED to leave.

Airbnb was contacted numerous times throughout the day for assistance. They were absolutely useless, dropped calls after being on hold for up to 40 minutes, transfered calls to Safety and Security who could only advise to call the Police, that it was out of (their) hands, do whatever (I) needed to to get him out.

After over 11 hours of occupation, stress, damages to property, loss of personal items, Airbnb deactivated my account for breach of terms and couldnt disclose any further information, cancelled current and All future reservations within days. They took money for the reservations, held on to it for months and left guests stranded at the last minute.

With over 100 excellent reviews, calls placed by the guests present during the crisis advising Airbnb of what transpired, offering support and advocated on my behalf, Airbnb refused to consider the witness statements. Instead, they claimed to have done a full investigation and the case was closed.

All attempts to request disclosure, escalation and Arbitration have been disregarded.
Not only did they absolve themselves of any responsibility, they placed me and my home at risk.

Now Airbnb is paying huge attorney fees to by pass juries and disallow CLASS ACTION SUITS...



Fraudulent internet auction site reneged on product delivery, defaulted on terms of agreement as well as further breaches. Walmart MasterCard refuses to honour consumer protection. Other credit card companies did honour chargeback request. Dont give them your business.


Offers bid packages with cash back (for product purchases), free daily credits, additional credits at login- all just a scam. No products delivered. Delay excuses include logistics, technical difficulties, promises to rectify the situation- all to no avail.
Company accepted payments, bids, suspended my account, continued to use bids placed despite lockout, ignored all messages, written communication. Attempts to use cash back showed merchant account not enabled. Attempts login showed login failure. No response from company.
Apparently, the people who designed this site have master manipulators to frustrate Consumer Watchdog (Citizens Advice), legal entities and have registered at Companies House in Gibraltar with different information posted on the Auction Site.


They dont honour fraud protection.
16.3. Under the MasterCard Zero Liability policy, you will not be liable for any unauthorized purchases that are made with your Card if the following conditions are met:
You did not contribute to, were not in any way involved, and did not benefit from the unauthorized use of the Card; your account is in good standing; you have exercised reasonable care in safeguarding your Card and your PIN; and
You have not reported two or more unauthorized events in connection with your Card in the preceding twelve months.

Disputes were placed against Bidtoro.com for funds paid. Terms of agreement were breached, goods not delivered, cash back not honoured and more.
Other credit card companies (MBNA, CIBC, BOM) honoured the protection.

WALMART refused to honour their policy and offered no consumer protection.
Dont waste your time and money dealing with them.


BIDWIZ/ BIDWIZEU/ BIDTORO are all the same company.
I have paid an exorbitant amount of money (my credit card show BIDWIZEU was at the receiving end). As Bidtoro was showing that I "won" an IPad Pro, MacBook Air, Galaxy Note 5, Apple IPad Air, etc., I continued to pay for credits.
Complaints, Escalation to Management, emails to customer support and to logistics all went nowhere.
After researching the site, I found that the Company has/ had the same Directors; Systematic Entertainment Shopping is the "third party" who manages and markets the site and is actually governed under Gibraltar laws. Not the U. K. Actually originates from Israel.
They purposely lead you to believe that they're working on "issues", only to find that the time to contact your credit card company for dispute resolution has elapsed.
Just a nightmare and loss of your hard earned money.


Terrible Customer Service
Arrogant and Defensive
No consideration
Closes 4:00 pm on Saturday and doesn't respond to correspondence until Wednesday (if at all).
Arbitrary policies- bans good customers if complaints are made which include a deadline and actions to be taken upon failure to respond within a reasonable time. This is Standard practice for reporting complaints to businesses as shown on Consumer Protection guidelines. Instead of trying to resolve the issue, Management goes on the offensive.
Reviews of Auctionmaxx on other sites show that they have paid bidders.
This company will be reported for investigation.


After thousands of dollars and a steep learning curve, I've "won" a number of items. There are no problems paying into the site for bidding credits; different story paying for getting an item out. Messages like "Payment failure" come up. Customer Support excuses include: "logistics", "technical Dept working on it"...
After months of complaints and requests for escalation: file given to Management - who doesn't respond. To date I have not received 1 item even though items were "won" (even a few successfully paid for) about 4 months ago. Site shows delivery in 30 days.
No VIP 10 daily credits added to account: Cashback redemption shows"Merchant account not enabled"...
Site shows Systematic Trade Ltd in U. K. operates this business: trail becomes even more elusive.
It's unbelievable that they can get away with this! Where are the regulatory bodies?

Tip for consumers:
VIP cashback is a farce! I tried to use earned cashback to purchase items shown in the "store"; couldn't be processed as "Merchant Account not Enabled". After complaining, they've locked my account and not responding! Thieves

I have recently tried to contact Bidtoro.com (as they were still showing me as an active bidder). No refunds or products delivered and NOW they've blocked me from even viewing the site!


It seems that someone else has the same iCloud account. If I select "mail" I get hundreds of emails meant for someone else.
Despite changing my password, entering a phone verification etc. this account is compromised. Apple doesn't respond unless you have "AppleCare"- paid service.

Tip for consumers:
It's worth your time and effort to post on sitejabber!
Got GREAT SERVICE from Apple re: iCloud duplicate account.


This company keeps sending me emails. I've sent them a response requesting they delete my info; that I never subscribed to their site and consider their site as a scam / phishing...
To "unsubscribe" you have to log in. Since I never subscribed, there is no log in info.
I just delete their messages.


Email messages were sent to the Neighbour regarding interior cracks, movement and falling walls (possible Structural damage) as well as exterior wall brick exposure ( compromise of integrity and future deterioration).
Neighbour told me to contact Solares.ca for Engineer Reports etc. (thereby giving permission for disclosure) as they (Neighbour's) don't have the expertise to respond re: damage.
Solares.ca Representative is unwilling to provide any info and has redirected my enquiries to the Neighbour.
Legal Action pending.


Despite all the competition, Bell doesn't care about maintaining long term clients.
IPhone upgrades are more expensive than original contract.
After a 3 year contract where FREE upgrades were agreed to, Bell has reneged and is charging over $500 for a new iPhone.

After 6 months: Customer Retention has responded. I am not TOTALLY satisfied but we reached an agreement. WORTH PURSUING.


Over $400 in purchases: messages sent to various dealers. No responses.


Now called NCrowd: lost hundreds of dollars!

Don't trust this Company.

Tip for consumers:
Acting under a new Company name: kept all money paid for vouchers purchased.


Fake Products: UNETHICAL Sellers: Website "Gaurantee" is Useless!
Returns cost almost as much as the Product.
1) Ordered $50 U. S for candles from Janet Yu: she admitted the item was not sent. I requested the order be sent and $10 refund for their error. I got the $10 refund BUT no candles! When I disputed the purchase, AliExpress response was that I accepted the $10.00 and the case is CLOSED!
2) Ordered items from Jing Jang (0ver $100). The seller advised me to return the items (at the least expensive method) and they would pay for the shipping costs. Items were shipped (another $30), shipping bill was submitted clearly showing the address Seller provided. Seller stated they "didn't receive the items"!; refused to refund money paid for items and shipping costs. After numerous emails and requests for the promised refund- they black listed me. This process took months to negotiate.
I tried to get a refund through my Credit Card company: advised they couldn't help as it was over 3 months.
3) Ordered boots- advertised as genuine leather: boots were plastic! I took the boots to get authenticated; only the label was leather. Company refused to refund. Cost for shipping to China was over $50.00.
Given the history, it appears that these Sellers know how to "get your money" but are completely unethical with returns/ refunds or warranty.
AliExpress dispute resolution is another waste of time. Chat lines are ROBOTS.
Bottom Line: buying products from this Site is like throwing your money away.
Just grief, aggravation and a STRESS.

Tip for consumers:
Review Seller's Feedback.
Be Careful! Sellers offer "discounts" to change feedback then reneg.
Once feedback is changed, there is no option to leave a negative response. BIG SCAM!!


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