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I placed an order with Hot Topic the other day because I noticed a "Big Sale" for the weekend. I ordered 2 t shirts, and 3 Funko Pop figures. TWO of which were the same. Later that day, I received an email that ONE of the Pop figures was shipped. Not the one I ordered doubles of. I checked my order on the website, and the Pop figure I ordered 2 of, read "Out of Stock". Generally, with other sites, that would include my order. As in, they became out of stock after fulfilling, or putting aside my order. I called to find out what the story was, and they said it's "back ordered" and the T Shirts might ship on Monday because they don't do shipping on Sundays.
I then received an email on Sunday saying the t shirts were shipped. I called again, and they said that they won't know if the pop figures will be available for One Week to 90 days. I said, I would've rather them wait to find out because if the pop figures wouldn't ship, I would've canceled the order completely.
The rep said if that's the case, I can return the items. BUT, returns are only good for 30 days after receiveing, but he would put a note saying that I can return if it takes up to 90 days to find out the status of my pop order.
He then explained that he would add 2 Rewards to my account that are good for $5 off any order. ($10 in total) that expire in a month and a half.
I explained that I appreciate that, but will not order anything from them until I know the status of my Pop figures. Again, added a note to reinstate those rewards should my status be determined after 90 days.
So... I may not be able to wear these shirts for 90 days, nor remove the other Pop from its box for nearly 3 months because they put an item on their site that was not it stock, that was marked IN STOCK when I ordered.
I have no faith in placing further orders in fear of the items I order not actually being in stock. It was a mess up on their end because they didn't update their site info. Now, I may have to hold on to 3 items I can't use for nearly 3 months because of it.

Tip for consumers:
Do not order from them. Whatever you order may not actually be in stock.

Products used:
None, yet. If they don’t send the part of my order, I will be returning them.


I ordered a pocket book and matching wallet for my girlfriend with monogramming on it. I've never really gotten her something like this, so I thought it would be a nice surprise. A week later, I received tracking info for both items, but separate shipping numbers. The pocket book arrived, but not the wallet. Info still wasn't available. A week after the shipping info went out, the wallet still hadn't moved from the warehouse. I called on a Thursday, and Emilio assured me it would arrive before Christmas and would ship 24-48 hours. I called back 48 hours later and was told the warehouse was closed. One hour and a half later, came to the "solution" of reordering WITHOUT monogram. The one thing special I tried to do, ruined. Now, the one I reordered was set for overnight delivery. At the time I'm writing this, it is a half an hour after the time I was told I would receive shipping info by.
Talking to customer service, and explaining that I will return for a full refund if it doesn't arrive on time, doesn't seem to bother them. They obviously don't care that they screw over and lie to their customers with the info they give them.


I received an email from Groupon.com for a Starbucks gift card. $5 for a $10 gift card. Opened up the email, clicked on the link, signed in, and when I tried to purchase it, it read, "By Invitation Only."
I tried numerous times to purchase and got the same message over and over. I received an email to purchase it. I figured that was the invitation. Didn't work.


I've ordered from Mondo Tees quite a bit. Recently there was a problem with one of my orders. I ordered 4 records, and received 2 in one shipment and 2 in another.
The first shipment, they sent me the wrong color vinyl. I messaged them to have it fixed. I sent them pictures of proof. They sent me a return label, and told me to let them know when I sent it so they can send the replacement.
While that was happening, they sent out the next portion of the shipment. They arrived damaged. Same scenario. Emailed them. Sent pics. They sent me return label. Then I sent proof of return. The next day, the replacement for the previous shipment arrived. No problem.
I am still awaiting my replacement records. I sent them back on December 9. Today is December 22. I've been emailing and emailing to get some answers. They emailed me on December 11 to assure me it would be sent out soon.
After another week, I wrote back and they explained that they were moving warehouses and they sent me an order slip with my replacement information. Still no shipping information. I have been as patient as I possibly can be. Especially, with Christmas 3 days away, at this point.
They do have some really cool movie soundtracks in some really cool colors. I just really want my replacements. It's been way too long to have to wait and rarely get a response from customer service.
There have been other times when they'd respond immediately, but this is taking way too long. I feel like more businesses should have a phone number to be reached at because awaiting an email response, especially from Mondo Tees is way too tedious.
You email, and await a response, but if they rarely respond, and your question isn't fully answered in that response, you have to wait longer for the next response, and possibly still get no answers.
I think, after this ordeal, no matter how cool their vinyl offers are, I'm going to stay away from them.
I've even had to comment on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and even sent direct messages, but to no avail.
I just want my stuff.


I had an issue with a code redemption because I wasn't given the option to redeem into my iTunes. I would've liked to redeem to iTunes as opposed to Vudu. I wrote customer service over a week ago and have only gotten automated responses. They've sent about 3 automated responses. Not one suggesting a solution to the problem. Now with Lionsgate making it only possible to redeem through their app and WB only allowing Vudu redemption, I find it discourages me from purchasing blu rays from either company, now. Both should just get it together and join Movies Anywhere to avoid any of these types of problems.


I had to download their app to digitally redeem John Wick 3. Big pain to begin with, but also had a problem with 3 From Hell. I bought the 4K Unrated version and redeemed the code, but only redeemed the regular/rated version. I contacted Vudu about it and Vudu refused to help with the problem and suggested emailing Lionsgate directly. I did that, and have yet to receive a response. I guess that does it for me purchasing Lionsgate movies on blu ray anymore. Just join Movies Anywhere. You'll have less problems and more purchases.


Preordered Type O Negative Bloody Kisses Silver Vinyl. (2 copies. One for me, and one for a Christmas gift)
Received a small package. Didn't know it was from the Sound Of Vinyl UK because it was in a Significantly smaller than a box a record, or two might be in.
When I opened it, I found an invoice for both Type O records, but there were two double cassette albums from a group called Take That. Album called Odyssey.
Well, obviously, this isn't what I ordered. So far from what I ordered. Especially since the invoice reads what I actually did order.
I tried contacting them, now awaiting a response. I decided to write this because they are a UK company and it is a UK release. I doubt this will be an easy return.
Tried to upload photo, but won't let me.


I order records all the time. I came across Ed's on a whim when The Dark Crystal Soundtrack was being released on vinyl.
Came in undamaged and beautiful looking.
Months later came across mother ad and saw what amazing deal and hard to find records he had.
I've placed quite a few orders with Ed's in the past few months.
From movie Sountrack/Scores to punk rock and Metal, Ed's has a great selection and always has great deals for customers.
Whenever I have a customer question, Ed responds quicker than any other customer support I've dealt with through email.
Great job. Thank you, Ed.


Started when a few years back, I made a preorder for a record. A day or two before it's release, they explained that it was oversold and couldn't send me one. Now that record goes for hundreds of dollar in eBay. Not for me to try and resell, but in order for me to have in my collection, that's what I'd have to pay.
Decided to cancel the whole order.
Next. A few years later. Placed a preorder for some records and paid with PayPal, so the money was taken immediately.
Months after preordering, the records were released, but no update as to when it'd be sent out.
I tried calling, but no answer. I sent emails. No answer.
Had to file a claim to get my money back.
Since then, the site has been changed to lp.reverb.com. I will stay away from this site. I don't know what they do, or how they sell their records, but there was no notification that soundstage would be changed, or was joining with another company; just nothing.
I wasn't the only one who had a problem with this exact order.
Soundstage. Reverb. Whatever they'll be called next year. I want nothing to do with.


If you had asked me to review Amazon.com 2 years ago, I most likely wouldn't have had a bad thing to say about them. For the past year and a half, it has gone so far down hill.
I would always order from Amazon and use the Super Saver Shipping, and most of the time, I would get my purchases earlier than the expected delivery date.
Once I became an invitee to a Prime membership, I would get my packages in the guaranteed 2 days.
Lately, there have been numerous late packages. I would say 9 out of 10 packages are late. When I see "Guaranteed Delivery" by a certain date, I absolutely count on that. Especially, if it's a gift for someone.
As if late packages weren't bad enough, 8 out of 10 items arrive damaged. It's a shame that the convenience of ordering products from Amazon.com has come with the inconvenience of damaged item returns so frequently.
I had asked a representative about accessing Prime music or video through my account, and was told that as a member, I can access it. When it didn't work, I had to speak to someone in music department and was told that as an invitee to Prime, I am not entitled to the free music downloads with my own account.
Customer service has been terrible in giving wrong information, and promising replacements the next day that don't arrive, then nonchalantly say that it'll be there the day after. This becomes a problem when you're expecting it that day, and sometimes, even wait for it.
2 years ago, Amazon.com would've gotten 5 stars from me. Being a customer for over 10 years have seen how far down hill they have gone. Their customer service used to be tops, and delivery was always on point.
I hate to say it, but Amazon.com truly earned this 1 star for their lack of customer service and not living up to their guarantees.

Tip for consumers:
I gave all 1 star because due t their services as of late, they don't meet the expectations any Amazon customer would have from being a customer for a long time.


I have an EZPass for bridges and tunnels in NY. First, I tried to check my balance over the phone, but it didn't work.
Then, I tried to create an account online to check my balance, and they have to send me a temporary password BY MAIL?!?
I just want to check my balance before I drive over a bridge today. I don't want to end up owing more than I have.
It's ridiculous that I can't just create my own password like EVERY OTHER WEBSITE!


I ordered 5 poster frames. Of the 5,4 were damaged. The fourth, decent. I returned the four, only to have the four returned to me be damaged, as well. It was my first order from them. I figured, since it's a google trusted store, it would be fine.
I may not order anything from them again.


On line anything can be either really great or really annoying. I like that this site gives me the opportunity to express either. It isn't just for. As encounters, but for good ones, as well.
I recently wrote a review. When I went back to edit it, the edits didn't appear. I tried over and over, but it wouldn't show. Then I tried copying it, deleting it, then pasting it again as a new review. Didn't work. Then I tried rewriting the whole thing, and it still didn't show up. I sent an email explaining my situation. The next day, I received an email explaining that it had posted to my account. I just checked to see if it had, and there it is.
I appreciate that sort of customer service. I had a problem, and it was resolved quickly. Just the fact that it was resolved at all blew my mind.
I really like this site, and what we are able to do here. Help each other out in making decisions on which sites to use.


I rarely ever had a problem with Best Buy until recently.
1.) I ordered a movie that had recently been released on Blu-Ray. It was advertised as a 3D Blu-Ray. I figured, why not. There have been releases of many older movies on Blu-Ray 3D. When I received the movie, there was no indication on the box that it was 3D. I called to ask about it to make sure they sent the right one. I was told they didn't even have a version of the movie in 3D and it was advertised that way in mistake. After much discussion, and show for my distaste in having to return it, they agreed to let me keep the movie and sent me a $10 gift card.
2.) A Special Edition Steel Box movie sent to me was dented, and I had to drive to a store to return it.
3.) I ordered an album on Vinyl record. It said it was on back order, and I would receive it by a certain date. I called beforehand to make sure because I had never ordered a backordered item before. I noticed a week later that they charged my account for the album. I called to find out why, and it was explained to me that they hold the money should the item be ready to ship out. If not, they'll return the money. Then it was further explained to me that the item was going to be shipped sooner than originally expected. About a week later, I received an email explaining that I would not receive the item AT ALL. They also gave me a $10 credit to use online. I called to find out why. They didn't have the item at all, and there was no explanation as to why I was told differently.
I then decided to order a different vinyl. I called to try and get it free of shipping, as my original order was part of a larger order that got free shipping. I was able to attribute my $10 credit and receive it free of shipping charges.
Although it seems all has been resolved, I found it quite bothersome to have everything resolved. I find that some of the representatives are ill informed of what they tell their customers. I also feel that online information about products being sold are sometimes false. It caused a lot of problems to have to deal with. I haven't really done much more business with Best Buy since. If I do, I would probably limit it to just in-store.

Tip for consumers:
Better off chatting with a representative, or even calling if you absolutely must make the purchase on line. I would suggest going to a Best Buy store, or ordering elsewhere.


I don't have a problem with this site because I can't get a date. I can't really blame people for their tastes. I can do just as bad off line. A problem I have is that it isn't properly set to find people in my area. I put my zip code and it shows me more people in a different state than in my own. When I'm in a different area, it tries to find me matches based on that area, but still too far from where I'm looking for.
A lot of people told me it is worth trying out. I'm nearly 6 months in, and still no match. Again, I can blame others for their tastes, but the site can do better at matching me with more people closer to my area.

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