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Do you like food? Do you like the internets? Do you like not talking to "restaurant-folk" on the phone when you are hungover and watching a "Wings" marathon?

If you answered "yes" to at least two of the three questions above, do yourself a favor and check out grubhub.com the next time you want to get delivery. Grubhub has the menus of all of your favorite delivery places in town (the ones that subscribe at least) and allows you to select items off their online menus via simple check boxes/radio buttons, pay online using credit card, or defer payment to cash upon delivery. I have been using grubhub for months now and I absolutely love it.

Highest recommendation possible!


I usually don't review blogs, as they aren't really dynamic sites and therefore probably don't need to be reviewed on this forum... But I will make an exception for Kelly Oxford's blog. If you need a good reason as to why, check out one of her more recent tweets directed at Republican US Senate nominee Christine O'Donell:

Kellyoxford: Christine O'Donnell: 'If evolution is real why are there still monkeys?' Well Christine, education is real and there are still morons.

This encapsulates the character of her blog to a tee: sarcastic, hilarious, and ruthless. And anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a funny, mean girl (please disregard rumors that I have posters of Janeane Garofalo in my apartment, they are entirely untrue).

Highly recommend this blog if you dig that kind of humor, great stuff!


Not much to say about this site, other than if you are at all interested in entrepreneurship, startups, or technology, Paul Graham's essays are MUST READS! Great stuff, very well put together, and hours of entertainment for those who have a little bit of nerd in them :)


Yipit.com is a social commerce aggregator that lets other daily deals get filtered through it based on users' preferences. For example, let's say you signed up for Living Social or Groupon because you love to get spa deals (who doesn't love a good facial?... wait, what?).

Problem is, now Groupon is flooding your inbox with a bunch of sky-diving, Segway-cliff-jumping deals (too soon?) that don't interest you whatsoever. This is where Yipit comes in. Yipit personalizes your preferences as an end user and feeds you daily deals based on your preferences from a variety of daily deal type sites. So if you like restaurant deals, you're only going to see one restaurant deal a day come in. If you like, ahem, facials-- yeah, you get the picture.

You can also select multiple categories in the event that you're interested in more than one type of deal, the customizability (not a real word, I know) of the site is what makes it so great. Big fan of Yipit, even though it's Arabic for "donkey carcass."


I love dropbox, it took a friend of mine recommending it for some time before I actually signed up, but now that I use it, it's value prop is clear to me. Online storage with the simplicity of drag/drop into another native PC/Mac folder (except the folder is in the cloud). You get 2GB free, and 250MB free if you are referred to the site by a user. Also, once you sign up, you get another 250MB free everytime you refer someone else (up to 8 more GB free).

As a user, you can put any type of doc in your dropbox folders, create subfolders, etc. So now you can access your files from any computer you own, or even ones that aren't yours (by going to dropbox.com and accessing your stuff via a browser). You can also share folders with people, which make it great if you and your friends want to introduce each other to new music, movies, apps.

On the subject of apps, both IOS and Android have great dropbox apps, where you can stream music (I havent tried movies) on your phones music player(s). Android also allows you to download the songs in your dropbox folders to your phone (Apple, of course, does not allow this).

All in all, great concept; love the site and software, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is computer literate, likes "stuff," and is between the ages of 3-149.


I love the concept of blackcabsessions.com: take a band through the streets of Britain (usually London) in the back of a black cab (Brit equivalent of a yellow cab I guess) and they have them play a track on film while they get to their destination.

Check out the best tenor of our time aka Jim James aka Yim Yames aka frontman for My Morning Jacket rip it up in chapter 43, and also check out the Grizzly Bear black cab session. Dope!


You know that feeling when you hear a new album that rocks? You know how much more potent that feeling is when you see a band perform live for the first time? How you just want to scream at everyone you know how incredibly filthy the band was? What blogotheque.net does is capture a lot of live shows in very intimate settings in an attempt to recreate that feeling via web.

It's not quite the same as seeing a live show, but it's better than nothing!

Some of my favorite shows on the site are: Wilco, Sigur Ros, and Grizzly Bear 10.1 and 10.2 (for an acapella version of anything this is awesome and the knife is one of my favorite tracks by grizzly bear anyway)


There are a lot of things you can do on this site, including building your own avatars, playing games, and entering contests. All I personally use it for is watching uncensored South Park episodes in their entirety, and for me, that's more than enough to give it the highest rating allowed on sitejabber. After 14 seasons, it's still one of the best shows on television, and this site is great for those of us who need our fix between seasons.

Personal favorite episodes:

Free WilzyX


I sent the following 140 character post, or tweet, to two of the cofounders of Twitter (@ev and@biz) a couple of weeks ago, and it sums up the way I feel about the "micro-blogging" phenomenon:

ObeseVegan:@ev after scouring thousands of profiles on twitter, I found that most have 0 substance or personality. So far Ive found only 140 characters

That my friends, is pretty much what twitter is. 90% of it is nothing more than excruciatingly mundane updates from self absorbed people who want to let the masses know things like "I just ate a donut, don't tell Molly I'm cheating on my diet!" or "Dropped the kids off at lacrosse practice, this is gonna be a looooong afternoon.".

When you do sift through the garbage, you do find some gems:@azizansari is always good for a laugh,@hypem is good for new music,@cnnbrk *******@espn keep me up to date on what's going on in the worlds of breaking news and sports. Twitter is cool in that it lets you combine your news/quasi-news sources into one customizable feed without having to visit a million different sites. So it's not all bad once you figure out not to follow soccer moms and boring coworkers with too much time on their hands, and you can get some value out of the site.

My other problem with the site however, is technical: I want to scream at these guys to buy more servers and fix their systems. When your users' posts are limited to 140 characters, there is no reason you should have the "whoops, too many tweets!" screen come up that often. Is Ashton taking up all the bandwidth? If facebook can keep their systems stable and running without any major issues with a myriad of features, there is no reason that this one-trick-pony shouldn't be able to.

Oh and in case you were wondering,@ev *******@biz never replied or retweeted my post. Woof.


grooveshark.com is a great site for streaming music, and unlike pandora, you have control over your playlists and don't have to deal with their algorithms that occasionally do things like throw a Missy Elliott track in with your Iron & Wine playlist. If someone recommends a track or artist to me these days, I always check out grooveshark for a quick listen before making a commitment to buying the album.

It's also a great way to get introduced to new music, heres something I do at work if I want some variety and am sick of the stuff on my ipod: Go to grooveshark.com, type in "NPR" or "all songs considered", and select "add all" to your playlist. You'll get a bunch of really really cool stuff in your queue and have days worth of material to go through before you get bored or hear the same thing twice!


If you are booking a trip, you should be comparing prices on kayak.com. It's a meta-travel-site search engine (don't know if that's the proper term) which basically means it searches all the different travel sites (orbitz, priceline, etc), aggregates that data on their site, and allows you to pick the most affordable or convenient flights. It even has a priceline.com window pop up in a new window with their prices so you can make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Even if you are sure you are getting a great deal on Virgin or Southwest (I think these might be included in the kayak search now but not 100% on that), check kayak anyway. I thought I was getting a great deal from SF to NYC on Virgin America last month, but just for the hell of it, I did a search for direct flights on kayak and found one for almost $100 less! Definitely one of my favorite places on the web.


arstechnica.com is hands-down my favorite tech news site! Sure, at times it's bit over my head and the writing is more geared towards developers and uber-nerds, but I appreciate the scholastic writing style, and the fact that they take such pride in their savvy. They definitely do not dumb-down the prose for the common man.

Bottom line is, between ars and techcrunch.com, I always feel like I have a handle on what's going on in the industry. And that way I can make my friends feel stupid (one of my favorite pastimes).


Great technology blog! Between techcrunch.com and arstechnica.com, I always feel like I have a handle on what's going on in the industry. And that way I can make my friends feel stupid (one of my favorite pastimes)


I love newegg! If you are thinking of buying ANY form of electronics, check prices on here before hitting up Best Buy, MicroCenter, or even Wal*Mart.

Prices are great, and even if you end up paying for shipping, you usually still wind up saving a ton.


I can sit here and badmouth pitchfork.com all day:

Their reviews are so overcerebral they make me feel like I'm at a renaissance fair when I'm just trying to decide if an album sucks or not.

They think Animal Collective is the greatest thing to hit music since the Beatles.

They constantly use phrases like "Fleet Foxes are great, but their harmonics are derivative of early My Morning Jacket."

But this isn't the Player Hater's Ball, so let's take a step back and be real: it is THE premiere site for indie rock reviews, and the first (and usually only) site I consult when looking for music advice. There are other sites and blogs I can go to to get more succinct (and less pretentious) reviews, but when I want a thorough, comprehensive understanding of exactly why an album is great (or terrible), I go to pitchfork.com. It is my go-to, and though I don't always agree with them (Joanna Newsom, really?), they run the indie-music-review scene and I am definitely a pitchfork junkie.


After you visit sitejabber, the premise seems so obvious that you almost can't believe that no one has thought of it before. The need for it is tremendous, and I only see this growing to the point where it becomes a staple for all web consumers. I don't know what the site looked like prior to the redesign, but based on what I am seeing now, the execution of this site is exceptional. Great job!


This site is definitely one of my favorites and I am glad to see it is getting some love on sitejabber! One of my top 5 time-wasters on the web; now what my boss might think of it is another story...


I like Amazon, very reliable, user friendly, and over the years it has built a strong reputation for itself to where now, I check amazon.com before making many purchases (whether I end up buying online or at a retailer will usually just depend on price).

Actually what reminded me to post this was a new article I just came across that rated Amazon as the "most trusted brand in America:"


Nothing for me to exactly rave about, but I figured I should at least give them a shout out for doing great work.

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