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1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a ring set for my new bride 28 years ago from
Zales in Marinette, WI. When I purchased
the ring set, I was told that it included a full warranty (fix broken prongs,
replaced diamond if lost, etc.) and free
resizing of +/- one size if we kept up the 6 month inspections. After 21 years (43 faithful inspections), we
had a broken prong and brought it in to have it repaired, which they did at no
charge. Two weeks ago (55 inspections
later, 28 years), another prong broke. After
arguing with the store clerk at Zales in Eden Prairie, MN, the manager, and then
some muckety-muck in customer service, we were told that the warranty on the
ring was only for a lost stone replacement (they no longer "support" the full
warranty as they did when I purchased: it is now offered as an option, which
started 2 years after I purchased the ring not what I was told when I bought
it), and the prong repair would cost $35. We also wanted to resize it (down) 0.75
sizes, which was $40. Just to get is done,
we very reluctantly agreed to the $75. It
was promised to be back in 2 weeks (14 days).
This evening (12 days later), we got a call that the cost was going to
be over $420! This is to add more gold
to the ring to build it up due to wear (we had it resized by Zales one year ago
their cheap gold wears that fast???), to replace the head which had more worn
and broken prongs (this was since they signed off the inspection 5 months
earlier??), and to re-solder the 2 rings back together; never heard of this extra
charge before. They only looked at the ring
after they had it for 12 days.

We asked what this cost was about; we thought they were
talking about the wrong ring, which they assured us they were not. We asked the store manager in Eden Prairie to
call us, which she did, and she basically said that because the previous work
was done by a different store (Zales in Burnsville, MN that is now closed), she
could not speak to work done at other stores (the sign outside both stores says
"Zales", and they are less than 20 miles apart). She said the ring might be back on Monday,
with no work done, which is even longer than they said the repairs would take
in the first place.

We are completely dissatisfied and totally done with Zales. They do NOT stand behind their warranty or
their work. They do not stand behind
their price quotes or timelines. They
inspected the ring 5 months earlier, and signed off that the ring was fine. Now they are saying it is such bad shape it
can't be fixed without a total rebuild at a significant price.

Stay away from this place.
They are closing stores for a reason.

Tip for consumers: Shop elsewhere

1 review
0 helpful votes

It is Christmas Eve and I received an email that my necklace ordered on 12/11, which was GUARANTEED BEFORE CHRISTMAS, will NOW NOT be delivered by Christmas. They sent the email TODAY...I placed the order TWO WEEKS AGO WITH 2-DAY SHIPPING. I called customer service 3 times and each call they told me it would make it by Saturday, then Monday, then by end of day Monday and now here we are...They had the nerve to tell me to please accept their apology and to take 10% of my next online order. This has to be a JOKE!!!! This was the main Christmas gift for my daughter who came home from college for the week. Thanks a lot Zales, but no thanks. This is the WORST customer service experience EVER!!! I have a suggestion for what they can do with their 10% discount...please contact me to hear about it.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible customer service. They don't try to help or provide any information. Just copy and paste from the webpage.

Ordered necklace on December 16 to be delivered by Dec. 21. Now, they say that it would not be process by Dec 28. Terrible service.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I purchased a ring for my girlfriend for Christmas on Dec 6th, at which time they put a hold on my card for the purchase.. When the item shipped they recharged my card for the same amount! Contacted customer service to be told the money will be placed back on my card after 3-5 business days.. Here it is December 16th and my Christmas money for my kids is still on hold from Zales.. This is the worst case scenario ever. Thanks Zales! I'll keep shopping at Kay jewelry from here on out!

1 review
3 helpful votes

The service is great! Fast delivery and a huge selection of jewellery. Very beautiful design Rings, Earring and Necklace are there. I love it Very much. This the site that I recommend everybody to try.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought a 14 gold necklace for my wife several days ago. It was our 10 years wedding anniversary. The product was absolutely amazing and my wife loves it!! I was hesitating for several days and then I decided to ask for some help so i contacted them and said i want a gift fro my wife. They gave me lots of good advice and then I paid the order without hesitation. I must say part of the reason is that they provide customers super good services. My wife and I are both jewelry fanatics. She loves jewels with delicate appearance and I, love hip-hop jewelry. I bought her the most precious gift from Zales and she, bought me my favorite Cuban chain from KRKC&CO, a jewelry store online that sells super fashionable men's jewels. We both received the beloved gift, which means a lot to us at out tenth anniversary. So i strongly recommend Both Zales and KRKC&CO for all the jewelry fans.

17 reviews
38 helpful votes

I was given a beautiful 14k gold bracelet purchased from this retailer as a gift, but it needed to have several links removed so that it fit correctly.

So, after paying for this service, (keep in mind the bracelet was also already paid for) imagine my disdain upon picking up my customized bracelet and NOT being given the extra links that were removed.

I asked the sales rep where they were, and she told me in her snootiest voice that it's not customary to return parts off of items that are customized.

I am a jewelry designer, and when I customize my pieces for my customers, i.e. shorten a piece, I always include the extra gemstones or links in case further repairs are needed in the future. So I was furious! The bracelet was paid for (14k gold) but this jeweler decided to keep my extra links to melt down and use for HIS profit, although they were rightfully mine.

I will NEVER purchase from this retailer or recommend them. Very poor ethics.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased a gold wedding band from Zales through a discount they were having. I was sent the wrong ring size, so i followed the directions exactly in returning the ring to get the right size. After waiting about 4 weeks and hearing nothing, and not receiving my ring, i called the main customer service. I was told i would not be receiving another ring because i did not email the customer service center before sending in the wrong size ring with a request to get the right size. I was told the discount i had revived would also not be given back to me if i were to purchase the right size. I asked to speak with the manager of the girl i was speaking to, AND SHE HUNG UP ON ME after putting me on hold multiple times.. I called back a second time and was put on hold for about 20 minuets 3 different times, the 4th time i asked the girl what her managers name was and she refused to tell me... and told me her manager was too busy and did not have time to talk to me and i would just have to call back another day.. she then tried to put me on hold again. i stopped her and said no do not put me on hold AGAIN! she said ok, and then continued to put me on hold.... After about 10 min of being on hold again i hung up and called back. after multiple times of asking the girl i was speaking with who her manager was she told me her manager was not a girl and that is all she could tell me.. I continued to ask and finally got her managers name, Dan Garcia... she refused to tell me his boss's name, saying he was the main guy... I still have not revived my ring, and i have NEVER HAD SUCH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I RECOMMEND THAT NOBODY DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! i will continue to fill out more reviews on every page i can find. I do expect a reply from zales, i do expect them to honor their deal, and i do respect my ring (the right size) and I do expect Zales to handle this in an honest and honorable way, because this is ridiculous!!!

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

2 times my birthstone ring is in for repairs stone replacements and 2 times ordered bracelet online and clasps are not reliable. These were gifts I'll get the ring back in a few weeks but the bracelet is gone lifetime warranties don't cover loss or theft. I'm depressed about it mainly because it's not the 1st time it's happened....NEVER AGAIN

1 review
1 helpful vote

OMG! My beautiful bracelet has a story of love, remembrance, and healing. I lost my beautiful, special Angel Elanna in a tragic car accident when she was 16 years old. Elanna is my oldest granddaughter. She would always say," You Are My Everything; my friend, my second mom, sister, grandma." We did so much together. She was my son's oldest daughter and she would always tell people," I'm Daddy's Girl, All the Way, Yes, That's Me." This amazing piece of jewelry was custom made with Elanna's handwriting which is absolutely incredible! I have a tiny piece of her with me every day, birthday, holiday,..... because of everything that was created on this bracelet. The bracelet also has healing signs she sends me from Heaven and so much more. Katelyn from store no.1978 was unbelievable in making this happen. There is a connection that is also part of this story. Katelyn went to a different school than Elanna but as I explained my story she said, "I knew Elanna from soccer. I played for a year." The tears continued to flow when I found out about that and being able to have her handwriting. She had Katie meet with me. Katie is the talented designer, and creator of my one-of-a -kind special, memorable, lifelong masterpiece. She is truly gifted in her craft. Every one of the staff were so excited about seeing the bracelet and shared my joy. I can't say enough about my entire experience. Katelyn and Katie said they were so happy to know I love it and felt very special to be a part of this story. Elanna and I Thank You, Thank You, Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a few gifts for my boyfriends family for Christmas on December 3rd and was promised delivery by Christmas Eve. The necklaces I ordered came on January 18th, this past Thursday instead, nearly a month after they were promised. To compensate for this embarrassment, Zales sent me a gift card, with which I bought this ring. Well, they put me through hell for this ring, especially in the pickup process, for which they were very rude, uninformative, and did not even give me a box to take it out of the store in. It was finally ready to be picked up, and I got it the morning of January 20th. The band looks like it was put in a goddamn blender and is completely tarnished on top of that. For a brand new ring to look this way, plus all the other stuff Ive had to deal with, including countless calls to their customer service department, is embarrassing and shameful and I will never be shopping here again. This ring was very sentimental to me and it came to me ruined.

I posted a very similar review on Zales's Facebook page three days ago, the same day I had picked up the ring and noticed that its condition was grossly unacceptable. They responded to me that day after the post started gaining some attention on their page and promised, "truly sorry," that they would have someone reach out to me "as soon as possible." After three days and multiple inquiries, I still have not heard anything. This is a slap in the face and a $#*!ty way to treat customers. It is unfair that they can get away with doing business under these circumstances.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a ring four days ago with the promise of two day shipping. There was no information regarding my order, so I am unable to track it. I called customer service where I was told I had a twenty minute wait. Okay, that is doable on a day off. An hour and a half later, I was still on hold waiting for someone to come on the line.I am currently in their "chat" on their website waiting for someone who "will be with me shortly". I am kinda thinking my shortly and their shortly are two different shortly's. This would be amusing had I not been promised the item would arrive before Christmas. Not looking like it is going to make Santa's sleigh.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

It is the place I constantly get almost all the pieces of jewelry since two years ago. I completely trust them on anything I buy, the return and refund policies proved that all will go perfectly well!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Zales have wonderful selections of jewelry for wonderful prices.Never take your business anywhere else.Go online if you cant make it in a store to look through theyre selections.From rings to bracelets,i promise they wont let you down.

5 reviews
5 helpful votes

You can always find something that is beautiful on great discounts or even clearance prices. So its always worth checking out Zales when special days arrive.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

They got really good deals sometimes... And these deals were exactly the cause I chose the shop to get some presents for myself and my loved ones for their birthdays or some other occasions that I thought were worth it

100 reviews
76 helpful votes

They always have specials at zales and when they do I make sure I walk in and take a look. More often than not I buy.

10 reviews
14 helpful votes

we decided on a 30,000 budget for rings went all over Illinois Albert's in Indiana Jewelry exchange etc and I didn't find anything I loved went to Jared and they acted like we were in the wrong store so we took our $ elsewhere went to Orland and decided to stop in jbr zales and Kay I finally found a ring I LOVE 6ct but I wanted my ring to be 10 sobwe picked out 2 two carat bands to go with we also got my fiance two bands from there as well the quality is excellent diamonds are beautiful only problem I went in for the inspection and they told me since I didn't bring all the paperwork from5 bands they couldn't inspect them this aggravated me we came home and literally couldn't find the paperwork for one band we went back it was another lady she politely printed me another and inspected our rings why the first lady didn't do that is beyond me oh and they tried to say one of my bands wasn't from zales and we had just got my last band on 9-1 and it was 9-16 when we went in I don't appreciate being told I'm lying and I didn't have to its not like I was getting money back I just wanted to abide by their inspection policy so in short my first experience was excellent second not so much but I will buy from them again

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Throughout the years I have spent a substantial amount of money on jewelry between all the stores in my mall and at this particular location in the Galleria mall in middletown NY customer service has gone down the drain.. I currently have a piece that has the diamond bond on it and i have to bring it in every six months ... ohh how I wish I didnt have to step foot in there that often.. Everytime I go in I get more and more frustrated... A few months back I had gone in to purchase two items one for my mother and one for my girlfriend. I had watched at least three people come in after me and leave before me either completing a purchase or making a payment of some sort as I stood there by the counter near the items I intended on purchasing with employees looking at me ... With that being said after standing in this store for almost an hour with no assistance I had finally gotten someone's attention and purchased the two items and left. Then again less than a month ago I went in to have my one item inspected for the diamond bond and didn't even offer to clean my pieces until i told my girlfriend ( out loud ) that I guess I would clean her diamond and ruby earrings when we got home, again the employee then states that I can have whatever items I want cleaned ... Everyone in that store is rude if your not a middle aged person looking at a engagement ring or wedding ring .. They could careless and to prove they dont care I have since filled out a survey as well as contacted the main office via the website and have gotten no response..

If you don't mind bad customer service feel free . In my opinion I will begin to shop elsewhere !

Bill E.
7 reviews
0 helpful votes

Zales is a well known, highly recommended and trusted name in jewelry. Their website lives up to the reputation of the name! Great site, great customer service, easy to navigate through, and shopping online is so much easier than going down to the store!

Lisa H.
13 reviews
0 helpful votes

I always shop with Zales. Whether it's the store or the site, they always do good by me. They have awesome policies that give me such peace of mind when shopping for my expensive jewelry.

Robert J.
40 reviews
2 helpful votes

Their watch collection is to notch. I've gotten so many compliments on the watch I ordered from Zales online.

Barbara Z.
11 reviews
1 helpful vote

Zales never disappoints. I find great prices online for beautiful jewelry without even having to leave my house. Since I am on their email list I get notified when they have great deals, that's when I buy, and I know I'm always getting the best price!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Recently I purchased a Bulova watch from Zales in the Midland Mall. Only to find out later it was USED. A Zales associate with integrity later pointed out that my "new" watch was in fact USED as was evident by the excessive wear on the band. I got my money back right before another associate said "what do you expect for the money" in front of other customers. The watch was on sale but still cost nearly $300, apparently not much money to her.
I called customer service, they listened and the Store manager Lori called me after a couple of days. She informed me that her store does not sell used items, although they obviously do. I complained and she offered to take 10% off the price, that didn't even cover my gas. She went on to say that there was nothing more she would do. I asked her to think about it and call me back. She did not call so I contacted customer service again and they informed me that Lori had given a fabricated story to Zales corporate office. She actually lied saying I wanted the watch for free. At this point customer service was not so friendly.
This shady business cannot continue. I posted what happened on my face book page. Zales FB page also received my posts of what had happened only to have my posts erased and they blocked me from their FB page. Bottom line Let the buyer beware.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes
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