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385 reviews
199 Fremont Street, Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: 1.866.788.2482
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385 Reviews From Our Community

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It's beneficial to both the person looking to sell tickets and the person that needs tickets. (in 179 reviews)


The accuracy, speed and customer service cannot be beat. (in 37 reviews)


It's great for last minute purchases, but buyer beware, sometimes the tickets are over face value. (in 12 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought Jays tickets off stubhub and not impressed to say the least! We were denied entry with our printed tickets :( It's Pillar Bobble head day an the bobble head was 5 feet away from me! Tickets were apparently duplicates...I thought this site was legit!! Called stubhub and they found is other tickets (not 1st row though like our original tickets) but what sucks most is that we missed out on the Pillar bobble head...which is my husbands favourite player. We got here 3 hours early and no bobble head becuE of stubhub!!!!

Ask Jen about StubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

When I went to upload my tickets after they were sold, I was told that I could not upload scanned pdfs. I called and asked that the sale be cancelled or to bring them to the buyer (who lives a few miles from my house). Instead I was told to ship them overnight. I dropped the tickets off at a UPS depot the next morning but they did not make it to the buyer in time.

Now I have no tickets, my account has been charged a penalty, and I can't even go to the concert.

I wish I had just sold them on craigslist or gone to the concert and sold them there.

Ask David about StubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes


I bought a pair of tickets two days before the concert (not cheap) with debit card, I saw the order confirmation and it was charged from my account immediately. As I didn't receive an email, logged back to print the order details. There were no order.
Wait until the next day, same status, called the customer service and spoke with few (very) rude people that said the purchase didn't go through and the bank never paid them, that it was a temporary hold from the bank, called the bank and it says the payment went through...opened a complaint on both bank and StubHub and it takes 5-10 days for the refund, the rude people I spoke with called me a liar; saying I didn't see any confirmation, blamed the bank for charging for the product I BOUGHT, and did not apologize at any point for they wrong doing.
I am so angry that now I have no ticket or money to buy new ones (500$!!!).

Ask Vivi about StubHub
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Have sold 16 tickets in pairs on Stubhub and they refuse to pay me into my account. Have emailed them 4 times so far and one response I got just said paid into this account and nothing they can do about it. THEY STILL WON'T CHANGE MY PAYMENT ACCOUNT TO A NEW ONE. Never get a correct reply from emails if lucky to get a reply. There are other sites online if you want to sell your tickets. Good luck sellers and hope you enjoyed buyers.

Ask tony about StubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

Anybody scalping tickets on here is nothing more than pig vomit.

Ask $#*! about StubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

Had an issue ordering tickets on appointment so I called in. A young lady named Lila told me that the tickets had already sold and offered me alternative seats. The alternative seats were not to my liking and weren't my preferred instant download so she dug a little deeper and found some more expensive seats but applied a $100 coupon so I could stay in my price range. The concert isn't until July 31 so I will retract this review if anything changes. So far so good

Ask Taurean about StubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

If computer systems are down...why tell the customer that a hour and a half after trying to solve the problem over the phone..? It would save the customer and employees lots of time! Really frustrating to find that out after wasting time at work.

Ask Amanda about StubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

We bought Justin Bieber tickets the night before the concert and the tickets were valid and the seats were great. Purchasing the tickets was a quick and easy experience too. Smooth sailing all the way!

Ask Candice about StubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

After reading some reviews about stubhub, I was worried but decided to take a chance. We bought 4 tickets to a COPA America soccer game the same day as the event. We paid for the tickets, printed them almost immediately, and had no problem entering the stadium. Simple, easy, & smooth!

Ask Glenn about StubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

Too much promises, but can't deliver.

Ask Vash about StubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

We bought tickets to a concert,spent good money to make sure we had good seats,3 days before the concert,when wewe couldnt download our tickets,we called stub hub & they told us we had NO tickets because the original purchaser,never actually bought the tickets in the first place,now our only chouce is to miss the concert,or get crappy tickets,wouldn't one think stub hub would mm ake sure they were legitimate tickets before reselling them.Poor way to run a buisness

Ask Rob about StubHub
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought seven tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays. Then I spent hours correcting Stubhub mistakes. They completely screwed up my purchase. It
disappointed me and my friends. I will never use StubHub again.
They got the day wrong. They tried to tell me it was my mistake, though it was
a phone purchase. Then they tried to charge me more than double the price
for the day I wanted. The only thing they got right was the refund.
Incompetent bunglers, verging on fraud.
David in Ottawa, Canada

Ask David about StubHub
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was an unfortunate recipient of a double sold ticket from a vendor to a Willie Nelson show! When I contacted Stubhub about it they swiftly ddi an investigation and refunded my money. I could complain that I was inconvenienced, but so was Stubbub. They are not at fault because some creep took my money... They actually got stiffed too. they gave my money back! THANKS FOR GREAT BUSINESS INTEGRITY!

Ask Dawn about StubHub
1 review
4 helpful votes

StubHub is a fan to fan marketplace which means they don't own the tickets. Unlike Ticketmaster, they don't own the tickets they only provide a safe place to sell or buy tickets and you need to understand that. When you have done something on your own to make your ticket invalid and then you call in and wanna abuse the agent because they can't do anything it really sucks because they don't own the tickets. Why must they correct YOUR mistake? If StubHub has made an error, they will work their hardest to correct it. If you bought tickets and the order was cancelled they automatically start looking for better tickets for you. Don't give the company a bad name just because you came in with some ridiculous $#*! that not even God himself could fix. All of you with the bad reviews I've read are absolute $#*!. Anyone reading this take my advice: STUUBHUB IS A GREAT PLACE TO BUY AND SELL TICKETS. YOU'RE ALWAYS PROTECTED BY THEIR FANPROTECT GUARANTEE. READ THE FINE PRINTS FIRST AND STOP MAKING PEOPLE'S LIVES HELL WHEN YOU CALL OR CHAT IN WITH YOUR NONSENSE!

Ask Sunny about StubHub
1 review
3 helpful votes

After reading the reviews, I was worried whether the concert tickets that I bought were legitimate. The concert that I went to was a smaller scale concert, so that could be factor in helping you decide whether you want to use StubHub. I paid $35 for seats that would have costed me $100 each! It worked out and I got to enjoy the concert :)

Ask Hailey about StubHub
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought tickets from stub hub the day before the Selena Gomez concert and paid $200 a piece for them. I printed them off and then the next morning I got a call saying the tickets had been double sold to someone else and that I needed to pick some different one...what was left. Needless to say I was pretty mad. I spoke to a gentleman that put me on hold for 15 minutes while he looked to see what else was available. In the end I was given the choice to take tickets that were right next to the stage in the lower row. The tickets online were $300 each. So stub hub turned something that was really bad into something great and my kids got to see their first concert, with one of their favorite musicians, and had an unforgettable night!

Ask shea about StubHub
1 review
4 helpful votes

I went on Stub Hub and bought tickets for a St.Louis Blue's hockey game. They were not delivered to my email. I called them and spoke with a representative who confirmed the order and said they would be emailed right over. They lost our order after receiving confirmation. I called back and they said they're automated system made a mistake. The tickets were sold to someone else in this process. We ended up in standing room only having to buy tickets at the stadium. Worst experience ever. DON'T USE STUB HUB!

Ask Aaron about StubHub
1 review
7 helpful votes

Purchased tickets 3 months ago for concert tickets that I was told would be upload for downloading 2 days before the event...The day is here and no tickets. I called and the Rep says that my order number was under some one elses name and that this event had already passed and that it was in Canada...Also the rep continously asked for my credit card info to verify my acct...I would not do it..,They went on to say that the couldnt pull up my acct with my email or none of the info that I used in the begginning ...SCAMMING soooo I got angry the REP placed me on hold about 5 times coming back with same excuse that he needed my card number...I still wouldnt do it...I finally hung up after being placed on hold for the fifth time, then a supervisor (supposenly)called back saying that the seller has until a certain time to upload the tickets...still no refund...These people are SCAMMERS please people dont let this be you!

Ask Destiny about StubHub
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Bought tickets to a college football game last year They were the downloadable type Got to the gate was denied entry..somebody had already used the tickets ! I had to watch from a bar nearby real bad bummer!

Ask joe about StubHub
1 review
0 helpful votes

Really impressed with the customer service of stub hub, I ordered concert tickets about a week before the event and when UPS lost them in the mail, stub hub credited my account so that I could immediately purchase another set of tickets for instant download. Thanks StubHub!!!!

Ask Ethan about StubHub
1 review
4 helpful votes

WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!! Buyer beware! I purchased 4 tickets for the price of $500 each. Assured by Stubhub rep that the seats were close to the stage. Received seats so high in the balcony we needed oxygen and on very fine print stated "ticket price $150". Yep, someone made a $1,399 profit. No recourse by Stubhub except $300 coupon on future purchases. Really!? I understand doing business, but I was CHEATED! I will have no future purchases with this company and I suggest the same for other consumers. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!

Tip for consumers: My tip for others is to move on! I trusted this company and was absolutely ripped off! They don't tell you everything before purchasing. Horrible experience!

Ask Lynda about StubHub
1 review
4 helpful votes

I sold 4 tickets on Stub hub in Uk. When it came to payment they used every delay tactic they could to keep my money.
I have a verified PayPal account, they would not recognise. The customer service is absolutely shocking. Refused to allow me to speak to the complaints department or manager. Had to revert to the consumer complaints Websight! It is still ongoing.!!
We need to seriously avoid this company.

Ask Margaret about StubHub
1 review
2 helpful votes

I just got back from vegas and had to write a review. I bought 1 ticket to see Guns and Roses at T-Mobile. My friend and daughter had seats in section 8 row K seats 1&2. I found one seat in this same section and row seat 10, hopeful someone may let me slide down to sit with my friend. That day I received a message saying they noticed the person selling the ticket made an error (She had a ticket for Saturdays show and I had bought for Friday's show). They said they replaced with a valid ticket for that Friday and upgraded me for free. I wasn't happy, I didn't want to sit by myself. This show was slim pickings, and I didn't want to sit in some random seat. I went online and realized this seat was right night to the stage, best seat in the house as far as I could see. I called them, they offered me many other options that were all acceptable. I could get a full refund, my ticket cost $500 this ticket was reselling at $1500+. I could re sell the ticket they gave me and they would waive the resell fee or I could enjoy the seat maybe trade someone by my friend.

I went, checked out this seat and FOUND NEW FRIENDS!!! It was the best seat ever I wish I could upload a video- BEST experience ever, and LOVE T MOBILE arena too! I felt they went above and beyond. It wasn't there "fault" the lady reselling did the wrong date, and thank god there system was on it, how horrible for me to have gone all the way there to find this out- this review may have been different. I only went to Vegas for this show and the priceless experience, so I'm unsure they would've made me happy in that event.

This was my first time getting tickets this way. I usually get from ticket master/ direct- this show sold out 10 minutes after going on sale.

Ask andrea about StubHub
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have used stubhub for quite some time, and one day they accidentally charge my credit card three times, I call stubhub and they can't seem to figure out why, so I disputed my credit card. A few weeks later I get an email saying my account is locked, so I call and they say it is because of a chargeback on my account, I give them the reason why I issued the chargeback, and they finally admit is was their mistake, so they said if I drop the chargeback they will refund the charges, so I did, but they did not lock my account, keep in mind that I had purchases and tickets for sale on the account, so time couldn't be wasted. I was told, my account would be fixed within 72 hours, I waited, nothing happened, I called about 10 times, and I got the same ridiculous answer, a department is handling your situation and they cannot be reached by phone, what is your best number for them to contact you, no kidding I got this answer so many times! Weeks past and I kept getting the same repetitive response. So finally I was told to create a new account to sell the tickets that I had, so I did, then eventually that account was locked as well, and when I called and told them what happened, I received the same message, over and over again. Finally I receive a response from them saying I am banned from stubhub. I DID NOTHING WRONG, STUBHUB CHARGED MY ACCOUNT FOR THEIR MESS UP! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE AND THEIR COMPANY IS FLAWED! Stubhub is a dying company, the only reason their company survives is because ticketmaster has print-off tickets, but what is funny is that ticketmaster is actually getting rid of print off tickets, and stubhub will not have anything left. Ticketmaster re-sale is the best way to buy tickets, they just need to update all their stuff and they will soon be the power house in ticket resale. With stubhub the buyer can complain about anything they want and get their refund if they wanted to, it is nuts how flawed their company is.

Ask Erin about StubHub
1 review
5 helpful votes

I received fake tickets to Iron Maiden for my birthday. Customer service is horrible and does not care. Guarantee my ass. They just take a cut and do not actually own the tickets so people are free to sell you fake tickets. Do not buy from StubHub. You have been warned.

Ask Nathaniel about StubHub
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