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199 Fremont Street, Floor 4
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: 1.866.788.2482
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1 review
0 helpful votes

My husband is active duty military. I was going to surprise him with UNC/UVA basketball tickets and then an event popped up that he is required to attend at the same time. Stubhub offered to refund our entire purchase price without me having to relist the tickets myself. I am extremely grateful to Stubhub for their understanding and support.

1 review
0 helpful votes

StubHub will scam you out of your money if they get the chance. This company is currently trying to scam me out of $350. I am in the process of talking with my bank to try and ensure this doesn't happen.
Awhile ago I listed some hockey tickets for sale as I could not go to the game. No one ended up buying these tickets, or so I thought, so I gave them to a friend. The day after the game, I get an email from StubHub saying my tickets did in fact sell, and that because I gave the tickets to someone else and the ticket buyers could not get into the game, I would be charged $350 in fees. Here is the problem, StubHub is supposed to send you an email once your tickets have sold, but I NEVER received an email saying this.
StubHub then told me that the tickets had apparently sold on 11/10. When I checked my emails, I had zero saying the tickets sold. But I did have an email on 11/26 saying the listing for my tickets would expire. So, SIXTEEN days after the tickets apparently sold, I receive an email saying the listing is about to expire? Makes no sense.
When I brought these issues up to John in executive claims, he completely blew them off. He told me that I should talk to customer service (even though they had not responded to my emails and could not help me). However, he did address the fact that I never received an email, and told me it was probably just a glitch in the system. He said, despite the fact that I never received an email, it was still my fault. I relied on the fact that StubHub tells you they will send you an email when your tickets sell. I checked my emails consistently, trusting them to keep their word and send me an email. I received nothing, yet it is my fault.
How do I NOT receive an email stating my tickets have sold, but I receive an email 16 days after they claim they sold saying the listing is about the expire? How is this still my fault?
I am currently in the process of talking to my bank, as stated before. I am a 17 year old girl living on my own. It took me months of saving and working over time to try and see this game and treat myself. Now, I am being scammed out of $350, something I cannot afford. StubHub is just another big business looking to screw over the little people. Please learn from me and do not waste your time or money on this company.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Hockey tickets I ordered didn't arrive, but when I chatted with them online, they quickly replaced them with better tickets and sent them as etickets. Would rather not have had the stress of waiting, but was very pleased with online chat. Thanks. I have had no issues with previous tickets I had purchased.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I keep reading all these reviews saying stubhub's mark up is crazy. They don't set the prices, the sellers do!!!! It's your issue that you didn't read properly. I've made more than 15 purchases off this site and never had a problem going to an event. And I paid much more than the original value each time, but I knew that going through in.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I've had 2 experiences with this company:

The first time I purchased tickets for a basketball game 2 weeks in advance. The tickets arrived the day of the game.

The second time I purchased college basketball tickets as a Christmas gift for my dad. I knew it took a long time to get tickets previously and with the holidays, so I decided to order well in advance and pay the extra money to get the tickets expedited (I ordered 2 weeks before Christmas for a game January 14). It took me multiple attempts on the website for the transaction to even work, but I chalked this up to the holidays and probably high volume on the website. Two days before Christmas I received an email that the tickets had arrived, however, they were not where I pick up my mail. I contacted my mom in case I got confused and put her address instead. Not there either. So I contacted Stubhub to report them as not delivered and turns out they delivered them to the address that is connected with the Stubhub account and not the actual mailing address that I listed (I.e. The tickets were in South Florida, an address I have not lived at in over 6 months, and not in Tennessee where I indicated I wanted them sent).

When I explained to the guy that I don't live there and that's not the address I indicated, he put me on hold to contact the seller. 15 minutes later, I was told that they could not reprint/reissue the tickets and I needed to try to find someone who could send them to me from Florida. I am not kidding; that was the solution he gave me.

Luckily, I was able to contact a friend, who (after I paid for 2 Uber rides and overnight shipping) was able to go my old house and retrieve the tickets from the new tenets and then overnight the tickets to me.

The week of the game, I received another email saying my tickets had been delivered. Connfused, I called Stubhub and asked what tickets had been ordered. They told me they had sent my replacement tickets for the game. I repeated to them that they said they couldn't replace the tickets but either way, the tickets weren't in my mail. They again placed me on hold to figure out what happened. Turns out, they sent the replacement tickets to the same old address in Florida! So I asked her to find out if the original tickets would get me into the game. She again put me on hold to contact the seller, who didn't answer when she called, so they would have to call me back.

The next day I called for the third time to see the status of the tickets and they told me the seller had contacted them and they were WAITING FOR ME TO CALL BACK to tell me that them original tickets were invalid and I would have to find a way to get the reprinted tickets.

So, AGAIN, I had to pay my friend to go back to the new tenets, ask for my tickets, and mail them to me again. I contacted Subhub today to complain and they said that I could talk to a supervisor but that the supervisor just writes a note in the system and I'd be wasting my time.

So, in short: I paid $85 for 2 college basketball tickets, $50 in Uber rides for my friend to go retrieve the tickets and $20 in overnight shipping fees...$155. And the only answer I received from any of the people I spoke to, was I CANT HELP YOU.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased from StubHub four lower level, sideline tickets to the Peach Bowl. I printed the tickets, and considered it a done deal. Several days later (the morning of the game), I received an email and a call from StubHub telling me that the seller of the tickets claims that he cancelled the listing, and was refusing to part with the tickets. StubHub offered to replace the tickets with four lower level tickets in the CORNER. I pulled up the StubHub website while I was speaking with the stubHub representative, and I pointed out that they had four sideline (not corner) tickets that were available in another section. StubHub refused to replace my tickets with the other sideline tickets. The StubHub representative explained that StubHub is merely a broker, and that StubHub does not carry an inventory of tickets. StubHub gave me four replacement tickets in the corner, and refunded a small portion of the purchase price.

The take away -- you, too, could receive a call from StubHub on Gameday telling you that your tickets are not valid.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I listed tickets-Followed directions-uploaded ticket PDF. They cancelled and charged me a penalty fee. RUN FROM THIS SITE> THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND DID NOT TREAT ME FAIRLY

Tip for consumers: Use the NFL ticket exchange. They are horrible and should not be used by any

1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased two tickets to Lights All Night on December 31st in Dallas, TX via Stubhub for $183.75 on 12/27/16. Upon receiving the electronic tickets the next day (12/28/16), I saw that the seller uploaded tickets to the El Paso, TX show rather than the Dallas one and immediately contacted Stubhub to fix the issue. I was told that the seller did indeed mess up and that I would still be provided with two tickets to the event I originally paid for, which I would receive the next day (12/29/16) by email. By the end of the next day, I still had not received the tickets and called Stubhub once again to see what was going on. I was told that they were working on it and that I should receive them that same night or the next morning (12/30/16).

Today is 12/30/16 and I gave the company until 6:00pm to send me the email before calling once again. The representative was the same person I spoke to the previous day. He was extremely helpful and I understand that this situation was completely out of his control. He informed me that it was strange that I still had not received my two new tickets, as it does not usually take more than two days, and that he would go directly to the department tasked with issuing them since the show was less than 24 hours away.

After an hour on the phone with Stubhub - mostly waiting on hold - I was devastated to learn that there were no more ticket listings for that show on Stubhub, as the last two tickets had just sold. That being said, I would not receive tickets to the event and my New Year's Eve plans had completely fallen apart less than 24 hours before the event.

They added a $367.50 credit to my account and told me to download the Stubhub app and to keep checking to see if any ticket listings would come up between now and the event. Not only would I have had to frantically check every 15 minutes to see if I could attend the event I paid to go to three days ago, but if someone did miraculously list TWO tickets to the show, they would also still have to be within the credit limit which totaled out to $183.75 per ticket. I am not going to sit here and hope for a miracle with the odds against me that I will not be able to celebrate New Year's Eve with my friends at Lights All Night.

After speaking with my friend, whom the other ticket was for, we decided to simply take a refund and purchase our tickets from the official Lights All Night website, which I'll add that prices had increased since we last checked. I called back for a refund, which will not make it back into my account until after 3-5 business days, and they took away the credit in my account.

This seller fraud issue should have been taken care of in a more timely matter. They had two full days to reissue me new tickets to the event and I had to call multiple times only to learn that they had waited too long to the point where there were no tickets left. Had they addressed this issue earlier, there would have still been tickets to the event for sale and everything would have been fixed.

All in all, Stubhub has inconvenienced me in so many ways. From my New Year's Eve plans falling through less than 24 hours before the event, to having to pay for all new tickets with money that I do not currently have in my account, to walking away with absolutely nothing but the money I originally paid, I am extremely dissatisfied with Stubhub. It is safe to say that I will never use, recommend, or trust Stubhub again.

Tip for consumers: Just buy your tickets from the official vendor or

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been using StubHub for years to sell tickets and never had a problem. I was recently charged a 50% penalty fee. I tried to sell my tickets and hours later didn't receive a posting confirmation or sale acknowledgement email. I couldn't even find my posting so it made sense to post again. They sold however the sale was cancelled by StubHub since they already sold. I disputed the claim and explained that what I stated above and they only refunded half of my fee. I appreciate that but strongly feel they should have reconsidered a full refund consuming my seller rating and missing confirmation emails. They completely ignored my appeal without any response. I finally spoke to someone and refuse to do have the review team re-open my claim. I guess I won't be a customer anymore . Very disappointed.

1 review
0 helpful votes

BUYER BEWARE! I paid $US250 in total in mid November for what I thought were excellent tickets to the New York Ballet: The Nutcracker. According to posting Tracker on the booking receipt number that I immediately received at booking, printed tickets were to be delivered within 14 days to my home in Australia. The tickets NEVER arrived. I gave it a few more days. Had 2 chats online, which were not helpful. With one I was disconnected, the other woman kept telling me to ring, not understanding our time zone from Aust to US is very different. I gave up, thinking I deal with it when in NYC. 2 chats online were unhelpful, and I was dismissed with no follow up. I was told online that being a 'fan for fan' marketplace they would attempt to contact the seller. But then I was dismissed online, and could not reconnect. Very odd & unusual; I have never had this before with online sales. I had been stupid & not investigated Stubhub myself. Phone calls in NYC to Stubhub told me I should have contacted them within 7 days for the non delivery of the tickets; that Stubhub could do & would do nothing.
I did go to the ballet, in the hope that they might verify the seats from the booking reference number. But NO. The NYC Ballet Ticket office said they could not verify the seats as the booking receipt number had no allocated seats.
Oh, the ballet was superb, albeit a VERY COSTLY experience. BUYER BEWARE!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Hidden charge of 33% per ticket. Better seats anywhere but here. DON'T DO IT! YOU WILL GET SCREWED LIKE THE REST IF US! If you still buy from here you deserve to be taken advantage of. SCHMUCK!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased two tickets to a hockey game a week in advance. Then the day before they call me saying they can offer me better seats and made my tickets invalid without my permission. So I asked for the better tickets and they said theyd email me. In all I had to call them back four times because the tickets were not emailed to me until an hour before the game. They gave me so much $#*!. I ended up getting worse seats than I originally got. I never write reviews but this is one piece of $#*! website. Listen to my review or not i could care less.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought tickets to Vince and Amy Christmas show at the Ryman. The view they showed of the stage when I clicked on the tickets looked great!

Then I printed the tickets and it said "obstructed view". There in fact is a pole blocking the view to the stage. I called Stub Hub and they said the view was from the middle of the section I got tickets in.

Incredibly misleading! Be careful when buying from StubHub! They are not reputable advertisers.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I sold 8 extra tickets to Michael Jackson Cirque du' Soleil. These were original tickets from Cirque that we couldn't use because we cancelled our Vegas trip. StubHub said that buyers of seats 3-5 filed a claim saying that they couldn't get in their seats and wanted their money back AND a penalty of almost $200. I contacted Mandalay Bay and Cirque headquarters to find that the buyers DID use the tickets (based on a scan report) and that the Box Office reported that there were no issues reported by ushers for that show. And, to top it off, my niece and her husband -- who had seats 1 and 2 in that row for that show -- indicated that the three people used the tickets and evidently had a great time. They provided email testimony -- all of which I provided to StubHub Marketplace Investigations.

In talking with StubHub Marketplace Investigations, I find out that all a buyer has to do is file a claim that they weren't able to sit in their seats. The seller on the other hand has to contact the venue to find out if the tickets were used (via scan report) and if there were any problems, contact the box office to see if there were any on-premises issues with seating, and arrange for a conference call to prove your story.

The thing that irritates me the most, however, is the condescending tone when, upon proving that I followed procedures exactly and that the buyer clearly is scamming StubHub, I was warned to please be careful with all ticket inventories and be sure all listings are fulfilled with the latest generated version of the tickets, just in case, as we cannot guarantee this same exception will be made in the future should a buyer report an issue. WHAT EXCEPTION?!

Sell your tickets on Eventbrite, eBay, Ticketmaster, VividSeats. Just avoid StubHub.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I went to buy tickets and it had a promo code to use Visa at checkout and save $20 off purchase over $100. I entered VISA card and it never took it off the purchase. I spent 30+ min on the chat with customer services and they could care less. I wouldn't have bout these tix if I knew that they wouldn't take off the $20. They are very deceiving and said that I needed to sign up for VISA checkout!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Tried to sell tickets on this site, sold them but sent wrong ones. They kept the original and charged my account for replacements. I was never informed of the problem or would of made it right. Out money and another set of tickets. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

When I first tried to get two $20 tickets for tomorrow's game between Georgia and Louisiana-Lafayette, they asked me to create an account or else I couldn't order them. When I entered my debit card info in, it took too long for my order to get processed. After waiting a few minutes and refreshing, the site told me that my account had been locked since it failed to save several times! I called them and the staff unlocked my StubHub account for me under my appreciation, and after I created a new password for my account, then I saw that my order has been processed and I finally printed my eTickets in time! I found StubHub to be somewhat better than TicketCity but based on several negative reviews, meh. TicketCity however asked me to send them a photo of my license, credit card, and photo ID. I found out that I didn't trust them at that time and that this was a scam since after my previous experiences with the website, they were very good when I ordered my tickets for UGA's home games vs. Vanderbilt and Auburn. I looked up StubHub and they were sort of different, but at least I did it and I consider using the same site to print my tickets for our last game vs Georgia Tech on Nov 26.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have canceled my acct. with stubhub after 7 years. My last two experiences were horrific. First experience is that I resold four tickets to a Baseball game after I purchased 18 tickets to the game. When I did not receive payment, I call S...Hub.
They said the buyers could not get in with the tickets to the game. Of course the game was played in the pouring rain and my group of fourteen went to the game. I do not know what happened to those to whom I sold the tickets but they reported that they could not get in with the tickets. So the S...hub response, "our "Truth and Security Dept(TSD)" will investigate. After two calls to TSD they said notihing could be done and I am out 280 dollars. A few days ago I was browsing for Giant tickets. I saw tickets but found out that I would have to pick them up at another site and not at the ticket office. I NEVER SUBMITTED MY SECURITY CODE and left the site. The following morning I looked at my email and saw a note from Stubhub, "Your just a few clicks away from purchasing tickets to the game." Then I continue to browse my emails and found that S...hub CHARGE my acct and said I authorized buying the tickets! Well after several calls, one lasting over a half hour to get a supervisor, they refered the issue once again to the oxymoron TSD. I got an email and a phone call saying my"purchase" was completed because they used a credit card on file with S...hub. I called my credit card company telling them of the fraudulent action by S...hub and the email stating I had to finish the process to get the tickets. In order to cancel the reported purchase they had to cancel my credit card and reissue it with another number. SO, I will have to go through all my accts. and enter another credit card when I receive it by mail. Stop using S...Hub. Their customer service has gone down the tubes. Be ashamed S...hub. You will eventually anger enough people to go under.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased 4 tickets in April to Carrie Underwood concert. 2 days before event Stubhub calls to tell me the seats are not available, seller had made a mistake with listing. Stubhub could not provide comparable tickets, not very helpful. I have been ripped off. Use this service at your own risk. I will never use them again.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Amateurs. This website just doesn't work most of the time! Can't log in can't reset my password and!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered tickets 2 weeks before a 2 day music festival. Finally after my first order not being available, being sent the wrong tickets. Got the ticket a week before the event. Day of event I get a email 15 minutes after the start of the show that my order was canceled and the ticket was used at the gate bu someone else. Was given a replacement ticket for Saturday, but that one to had already be used!

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I decided to sell my ticket to a concert I was not attending on Stubhub.Two days after I placed the ticket for sale, the company claimed there was a glitch in their system that kicked my entire entry out as fraudulent. Then there is something wrong with their system because my tickets were legitimately purchased on an American Express card and were part of an 8 ticket package. My sisters and their husbands attended the concert. I am the only one who did not and placed my ticket for sale on their site. THEIR system mistakenly threw out my entire entry but when I called to ask what happened and get my money back for what happened they decided to penalize me by not compensating me for a loss that was their fault. They claimed they cannot assist me and now I am without the price of the ticket and no financial recourse from them for a mistake their system made. Their fraud/legal and customer service department were of no assistance and wasted my time on the phone with them. Now I am without a ticket and without the money for the sale of the ticket. I could have placed this ticket on Ebay or Craigslist or any number of sites and sold my ticket.The fact that they have just disregarded any opportunity to assist me as this was my first transaction with this company is very disappointing. I will never deal with them again. This company is a fraud.

1 review
1 helpful vote

We had bought tickets for Game 3 of the Red Sox playoff game and spent over $750 for the pair. I had received alerts that the game was postponed and that the times changed twice. However, once we got to the game, our printed tickets were denied. I then brought them up on my phone and we were denied entrance again, both times being told they were for wrong game. I called Stub Hub while at the gate. I was one the phone with them for about 1/2 hour. I am not sure if the original buyer for this ticket was bogus or not, but I will tell you that the woman stayed on the phone with me until we were able to get new seats that ended up right behind home plate! She even called me back to be sure the tickets came through my phone. I was pleasantly surprised with their willingness to be sure that we were able to get to see what ended up being Papi's last professional game ever. Thank you Stub Hub!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ticket cost $100

Ticket cost to Fan purchasing $125
Cash received by Fan Selling $75

Stubhub Revenue $55

Its a website, not a brick and mortar store. All of these extra $$$$ go back to the sports teams as ADVERTISING expenses.... and there is nothing we can do about it

1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could give it zero stars I would. That one star is for the fact that they did return my money 3 days later. But they sold me 2 tickets to a preseason bulls game 4 hours before the venue. Sent me 2 confirmation emails but never sent the e-ticket email. I called I was on hold for 20 minutes. Woman said she would send the email then put me on hold for another 8 minutes to then come back and say sorry for the inconvenience but we're refunding your money tickets are not available. While I'm standing right there at the arena with my date waiting to get in. Absolute JOKE ! How are the tickets not available but you took 125 out of my debit card. Why would you sell them to me if it was too close to the venue!!?!?!! I asked for a supervisor and I said is there ANYTHING you can do for the extreme inconvenience he said that doing anything for me would be out of his reach and I'll be receiving a refund the next day. Last time I will EVER use this service for any venue. Luckily a scalper sold me 2 tickets for 100 section 100 row 2 better seats at a batter price at the arena. **** STUB HUB!!!!!!!

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