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2652 reviews
Shenzhen, GuangDong, China
Tel: 1-917-621-0925
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I can't get a hold of customer service to check on an item I ordered since August 24th

Ask Alfred about RoseWholesale
1 review
0 helpful votes

I cannot find any contact info to be able to return my items, the clothes were a gift for my mom's birthday and a month after ordering them I receive them and they don't fit her so I want a refund!
Jenn George

Please email me with how to return the 4 items for a refund:

Ask Jenn about RoseWholesale
1 review
1 helpful vote

This website has been nothing but a hassle. I ordered a dress over 10 days ago and it still only processing. At this rate I won't get my item for the special event that I need it for and so I'll have to go out and buy another dress. I even tried to contact them by phone and never heard a reply. Try to find an email to contact them on their website and no information. Dissatisfied with their service, disappointed with their lack of communication and morals, and ashamed I even purchased anything from this website.

Ask Tierra about RoseWholesale
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

This company is also Rosegal and many many other names. They ship on large pallets on ships. It can take 3 months to get merchandise. Everything is in Chinese. You can not track or contact them. oRDER NUMBERS AND TRACKING DOES NOT CORRELATE. fORGET IT IF IT IS DAMAGED . It is not worth the savings. Beware merchandise coming from cHINA. Contrary to the response from so called customer service almost all of the cheap outlets in China belong to one man.

Ask Ava about RoseWholesale
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a wig and I cannot track it. The tracking site is in Chinese me I cannot understand a thing, the local postal service also has no details on my package. I'm getting worried because I need this product before the 1st of October. I was guaranteed that it would be here by then but I am having serious doubts.

Ask Kundayi about RoseWholesale
1 review
5 helpful votes

I wasn't even saying negative things on my last review but get ready.

My last review was about me worried and hoping my shipment gets here in time because of reading bad reviews. Then the company messages me saying the refunded all my money as "a gift" that I didn't ask for.

I thought that was very kiss ass but still, free stuff is very nice of them. So I reply saying thanks, that was not necessary bla bla bla. And I think to myself "online customer service is hard to get a hold of in these days" so while I have them here I ask a question.

I paid for faster shipping but my confirmation email says a longer date. They've already refunded my money so I guess it's not as big and issue but I paid for fast shipping. So I ask what delivery time I should anticipate. Easy question. Reasonable.

The next message I get just completely ignores my question and talks about whether or not I received the refund, this is your tracking info yadda yadda. Did I ask for a clarification on this effing refund?! Then they have the nerve to ask me to update my review stars within 1-3 days and to let them know when I have. F*** no. I asked the easiest of easy questions and you fully just ignored me!

I tracked my package and it says "Item is pre-advised" which means the shipper hasn't even recieved the package.

Customer service isn't a volunteery refund. It's ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION to my concerns.

How dare you ask my to change my review. LOL you didn't even help me! This is laughable lol. If you guys could see me right now you would just see a laughing girl with laughing tears rolling down her puffy laughing cheeks.

Will I change my review to more than 1 star?

Lol. No.

And now you have this other 1 Star to worry about.


Ask Christyna about RoseWholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

i don't understand how the only way to contact them is to write a review on this site...what is the point of having a customer service number if it goes straight to voicemail? i ordered shoes and of course they are a size too small so I need to exchange them but i'm not sure how. also i feel like the light up shoes are a scam they don't even have an on/off button

Ask Niki about RoseWholesale
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I have to admit that when I placed my first order, I was kind of scare because I wasn't to knowledgeable about buying online. but change that. Their website is fully focus on customer needs and make it a great experience. I love the size chart , because it's exactly what you will get. I'll suggest using it because it's real. Not only that but you have visibility to the entire process of the order, until when you received it. If you need to log a support ticket, their SLA is really 24hrs our before. your packages arrive safe, on time. your credit card or any other payment method is really secure. and the R points rewards is the BEST. I have save some money, because I'm able to use my R points as cash, if I share my like's I get points, my friends and family has received rewards as well for creating accounts. I can share my photos with my acquisitions and get great rewards as well. Now you know why I recommend as a trust worthy account and it's my personal shopping site, because it keeps track and only show me my interest line of products. Thank you for making me a believer in buying online

Ask Shanda about RoseWholesale
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been waiting for my order to arrive. I ordered it 3 weeks ago, the tracking number doesn't work when I enter it. I am going to contact pay pal since I paid through them. you cant contact company by phone it goes automatically to a message. Very upset and angry.

Ask Sharon about RoseWholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I read that their sizes run small. So I ordered 2 sizes larger. Still way too small. You need to order 4 sizes bigger

Ask Jackie about RoseWholesale
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered about $100 of shirts and a jacket. The styling was really cool and the jacket has a kind of SteamPunkish look. Nice stuff, very cheap. One big problem, however, and it's a doozie.

I'm a big guy. When I saw they had clothing in 3x and 4x in these really cool styles that are usually only available for skinny guys, I decided to give it a try. Well, I don't know what sizing they are using, but they at LEAST 2 US sizes smaller than what they would be in US sizing. I ordered the jacket in 5x because it would be worn over clothing. I couldn't even get my arm down the sleeve!

I looked around their website, even did a search on it for "Sizing" and "Sizes" and came up with nothing. With no mention of their sizing difference on their website and the fact their return policy ONLY covers DEFECTS, not things that don't fit, I'm out about $100.

Chalking it up as a lesson in online shopping. Check the reviews first, and this one stinks. There are so many people getting ripped off by this company there are pages of bad reviews on my Google search.

Are they a scam? I did get clothing, but it wasn't the size I thought I would be getting. Quality was low but for the price I wasn't expecting great. Not posting their sizing chart with US and Metric measurements so that people would know what they were getting was either a gross oversight or a deceptive practice. Either way the customer loses.

These people's days are numbered. Maybe literally. I say we all write to the State Department about this Chinese company ripping off US Citizens. I remember how Chinese State Security dealt with the head of that company that was selling melamine-adulterated dairy products to the US. He won't be ripping anyone off anymore. China doesn't like anyone tarnishing their reputation in the international markets.

Ask Mark about RoseWholesale
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 2wigs from this Web site and I still have not received anything . I've called and emailed and still have not heard anything I want a refund back. This makes no damn sense. They been saying it's been shipped and so on but when I checked the update this morning it said they stopped my order something like that idk I just want my money back !

Ask Sharrah about RoseWholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I order 2 wigs and have not received them..i call that number and it goes straight to voice-mail. I email no response its like a waiting game but you didnt waste no time taking my money. How much longer do i have to wait?

Ask Naomi about RoseWholesale
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hice una compra en RoseWholesale y todo fue genial, repetiría.

Ask Javier about RoseWholesale
1 review
6 helpful votes

Dont order nothing from this company please u will be highly not happy with the products at all

Ask Belesia about RoseWholesale
1 review
13 helpful votes

I've been patiently waiting for my order to come through, I purchased a coat from them assuming it was legit and honest since "trusted" by PayPal! My tracking number doesn't even work,Ive heard nothing of it since "shipped" and it was suppose to be here this week and i am still awaiting it and if i dont hear about it soon or get a helpful reply soon i will be asking for a refund via PayPal!

Order #: HH1609091540351109

Ask Yaniel about RoseWholesale
1 review
10 helpful votes

I ordered a shirt before reading the reviews for this company. The reviews are for the most part terrible! I am hoping my shirt comes, is the right color and fits! I am giving this company one shot and one shot only! I added 2 coats, a jean jacket and several shirts to my shopping bag but will not be spending another cent until I receive what I ordered. I am really hoping for the best, but these reviews do not fill me with confidence. Prove me wrong RoseWholesale.

Ask Deborah about RoseWholesale
1 review
10 helpful votes

Is anyone else having trouble getting the web page to load?
I purchased from Rose Wholesale on the 4th Sept with order number HH1609030705471104 - thank goodness I screen snapped this order number, because I have not had any contact at all. Not an invoice or any shipping details - nothing!
I contacted Rose Wholesale via PayPal and haven't had a response. I think I'm going to have to lodge a a refund request through PayPal. Thank goodness I've found this site as I thought the website must have been a scam. They've picked the wrong person to mess about in me.

Ask A about RoseWholesale
1 review
6 helpful votes

Received two tops and wrong size and want to return and get my money back. Have called many times, left my name. email address and nothing back. Soon it will be 30 days and then they say won't take back. HELP please. Where can I send them?

Ask Edythe about RoseWholesale
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

I do apologize when i read reviews it had me on edge thinking ill never get my goods. Or hear from them again . I was wrong they contacted me right back also gave me 15 bucks off my 65 dollar order and checked on me up until i got my stuff. It came today after about three weeks and i love all my wigs . One has an ugly color but its my fault I thought it would be a darker shade . Im going to order again . To those that lost packages im sorry but it does happen .

Ask Reaiah about RoseWholesale
2 reviews
21 helpful votes

An ad for Rose Wholesale popped up in my Facebook ads. The shirt depicted looked yummy, so I clicked and shopped around. I even put some items in "my cart." But I did not complete the transaction. Never heard of the company before.

Last night, same ad, and I had extra time to kill. So I shopped. Even set up a login account. Before I clicked the "place my order" button, however, I saw that there was international shipping and that the order would take 21 days to arrive. CAUTION sign.

One thing I noticed during the second shopping foray were items that I had seen before. And one item that I had purchased before. Both from BangGood. RED flag.

Items I purchased from BangGood had been far smaller (in size) than promised. One item was shipped two sizes below what I had ordered. The quality of all items was subpar. Cheap, thin fabric. Poor weaves.

Could this new company be related, in some way, to BangGood?

I wonder. But RoseWholesale does seem to use plus-size models in its photos of plus-size clothes (I am a plus-size woman), but only for some of their items.

However, after the debacle with my BangGood purchase and my suspicion about possible connections, I did not complete my RoseWholeSale purchase.

* Could this "new" company be one and the same as BangGood? (name and website swaps)
* Could this "new" company be related? (same family, same partners)
* Why would this "new" company carry merchandise matching that of BangGood's?
* Is there one supplier that both companies purchase from to sell to unsuspecting overseas buyers?
* Even if a consumer purchases items 1-2 sizes larger than he/she normally wears, what guarantee is there that the item will FIT?
* And IF an item does not fit or has some defect, what can the consumer expect? What guarantees are there? (BangGood required that I send items back at MY expense, despite the fact that THEY were at fault. The return fees were ridiculously high, since they were going overseas and back to China...more than half the cost. I donated the items.)
* What about the reviews that RoseWholesale publishes on their site? All of them are rated with 4-5 stars and include comments that seem "canned."
* What ARE the open hours for their "live chat"?
* Why does their "About Us" offer no location or any details?

My recommendation? AVOID THIS COMPANY.

UPDATE: I went back to my 'order in process' to check out sizes that RoseWholesale uses and compared them to U.S. sizes. Responses from Chinese companies over issues with sizes (on SiteJabber), repeatedly state that we should "go by the measurements listed" on their webpages. So, I did. I checked the measurements on 5 items in my shopping cart. There was NO consistency between the measurements. On one shirt, I would need to order TWO sizes larger than usual to even HOPE for an adequate fit at the bustline. With another shirt, the same size did not match up, and in fact, even the largest size offered would not be sufficient.

In my opinion, these clothes are made based on Chinese measurements and their determination of size. Body types are vastly different between Chinese and people in the U.S. If this is the case, then WHY are these companies marketing to western civilizations?

Ask J about RoseWholesale
1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of blue jeans forever ago! I have not received them, but you can bet they took their money out of my account immediately! I have called several times but only get voice mail, no matter the time of day. What company just send all its customers to voicemail?? At this point I just want a refund.

Ask Randall about RoseWholesale
1 review
6 helpful votes

My order came in perfect condition. Every product has amazing quality in fact better than I was expecting for the price. I really recommend this store.

Ask ines about RoseWholesale
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is totally bull$#*!! I have been waiting over 2 months for my package! Apparently it was in SA but they sent it back?!?! WHY DO I GIVE YOU MY NUMBER AND ADDRESS IF YOU DONT PHONE ME OR DROP IT OFF AT THE RIGHT PLACE?!?!?!?!?! When I try and submit a ticket on your website it redirects to the home page!!!!!

Ask Shance about RoseWholesale
1 review
14 helpful votes

I order two wigs on the 25th of Aug I was sent an email saying it was shipped on yhe 26th of Aug I have the tracking number an everything. But still haven't received anything. This was my first time ordering from them an my last time. ..

Ask Vickie about RoseWholesale
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