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Review of RepairPal

RepairPal reviews

27 reviews
Categories: Auto Parts
Tel: (703) 659-4965

27 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Got an estimate on called the owner of this shop and told him in detail what I needed done, told him the price given on the website he said "we definitely honor the price given" I agreed to bring the car the next day only to have him ignore my calls, so I go there and he hides from me and tries to have his guy convince me I need all this extra stuff done and basically either talk me out of getting the initial job done or agree to more than double the amount on top of the original amount more in repairs. The owner finally shows his face and gives no explanation as to why he wasn't answering the phone for me. Then I tell him I still want the job done and he says "it doesn't sound right the price you told me" so he goes on to the site and does the estimate for himself and gets the same price, then he says oh well "you need to do this as well and this and this" I said "no it's an older car lets just stick with the essentials" (still close to $400 in repairs) and he says "well you know a lot about cars and I'm not comfortable doing this job especially because the money isn't worth it to me" all this after wasting my whole day. This guy was clearly mad that he couldn't scam me because I am knowledgeable on cars and backed out of doing the job because a website that HE ADVERTISES ON didn't quote a high enough price for him! Don't do business here whether it's an inspection, oil change, cigarettes... NOTHING. People like this need to know they can't take advantage of the uneducated or people with lack of know how... That's the only way to get them to stop scamming LOSING BUSINESS and humbling them to do the right thing

Ask Jimmy about RepairPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

I did not expect to find an "All in One" Auto Repair Shop, but I did. Using one of your RepairPal Certified Auto Shops - Andy and Terry Automotive Specialists Inc. We called the shop when it opened on 08/24/16, The shop stayed within the price range on your site, got our Expedition back the same day. It confirmed what you said in your ad. You made us believers that Great Service is still out there!

Ask Don about RepairPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

The estimator was off by almost $400. They worked with us and paid the difference of the repair. Customer service is great. The network of shops is beyond compare. Repair Pal made it easy to find and support small business repair shops.

Ask Shanda about RepairPal
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm sorry, but there's waaaay too much deception and price-gouging in auto repair. Everyone I talk to wouldn't trust their mechanic to watch their dog. And that really sucks because there are a lot of great, trustworthy mechanics and shops out there (I know at least one!). RepairPal is helping weed out the stinkers in the bunch and raise the bar for everyone else. And the best part is they'll even have one of their Master Mechanics talk to the repair shop FOR you to make sure the repair being recommended is ACTUALLY what you need. I'm not a mechanic, I have no interest in being a mechanic - I just need my car to work right, and I don't have the skills to know when a mechanic is completely misleading me. I'm grateful RepairPal is there to make sure that doesn't happen.

Ask Brent about RepairPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ridiculous legal contract, $400 and no business generated in two months. They promised us that they would generate at least 5 good leads per month for our business, but we got zero in two months. And originally they wanted us to sign up for three months min. (Maybe I saved $200? by not committing to their high pressure up-fornt sales) We were so hopeful when we initially contacted them because we desperately need to increase sales, but in the end we were damaged and disappointed.

Tip for consumers: approach with skepticism.

Ask John about RepairPal
1 review
0 helpful votes

Seth and his whole crew are great workers honest people that will fix ur car right and great pricing as well love them wont go anywhere else!

Ask kristi about RepairPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

They said to replace a Fuel pump on a 2001 ford Escape is $386- $475. The pump is located under the back seat and take 3 minutes to access. It took me 15 minutes to remove and replace with new pump ($125.00). I'm a Chef, not a mechanic but I checked UTube and saw it was easy.

Ask Bill about RepairPal
1 review
12 helpful votes

I have been working in the auto repair business for 42 plus years and on the surface this seems like a good idea, BUT in reality it is not working that way. A shop pays a company 4 to 5 hundred monthly to rate them high on their own web site after what they call rigorous background checking, all of a sudden some new guys on the block, 3 years, have 40 positive, 5 star, reviews, and I have maybe 8 or 10 reviews, real ones after all these years, REALLY?? Then I look at the estimator for which they claim repairs cost, boy would I like to charge these rates, I could take Wednesdays off!! This is unfair and deceptive for sure, anyone with tons of reviews since becoming repair pal certified should be a big red flag to anyone. There is nothing more important in business than old fashioned honesty and integrity and with that you will not need to pay anyone to spread you message, your customers will do it for you, unfortunately there are tons of these scams out there.

Ask red about RepairPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

Dellinger's Tire & Auto became part of the Repair Pal network last spring. We have been very impressed with the great customer service, attention to detail and communication we have received from this company. In the short time we have been certified by Repair Pal, we have seen growth in our business. As the Marketing Director, I value the ability to listen to the calls that come in to our store from Repair Pal and also find the detailed monthly reports of our progress very helpful. Keep up the great work! Denyse O'Connor

Ask Denyse about RepairPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I own a RepairPal top shop and am glad that I have their service. RepairPal is only one of our ways of reaching out to new customers but I would have to say one of the best. It is a user friendly system for both the shop and the customer. Every business advertises some how and a good business owner will stick with the ones that produce the best results, that's why I have stayed with them for years. I agree that a customer should find a shop they trust and stay with them. I think their estimator is pretty accurate but every job is different and condition of the vehicle being repaired is always a factor. Until the vehicle is inspected and diagnosed a reasonable estimate is no more than a guess. I think that you should affiliate your business with as many reputable recommendations as you can get if you want to stand out in a business that in most places has no standard to its industry. I thank RepairPal for all they do for my business.

Ask Bill about RepairPal
1 review
4 helpful votes

As the owner of a repair shop specializing in European cars and current RepairPal Certified Shop, I found their vetting process quite stringent. Our background and experience was checked and verified. We were required to provide a list of Tools and Diagnostic Equipment that met both their criteria and current Industry standards. Our customers were interviewed to confirm their online reviews of our shop. The RepairPal Online Estimating Tool is accurate but not omniscient. If we or a customer feel it does not reflect a certain repair, they are willing to discuss the matter. For consumers, they are a valuable but not perfect tool. For Shop Owners, they play fair.

Ask Rick about RepairPal
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

In 47 years I have heard everything from A to Z. How long a repair should take to it is only a 5 minute fix. Repair Pal is an independent service that lets customers know approximately what a repair entails. It doesn't take into consideration that it is totally rusted, bolts break or what it came in for isn't the right thing. It is the job of the Service Writer to explain why it costs more than what somebody else has said over the phone or ??

RepairPal has been more than fair with the estimates and the tows that are brought to us. It is only a tool, not your whole business.

When a new customer comes and asks me why they should do business with me. I can truthfully tell them to find a shop they trust and then stick with them. If they are unhappy, please tell the owner or manager. We can't fix something that we don't know about.

We have been truly happy with RepairPal. They aren't a complete fix to your business, but it sure helps when they send us a customer. We hope we take care of all their needs.

Ask Nancy about RepairPal
1 review
2 helpful votes

I own a shop and I have been a repairpal member for 5 years. They will not take "any shop" they actually call your customers to verify you're not screwing people over, and that you provide good customer service. Their repair estimator tool is the same tool NAPA uses for their website, and it gives customers a point of reference to ensure fair pricing. Auto repair is complicated, getting an accurate estimate can't be done by calling around, or by clicking a few buttons, that is why the range on the estimator can be large. Using quality parts and having certified technicians is a requirement for Repairpal shops, and if your shop gets complaints, they'll bump you down the list. There was one customer complaining that it was just "paid recommendations" and that the shops were "higher than the dealer" but that is not the case. There are actually certain, very rare, jobs that the dealer will be the cheapest. For the vast majority (99%) of repairs, our independent shop is 10-40% cheaper AND offers a longer warranty! RepairPal is no different than Angie's List, Yelp, or any other review site. ALL of them have "premier" listings that the businesses pay to be in. The difference is A: the consumer doesn't have to pay RepairPal, and B: RepairPal actually checks on the shops themselves, instead of just relying on reviews (some of which are inaccurate or put on by competitors).

Ask Michael about RepairPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

Awesome company, dedicated to educating consumers about repairs & the cost, then putting them in the good hands of shops that have been fully certified to do the repairs. This company rocks!! Try them and the shops they have certified to give you the best value in automotive service!!

Ask Diane about RepairPal
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been using RepairPal since its inception and they are truly an asset to our industry. Their shop certification process is thorough and they care about the well being and forward progress of the auto repair industry. Take negative reviews with a grain of salt as their shop review process is sure to make some people unhappy.

Ask Howard about RepairPal
1 review
5 helpful votes

What I like about Repair Pal is they won't take just any repair shop that wants to sign up. You must have proof of training and proper equipment to repair cars. They also require the facility to give all of the last 3 months transactions so they can randomly contact your customers to get an HONEST report of how you do business. That way the repair shop can't just hand th a list of their "happy" customers. This is the real deal!!!

Ask Larry about RepairPal
1 review
9 helpful votes

If you want to find a good repair shop talk to other consumers that have you same kind of vehicle and get a recommendation. This site is only going to recommend shop that pay them to do so. Their repairs are typically higher than the dealer.

Ask Jeff about RepairPal
1 review
14 helpful votes

Out of curiosity I played cat and mouse for a while with the RP rep who was trying to get my shop to sign up as one of there recommended provders...
And yes they start out telling you all there requirements which per there consumer sight says all there shops meet...

I basically implied that I ether did not meet there requirements or refuse to comply with them...

In the end they don't even care, they were willing to waive everything as long as I a greed to pay there set up and monthly fees...

So all I'm saying is that although RP may be a useful information sight...


It's recommended shops are a mixed bag... DON'T just accept there reccomendation at face value when the recommendation was paid for... Do you think the guy in the phone book with the biggest ad is automatically the best value???

Ask Ted about RepairPal
2 reviews
28 helpful votes

I'm a business manager if a repair shop who declined to sign up for R.P Services now all of a sudden I have a 1 star review on the repair pal website... The only problem is that this review is not on any other review site, nor have we had any customers concerns over the problem stated on R.P What complete BS!

Ask S about RepairPal
1 review
6 helpful votes

for all those high priced shops trying to discredit repair pal all I have to say is how do you sleep at night? is your making all that money at the consumers expense really more important than honesty and integrity? you should be ashamed of yourself and if not I will make it a point to let others know that you and your family can rest assured that you are making a world without values and morals. Hope you enjoy what you create. I wish a big red light would appear over your heads to identify you because like other bottom feeders you always seem to lurk in the shadows. Repair Pal is the real deal and it needs to grow so these bottom feeders can go back to their pits and stop trying to screw up this country more.

Ask jack about RepairPal
1 review
24 helpful votes

As an Auto Repair Shop, I feel the need to give consumers some information they may not know. My shop has been in business since 1995 and we ALWAYS make sure to EDUCATE our customers regarding the particular repair they need. We have been contacted by RP to "join" their "service" as well as Google (which will put you at the top rating for a meager $400-$500 per month). So Consumers should know going into their research that just because RP or Google or any other website recommends a shop does not mean that will be the shop to give you the biggest/honest bang for your buck because they PAY for these companies' "services" to be a "recommended shop" or a shop "at the top of the list". Do not know whether RP is good or bad hence the 1 star...this post is for CONSUMER EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. ALWAYS shop around pays to get a 2nd or even 3rd opinion prior to parting with your hard earned money.

Ask J about RepairPal
1 review
14 helpful votes

Estimates are high and the range is large. Its like if I asked how much a toaster should cost and someone said between $100 and $200 when you could get one at Walmart for $25. I saw the estimates and first thought was this site is sponsored by the car repair places that want to rip you off.

Ask laurie about RepairPal
1 review
20 helpful votes

BEWARE! EXTREMELY HIGH ESTIMATES! The low estimate from repaipal was more than Double the actual cost! This site surely is used to jack up parts & labor for repair shops that subscribe to this customer referral service. The actual cost of. Our repairs were $849. The repairpal estimate range was between $1754 to $2563!

Ask Faith about RepairPal
1 review
13 helpful votes

the cost estimator seems too expensive. The estimates seemed really high when checking against things that I had repaired on my vehicle. So just to be sure I checked the estimate against something I was familiar with, spark plugs. You can purchase extremely nice spark plugs for $8 to $10 a piece and replacing them is super quick, and a much faster job for an experienced mechanic. the price quoted by repair pal for the 8 spark plugs was $96-$144, I don't know what kind of spark plugs they are using but auto shops usually replace with aftermarket parts and I highly doubt they get the spark plugs for more than $7 to $10 a pop. That is $56 to $80. Then cost for labor is stated at $182 - $233 an experienced mechanic will replace 4 spark plugs in 15 minutes so lets say 30 minutes for the job, that means the mechanic is making $364 to $566 per hour! according to national average labor rate for auto mechanics the hourly rate for an automechanic is $75 to $100 an hour. this puts labor at $50 for the spark plug replacement. In reality this job at a mechanic shop should be no more than $130 that is less than half of the minimum price quoted by repairpal!!! If I am wrong about this then I would appreciate someone justifying $278 to $377 for spark plug replacement!!! Don't trust this sites estimater, this site has a lot of potential to do good and help keep mechanic shops honest, but not when their estimator is less honest than the mechanics!!! is a much better option then this site. For the same repair it quoted me $235 to have 8 spark plugs replaced at a dealership, and $152 to have them replaced in a shop, this is much more accurate

Ask Jacob about RepairPal
692 reviews
3,065 helpful votes

This is a pretty cool idea and I would love to give it more stars, but I have to go with my personal estimate and not a random or easy one. In my case I queried the cost of an alternator replacement on an old GMC van, and the site came up with a price of between $263 and $393. And it quoted the cost of the part as $159 - $261. And perhaps that's correct, well let's be fair and say that's probably correct, if I take the vehicle to a repair shop. That in itself is a challenge since the site helpfully offered me 64 pages of possible shops to go to but at least I'm not short on choices.

However, a trip to the local parts store told me that the part costs only $44 from stock, as it's a very common one used in several different vehicles. I could take that to my local shop and they would fit it in an hour for another $80.

I think this is a neat idea and should definitely be one of your sources of information. But I wouldn't rely on it, solely, especially if the repair is a simple one and potentially D.I.Y, or which you can see is an easy one for the repair shop to get at.

I'd like to see a difficulty rating for repairs, indicating whether the average motorist could tackle the work. Obviously such a rating couldn't be any more accurate than any of the other ratings, but it might encourage more people to learn how to do things for themselves. And ultimately, it would be great to select the symptoms and have the site take an educated guess at the problem, too. It's got a lot of potential for development. At the moment I am a bit concerned that repair shops are going to be using this as a guide, so that if it shows my repair will cost $250 and they normally charge $150, they might be tempted to go with the higher figure. Not that there are many shops out there which would dream of doing such a thing, of course.

Ask Chris about RepairPal

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