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1580 reviews
Beijing, 100015, China
Happy Halloween! Fun & cool gadgets!
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1 review
0 helpful votes

He quedo fascinada con la rapidez y la calidad de los productos. Ordene un protector para el mobil, funda para mi tablet y para mi MacBook. Un tip es tomar el seguro de aduanas ya que en Mexico hay cargos, si tomas este seguro la empresa te reembolsa lo que la aduana te cobra! Puedo recomendar comprar de esta tienda :)

Ask Mariana about MiniInTheBox
1 review
1 helpful vote

Have junk mail by the box full daily from these people. Unsubscribed so many times and it makes no difference. I'd take action for harassment if you were in my home country.

Ask Michael about MiniInTheBox
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered to be shipped to Canada, I paid extra for shipping and tracking which said delivery would be done in 5 to 8 days,its 10 days now and I still haven't received the product plus tracking for the past 7 days says the shipment is in Canada. Feeling sad :( Only reason I give three stars is because they reply to the complaints promptly.

Ask Yogesh about MiniInTheBox
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

This a truth that there are less words to explain the beauty of this site..all the products are superb, fantastic and amazing...

Ask joel about MiniInTheBox
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ottimo prodotto ..ideale come pensierino per un'occasione specifica. .magari natalizia

Ask Antonella about MiniInTheBox
1 review
0 helpful votes

scheda di memoria nuova, funziona perfettamente. tempi di spedizione un po' lunghi, ma ottimo imballaggio e prezzo

Ask alessandra about MiniInTheBox
1 review
8 helpful votes

On 9/23/16 I placed an order for my son's Halloween Costume. Being that I got "expedited 5-8 business day" shipping I thought I was well ahead of the game and should have absolutely NO problem getting his costume in time for Halloween. After almost 2 weeks with no shipping confirmation email I checked and found that my item wasn't even expected to ship until approx 10/15. The response I got to being upset about my much longer shipping time was " the shipping can "usually" take 10 business days BUT there is also "processing" time. Here we are now on 10/13 and I found out that my item has just shipped BUT guess what??? Its coming from China and I'm seeing that the average time for arrival based on my tracking number is 10-20 working days...but not to worry...if I don't receive my item by 11/7/16 then they can help me. WHAT?? Who are these people and what kind of company is this? I thought I would simply place an order and get the item within about 2 weeks at the most. Unbelievably I will probably not even receive my son's Halloween Costume in time for Halloween.

Ask Bethany about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered an iPhone case on September 19, 2016. Paid for 5-8 day shipping. It's now October 11. Still nothing. I wish I had seen this site before ordering from them. It seems like other people have had the same automated "ticket" complaint responses. Whatever that's all about. How about having an email. I'm pretty sure they ripped me off for $42. Extremely disappointed. But still hoping the case will show up.

From st.catharines, Canada

Ask George about MiniInTheBox
1 review
6 helpful votes

I'd like to post a zero for this rip off site
There are hundreds of complaints about mini in the box.
Do not waste your time and money.

Ask CARL about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the worst website I have come across. I ordered for a Samsung s6 cover in September and I was told that I will receiving my package within 5-8 business days from the time of order. I also paid extra for postage as I wanted to receive my package earlier as it is a need. It is way past 8 business days and I still haven't received anything. I contacted customer service only to be told that they have contacted the courier to prioritize my package which I doubt coz I still haven't received anything. I was also told that I should contact the courier to prioritize my package. Why should I do that when that is not my job, it is yours. Had I known it would take this long to receive my package, I wouldn't have paid for fast postage. This is so frustrating and disappointing. I will not be buying anything from you guys again and I will make sure I warn all my friends and families about this website. My only regret is I wish I had read all these reviews before I ordered from you guys. Never again will I use your services. Still haven't recieved my package to this day. What a rip off.

Ask Liz about MiniInTheBox
1 review
3 helpful votes

Now resolved, they have reimbursed this order after this review. I ordered this part on 7th September 2016 along with a phone case. The delivery time quoted was "5-8 business days". I have checked My Orders and find that the part wasn't even shipped until 23rd September 2016 and I still haven't received it as at 10th October 2016. I also note that the other part I ordered (and my main requirement!) has not been processsed because it is out of stock and not to be restocked! This may have been why it took 12 working days to post the other part of the order. I haven't received any emails from you about this (despite receiving plenty of marketing messages from you!) so I only found out by looking at the My Orders section on the website. I then find out that not only that but you haven't even credited my card! As I ordered both parts together to make the postage cost worthwhile, I now am in a situation where I have paid over the odds for the part I ordered as a by-product of my original order, the postage being more than the parts! Had I been given the information that the part was out of stock I wouldn't have ordered the other part and saved myself the hassle of having to chase the parts and the credit. Altogether a very unsatisfactory experience! Please can you advise when the parts will be delivered and expedite the outstanding credit immediately. I look forward to hearing from you. Can you please explain why I wasn't told of either of these points. I can't even post this on their site because it says that my email isn't confirmed but when I request a resend of the confirmation email I don't get an email, despite the aforementioned marketing messages going straight to my inbox! I have checked my Junk mail box too and still nothing. Aarrgghh!!!

Ask Mike about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a small item on September 5. Tracking it was a waste of time. Could not get tracking updates past the ship date. Contacted customer service only to be asked to wait until October 6 for the parcel. It is now Oct 10 and still no parcel nor is the tracking info updated. Contacted customer service again to cancel my order and for them to issue a credit. Instead, I was informed that "the package is delayed due to an extremely busy schedule of the courier." and if I did not receive the order by [2016-10-16], to contact them again. They also promised to arrange the reshipment with Trackable Airmail of the package to me, or send you a reward which values the package cost as the compensation.
Well, so much for my refund !!!!!! I look forward to another delay and empty promise. I guess the refund is on the same slow train from China.

Oct 9, 2016
I was contacted by Miniinthebox supervisor advising me that she will personally ensure that a credit is issued. (I wonder if the credit is on the same delivery train).
Well... at least I got their attention. It's a pity that it took a bad review to get resolution. Had they responded properly the first time, this poor review would not have been written.
A TIP for Miniinthebox.... "don't wait for bad reviews to be posted before corrective action is taken"
On that basis, my review will not be deleted.

Ask Daniel about MiniInTheBox
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Worst customer service EVER!!
Paying for expedited delivery & it doesn't happen.
Then promising returns & delivery by a later date & not getting the refunds as promised or the delivery ever arriving.
Automated emails for Customer Service that don't even address your query. So frustrating don't do it to yourself. They don't even deserve the rating of One!!

Ask Susan about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

I Purchasd an iPhone cover that was so poorly designed, I had to throw it out. It covered the speaker, so the cover was useless, This company also bombards you with spam email, it is impossible to get them to stop.

Ask B about MiniInTheBox
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered and paid for my purchase on 24 of August, I paid extra for faster shipping with tracking number. I supposed to receive my purchase in 5 to 8 business days. I was given a fake tracking number, every time when I try to track it the status on the line - I get messages "Web error has occurred". Today is 29 of September and I did not received my purchase, only what I receiving is about 10 junk emails every day from the seller website - MINIINTHEBOX.COM, very hard to unsubscribe.
Deceived buyer from Toronto,Canada.

Ask Walter about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

i have purchased 2 iphone 7 cases and paid for it on time. received a confirmation that my payment went through. when i went to the site to check on the status of my order because it says it was to arrive in 3-8 business days, i go to my order log in and nothing. it says that i don't have any order on file. this is so frustrating that i can't see my order or track where it is.
other than that the company provides great deals and would like to use them again in the future BUT NEED TO ADD A CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAT OR PHONE NUMBER. the links are not helpful at all.

Ask Candice about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

My oder no.1609200225184137
I paid twice for an order. I have cancelled them bought but still show pending. Im wondering when should i get the refund? It has been more than 4days now but no response from your company. Its annoying. I might end up contacting paypal and my bank regarding this matter.

I dont know how else i can get in contact with your company

Ask Leyla about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

I wish to thanks the supervisor of Miniinthebox, Pinni for big effort she gives to ensure the customer care service. Thanks.
Overall, miniinthebox has so many stuffs which is of much good quality and cheaper.
Error is human, in case of delivery and all. Just liaise with them accordingly and they will provide you a good support.


Ask Milesh about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have waited for my items 1 1/2 months and yet I reported it to the seller. They are very active in responding complaints, they told me that they will reship again my items and wait again for another month to be received. Unfortunately, the post office send me a slip that saying, I need to claim it under custom and pay additional amount. The date indicated at the slip was sept 14 and yet today is Sept 22. Almost 1 week my items were slept in custom custody. Shipping fee is FREE and yet so much trouble is happening. I hope those items were good to use and original. Or else, I will never ever order again on this online store.

Ask Carla about MiniInTheBox
1 review
1 helpful vote

I can't tell whether the sales people just have difficulty with English, or just don't know anything about the products they are selling. I purchased two LED light bulbs that were advertised as 9W devices. When received, they consumed less than 4W when driven by 12VDC and the full wave bridge rectifiers were only operating in one direction so clearly defective. Both lamps exhibited the same failure mode.
Customer service was quick to ship a new set but did not send me any tracking information. But in due time (16 or so days depending on when you think they actually shipped) they arrived. This time the rectifiers work but the LEDs are still 5W devices claiming to be 9W bulbs. And when delivered, one of the bulbs had fallen apart (or was never fully assembled) and I could see that the LED substrate was labeled "5W".
In LED lamps, heat rejection is critical so a thermal path from the LED substrate to the heat sink is critical for long life. In this case there is no thermal compound or adhesive between the LED and the case so it is only held in place by tension on the electrical wires and the back of the lens keeps it from getting too far from the heat sink. This is not enough to keep it cool. While it is an interesting design, it is not a product that matches the claim for how much power it consumes or how much light it puts out. And customer service seems to be at a loss as to how to deal with this reality.

The appropriate solution is to change the product description on the web site to say that they are 5W LED bulbs and not 9W bulbs and to insist that the manufacturer provide test data to support the life projection.

I am impressed with the customer focused attitude, but I am not totally satisfied that they have a preemptive approach to quality. It is worth noting that this is my first order and it is only one item type among many that they carry so it is possibly an anomaly. But I will be more cautious and inquisitive before I order again.

For the product that was delivered, the price per lumen is comparable to very high quality Cree bulbs available off-the-shelf at Home Depot which come with a three year warranty and do not have a 16-day delivery delay. So there is not a huge price advantage for buying what is (in my opinion) a lesser quality product.

Ask doc about MiniInTheBox
1 review
2 helpful votes

I brought at least 3 phone cases on the 30th August, where the money was taken from my account and everything. I was then told on the 1st September that my parcel has been shipped and would be here within the 10-20 days.. Its now the 20th September.. They still have not arrived and it's getting ridiculous.. I've ordered from her before and the packages were here well and truly before the time frame given but yet I'm still waiting for this order. I am unable to track it and I have tried emailing miniinthebox to find out where it is yet I have received no reply. At this point in time I would like my money back and there is no way in the future I will be buying from here again.

Ask Cheyenne about MiniInTheBox
1 review
5 helpful votes

Don't promise a delivery time frame if it's not going to be shipped as such, that's unprofessional and that's one way of losing your customers. And, stop apologizing for not being on time for deliveries - instead do something about it!

Ask Kelley about MiniInTheBox
1 review
1 helpful vote

At the delivery some small (but essential) parts were missing. It took some time to come in touch, but after all, the problem was solved very quickly and effectively.

Ask JW about MiniInTheBox
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered an item (SKU - S20960950002)for the first time from them. It took so long to arrive. each time I logged in to try and contact them - my email address was not recognised or my password wasn't - therefore I did not 'exist'. No other way to chase the order. Eventually contacted bank to request money back - then the item arrived. I contacted bank to cancel the investigation - but now the item doesn't even work properly - so once again - i cannot contact them as no email, phone number or address is available. So once again - its back to the bank I go t request investigation. ARGH!!! Should have stuck to the ever faithful amazon..

Ask Amanda about MiniInTheBox
1 review
3 helpful votes

On August 27th I placed an order for ALL my bridal party jewelry. I Recieved an email for confirmation of payment. On August 31st, I recieved an email saying it was shipped. but I Wasn't able to track it And stated it was a carrier I never heard of before it also stated that I would recieve my package by September 5th. September 10th comes and I'm getting worried. My wedding is in 7days at this point. I send an email (there is NO number to call) Exactly 24 hrs later I get a response saying that it was shipped on the 5th with the same unheard of carrier and that I can now track it. I go to track it and it says package NOT FOUND!!! Still can't track it. Still NOT here. My wedding is in 3 days now and I HAVE NO JEWELRY FOR MY GIRLS.

Ask korrie about MiniInTheBox
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