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Herengracht 597
Amsterdam, 1017 CE, Netherlands
Tel: (888) 850-3958

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Requested and booked a pet friendly hotel reservation through them and when we arrived it wasn't pet friendly. We had to pay for the room and another at a different hotel that was pet friendly. They first said we should have checked the hotel web site but we requested a pet friendly facility from them. They admitted they were wrong but have refused to refund the room charge. They will not return calls and just give us the run around with emails.
I wouldn't trust anything they do or say because when they make a mistake it will cost you!

Ask Dave about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have now booked twice with them, twice in Mexico, once in Zihuatenejo and this time in Zipolite Oaxaca. I had to cancel well ahead of time. Impossible to get refunds. All kinds of excuses, saying it is not a credit card but a debit card, etc. In both cases I had to raise a dispute or claim with my bank to get a refund. I was told by the bank (Chase) that this happens a lot with reservations

Ask Denis about
1 review
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This is my first reservation using and I must say I am not impressed. The website leads you to believe you can change reservation at any time. Also the term non-refundable has meaning it means you cannot cancel and request a refund. I inadvertently made a reservation for the wrong date and attempted to corrected it immediately after it was noticed.
You folks keep blaming each other property owner and for not being able to resolve this problem. When I call the property owner they say wont let them change date. When I contact they say the property owner must agree. The website says that this reservation can be changed at any time but is non-refundable but that is not was is being requested I am not seeking to cancel only change date and pay any upgrade for that change.

Ask Michael about
1 review
1 helpful vote

We stay here for a week. A short distance transfer and we were met by the apartment owner. Showed to the studio and paid a deposit (we didn't know a deposit was required). It proved to be an excellent choice for location. The studio was clean and with every amenity we needed. Jose (the owner) was very nice. Would we stay again??? Yes we would. Good value for money and a fab location.

Ask Trevor about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I booked a hotel for some charity marathon runners in L A in February through A few nights before the run, the Ramada Hotel in Oakwood del Rey decided not to honour the booking - they had clearly found some customers who were willing to pay more. I was called during the night by who told me there was nothing they could do. The only hotel they could offer was miles and miles away. I spent £60 on the telephone and endless hours trying to find an alternative hotel. It was a complete nightmare! Six months later I have still had no compensation from They initially offered £30 which I refused as it didn't cover even the telephone calls. Now they are completely ignoring me. Prior to this I thought they actually ran a good website, now I am VERY disappointed.

Ask Graham about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have this morning spent over an hour on the phone as nobody got back to be after posting this yesterday.
The first representative I spoke to, Annie, was as helpful as she could possibly be really but didn't give me a resolution that was suitable.
I then spoke to a lady called Georgia, I believe she is a supervisor, whose customer service levels are not very good and she likes to speak over you.
At this present time I have to wait 32 hours to see if Stay Central respond to Annie contacting them with regards to reimbursing my £374 for a cancelled booking.
They have passed my details on to another department to reimburse me the difference between the £260 I paid for my original booking and the cost to me from Premier Inn.
I demanded compensation and was told several times I wouldn't get any.
Eventually, Georgia agreed to compensate my £26!!!! I've probably spent more than that in phone calls!
At the end of the day, I should not be waiting for reimbursements. I've been told it's not bookings fault but in my eyes as a customer, they are a sales agent and if something they offer on their website is incorrect, or there is a problem with, they should be sorting it. Not the customer having to make many calls and emails and suffer such distress.

Post sent 22/9/16
After several emails, I am still waiting for somebody to contact me regarding a complaint.
On 14/9/15 I booked an Apartment in Whitworth Street, Manchester for 10/9/16.
On 28/6/16 I contacted the Apartments, advertised on booking. as 'Stunning City Centre Apartment', to ask a question, they informed me I would now be staying in Cambridge Mill. I told them I had booked Whitworth Street and they assured me I could stay in Whitworth Street.
W/c 7/9/16 I emailed the host, James, several times to find out how I would collect the keys for the Apartment. As I received no reply, I then rang him.
He informed me I couldn't stay in Whitworth Street, where I had originally booked and he had confirmed in June I would be staying there. He told me I would have to go to Cambridge Mill.
I advised him I didn't want this and he said he would try and find me somewhere like my original booking.
After a few hours the best he could offer me was a Hotel in Didsbury, which was a 10minute drive from my original booking and he would give me £40 towards taxi's.
I told him this was not convenient and we would just accept Cambridge Mill.
Within 3 hours of our first phone call conversation that day, Cambridge Mill had conveniently developed an electrical fault and was not available.
Therefore, two days before I was due to arrive in Manchester, I now had nowhere to stay.
After several phone calls to booking., I was issued a refund of £260 from James (Stunning City Centre Apartment)which was what I had paid for the Apartment.
booking. then advised me they would be happy for me to book another Apartment but with it being so late in the day, the prices were really high. So I was then advised by yourselves to request to book an Apartment through Airbnb, which I did on 8/9/16.
You had also agreed to pay the difference between the original costing to me of £260 and the cost of the new apartment that I booked.
They replied to me on 9/9/16 and we finally had somewhere to stay.
On the morning of 10/9/16 just before I was setting off for Manchester, I got a call from the host at Airbnb to advise me the Apartment was no longer available.
Yet again another drama for me to deal with.
I then made another booking through yourselves for Stay Central Serviced Apartments in Chapel Street, Manchester at the cost of £374.
When I arrived at the Apartment, the host asked me for £374 in cash as their card machine wasn't working.
I advised them I didn't have £374 in cash and they already had my card details so they could debit my card when their machine was working.
This was not acceptable to them. After another phone call to yourselves, one of your representatives, Luke, advised me I could go elsewhere and book into a hotel.
I went to the Premier Inn and booked and paid for 3 rooms amounting to £432.45.
I then received a call and email from yourselves confirming the booking for Stay Central Serviced Apartments had been cancelled and there would not be any charge.
Yesterday my credit card bill came and I have been debited £374 by Stay Central.
I have rang them, unfortunately they didn't pick up so I had to leave a message.
Therefore I now have to pay £806.45 to my credit card company so I do not incur any interest, which is a lot of money considering my original booking was £260.
I have sent you copies of invoices from Premier Inn by email, which you haven't responded to.
I refuse to ring you as, in total I have spent nearly 3 hours on the phone to you already trying to sort this out.
What was meant to be an amazing weekend with friends to celebrate my 40th Birthday turned into a disaster.
It's been a very upsetting time.
I feel the aftercare by yourselves has been very very very poor.
I should not have been made to find my own replacement accommodation to begin with.
I would like a full refund for the Premier Inn booking and also believe we should be entitled to compensation.
I also want you to refund my £374 from Stay Central Serviced Apartments immediately as they have committed fraud.

Ask Claire about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recommend not using booking .com. If have an issue you need assistance with a booking, you are left in the lurch, these people do not respond to emails and operate like phantoms.

Ask manuel about
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is a fabulous site with the beauty of beach and pool the rooms are very clean and the family can't do enough for the guests we were able to keep our rooms on at no extra cost which was wonderful we had the most fantastic holiday and will be booking again for next year.

Ask Maxina about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I reserved a room and in Indiana, had a family member pick me up from the airport and drop me off at the hotel once inside the hotel they had no knowledge of my reservation and was completely booked. I called and explained to them the situation and they immediately found me another hotel nearby but the problem was that I had no transportation to get to the other hotel so I had to walk at 1:30am to the hotel. Asked what would they do to compensate for my inconvenience and was offered $28. Don't know how they came up with that amount but I would've thought that they would've done something to make up for my inconvenience. Won't be using them again

Ask Kenyota about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I recently used to book hotels in New York and Orlando for a holiday. Their booking confirmation included the total price in bold but then I noticed on my bank I was charged an extra $200 for each hotel. Going back to my booking confirmation under the headline price it had the words "excludes service charges of 12.5% and resort fees".

I am confused, I thought there was a legal principle that they had to tell you the price you would be charged. I also ended up having to pay the resort fee at the hotel on check out which again I was not made clear. So overall including all the charges my two hotels cost an extra $700 making the price more expensive than if I had booked directly through the hotel.

This website therefore is misleading and would advise no one to book via it!

Ask Scott about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Howard Johnson in Beaufort SC -- Booking .com please remove this hotel from your listing !! I have traveled all over the world many many many places and this hotel is the absolute complete worst.. Don't stay here .. Loud room , bugs . Smelled . Smoke sweeped through from other rooms / refrigerator buzzing / people stood out until 3 am outside our sliding glass door .. I booked it through without anyway to cancel upon arrival I tried to cancel but couldn't because it was that severely bad ... The owner / manager .. Was so hateful when I complained he responded and I quote " it is what it is " .. No offer of any discount or no apology .. He was so rude it was unreal .. .. Howard Johnson assoc would be shocked .. I just want people to know how bad it is and that is should be removed from list . Thank you., ..

Ask Tim about
1 review
1 helpful vote

After reserving a hotel room with I booked my flight via Expedia and was offered the same room for approximately 10% less. Numerous mails to the customer dissatisfaction team at confirmed that there is no interest to handle complaints in a proper manner and the "best price guarantee" is worthless.

My advice, do not simply assume that this comparison site will result in you securing the most favourable hotel rates. Shop around and do your own comparison.

Ask John about
1 review
0 helpful votes

This is a scam. They will charge your credit card for full amount of hotel stays whether you stay or not. No cancellations or modifications on your booking. It is run by a bunch of foreigners. Do not expect any refunds or help. When you make a reservation that's the last you ever get in touch with them. They no longer have any contact with the hotel you made the reservation with. I have contacted a lawyer and my bank to try to resolve this problem. I would advise anyone else that has problems to do the same. Better business bureau should truly do something about these companies.

Ask Sonja about
1 review
2 helpful votes

I somehow ended up booking a room with this detestable company even though I was on the website for the actual hotel, it was like a bait and switch practice. Anyway, booked a room then saw another room in the exact same price/amenities category (it was a $1.13 difference in price to be exact) that had a king size bed. The room I had booked was supposed to have a king size bed but after I booked it the drop down option was double or XL-double which wasn't in the description. So this other room is available for $1.13 more according to the hotels website. I call to make sure it's available and it is but they said I should go through so I don't get double billed. So I call booking.lies and tell them the situation, all sounds nice and simple. The first person I spoke to called the hotel to verify that the room was in fact available because he wasn't seeing it (I had it it reserved which it would hold for like 15 minutes) the hotel confirmed that it was available and I could switch then out no problem...for $30. I asked what the charge was for and I was told it was an "upgrade" charge from the hotel. I explained that I wasn't upgrading, I was literally getting the same amenities but being guaranteed the size bed I wanted hence the whopping $1.13 difference. So I called the hotel to injuire about the charge and they said they don't charge guests to change rooms, even if I did switch to a completely different room (which I wasn't) and that the fee was being added on by So I called them back and got a lady this time and explained to her that I was getting 2 different stories and need some clarification. She said she had to call the hotel, again, and inquire about the room being available, again, so I waited on hold. She came back and told me that same thing that the first gentleman told me that the hotel was tacking on the fee to switch rooms. I explained to her that I had just spoken with the hotel and they said they didn't charge for switching rooms. Long story short I made 2 more calls to the hotel and 2 more calls back to and asked to speak to a manager because I was getting different stories from the two companies and had already spoken to the customer service manager at the hotel in question who again confirmed they did not charge for room changes. When I asked for a manager I was told by the person who answered the phone she would "manage my account" which didn't help me one bit because all she wanted to do was call the hotel again and tell me they were charging me a fee. When i persisted on speaking with a manager I was hung up on! Mind you I was still being a nice Christian woman at this time but my paitence was getting thin as it was very clear to me that was blatently lying to me each time I called. So I asked about cancelling my reservation with them and working with the hotel directly and they said sure I could do that. So I asked another stupid question and inquired about the cancellation fee (because I made the reservation on run same day i was checking in) and I was told (and I quote) "we don't charge you cancellation fees, the hotel does". So gullible me says ok I'll call the hotel...again. Guess what? They weren't going to charge me for cancelling one reservation just to make another. So I called booking back again and was again lied to and told that booking doesn't implement ANY FEES and if I was charged a cancellation fee it was coming from the hotel. That was the last lie I could take and I snapped. I asked the moron on the other end of the phone what purpose they served if everything was done by the hotel and she said they offered a service. A service that does what? Overcharges customers, lies to them repeatedly and then hangs up them. They are a $#*!ty company that I am working on filing a class action lawsuit against since any fee they try to charge me is clearly falseified since they don't charge customers anything, only the hotels do. Never do business with these crooks, I haven't a clue how they are still in business.

Ask Kathleen about
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am being charged by for a full stay at a hotel in Puerto Rico because supposedly I never cancelled my reservation. It's worth mentioning that I never went to the hotel and I DID call them to cancel my booking. Charges incurred are about $500. Yes, it is very pleasant to see a charge on your credit card statement for something that shouldn't have been there to begin with. Now the wonderful process of claim disputing begins. Thank you, you guys are awesome. Too bad I'm required to grant at least a 1 star rating.
Oh and by the way, yeah, it makes total sense for someone to NOT cancel a reservation for something they have no intentions to go to.. Your logic is truly remarkable!
I would not recommend using your services even if you were the last booking website on Earth!

Tip for consumers: A tip? Simple. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE

Ask Eliza about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I booked a 1 night stay at Ocean Beach Club Resort I received my confirmation from then I read the review about Booking. Com. I called the resort to verify my one night stay and they do not have my reservation in the system so I called Booking.Com. The first reason given is their computer must have lost my information they couldn't find the confirmation at first. I was told she re-sent my booking and I should receive an E-mail by the next day confirming the problem was taken care of. No E-mail or phone call. I call again spoke to another person they e-mailed the resort my booking yet again apparently they had the wrong fax number. I would receive a confirming E-mail by the end of today. When you pay $353.00 for one day stay it may not mean anything to but I'm not rich and just want a vacation first in six years. I have to pick a Web-site that doesn't have a clue what they are doing!!!! Oh and I'm told I have to find another location let me see a week before I'm supposed to go the resort on the Beach and it's a Suite don't think it's going to happen!!! Never use!!!

Ask Tina about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I dont recomend this web to anybody. If you want to save you money and dont be shame before your family after arriving to hotel - use another web. All holidays was ruined when we arrived to hotel to check-in the room which actually never was. Showing my confirmation to hotel was for nothing. doesnt want refund anything. They only answered they are sorry (BTW twice for different emails with attachment of their confirmation), and of course with advertisement to buy something else. NO!!!!

Ask Xandra about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst booking when showed up to hotel they couldn't give us the rooms that where confirmed. When I called booking they said they would find me another hotel and then he put me on hold and sent me to another lady because his shift ended after 30 min of holding. A lady then said she would help me after two hours she told me she found a room for over 100 dollors more and I would have to pay now and mail them the receipts to get the money back. Never again will I use

Ask Jessica about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Have been trying to put reviews in for 2 places weve stayed in the ladt 2 weeks and keep saying they have no bookings for myself. Jan Pearson.

Ask Jan about
1 review
1 helpful vote
9/4/16 is the absolute worst hotel booking company I have ever encountered. I always have used third party sites like Hotwire,, and Travelocity and have never experienced any issues with double booking and this unprofessional load of crap company ruined my weekend. I reserved this hotel room for one night on September 3rd for my bachelorette party two months prior to arrival. They state free cancellation but charge you the full stay a week after you book without any sort of notice; fine... I can deal with that. I arrived at the Crest hotel and suites with my bridemaids an hour before my check in time to be told that my reservation is not in their system. I provided the receptionist the confirmation from so she checked her system and told me that has relocated us to another hotel. Wait, what?! So I immediately called their customer service number only to find it connects to someone in SPAIN. The gentleman on the phone tells me that they don't relocate people and this must be a mistake from the hotel so he calls the hotel and speaks to the front desk as I am frantically waiting with all my bridal party decorations in the front lobby the front desk lady tells me that they overbooked the rooms and that's why I did not get a room meanwhile I am on hold and then the gentleman comes back and tells me the hotel is to blame and that he was going to do everything to help me. So it was an all out war between the front desk lady and the rep. He then sends me a relocation email (thought they didn't relocate people?) stating which hotel is available around the area and that I would have call the new hotel and make a reservation and then pay and submit the receipts for reimbursement... This right here really placed me over the edge! So this crappy company not only over books the rooms but also has me doing my own reservation and submitting reimbursement receipts for a reimbursement that more than likely I will never receive?! I ended up asking the hotel for a full refund and book another room in another hotel for $15 more. This was Labor Day weekend so my options were very limited. I stayed in a hotel that I found last minute and the only rooms they had were literally the size of a closet. Fitting 4 people in that room was not easy and not to mention hot! but that was the only decent hotel I can find last minute. Never again will I use this company they should be shut down. Also, DO NOT BOOK WITH CREST HOTEL SUITES IN MIAMI and forget about it's not worth your time and hassle and I don't believe any of the good reviews, sorry but I am definitely not paid off to write a bad review about a company.

Ask Francheska about
1 review
1 helpful vote
9/2/16 double booked my room. When I arrived at my condo there was already someone staying in the room I had a confirmation number for. When I called the first lady hung up on me and the second lady had no clue what she was doing. found me another place but told I would have to pay for it and they would reimburse me if I sent in my receipts but I said no because I don't trust them to do that. So they found me another place they said I wouldn't have to pay extra for but it wasn't even comparable the place I was supposed to stay is a beach front 2 bedroom condo and the place they tried to put me was a micro hotel with 2 double beds that is 5 miles away from the beach. NEVER USE BOOKING.COM ITS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I WOULD NEVER USE OR RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE

Ask Mike about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Free cancellation does not mean free cancellation! They take money out of your account without permission! Their customer service team reads off a script and are rude, incompetent and unhelpful. There is no complaints procedure! Big fat con! Watchdog needs to investigate this ridiculous website - people are getting ripped off!

Ask Nadia about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst customer service ever. I was called a liar, an old forgetful person, among other insults. The hotel and the personnel were unapologetic and hostile. I had called and confirmed my hotel allowed pets BEFORE booking. Their website states they do. I drove 14 hours across four states to be told this hotel NEVER accepts pets. Don't use this service, ever.

Ask Larry about
1 review
1 helpful vote

We had to check out of our room at 2.44a.m. we could stand it no longer. Foyers was given an unrealistic rating by yourselves, despite it having made national press by how bad it is. Unlike Mingarry or Kirnan House that were both excellentI had to pay on arrival despite not getting the service. The owner is a total rude nightmare, and what could be a lovely guest house at Foyers House is totally substandard. Wish i had read the countless awful reviews, and not simply booking.coms. Very disappointed.

Ask Sheila about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Our experience with was a disaster. The hotel did not respect our reservation and we were only advised upon our arrival at the hotel. We booked three weeks in advance so it's not like they didn't have the time to warn us. When I wrote two reviews and submitted it to, only the positive review was used and the negative review was deleted with no explanation. Come to think of it, it's hard to find a negative review on isn't it?

Ask Don about
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A: Crappy site. A bunch of thieves. Buyer beware. Had to get a lawyer and deal with bank to resolve my problem with booking .com. They will get your money. Do not give them your credit card.
2 weeks ago
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