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Herengracht 597
Amsterdam, 1017 CE, Netherlands
Tel: (888) 850-3958

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1 review
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at 1 october i was in a trip in athens.i make a reservation by and when i arive, the hotel mistake my reservation,book that room to another person and i didn't have where to stay...i call at booking and say to book another hotel(the new hotel was more expensive and much better) and because it was the hotel mistake, they refound me all the money that i pay for new hotel...the was very profesional and the staf was grate...for all my futur trip i will use only

Ask Iulia about
1 review
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Toured through Europe for 6 weeks.Stayed at numerous hotels.Got double charged at 2.Charged by an additional one that they don't have a record of but was listed.Charged for yet another that we cancelled.Have only been offered 25 Euro on two.One of which didn't hold our reservation. Back and forth showing credit card statements for 3weeks to customer service and still no resolution.Pathetic!!!

Ask Julian about
1 review
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Will never used them again I booked a room on for oct 21 on the 3 of oct cancel it on the 10 on line got my confirmation email and pin then the money was on my card on the 22 of oct when I call they wanted a copy of my bank account even after I gave them all the information bank advise me not to do that so sent a email telling them that and have no replied

Ask Gaynell about
1 review
0 helpful votes

The representative i spoke to today in regards to cancelling a reservation was very rude, wouldn't stop talking to hear what i had to say, talked over me whenever i tried to say anything and really made me feel super unimportant. Will NEVER book through them again. Trivago and Expedia just gained mine, my friends AND my family's business!

Ask Tammy about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had booked an accommodation at Trichy, South India, through I was charged 2,200 + taxes for a single occupancy. When I reached the hotel, I checked the Tariff card which had the same rate. Then what is that these people are talking about offering best prices. When I had to extend my stay, I did a direct booking with the same hotel and could get a rate of Rs.2,200 - all inclusive for the same room. If I can get a better rate through direct interaction, then where is the need to book through I would suggest all customers to call up their preferred hotel directly before booking through such portals..there are chances that you get 10-20% discount. has just breached the trust and confidence I had in them.

Ask Rajkumar about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked an overseas hotel with in Jan. 2016 for travel in Jan. 2017. Despite searching all over the hotel's page and policy, could find no info. regarding deposit requirements. They took the entire amount off my credit card with 2 minutes! Plans changed and I cancelled at the beginning of September. I recieved nothing from after I cancelled, especially a refund, but no confirmation either. I had to call to get a confirmation that I cancelled well within the full refund period. It is now end of October, and I still haven't received a cent back! They know I paid them in full 10 months ago but now I have to "prove" to them that I did! I have moved within this time period and can't locate my credit card statement from 10 months ago and my online credit card account of the transaction is not satisfactory to them so they will not refund my money! Book your travel with anyone but!!

Ask Diane about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked a room for 2 nights online, and come to find that they booked it for the wrong nights! After getting an email along the lines of "you didn't show up" I called The best they could do was call the hotel to ask them to not charge me a no-show fee. When they were unsuccessful it was up to me to do their dirty work. No offers to do anything further, despite the fact that it was their fault. Now I'm out the money and will tell everyone I know to never book with

Ask Sarah about
1 review
0 helpful votes

used to book 3 rooms in Florida for me and my family, website said £1830, there was a bit about extra room charges but did not think this would amount to much, so imagine my surprise when total cost was £2700!! My complaint is, if these charges have to paid why were they not included in the initial holiday amount? i feel I have been duped over this, a holiday cost is what you base your choice on, not 2 thirds of it, once i got over the shock i checked and it would have been cheaper to have a package holiday instead!!!

Ask paul about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was a hotel owner, trying them out for the first time.

Its over 3months from the first client booking and have NOT PAID ME, despite 30 or more phone calls and emails.

They released a VirtualCredit card service for hotel owner/partners which from an IT / process perspective doesnt work in a reliable and tested way. It is NOT fit for purpose. -which they will not admit to-

Customer service is patchy/poorly trained, rarely take notes and never take concrete steps or heaven forbid, OWNERSHIP! and are expert in passing the buck.

I can seriously say that I am considering legal action as there word has absolutely NO VALUE WHAT EVER. and I have entirely exhausted all reasonable means. Thank god I dont rely on them or I would be out of business.

Yes I am also considering visitng The London HQ personally to get paid....

Use another OTA (on line travel agency)... these guys absolutely suck!
John Ready

Ask john about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I stayed in motel 6 at 1010 n Garnette Rd Tulsa airport checked in late last night the front desk clerk was really nice and this morning the morning staff was amazing as well Jason was a great help and did an awesome job and the room was clean and just had an over all excellent stay I will return back to the hotel for future stays

Ask Cortney about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't trust them!
I used booking .com in the past and it worked excellent five stars.
Not any more the last two times I have used them they messed up huge.
The first time they changed the dates of our reservation in Brasilia. We arrived at the Windsor to find no room. The hotel had only 2 rooms left due to cancelations both far more expensive but they gave then to us for what we had paid. did nothing.

OK stuff happens so I gave them another try.
This time checking carefully that dates rooms and ability to cancel were correct

When I got my conformation email again wrong dates one of the two rooms I had booked was the wrong type and the reservation was now nonrefundable.

I will never use them again and neither should you.

Ask Greg about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Had used the website a number of times with no problems until recently when I checked into a hotel with filthy rooms. After complaints and little action from the hotel I was forced to check out. The hotel refused to give a refund and when I brought this up with they practically washed there hands of it. I'm £600 down as a result and would never us the website again.

Ask Matthew about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Worst company to deal with.
I am the owner of small apartment that is rented thru them.They never never reply your emails, they change policy without informing the owner. when you call them if you have a problem with the renter they do not give you an aswer.Their fee is way too high.
When you ask to speak to a supervisor they become very rude and then pretend that their system is down.

Stay away from this company . Do not put your place on their web site and if you do check your rules as they take the liberty to change them!!!!!

Ask Nina about
1 review
3 helpful votes

1.Booking com refused me to pay for my summer earnings for my apartment what have been listed on booking com.They intended to steal about 6000 euros.They blocked my extranet to remove my access of finantial revenue and my reseravtions

2.I sent to them about 200 proofs of reservations and my extranet pictures.After 28 day delay they paid me,but they fraudulently canceld about 25 of my future reservations and made new dmage about 2000 euros.


For all my reservations booking com collected payments from guests and we are not charging guest.


THEY THREATENED ME CONSTANTLY THAT Booking com is big company and they want to destroy my life and my work.They constantly threaten me and false accused me after I asked payments for my reservation.

Ask mily about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Received a confirmation for a room and when I arrived they didn't have the room. There were no vacancies in the city so was forced to drive to another city for a room. No excuse for this.

Ask Susan about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Please don't book rooms through this website , if u give card details ur gone , they will use it without your pin number, they say we wont use the card and this is only for security but if didn't use the service people will not call u nor hotel people will call u , they will use your card - fraud people

Ask vinod about
1 review
2 helpful votes

A casa di getta bed and breakfast in Rome, Italy
Just warning who would be guests of dodgy electrics particularly in the bathroom, visible dust everywhere, no breakfast even though its supposed to be included, noise rooms and a very unkind unhelpful host booking com should at least ensure their clients provides them with the facts

Ask Victor about
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

For the last few years I've been booking most of my accommodation on global trips with I avoid using airbnb due to lots of reasons, mostly their lies and lack of ethics.

That they have customer service who you can either call or email, and who respond quickly and professionally is a huge factor in their favour. They check out the properties personally, so their write-ups are staff written. Booking have their processes, and I respect these, and have so far found them to be fair, and mostly in favour of the client, not the property. If anything, I think that some scathing emotional one star reviews should be overturned or even challenged.

I wish SiteJabber allowed me to give a half star, as I'd give 4.5 stars. So why not 5 stars?
I find Booking's booking process goading to be over the top. I don't need to be congratulated, I didn't win a prize, I booked a room. I don't appreciate their scarcity threat push by telling me that there are only x number of rooms left. I don't care that mine is a 'popular choice'. This loses them credibility in my eyes.
There's also an opportunity for a Usability Expert to review their property pages, as some processes are not intuitive enough to figure out. For example: it took me months to figure out how to search for a different date set on a specific property.

Tip for consumers: Tip: despite some adverts stating 'no refund' at the time of your booking, this policy is up to your host to waive, it isn't booking's decision to make. If you make it to 'genius' level, you'll enjoy an additional 10% discount on many properties.

Ask Calum about
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been trying to book a flight with the hotel... eventually I didn't like the price for the flight... so, I changed my mind to book with them anything. Customer assured me that there will be no any charge on my credit card... ( I was stupid enough to have it on my file). After a month I found out that there was a charge. When I called Booking Company they simply explained me that I should've call the hotel to cancel the booking. When I tried to explain them that I didn't do any booking, and one of your Customer Assistants was just looking through the options with me, she asked me to hold. After while the she returned to tell me the hotel wouldn't give refund... of Course They wouldn't... your careless, inattentive to details employees should know how to do the job!

Ask Bayar about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Requested and booked a pet friendly hotel reservation through them and when we arrived it wasn't pet friendly. We had to pay for the room and another at a different hotel that was pet friendly. They first said we should have checked the hotel web site but we requested a pet friendly facility from them. They admitted they were wrong but have refused to refund the room charge. They will not return calls and just give us the run around with emails.
I wouldn't trust anything they do or say because when they make a mistake it will cost you!

Ask Dave about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have now booked twice with them, twice in Mexico, once in Zihuatenejo and this time in Zipolite Oaxaca. I had to cancel well ahead of time. Impossible to get refunds. All kinds of excuses, saying it is not a credit card but a debit card, etc. In both cases I had to raise a dispute or claim with my bank to get a refund. I was told by the bank (Chase) that this happens a lot with reservations

Ask Denis about
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is my first reservation using and I must say I am not impressed. The website leads you to believe you can change reservation at any time. Also the term non-refundable has meaning it means you cannot cancel and request a refund. I inadvertently made a reservation for the wrong date and attempted to corrected it immediately after it was noticed.
You folks keep blaming each other property owner and for not being able to resolve this problem. When I call the property owner they say wont let them change date. When I contact they say the property owner must agree. The website says that this reservation can be changed at any time but is non-refundable but that is not was is being requested I am not seeking to cancel only change date and pay any upgrade for that change.

Ask Michael about
1 review
1 helpful vote

We stay here for a week. A short distance transfer and we were met by the apartment owner. Showed to the studio and paid a deposit (we didn't know a deposit was required). It proved to be an excellent choice for location. The studio was clean and with every amenity we needed. Jose (the owner) was very nice. Would we stay again??? Yes we would. Good value for money and a fab location.

Ask Trevor about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I booked a hotel for some charity marathon runners in L A in February through A few nights before the run, the Ramada Hotel in Oakwood del Rey decided not to honour the booking - they had clearly found some customers who were willing to pay more. I was called during the night by who told me there was nothing they could do. The only hotel they could offer was miles and miles away. I spent £60 on the telephone and endless hours trying to find an alternative hotel. It was a complete nightmare! Six months later I have still had no compensation from They initially offered £30 which I refused as it didn't cover even the telephone calls. Now they are completely ignoring me. Prior to this I thought they actually ran a good website, now I am VERY disappointed.

Ask Graham about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have this morning spent over an hour on the phone as nobody got back to be after posting this yesterday.
The first representative I spoke to, Annie, was as helpful as she could possibly be really but didn't give me a resolution that was suitable.
I then spoke to a lady called Georgia, I believe she is a supervisor, whose customer service levels are not very good and she likes to speak over you.
At this present time I have to wait 32 hours to see if Stay Central respond to Annie contacting them with regards to reimbursing my £374 for a cancelled booking.
They have passed my details on to another department to reimburse me the difference between the £260 I paid for my original booking and the cost to me from Premier Inn.
I demanded compensation and was told several times I wouldn't get any.
Eventually, Georgia agreed to compensate my £26!!!! I've probably spent more than that in phone calls!
At the end of the day, I should not be waiting for reimbursements. I've been told it's not bookings fault but in my eyes as a customer, they are a sales agent and if something they offer on their website is incorrect, or there is a problem with, they should be sorting it. Not the customer having to make many calls and emails and suffer such distress.

Post sent 22/9/16
After several emails, I am still waiting for somebody to contact me regarding a complaint.
On 14/9/15 I booked an Apartment in Whitworth Street, Manchester for 10/9/16.
On 28/6/16 I contacted the Apartments, advertised on booking. as 'Stunning City Centre Apartment', to ask a question, they informed me I would now be staying in Cambridge Mill. I told them I had booked Whitworth Street and they assured me I could stay in Whitworth Street.
W/c 7/9/16 I emailed the host, James, several times to find out how I would collect the keys for the Apartment. As I received no reply, I then rang him.
He informed me I couldn't stay in Whitworth Street, where I had originally booked and he had confirmed in June I would be staying there. He told me I would have to go to Cambridge Mill.
I advised him I didn't want this and he said he would try and find me somewhere like my original booking.
After a few hours the best he could offer me was a Hotel in Didsbury, which was a 10minute drive from my original booking and he would give me £40 towards taxi's.
I told him this was not convenient and we would just accept Cambridge Mill.
Within 3 hours of our first phone call conversation that day, Cambridge Mill had conveniently developed an electrical fault and was not available.
Therefore, two days before I was due to arrive in Manchester, I now had nowhere to stay.
After several phone calls to booking., I was issued a refund of £260 from James (Stunning City Centre Apartment)which was what I had paid for the Apartment.
booking. then advised me they would be happy for me to book another Apartment but with it being so late in the day, the prices were really high. So I was then advised by yourselves to request to book an Apartment through Airbnb, which I did on 8/9/16.
You had also agreed to pay the difference between the original costing to me of £260 and the cost of the new apartment that I booked.
They replied to me on 9/9/16 and we finally had somewhere to stay.
On the morning of 10/9/16 just before I was setting off for Manchester, I got a call from the host at Airbnb to advise me the Apartment was no longer available.
Yet again another drama for me to deal with.
I then made another booking through yourselves for Stay Central Serviced Apartments in Chapel Street, Manchester at the cost of £374.
When I arrived at the Apartment, the host asked me for £374 in cash as their card machine wasn't working.
I advised them I didn't have £374 in cash and they already had my card details so they could debit my card when their machine was working.
This was not acceptable to them. After another phone call to yourselves, one of your representatives, Luke, advised me I could go elsewhere and book into a hotel.
I went to the Premier Inn and booked and paid for 3 rooms amounting to £432.45.
I then received a call and email from yourselves confirming the booking for Stay Central Serviced Apartments had been cancelled and there would not be any charge.
Yesterday my credit card bill came and I have been debited £374 by Stay Central.
I have rang them, unfortunately they didn't pick up so I had to leave a message.
Therefore I now have to pay £806.45 to my credit card company so I do not incur any interest, which is a lot of money considering my original booking was £260.
I have sent you copies of invoices from Premier Inn by email, which you haven't responded to.
I refuse to ring you as, in total I have spent nearly 3 hours on the phone to you already trying to sort this out.
What was meant to be an amazing weekend with friends to celebrate my 40th Birthday turned into a disaster.
It's been a very upsetting time.
I feel the aftercare by yourselves has been very very very poor.
I should not have been made to find my own replacement accommodation to begin with.
I would like a full refund for the Premier Inn booking and also believe we should be entitled to compensation.
I also want you to refund my £374 from Stay Central Serviced Apartments immediately as they have committed fraud.

Ask Claire about
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on 8/27/16
A: Crappy site. A bunch of thieves. Buyer beware. Had to get a lawyer and deal with bank to resolve my problem with booking .com. They will get your money. Do not give them your credit card.
on 9/15/16
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