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Review of Bonanza

Bonanza reviews

334 reviews
Categories: Consignment, Marketplace
109 W Denny Way #312
Seattle, WA 98119
Tel: (206) 588-5849

334 Reviews From Our Community

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Unlike feebay there is no hidden fees and customer service is good. (in 41 reviews)


(smh) One of the problems is i think, The "Go To" place is ebay. (in 94 reviews)


Bonanza charges your credit card and that is that. (in 21 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi all,
Basically I found Bonanza to be nothing more than a scam site, Bonanza offers you great rates and low final value fees, But it is very much to the contrary.
I found after joining BONANZA and importing all my selling items from eBay, I waited one week and ZERO traffic not even one single view, all I got was a convenient Bonanza notification telling me I had no traffic and would I like to become a member.
Lowest membership $20 per month for silver with the promise of traffic.
9% final value fees on top of that in a separate advertising section.
I took both silver membership at $20 per month plus i choose 9% final value fees in return for lots of traffic.
Well after a month still no item views or any other traffic all 24 items showed ZERO traffic in all areas despite the promises made by Bonanza.
Bonanza is a site that will suck you dry before you know it, absolute $#*!.

Ask Ben about Bonanza
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a seller on for approximately 3 months. They do have some good features pertaining to selling on this site but not many people know about the site so most of your buyers will be first time visitors due to online google ads they place which they charge you for. The site support is atrocious. They don't allow you to call them, only if you signed up for certain memberships (Titan $200 mo.)will they allow you to place a phone appt with them. If you use their escrow account to receive credit & debit transactions they don't always pay you on the date it says the fund are to be released, sometimes your paid the next day from the release date but most of the time it's 2-5 days afterwards, it's like they don things when they get around to it. Get this, I sent a message asking how do they pay out and why is it inconsistent and they put my escrow account to "inelgible status" and removed the release dates on the $1,000 I still had remaining in escrow because someone got in their feelings. This site seems to be run by one family out of their house or something. Customer service does whatever they want to. I upgraded by membership from a Pro to Titan for an extra $130 mo. And don't receive any better traffic than before so I canceled the upgrade. Other sites offer much more support than this one.

Ask James about Bonanza
1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought 2 large posters from Museum Outlet, new and printed in India, arrived rolled in 1 inch tube, dirty in the back, and the smell was toxic , STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT BIG TIME

Ask Alan about Bonanza
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been selling on Ebay for 3 years and never had an issue
, I used bonanza to replace the high fees of Ebay and its worse
and almost all buyers are from ads and I got more than 50% claims
, I am closing my bonanza booth shortly , as I am happy with Ebay , and
added Amazon and Etsy where thay are great comparable to Bonanza .

get away from Bonanza ( I hope someone advice my before getting in )

Ask Mohammed about Bonanza
2 reviews
13 helpful votes


Don't waist your time setting up a seller account, go to
If you are not paying for a store and advertising you will get very little or no sales at all.

I don't have a store on ebay and still have sold over 700 of my item over one year, only 3 on

Ask Dave about Bonanza
1 review
5 helpful votes

Site Looks Great
Very Very Little Traffic
Fees Up To 30% Of Your Sales
Keep Hoping Things Will Get Better (They Don't)

Ask RRGIFTS about Bonanza
1 review
12 helpful votes

My underage daughter purchased a Luis Vuitton bag for my wife for Mother's Day. She spent $300 of the money that she earned working at her part time job. No proof that this is a real bag was provided. When I asked Bonanza to intercede they just blew me off. HORRIBLE AND DISHONEST

Ask Bernard about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

First and last time I buy anything on Bonanza. Weeks later still no merchandise, Bonanza does not reply nor does seller. What a joke. States their policy is that they take 30 days to place order I paid for and up to 2 months to ship !!! BUYER BEWARE !!!

Ask ROBERT about Bonanza
1 review
2 helpful votes

As a seller, I rate Bonanza highly for customer service. Only once did I fail to get a reply (from a person, not a computer) within 48 business hours.

Not as much traffic as eBay, but cheaper for sellers and definitely worth my time.

The site recently removed the "counter-offer" option, a major mistake, or I'd consider giving them 5 stars.

Ask Linda about Bonanza
1 review
6 helpful votes

Beachboy product are ALL counterfeit!!!!!!Do not buy from them unless you like broken dvd's: scratch, open and messed up! I flag all the counterfeit, you know what??? they are still there!!! Do you know why?? Because it does sells a lots and they got commission for it!!! Thay are FRAUDULENT!!!!!!

Ask nathalie about Bonanza
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a shirt for my friend around Christmas time. Even after reading the reviews, I tried it anyway. When I did not receive my item a month later, I contacted the store, who never replied. I then contacted the company itself to be told by them that that buyer had been banned from their website. They were banned but the company didn't refund their orders???? Instead of refunding me, they told me to dispute it with PayPal. Never received the product. Never buying from this website again.

Ask Jay about Bonanza
1 review
8 helpful votes

I had been checking mail like usual and somehow after giving my email address several times I ended up on a site that says you can work from home on FB and get paid easily. On the page which was done right ,the correct persona etc. You have to see if you qualify by living in the right geographical area only in the USA anybody practically could meet the 5 qualifications . Then you would be asked to pay what was called a fee to get only the serious applicants for a meek 47 dollars . At one site they were offering the money back if you were not accepted also easily refunded if you were not happy etc. Ok you comprehend all that ,READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE PURCHASE all of it in any case the whole thing is total BS and they pretty much say it in the print it gets the blood flowing a bit faster it unbelievable the extent they went through to pull this one off they did a good job they got me . I will try for a refund but I already chalked another one up one more dont mater ,I wish I could just stop them so someone else dont get hit for sure the people who created the site have the talent to take this down and create another legit site and that is that until the next one rolls around .

Ask Dominic about Bonanza
1 review
5 helpful votes

Somebody please update me on my package which I odered a month ago, but no news atll all..The tracking ID is is useless!

Transaction Summary
Sold on: 04/11/16
Payment type: Paypal #2ST28472U6750981U
You left negative feedback on 05/11/16
Shipped on: 04/11/16
Tracking: LN416365296US Refresh tracking information
Tracking information:

The package has not yet been received by the shipper.

Click here to view the complete tracking info

The estimated delivery date for your package is Friday, April 15th.

Ask Ashwini about Bonanza
1 review
5 helpful votes

She gave me good info, but I have not heard from the seller!

Ask Susan about Bonanza
1 review
11 helpful votes

I have sold on bonanza for three years, then today my booth was shut down for no reason. I did not get one email warning me, or even telling me I did anything wrong. Could not log in to even answer buyers questions. Leaves the buyers with no way to contact the seller, I emailed and got a canned response that said I had violated the user agreement, but did not say how, so I emailed and asked how. I got the same response back, the exact canned email that I got before. No customer service at all, this place makes ebay look great!!!

Ask Lilith about Bonanza
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

I had three stores on Bonanza. For years. I didnt sell much it doesnt get much traffic. Today I go to log in and all three are shut. Suddenly and with no warning or reason given. I was told I was deemed high risk. As to what that means or what I can do to address their concerns I am given no clue. I am a professional full time online seller with my own website and I sell on Ebay and Etsy also. No issue. I am not high risk. Im disgusted with how I have been treated and with their system in place. Terrible terrible.
The response from Bonanza that they are linked with the Better Business Bureau and that means something is bogus. I have reported what happened to me with the BBB. simply reply with the same canned response. There is no customer support here even when reporting to the Better Business Bureau. The behaviour from remains disgraceful as a business. There is no intermediary with the BBB.

Ask clair about Bonanza
1 review
23 helpful votes

Please wait a million years. Maybe us A+ robots will get our act together by then. Until then, do not bother to call. You won't find a phone number anyway. But if you are very persistent and send us a computer request, we will have to comply. But we do not have to pick up our end of the line and answer. We are A+ according to the BBB, but that doesn't really mean anything. We bought that rating.

Ask dee about Bonanza
1 review
26 helpful votes

I have paid for the membership for few hundred dollars per year and started my business in Bonanza. Out of the sudden, they banned my Bonanza account and took some of my money from my bank account without my notice! Totally is a scam website. Seller please stay away from this website if you don't want to throw your money for nothing into their wallet.

Ask Ang about Bonanza
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

I've just deleted 800 off my products, closed my booth and finally closed my account. Sigh of relief! I had high hopes with Bonanza to be as successful as my Etsy stores but right off the bat, they disappointed me and stressed me out. I signed up on 10 Apr for a free trial, and in their terms and conditions, it was stated clearly that i will not be charged for the first 30 days. I worked my ass in the next few days to list everything. Then I checked my credit card and saw that they had charged me US$290 on 10 April for the whole year membership. I emailed their support and there was no reply for 2 days. Honestly if they had replied i would have been ok and continued out after getting a refund. But getting no reply was horrible. Finally I posted on their forum and got a response that the 1 year membership comes with 1 month free which still does not explain why they went against their own T&C. They also agreed to give me a full refund which I received today and once that is done, I have also cancelled this account. I cannot imagine selling here with this mess.

Ask Ida about Bonanza
1 review
21 helpful votes

We operated 2 stores with 100% feed back and 100s of transactions. All of the sudden they closed our booths saying its a high risk. I operate Multiple stores on ebay and amazon with top rated seller everywhere ,3 employees and a warehouse. $380,000 yearly paypal transactions. These people know nothing about communication or being professional. they do not answer our emails since, like we never existed. Do not waste your labor and effort building anything on bonanza, its a waste of time and effort.

Tip for consumers: Do not waste your time building a business on bonanza. Do not waste your time adding your product. All will collapse overnight for no reason and they will NEVER answer your email. Add to that no phone number.All of your effort will go down the gutter like you never existed. be warned.

Update: Check out the answers to all complaints from bonanza! a freaking robot, a copy-paste answer. No personal answers to address issues. Just to correct that bonanza robot, checkout

Ask Mike about Bonanza
1 review
18 helpful votes

Started off selling on bonanza, everything was going fine then about 2 weeks sellers account was banned and the only explanation i get is that they considered my account to suspicious..I only had one customer at the time and i kept in touch with her and she had emailed me and told me that she had received an email from bonanza stating that they suspected me of being fraudulent and that she should get in touch with paypal and start a case to get a refund...after this is i was livid, called customer service and got a voicemail which no one replied, Emailed multiple times and i kept getting a generated email over and over that did not explain anything....i give this cowardice company 1 star for not having their $#*! together and to scared to talk to people on the phone or over email

Ask Christopher about Bonanza
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered Samsung tablet S2 8 inch at the Bonanza web site. The order was supposed to be shipped in about 2-3 days. After two and a half weeks of delay tactics the order was paid for, but not shipped. I gave up on it and canceled the order and they refunded the money. Customer Service phone number is not available and you have to ask for it by filling a form on the site.

Ask Eli about Bonanza
1 review
17 helpful votes

So, decent customer service means BBB wont even get complaints- apparently your canned response confirms the ratings here that you dont provide virtually ANY customer service unless a complaint is filed w BBB, really, I will not do business here

Ask Garry about Bonanza
1 review
12 helpful votes

I purchased a used Rainbow vacuum cleaner and the product came poorly packed. (vendor used home insulation to pack item) and when the items arrived the water container was broken. I tried contacting vendor and Bonanza and haven't had any luck in contacting either party. I gave them all a bad review and wont' use them again.

Ask Robert about Bonanza
2 reviews
9 helpful votes


Ask Noreen about Bonanza

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