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Hong Kong, China
Tel: +020.0086 86014033

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1 review
5 helpful votes

I bought a product that was defective. Took me several hours to upload the video they requested (huge hassle...). Because they promised to contact me "in 1-2 days" and didn't, I opened a dispute on PayPal. After that they suddenly replied that they want to send me a spare part to replace, but threatened that unless I close the dispute with payPal, they will not fix the problem. I told them that I will close the dispute once my product is in a working condition. Now I escalated it into a claim...So far, more than a month after I bought the product I have nothing and they got my money....

Ask Jeremy about Banggood
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The quality of item is normal,shipping time is great, communication is operative. I have not any problem with this site, and hope will get next my items soonly.I order 3 items,first received after 2 weeks- that is good,second one was out of stock and during 3 days problem was solve and money refunded, about 3 my offer i am waiting.

Ask Sevinj about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote

Update 11th August - Priceless!!

Katherine - I received a response this morning from 'Willow (Zheng jiachun)' as follows:

"As the tracking information shows signed for by ATDLMC 74482,and we do not know who signed this as our shipping address as below, would you please check with your shipping company where it is"

After 25 e-mails to your company, are you still going to waste more of my time and everyone else who is reading this experience with horrified interest?

I am on holiday so am happy to keep positing to this and other 3 review sites to make sure everyone knows what a disgraceful and probably fraudulent company you are.

Have a nice day.

Update 10th August.
Hello Katherine - I have been informed by my courier company that the drone was delivered on 02nd August!!! and signed for by reference: ATDLMC 74482. If you send me your e-mail I will send you the full screenshot showing confirmation form the courier company. I have informed your agent 'Willow' and sent them the screenshot this morning.

So again, I am very surprised that you / the agent 'helping me' has not informed me that the package has arrived and that you are now processing the refund which was promised.

Please confirm urgently to avoid me notifying the UK trading standards agency.

Mike Bor

Update 08th August
Katherine - thanks for your last e-mail but I am not convinced. Your agent Willow must be different people because they keep asking the exactly same question every few days. I gave Willow the name of the Chinese shipping agent on July 26th. See below (the name is Aramex and the reference numbers are below.)

So I remain to be convinced that your company is not a scam. You have ALL the information and I remind you that the problem with the Chinese customs would not have occurred if your company had a returns service like any other genuine online seller.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: MIKE
To: "" <>
Sent: Tuesday, 26 July 2016, 14:27
Subject: Re: Return / Refund of order 15046256- SH

Hi Willow, see details below of shipping company and contact details. If you still have a problem you could contact DPD below directly?

Awaiting any update.



The shipping company used in China is Aramex.
If you do not wish for your parcel to be disposed of by customs, can you please ensure your recipient calls them directly on 861087852000 with reference number 30820774482 or 328085374 and they will be able to discuss the information which needs to be provided.

Update 06th August - In response to Bangoods response below, I have sent them all their reference numbers (for about the 10th time). Let us see whether their customer service does anything at all or whether as I fear they are just totally empty words.


My wife bought me an Eachine 250 drone for my birthday for £155 through Banggood. No instructions included, drone not bound with transmitter. Same experience as others with their customer service. 'Send us a video, try this, do that' all to no avail. Eventually decided I'd had enough and wanted a refund. 'You need to send it to us at your expense'. Paid £36 for a courier. Package gets stuck in customs due to 'incorrect paperwork'. Package company won't take any responsibility, Banggood absolutely useless - primary issue is that that they have no returns process from the UK and Chinese customs won't accept the goods.
So do yourself a favour and don't waste any money with this company.

Banggood - this message is for you - I followed your instructions for sending the drone back to you. You must have known the experience I would have with customs clearance. I've sent 15+ e-mails asking for your assistance to help get the package cleared through customs. Everytime you tell me to 'leave it with you' but you have done nothing. You need to learn that this is not the way to do business in the UK. These review sites are very powerful and will make or break your sales targets. Feel free to respond.

Ask Mike about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

"I bought a phone, it was faulty on arrival, they asked me to sent it back, I sent it back on my cost, they told me that a new phone is been sent, I have not received the phone. I still sending messages to "Victor" 6 months later, I have no phone nor they refound my money. I will never buy from Banggood again, this is the worst transaction on line ever. Shame on Banggood."

Ask Claudio about Banggood
1 review
5 helpful votes

If you order from this site you will hear "out of stock", "I was on vacation"..pretty much anything to delay the delivery. All the emails you receive about the delay will be TERRIBLE broken english and completely misspelled words...mmmm sounds fishy. Then to too it off when they say your order has been shipped they give you a tracking number and a link to a site for you to look it up...BUT the site is in a COMPLET different language sooo you can't use it. Fooled me once but never again so beware.

Ask Shauna about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered 2 nano drones from these guys. Both arrived in non working order. Their return form requires pics, and I attached clear images showing a non-functional item (see attached). Then they wanted videos before moving forward, then they couldn't see them from a google drive account so it had to be youtube, and once through all that, weeks later they straight-up tried to haggle with me instead of doing a refund. Quote:

"Thank you for your email. Sorry for the inconvenience cause in your order 14986272.

Because the return of the freight is not cheap. How about we refund you US$20 as compensation, then you can take it to your local RC hobby shop for replace, will this suit you?"

Profoundly unprofessional. They agreed the products were shipped broken, didn't have the integrity to issue a refund even after dragging me through a crazy-long process to satisfy them their product was shipped broken.

Never again. They're a few bucks cheaper than Amazon for sure, but they sell shoddy goods and do not stand behind them. Buyers beware.
after this review they did finally issue a complete refund.

Tip for consumers: Spend a few extra bucks and order through Amazon or similar. You will not get a full refund if they ship broken goods, you WILL spend lots of time communicating for them

Ask Stuart about Banggood
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered 2 items on May, 10, 2016. I didn't receive them until July, 27,2016. I have already disputed the charges with my credit card company and had the amounts to returned to my account. Now that I have the items I'm trying to get the charges straightened out with MasterCard. What a pain. Had I known it would have taken so long I'd never have ordered from them.

Ask Carolyn about Banggood
1 review
6 helpful votes

After a number of "sorry, it's delayed", I am attempting to cancel my order and get a refund - I don't have my trust that I will ever see the funds again.

I manage global sourcing for a company with 9 sites including China and India - in my opinion, Banggood has the feel of a scam-site.

Ask Tony about Banggood
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

average quality goods
from 10 electrical touch switches i bought - 3 of them was faulty
after emails to bangood service with short video
sent new proper items
good attitude comparing other chinese sites

Ask Steiner about Banggood
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

bangood cancel my order no..14506739...without my permission.....i orderd on 5th may 2016.....till then did not recive my product or not refunded my money.....i request to reorderd the my ulefone future fone....but they denied

Ask vijay about Banggood
1 review
0 helpful votes

After waiting 3 weeks I get the wrong product. Now they stopped talking to me after asking for a photo of the problem which I happily provided.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother with this site.

Ask Nabil about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had placed an order from and for what ever reason the order form pulled the address from my paypal, normally it would have been ok but the item I was ordering was meant to be sent to a friend. So I clicked on what was marked as "Live chat" which turned out to be an email support that takes 10 to 12 hours to get a reply back between midnight to 2am United states time might I add.

I had asked if they could fix the address on my order, gave them the order number and used the same email as my paypal. BUT! for what ever reason the only reply they could give me was "In view of the security of your account, how about we cancel the order for you and then you can re order with the new address?"

They sent me that as a reply to every email I sent back to them. A bloody copy and past... Then I get an email from the "ordering department" asking for the updated address and 30 hours later they say their canceling the order because its been 3days since the last email. Sent on friday 12am, and I replied on saturday some time after noon.

So then after I replied to them, yes I was rather upset at this time. With what was said between the "support" that they already had the address and if the "support" really passed a note to the "ordering department" shouldn't they have included the address I gave them?

And to my surprise they just cancelled the order, hopped I'll replace it and it was Best regards, by the same idiot that was emailing from the "Support" address....

So if you ask me, things at is being ran by a clueless air head.
Will never order from again.

Also, in their email they said it would take 48-72 hours for the amount to be refunded. However in the system sent refund email it says up to 14 days.

Added for Katherine L. [Banggood Rep]
Well, your staff member Chloe never did ask for any kind of proof. Only that he/she is going to cancel my order, even though as I stated I used the email address for the paypal that I paid my order with to contact banggood so it could be fixed. Im not going to wast more of my time trying to fix your staffs laziness.

Ask Ronnie about Banggood
10 reviews
11 helpful votes

I purchased a rodeo 150 drone from bang good it took several weeks to get my drone and when I received it the transmitter was not included. When I placed the order I asked if there was anything else I needed to fly the drone they told me no, was that a lie. I ended up spending another 75.00 for a transmitter and several more weeks for delivery and I still have not received my product.

Ask rick about Banggood
1 review
0 helpful votes

I am trully glad that i found this site.I have same expirience with banggood eu like two reviews before.Tracking bad and its not caused by local post,Tax unpaid in EU so you need to pay customs charges,shipping superslow,support answer one mail daily.

Ask dani about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

Best webshop to moment when first problem occures.
Their EU warehause is not EU Tax payed warehause, so bigger orders are stopped in customs for tax and handling charges.
I ordered from EU warehause with french express with theirs tracking number.
Tracking number doesent even work on French express but some generic tracking sites find it like asendia aramex.When shipment stopped mooving i call aramex and find out shipment was shipped by dhl weltpacket.First trace of packet was 4 day later of order in germany.So i suppose it is shipped from china and repacked in germany or from some bonded no tax payed warehause in UK.
Customer support is no help, only sorry or dear and so on.
When asking some eu tax included invoice they send you garbage.
Overpriced shipping called French Express is slower then regular royal mail and they dont care, only sorry for incovinience.They dont offer royal mail on more expensive orders so there must be some fraud with vat involved.

Ask tako about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote

I own a drop shipping business and have been using banggood for about a month now. Within this month I have placed over 450 orders. Not one of those orders has been delivered without a problem which has caused my business to take a financial hit. They charge you for a tracking number but give one to you anyways so I learned now not to pay for the tracking number. The other issue I have had with this horrible excuse for an unprofessional website is that they don't tell you the product is out of stock. They let you place the order and when the order doesn't arrive and you ask the LIVE CHAT customer service where is my order? Then and only then will they tell you one of two things. Either "YOUR PRODUCT IS OUT OF STOCK , SORRY" or "It was dispatched". Now I've had enough experiences with these people to know their all full of it. I have placed orders on JUNE 21st and once I ask them where my package is they will tell me that it has been dispatched JULY 5th. Now according to their own shipping guidelines and their LIVE CHAT customer service it takes 1-2 day's to dispatch an order so I'll ask them " WHY WAS MY PACKAGE DISPATCHED 10 DAY'S LATER?" and they will tell me sorry. No explanation given and when I ask again they will tell me shipping takes 7-20days , so I will explain that I understand that but you just told me that my item was dispatched on July 5th. what took so long and again all I get is a sorry. NO EXPLANATION GIVEN. So all in all it takes 10-15 day's to dispatch an order and another 20 day's to get to my customers. I have even had customers receive EMPTY ORDERS. Yes that's right EMPTY PACKAGES. When I told bangGood what had happened and asked if they could express ship the package to my customer , They told me now that I would have to pay for it. That's right I would have to pay for their mistakes I told them that my customer has waited long enough. They then told me they could cancel my order. WHAT THE HELL kind of company is this?

This website is very unprofessional, I would love to get a high position at this company so I could fire everyone who works there. Don't waste your time or your money on this HORRIBLE CHEAP COMPANY. I will be reporting this site to the right people so that it can be taken down.

First things first , I should not have to pay for faster shipping because the few times I actually did , you stole my money and the item was delivered late as if it was shipped Standard. I did not appreciate that lie. Second according to your own websites rules on shipping it takes 1-2 day's to dispatch. Instead I have had items like I said earlier ordered on JUNE 21'st and the item was not dispatched to shipping until JULY 13th. If an item is out of stock , then why don't you post on the items selling page that the item is OUT OF STOCK? Instead you rather lie to collect money and not notify the buyer that this item was OUT OF STOCK.

Second , Your customer service is a complete joke just like your logistics program. I am constantly given the run around and constantly lied to. Did you know it's against FTC Law to supply fake tracking numbers as your company does. I have talked to your LIVE CHAT customer service reps and although when I check FLYT EXPRESS's page it says my customers item is on it's way but when I check with the people on LIVE CHAT , it barely left your warehouse. So which one is it. Don't worry I already reported you to the FTC.

Ask Paul about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered 3 dresses from this company. What I received was such a disappointment! The material was flimsy and the sizes were off. Even used their size chart. No refund. Asked me to send pictures of what I received. I sent that and a copy of the order that I placed which had the dresses I wanted on it. Nothing! Save your time and money. I will never order from them again!

Ask Jackie about Banggood
1 review
0 helpful votes

i bought many stuff in bangood, the last time my charger was defective and they give me some refund, nice i appreciate and will by a new one on bangood.

I recommande


Ask lamb about Banggood
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have made the last 2 years 50 puchases from them.
I contacted 5 times their customer service for problema, and they solve the problems But I need to insist some times

Some products are poor . poorquality.

You must wait long time for delivery

Ask Gianni about Banggood
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a Tablet X98 plus from this site. It arrived via simple postage from China to Greece in 10 days. Unfortunately it was malfunctioning! I sent them an email and I was "talking" with Kimchi! Thank God for him! An excellent stuff member with a true intention of helping solving my problem out. They did accept their fault and I sent them back the Tablet and send me a new one!!!!!Due to unavailability of the same Tablet that I bought , they sent me a Tablet of the same characteristics along with a small gift for the inconvenience that I faced with!

Ask Kostas about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

The product from my order was very bad quality.
Banggood wants pictures and videos again and again.
Bad reviews are not visible

Ask Peter about Banggood
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a dress. I'm a 2x, bought a 5x, fit like a 1x. Return policy is crazy crazy crazy have to ship to China and that'll likely cost more than dress. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!!!

Ask Kay about Banggood
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered three different items, all shipped separately. They were delivered to Spain, Laos, and the Netherlands. I live in Canada. Canada is on the other side of the world. They took my money and gave me nothing. This is absolutely unacceptable and potentially illegal.

Very disappointing, to say the least.

Ask Jon about Banggood
1 review
3 helpful votes

So why should i pay VAT in my country when shipped from another EU country?

If you ordering from EU warehouse please be aware that banggood did not pay VAT taxes when they imported it in EU warehouse.
So you will have to pay it for them!!!

EDIT: after they tried to convince me that they will in fact pay VAT taxes they customer service contacted me and tried to persuade me to take only 10% of the price even i had to pay 25% to the customs.

And before that they sent me false invoice so that i try to trick customs. Off course i didn't do that because i would also have to pay fine for doing that. Yeah - great company :/

Ask Nebojsa about Banggood
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a uni-t electrical test meter from this site , they took the payment then canceled the order saying I don't have a PayPal account ,
I made the payment through PayPal as a guest
so I asked for a refund and received a response that my refunded funds would be back in 48 hours
well it has been 7 days and no refund , I called paypal and filed a dispute and now have to wait 11 day for a refund , STAY AWAY FROM BANGGOOD !

Ask Timothy about Banggood
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2 days ago
A: BG aka BB (BangBad), our nick name for this supplier is simply a wholesale retailer, so the quality of their products depends on the manufacturer, of which there are good and bad. Over nearly 3 years, as we build and race quadcopter drones in a club of approx 300 members, we obviously have purchased quite a bit of components from BG.

Our main contention with BB is their false and later to our dismay, found them to be fraudulent as well, customer (non existant) service.

To briefly state our case, after over 3 months of emails, photos and video ping pong with BB, they agreed to refund if we returned the item at our cost. Again after several emails, they then agreed to refund postage once they have received the item.

Alas, when they received the item, they had the cheek to email back to say, they are NOT refunding the postage, because our bank has successfully initiated a chargeback for the cost of the item (not postage) and appartently BB had to pay a fee. BB wanted us to withdraw our chargeback if we want them to refund the postage. To mitigate the issue, we offered BB to deduct the fee from the postage and refund us the balance.

BB refused.

We contacted Trading standards and Consumer Advise, nothing we can do, as BB is outside UK and EU remit.

As to Howard's input, BB's replies are all either automatically churned out or copy pasted without any genuine intention to either understand, solve and/or mitigate your concerns.

We have therefore stopped buying from BB. Buyer beware.
1 day ago
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