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Well.ca has a consumer rating of 3.13 stars from 145 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Well.ca most frequently mention customer service and free shipping. Well.ca ranks 55th among Cosmetics sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 38.9%
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  • I called immediately and Kendra with customer service was fantastic!

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“The best!”

Anne H.

I've ordered from well.ca many times over the years, and there shipping is ALWAYS quick, even with this COVID Pandemic they manage to deliver my product quickly. Price is fair, they don't gauge in price like a lot of other sites and store do, I appreciate that. Also, they provide quick response to my email, the same day! Incredible customer service, keep up the good work. I will continue to shop and support well.ca.

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Top Critical Review


Jess F.

I used to love well.ca, but since the Covid-19 crisis, they have really dropped the ball. They now only allow a certain number of orders per day, which is fair enough. But, now, on top of that, they have implemented secret "ordering windows". You can ONLY order within these windows, but no one knows when the windows are, so you need to keep checking back and hoping your order goes through. Disgusting.

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customer service (47)
1 review
14 helpful votes
March 30th, 2020

I used to love well.ca, but since the Covid-19 crisis, they have really dropped the ball. They now only allow a certain number of orders per day, which is fair enough. But, now, on top of that, they have implemented secret "ordering windows". You can ONLY order within these windows, but no one knows when the windows are, so you need to keep checking back and hoping your order goes through. Disgusting.

1 review
3 helpful votes
October 13th, 2020

I brought Pediasure 4 pack at $12 where same item could by at Walmart at 8 dollars. Shipping took 7 days and they didn't care about anything other than collecting money. Not a trustworthy supplier. Waste of time and money. Not recommend

1 review
18 helpful votes
February 19th, 2020

Well.ca used to be my go to because of their good sales and quick shipping, but gosh have they gone downhill. The products on their site are more expensive than anywhere else, and shipping is so so slow. If I wanted to wait over a week to receive my goods I would just source it locally. Health/wellness products are becoming mainstream and more readily available so this company really needs to step up to stay competitive. You're better off sticking to your local health food store or Amazon. I see no benefit anymore ordering from this company.

1 review
7 helpful votes
May 9th, 2020

I've ordered from well.ca many times over the years, and there shipping is ALWAYS quick, even with this COVID Pandemic they manage to deliver my product quickly. Price is fair, they don't gauge in price like a lot of other sites and store do, I appreciate that. Also, they provide quick response to my email, the same day! Incredible customer service, keep up the good work. I will continue to shop and support well.ca.

1 review
17 helpful votes
May 25th, 2020

I placed an order 3 weeks ago and it is still has not been received. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. They are not responsive and that is only if you are lucky enough to get thru to someone. Email is even worse. Save your time, money and sanity and order somewhere. This company is too big and focused on profits to care about prompt, efficient service.

1 review
4 helpful votes
August 23rd, 2020

Rejected my review. It seems very dishonest of a company to do this. I wonder how many other reviews they have rejected. Didn't tell me what guidelines it didn't meet.

I have never had problems with ordering things though.

1 review
3 helpful votes
November 12th, 2020

With little exception, everything on this website costs more than you can get it anywhere else. And many of the same products are now available at regular stores including Walmart. They're also very slow. Their policy is 3 WEEKdays to process the order which means if you place an order on Friday, it may not even ship until Wednesday of the following week. Then to add insult to injury, they choose TFORCE as one of their carriers. Why ANY company would use the absolute worst courier on the planet boggles the mind. TFORCE has consistent 1-star reviews for good reason - just go read some of the hundreds of 1-star reviews. Yet Well.ca chooses them. If your order is shipped with TFORCE either kiss it goodbye because it may not ever arrive, or be prepared for multiple "Your package is out for delivery" notices only to be followed with "We attempted delivery...". They don't. They lie. This courier plays games.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 19th, 2021
Verified purchase

When placing an order I was offered 5% off if I signed up for email. Order was then cancelled by well.ca. When I tried to place again, discount code was invalid (as used already!)

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 11th, 2020

The package was incredibly over wrapped. I ordered a yoga mat and a bottle of cleaner, nothing fragile, and it came with at least 30 meters long of wrapping paper, and the cleaner was wrapped in an extra totally useless box. So sad for the environnement.

1 review
5 helpful votes
October 21st, 2020

- processing took a few days for two items, definitely slower in comparison to other brands, even ones located further away

- courier service like TForce serves within the Toronto area. WORSE COURIER TO EVER DEAL WITH. Imagine being home and receiving an email saying they had missed you and would try again. Then you would have to call their agents, confirm your address, and the details all over again. Do this THREE TIMES and tell me how you feel.

- Well.ca representative can't do much, but at this point, I just want a refund for a product that will continue to go back and forth with the courier. However, they went on to offer a selection between their other courier services sub ad Canada Post and Purolator.

- Bottom line: NO, I would not repurchase or recommend using their e-commerce platform. Go and find an alternative place to purchase your products. It's not the customer service that is the main problem— its their courier they've partnered with which strongly diminishes their brand equity and demolished consumer confidence.

5 reviews
2 helpful votes
September 9th, 2021

Since Petsmart purchased Chewy the service has declined. They now use Ontrak for delivery in our area (LA) not Fedex. Ontrack is horrible. I live in a semi-rural area and Ontrak has repeatedly mis-delivered my packages to who knows were. I have had to report mis-deliveries and have the items reshipped several times. Ontrack delivers down the road and throws my packages in the dirt by the side of the road rather than driving up the hill to my home (we live on 23 acres). I have reported them to Chewy 4 different times and each time been told they will only use Fedex. However, today 12/16 my husband "caught" the driver trying to leave the package of Rx meds at the gate (wide open) and house within sight by 40 feet. Driver was too lazy to drive up to the house to leave it on the porch. I called Chewy, reported it again and told them I will no longer use them for my RX med deliveries. IF I see any food or other merchandise deliveries not delivered by FEDEX I will discontinue all use of them and purchase elsewhere or at my local store. It's sad that Petsmart are ruining a wonderful company. 3

1 review
11 helpful votes
January 23rd, 2020

The list of final sale items are not accurate. They will then explain that even if it's not in the list but in the same category it's considered final sale. Then Cameron' from their customer service will say you can reach out to the manufacturer yourself.
Online shopping is supposed to be fast and convenient.
This company is using that against their customers to trap them into a sale.
Please use other websites such as Walmart and amazon who truly care about good customer service and customer relationships. Very disappointed and actually disturbed by my first and last experience with well.ca
This company is deceiving customers by fine print' and technicalities to get easy final sales'.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 18th, 2020

This is an update to my previous review on the purchase of 2 bottles of Favuzzi EVOO, well.ca contacted me and corrected the situation promptly. That is why I am updating my review. I appreciate their customer service.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote
August 19th, 2021

Been waiting 4 days for shipping to update from UPS and nothing! Just says "shipping label created". They've shipped with Purolator and I've received it faster. No updates, nothing! Well.ca is garbage. Don't buy from them if they use UPS to ship!

1 review
2 helpful votes
May 17th, 2021

I have complained to them about consistently not being able to recieve my orders due to their use of the terrible and utterly incompetent carrier UPS. Though I was told I could request a different carrier when I spoke to one of their customer care agents, they do not provide this option on their site during check-out. I was told instead that customers need to "intuit' that they can request a different carrier by taking the extra step of contacting them before check-out [they do not specify this on their site]. This is really shabby customer service and I'm no longer interested in ordering from them ever again. Much better service elsewhere is available. Buh Bye Wellness.ca!

Tip for consumers:
DO NOT LET THEM USE UPS FOR SHIPPING YOUR ORDER! Request another carrier or you will NEVER recieve your paid for products.

Products used:

1 review
3 helpful votes
August 23rd, 2020

I have only had success placing my first order. Afterwards, any orders I tried to place accepted payment info but failed to send the order. SCAM.

1 review
14 helpful votes
April 6th, 2015

I've ordered from them a handful of times and have never had any issues. Their regular prices are not unreasonable, and they have sales often. They also have a reasonable "free shipping" threshold. The only thing I find is that their shipping times are a little bit slow as they take a few days to process an order. Other than that, I've enjoyed my experiences with this company.

1 review
4 helpful votes
July 5th, 2019

Shipping takes FOREVER
3 days to "process orders" which takes you to the end of the week, then extremely slow shipping and no update for tracking info.

For such a large, popular website im very surprised they havent figured out decent shipping practices. Most reviews are negative because if shipping. Theyre not using "tforce shipping" which sucks.

Dina C.
2 reviews
33 helpful votes
May 5th, 2020

Will never order from this company again. Some of their prices are at least 80% - 100% more for what you would pay somewhere else. It used to be a good company to order from, but not anymore. A small bottle of a hand sanitizer for $25?! Disgusting.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 24th, 2020

Stay away from them. They set up their website to charge you for shipping even when you've bought the required amount for free shipping.

Well... they've redeemed themselves in my eyes; they explained that in my region it costs more. However this should be clear from the start. Tsk tsk

Tip for consumers:
be careful to check the shipping before completing order and to not believe them re: free shipping until you check their asterisk that mentions higher fees

7 reviews
5 helpful votes
December 26th, 2017

Everything arrived on time, no complaints about this company, however ordered just once. Not enough items to keep me going back.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 1st, 2020

I bought Carina Organics styling gel, it could be a lot better, but I do like that no chemicals are used. It is also nice that the certified organic items are listed in green. I did find that I needed to use more than a small amount of styling gel, as the back of the bottom says in the directions. As well, it's something that does have to be put on a few times throughout the day, if you want hair to stay styling all the day. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend this product, if you are needed a stronger gel, that will last all the day. It's for my son, so not a huge deal to have to re-apply, but would rather have something to last all the day. I purchased the 8.4 fl oz bottle. I would recommend purchasing a bigger size if you find that you really like this product. I am not sure if they offer a larger bottle of this product, I ordered a few smaller bottles, so maybe it was all that they had, am not sure. I couldn't find a larger size at the time of my ordering. As well, do follow the directions on the back of the bottle that says: to style and hold, work gel from scalp to the hair tip.

1 review
16 helpful votes
December 31st, 2019

I purchased 2 Smash And Tess outfits as Christmas presents only to realize there is a no return or exchange policy regardless of the issue with the items ordered. On their website it even says, " hassle free returns", but you must read their long list of exceptions to this! As it turns out even though I reviewed the virtual size calculator, the sizes are not exactly what is needed. I am now stuck with 2 outfits that do not fit my daughter and daughter-in-law and for me it is at least $250 down the drain! The inflexibility of this policy will be the reason I do not shop on Well.ca again. I even contacted Smash and Tess directly to inquire and if you purchase anything on another website of a partnered retailer who sells their products, they do not honour returns or exchanges either. What happens if the product is defective? Well.ca tells you to contact the company. So watch what you order because regardless of any issues it will be a FINAL SALE!

1 review
14 helpful votes
February 26th, 2020

I was looking for a hard-to-find in Canada cosmetic line - and to my surprise they have them at Well.ca at half the cost than Shoppers Drug Mart! I ordered Sunday morning and received shipment Tues aft. So 2 day delivery is excellent. I don't know why others have complained. You get to support a small Canadian company instead of Corporate Amazon who BTW pays no taxes and has very poor conditions for staff. It's a nice touch to receive a Thank-you hand-signed note. I appreciate you Well.ca

1 review
10 helpful votes
March 22nd, 2018

I have to throw in the towel on doing business with this Canadian company. Firstly, their prices are no better than those at Shoppers, London Drug or Walmart. Secondly, their shipping time frame is deplorable. I get stuff from Amazon Prime within 2-3 days. Landsend in the USA within 6 days and Marks & Spencer in the UK in about 4-5 days. These guys can take upwards of two weeks. So let's see, their prices are market, their shipping is slow, so what's the value proposition here. But to add vinegar to the wound, I received an mail (likely an all call email) from their CEO Jennifer, informing me that because I live in a REMOTE area of BC, all further orders under $100.00 Canadian were subject to a $20.00 shipping surcharge. Remote? Hum. I live in Nanaimo BC. We have an airport big enough for jets to land, and roads and highway, and big ferries and everything. How is it that Amazon can find me lickety split, but a Canadian company from Guelph Ontario seem to think my location is remote/rural/the hinterland. Honestly, someone at Well.ca needs to revisit the way they do online business, because I for one am no longer a customer.

Q&A (10)


It's located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. They have a huge warehouse here and I often see it when driving by during my business trip.

By Alexic J.

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