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65 reviews
1940 Argentia Road
Mississauga, ON L5N 1P9, CA
Tel: 1 (800) 328-0402

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"Satisfaction guaranteed" is the biggest joke I've ever heard! Walmart online has by far the worst customer service. Not even the supervisors listen or try to make things right. Keep in mind Walmart has a 30 min cancellation policy, and if your in that 30 mins and try to call and cancel but their customer service is closed, they will not do a damn thing to help you, nor listen to what you are saying. Oh and it takes 3 weeks to deliver a product to the store that ALREADY HAS IT!

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I wished I had reviewed the horrific reviews about before ordering the items. Obviously, I am just one of endless customers who have had terrible experience with online shopping.

I am someone who has done a lot of online shopping. I am also a regular Walmart store shopper. Recently I placed an online order on and I must say that I have never seen anything as horrific as the experience with The Wal Mart Headquarters is at 1940 Argentia Road, Mississauga ON, L5N 1P9, Canada.

I placed an online order for two security cameras on On October 4, 2018, my credit card was charged by WALMART CANADA INC for the 2 security cameras that I ordered.

In addition to the security cameras order, I ordered another item in a couple of days on not knowing what a horrrific experience it will be. All my orders where supposed to be shipped to Langley Walmart, where I usually shop. The second order actually got to the store, but when I went to pick it up, the package was damaged, and having had a terrible experience with online customer service, I decided not to bother opening it. I showed the damaged package to the store manager, and the professional manager of the store (Fred) said that it would be no problem to return it. This store is excellent and it was the reason that I had decided to do shopping online which turned out to be a disaster.

I spend endless amount of time and energy to speak to a lot of agents and managers and they were all terrible, clueless, and unprofessional.

It is now, June 1, 2019 and I yet to see any refund for a product that I ordered online on and was never shipped. THIS IS PLAIN ROBBERY.

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I ordered a patio set from Walmart, which comes in two boxes, a large box for the table, and a separate large box for the chairs. This company was hired by Walmart to deliver my purchase. The delivery was extremely unprofessional and disrespectfully conducted. We put a notice on the door that we were home and two cars were in our driveway. In any event, the delivery was conducted by two employees, who threw the box with the table on the porch, never rang the doorbell to notify us that the delivery was made, and they failed to deliver the second box containing the 6 patio chairs.

The idiotic delivery guys did take the time to take a picture of the box on the porch, as proof that the delivery had been made.

We waited all day at home for the delivery, and lost a day's pay. Then this company notified Walmart that the delivery had been made, which caused Walmart to issue a receipt that stated we received our complete order, which was completely false.

When I contacted this company for an explanation of where the other part of the order was, and why it had not been delivered, all I got was the run-around and no answers.

We have still yet to receive our complete order. I have spent several hours on the phone with this company, Walmart, and visa, in order to resolve a problem caused by this company alone.

They are unreliable, and unprofessional, which is why they have a 1 star rating out of 23 reviews, and a c- rating by the BBB. They should be out of business. Who would trust these morons with delivering anything?

Well Walmart does. Figures since Walmart and Sameday have a lot in common.

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I ordered through walmart grocery online on May 14/2019 and set to be delivered on May 15/2019 between 4-6pm,, This is not the first time that i am ordering from walmart but this experience is horrible . I have shipping and billing address but for unknown reason the delivery guy calling from my billing address that he was outside to deliver . i was shocked and told he is at wrong afdress, long story cut short the store manager called and promise the groceries will be delivered next day .On Thursday one of the manager called and again promise to have it promise to delivered on friday It was delivered on Friday on May 17/2019 but 10 items was missing .Uptil today May 25/2019 with several calls day in day out i am yet to receive the remaining 10 items . This experience has been a horrible and exhausting . I am on wheelchair dealing with health issues and also thiis is too much to handle

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Horrible service. Received only 1 chair of a 2 chair shipment. Now I am told I have to return the chair to a retail store. This was not my error and now I have to waste my time fixing the problem. I will never spend another penny in a Walmart store ever again. I used to grocery shop at their store but I will never set foot in one again. Horrible company.

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I normally would never post about a late delivery, but Walmart Canada needs to realize that this is not customer service.

Here's what happened:

I ordered a pack of 8 plastic storage bins from Walmart Canada using their online ordering system, on Thursday, April 11th. The delivery date on the item in Checkout said Tuesday, April 16th, which was plenty of time for me to pack up my items and have them ready to move by Friday, April 19th. I noticed in the confirmation email that the delivery date from their shipping company TForce said Monday, April 15th, and there was a tracking button in the email giving me updates throughout the day - awesome!

Monday, April 15th rolls around and the tracking app says that my package is "Picked Up" in Brampton, ON at 10:31am, and another message saying "Expected by 9pm". I'm thinking that is a little late to be delivering packages, but since I'm home all day, I don't mind checking the front door every now and again for the package.

By 7:30pm, I check the tracking app again and see "Exception, No Access" from 6:49pm. That doesn't make sense since I live on a residential street and there was absolutely no reason why there would be no access to my house. So I give Walmart Canada a call, using their customer service phone number. They tell me that I need to call TForce directly to figure out why I didn't get the package today, the woman then agrees to compensate me for the inconvenience with a $10 eVoucher for another online purchase. It was not what I wanted to get but I appreciated the effort, so I accepted the voucher. She then told me to wait until Tuesday morning for my package to arrive.

Tuesday, April 16th arrives, and I see a "Receive Scan" at 7:11am on the tracking app. Great! That means I will probably get my package this morning, right? Wrong. I got no further updates that day. I called TForce again Tuesday night to ask where my package was, and they said that I "need to wait until Wednesday morning". When I asked to speak with the manager about this, I was told that she was busy, and she would call me back I never got that call back.

Wednesday, April 17th is here, and I see a message on the tracking app that my item has been "Picked Up" in Markham, ON at 12:03pm. That's strange since the last pickup was in Brampton. Maybe they got the warehouse wrong? Again, I see a message "Expected By 9pm". At 6:24pm the message on the app says "Exception, Short Cartons". What does THAT mean? So, I called TForce again to have them tell me that the driver must have made a mistake and didn't have my package, but someone could still bring my package tonight. Yeah, right. I asked to be transferred to the manager who was confirmed to be in the building. The sales rep then transfers my call, and then I was hung up on.

Thursday, April 18th morning same "Pickup Up in Markham, ON" at 11:47am and "Expected by 9pm" messages, as well as "Exceptions, Short Cartons" message at 12:29pm. So, I called TForce AGAIN. They tell me that "they're sure I will get my package tomorrow". Tomorrow meaning Good Friday, the day I doubt drivers will be delivering packages. This same service representative tells me that if not by Friday, then they will deliver it on the weekend. I questioned him and asked if they even deliver on weekends, and he said yes. Bold Lie.

The time which I needed the package has now passed.

Easter Monday, April 22nd, I called TForce at 8:30am to see if there was any chance of me getting my package or if I can get a refund for my purchase. They tell me that I need to call Walmart Canada for a refund. I called and was asked why I wanted a refund. I told him that I had called them previously about this same problem. He then found my call history with them and tells me that my problem has been "Escalated to the Resolution Team", and will hear back, either by email or phone call, in 24-48hrs (Meaning Wednesday at the latest).

I waited until Friday, April 26th to see if they would contact me. They did not. I then called Walmart Canada again. They told me that an eVoucher had been issued already so they would not be able to compensate me any further or issue me a refund for my item until the item has been returned to the warehouse. Let's think about this if the package cannot be located at the warehouse for it to be shipped to my house, how will the package be located to return it to the warehouse? It doesn't make sense to me either.

I am told that there is "No update yet" and their team is currently working on it. Apparently, my issue has been "escalated to Late Delivery" and I am asked to "Please allow us time". I have already waited 11 days past my expected delivery date. I'm pretty much in the dark here. I asked to be contacted with any update and the rep tells me that he has now escalated my case to "Call Back" for Tuesday, April 30th.

I'm writing this on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. I have not heard anything from Walmart Canada or TForce, I have not received a refund in my bank account, I have an unwanted evoucher (why would I shop with them again?), and I am no longer getting any updates from the tracking app since April 19th.

This has been the worst online order experience I have ever had with a company. I am disappointed with Walmart and their service, as well as their choice of a transportation company. The only effort that has been made in this matter is by me, calling the companies.

Walmart Canada, why won't you fix this?

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Today I am writing to you out of confusion and frustration. I have been a loyal Walmart customer for years, always happy and satisfied with the great products and the exceptional service until today unfortunately...

I am a flood victim that has been evacuated from her home and The Red Cross offered us a certificate for provision at the Walmart we chose in order to eat until we can go back home. I was happy to choose Walmart on Robert Bourassa Street in Laval Québec to do my groceries at and the certificate is for the amount of 260$; and when my groceries amounted to 264$, I was happy to pay the difference.

The manager Hafiz told me it could not be done and went along with her with taking items out so it can be less then 260$ but then, Ms Hafiz advised that the difference could not given and will be kept by Walmart which is contrary to the recommendation of the Red Cross that advised to use all the money allocated since it will all be given to Walmart and Walmart should not short change the customer/flood victims.

I already had a big day at work and trying to struggle to come back home and see where we are going to sleep with the kids and I didn't have the energy to argue with Ms Hafiz who doesn't seem to care and has no customer service skills.

When Ms Hafiz managed to complicate the situation by stepping out to chit chat with her friends while making us wait for her colleague Joanie that never showed, we got tired and went to see Ms Hafiz informing her that we are leaving. Contrary to her resolving the problem and with her condescending and prejudice attitude, showed us the door with no remorse as if she was doing us a favor when in reality the Red Cross was

All this to say that I have never judged the brand from one person representing it but today I am a very dissatisfied customer and passing a hard time and your manager fully knew we are flood victims and instead of being understanding, empathetic, human and diplomatic, she was very rude and hurtful.

From a very disatified and disappointed customer!!!!

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I bought split peas the other day and because I only purchased 3 consumable products that I was using within days, I tossed the receipt. Lesson learned, check the expiration date before you purchase from Walmart

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I go to the Walmart on a Friday night at 8pm and there are only1 cashier and 2 12 items or less cashier then they tell me to go to self check out I tell them u get paid to work here not me also if u want to keep your jobs then don't tell people to use the check out it took me 15 check out 3 items cause the place was packed so Walmart hire people to do the cashier job

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Was double charged for THREE items in one shopping trip! The cashier noticed one of the mistakes and voided it; however, I didnt notice the other two double charges until I got home. When I returned to customer service that evening to be refunded the amount I was double charged for, the employee didnt seem to be too concerned, not even a bit of an apology. Last few times I shopped at Walmart I was not impressed, going downhill!!

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Where to start, crappy service in store? I called and the phone rang for hour no one answered at all. Or how I did online food shop came to pick time. than it says i have 2 hours to shop. why order and pre pay if you are still doing in store shopping and the ones who pick you items do not care about the quality .The prices are increasing but quality is getting worse. They is no staff available
when needing help and those who are go into the back and leave you standing there,.

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Quality of product is bad and very difficult to return when you buy things from their website.I bought 2 "oversized banket scarf" and they were mailed from China. They turned out very very light and small triangle scarves. Contacted customer service and the seller offered me 20% refund! Bad bad service!

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Despite the online customer service is not bad, store service is pretty terrible.
I ordered store pick up items online a week ago for today's pick up, and after finishing the order I conformed with the store staff to make sure reserve the items, but today they sent me the email saying that OUT OF STOCK!!!
So I just called 3 different locations to find out product availability which it only states as 'Almost sold out' on the web site.
Finally I got hold of a staff after 5 mins at 1 location and 1 location after 16 mins!!!, and the other didn't succeed at all.
2 months ago same thing happened at the different township, so I reported to the online service about the store's quality at that time but after what happened today, I clearly realize that it's the WALMART'S GENERAL QUALITY, not only the some odd locations.
I don't get how they're going to compete with AMAZON with this level of service.

3 reviews
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I ordered an item for my niece's birthday that was listed as "In Stock" and estimated to arrive on Fri. The item not only didn't arrive but hadn't even been shipped! Contacted them only to find out that the issue is that they don't have it in stock and can't give me an updated estimated delivery date...that's bad enough, but here's the real bad part:

They won't let me cancel the order!! Their claim is that it can only be canceled within 30 min of placing the order, even though they did not live up to their end of the purchase agreement. All I can do it wait for it to ship and "refuse the delivery" and I'll be refunded when it returns to their warehouse. EXCEPT THAT IT'S NOT SIGNATURE REQUIRED, so it will just be left at my door.

My coworker had a similar experience and the item he ordered ended up not being shipped until 3 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Clearly this is not an isolated issue but a systemic problem. I will NEVER order from them again, and am warning everyone I know to avoid like the plague!

17 reviews
48 helpful votes

Everytime i have bought off here had nothing but great experiences.

If something was wrong walmart is quick to fix and solve the issue.

Ordered makeup even came lighting fast in perfect condition and quality.

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Went with my daughter to Super centre Wal Mart ( Innes Rd)and she saw a Valentine toy that has been damaged basically all ripped it was the last one they had(we did look around to see if there was another in better condition) and when we went to pay cashier, called supervisor Susan (who was standing on supervisor spot) to come and see if it possible to adjust the price.First she never said Hi or anything to greet you or smile, her facial expression was like why are you bothering /irritating me I just want to keep standing on this spot without doing anything. If it was up to me I would just walk out but my daughter wanted it so much so I stayed and got it for hardly reduced price after giving the price she was so challenging her facial and body language showed only impatience she did say "do you want it or not I really wanted to tell her xxx but didn't so she walked away no bye or thank you for shopping here or is there anything you need or smile NOTHING and just to mention I haven't had a chance to meet such a unpleasant, unprofessional and rude Wal Mart employee before. I go shop there 3 even 4 times a week and employees are real great that is my experience but having misfortune to meet SUSAN was quite off putting. She is tall,skinny, elderly with blondish hair if you see her avoid her if you can. If she doesn't like working or talking to people why was she put in that position is mystery, her interpersonal skill is NON EXISTENT. My advice is avoid her if you can I will for sure.

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Tryed to order a swing set online for 198.00$ went through the checkout . When I went to enter my payment method the price jumped 400$ . Called them they weren't any help treated me like I was a liar . Never shopping here agai

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I ordered something early in December and it was to arrive in store on December 11, 2018. I went in on December 11 and was told that it had not arrived yet. Christmas came and I was busy. I called their 1-888 number and someone was suppose to call me back, no one did. Today, February 13, I call my local store and spoke with a gentleman who also saw that my order was still pending and he refunded my order. Terrible online shopping experience. Will have to serious reconsider buy from Walmart online again. However, my dealings with the store today were fantastic. Why is there no one checking that all orders are filled at your distribution warehouse? Where is the customer service here?

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This is the 2nd bad order I have from

The first occasion, they charged my card twice and held the 2nd transaction for over a month. This was resolved, however, NOWHERE in the shipping information or online order forms did they advice that this will happen.

I recently ordered a small oil heater necessary for this brutal winter we are having.
I just picked it up delivered by UPS. With boot prints on the box, and the grills are banged and bent at the bottom. Also, it came with infomplete instructions, but that's a manufacturer issue.
I just called their 800, they refused to send another one. While this one is being resolved and sent back, while i wait **2days** to call them again to fillow up on their (get this) 3rd party seller. ... Again, much like the last issue, **SOMETHING NOT TOLD TO THE CUSTOMER!**. They told me to purchase another.
Now I wait, cold, with surprise leg spasms at night because of the cold!
Contemplating legal action.

16 reviews
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Bought a coat from Walmart online shopping. I ordered 1 size larger than usual Coat arrived in 6 weeks. Tags read 3XL. NOT EVEN CLOSE. My daughter is size 12-14, Fits her great. I contacted Walmart who sent my inquiry to Comicpower Inc. RESULTS
(Direct quote) we have low profit already. You keep the coat and we suggest to refund $5.00. OMG!! Seems Walmart bought from Asian supplier. There is NOTHING on Walmart website to indicate sizes are NOT Canadian/US. Do not buy clothing if you are over size 12. SHAME on you Walmart. Untrustworthy shopping experience.

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I used a Walmart gift card to order a messenger bag from walmart. A couple of weeks later I got notice that I chose to cancel the order. I never did so I called them.. they claimed this was in error and to wait for my bag... 2 days after the date it was to arrive I checked my account and saw that there was no record of the item ever existing.
After calling them they told me they'd give me a full refund to the card I used "Which I had thrown out after the purchase"
After explaining this to them they said the'yd send me a new gift card.... I fought tooth and nail with them to just have the bag reshipped... They refused.. They've been absolutely Horrid to deal with. In fact the experience is so Bad I no longer wish to shop at walmart at all.... I'm even stuck with this worthless gift card which I intend to try and cash in so I can at least have some money toward the purchase of this bag Ill now have to buy on amazon....
I'm absolutely Livid... I've wasted 5 hours of my time trying to get this sorted but they refuse to fix this error.. I've gone to the BBB but am learning fairly quickly that its a losing battle and that the BBB will not help with the matter either.
Walmart moves in, Pushes out local business, then offers terrible service when there's no proper competition..

6 reviews
18 helpful votes

Super Duper Awesome company. Thank you so very much for my son's equipment being here on time and in good condition. I wanted to buy him something special and that's what they delivered! We were so exited!

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I found extra charges on my credit card bill that was different from what was on the website and my order confirmation email.

This is what I got from Diana V from Customer service.

We charged you for the correct amount that you should be charged, Andrew. We apologize if the website is giving you different information. There might be a system glitch with However, the system that we are using is much reliable and updated than the website.

Diana and her manager Zdin both said what I saw and authorize on the website does not matter. TRUST is what you earn Walmart.

2 reviews
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I go to this Walmart all the time & tonight I just got home from trying to do a return I had ordered online. I asked the lady near the self check out if there was anyone to help me and she told me to go to 3 cause that's where returns are. I get in line & there was a lady ahead of me, the older gal that was at the register was doing a return for an older gentleman who was Hispanic. The worker looked at me as a couple came to stand behind me & she said to me in the most rude annoying way at me, basically $#*!ing at me "this line is for returns only" I looked at her with a smile abd said "I know". She then proceeds to say "and you ALL have returns? This line is for returns only! I'm not checking anyone out" (she said to the couple behind me) so the couple left. Then she goes on & tells this guy "next time you do a return without a recite it won't let you cause your doing one now". The guy obviously didn't understand and just shook his head as he looked down. I could tell right off the bat she was having a bad day & taking it out at customers. The next lady was returning just one item, a mascara & it was open cause I can see the plastic case half off. The lady explained that she didn't notice it was the color blue & wanted black. She chuckled nervously as the worker glared at her. Then another lady walked by infront of the register & asked if she could do a return & the worker looked at her and said in the most $#*!y annoyed way to this poor lady "returns are here". Obviously the lady just smiled and said "ookayy" confused as to WHY she was being yelled at & walked around behind me. My 3 yr old daughter had a mini conversation with the lady behind us & when it was our turn I knew what was up. While doing the lady infront of me; return the worker stood there $#*!ing "im never gana get off this register b4 11" a younger gal that worked there came by & this older gal askedif she was going to switch out with her, the younger gal said no she just had to grab sone bags cause shes out. The younger gak left& cane back to open the register next to her to check peopleout & the older gal started $#*!ing at the younger gal in the next register "i was supposed to learn something new today, but I'm stuck here doing returns cause I'm the ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO IT! There's only 2 of us who knows how to do returns, me and the csm" the younger gal didn't reply.I gave the worker my 2 items & paper I had printed, she took one look and basically threw my paper back at me and told me she can't do my online return because it HAD to be done at customer service ONLY. I looked at her surprised & said that last time I came they could do it on the register. She told me no she couldn't do it cause she didn't know how which was complete bull $#*!. Why would they not have someone who knew how to do an online return at all working the day after Christmas & I went later to avoid the crowd. It was only 10pm. She refused to do my return and told me no no no. The worker looked at me and told me "you have to go to a different store" I was in shock she literally just told me that I had to go to a different store to do my return. That they didn't have enough staff tonight and the only ones who can and knows how to do a return was her & the csm & that they don't do online returns at night, only in the morning and that I have no choice, but to comeback tomorrow morning to do it. I was so confused so I asked if she can ask the csm if she woukd do it then, the lady didn't even ket me finish my sentence, all she kept saying was no no no. I about had enough & still being polite looked her in the eye and asked "can you ask?" she said no cause the csm was doing something. She made it sound like the csm was doing paperwork or stocking. She got super annoyed and huffed under her breath and with her annoyed body language and facial expression turned away to go find the csm. The lady behind started chatting with me about how bad the workers night must be starting off the way she did with her as well & I told the lady yeah, she was upset b4 even helping me. We both agreed that during this hour and time they should definitely staff themselves accordingly & nit be taking their anger out on customers. I told the lady I work in retail so I know how it can be. The worker came back and said in her annoyed way at me "did you see her shake her head no?"so now I have 2 workers who supposedly are the only ones who knows how to do a return, but refuses to do mine. I asked if she can't do my return if it was possible if I just got other items and exchange it. She agian looked at me all irritated and said no no no that its the same process, my items have to be return and I can't exchange anything cause I have to return it. I didn't understand why cause it's not really being returned, just exchanged, but whatever. The lady behind me told me I should call the other store first so it's not a waste of my time driving there cause I told the worker I'm 3 hours away tomorrow and didn't want to make the drive & she just glared at me and told me to "go to the Walmart there". Ohmyjeez. I left the line, told the lady behind me to have a goid night and stood infront near customer service trying to call the other walmarts and took forever for someone to answer. When they did the lady at the other end didn't sound excited either, but told me yes they are and di do returns all day everyday and hour. 1st off, old lady that works there this is my second rude encounter with you. 2nd, Walmart, do your customers a huge favor and teach your employees to smile, fake it till they make it and never put their frustration at work towards your customers who are the ones helping you stay in business. I work retail, I'm a manager & would NEVER, EVER let my employees treat our customers in that fashion. Customers are not punching bags. Customers need to be treated with respect and a warm welcome, that's how you build a relationship with them to get them coming back. Truth be told about 90% of the people you employ can't help customers with anything. They have no knowledge of the store or product. There's never anyone around to help either, but I shop there cause I'm a Walmart fan, not a fan of the employees. I have occasionally run into a handful of nice one who is knowledgeable from time to time. Just for future reference, take the time to let your employees know how to handle anger. If that was my employee, I'd akready sent her home. You don't stand there and complain about everything to another employee while helping out a customer. That's the #1 rule. Very very distasteful. Walmart, smh at your employees tonight.

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Up on my third online order and it's the last. First one, had them shipped to the store for pickup. The order was split, firt item got in within 2 days, the other took almost three weeks. OK, then went to store and stayed inline for 20 minutes to talk to the PickUp lady who took another 20 minutes to find my order...Second order wassent to my residence - 14 days AFTER ordering. Then, this last one, again 2 different items, sent in two shipment. One of them had the paperwork submitted for a pickup by UPS on the Friday morning and STILL was not AVAILABLE for pickup up by the following Thursday. Needlees to say I was not happy, Called Customer support to cancel the items and they say, too bad, we cannot cancel because it's with an outside vendor and they already made arrangements to have it picked up. Wished I could have had a three way conversation with UPS and Walmart to let them dish it out, one saying the Vendor was not ready to ship and the other saying it was. I asked to talk with supervisor who said she could "try" to cancel it but could not guarantee it and the refund would only be processed once the vendor confirms the order AND has the items back on hand. She also said, wait and return it to the store. SURE AND WAIT AN0THER 30 MINUTES in line...The Online experience is the worst I've seen...NEVER AGAIN Walmart, never again...

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Choose menu option 1 for grocery order and customer service will answer. Discovered in frustration, was going to say oops and ask for transfer to human but no need.

By Kandyce L.
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