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J S.
39 reviews
“Always Have Great Service”

While things happen in the mail, I think service is great. I have gone to many locations in many states and have encountered a lot of knowledgeable, nice, and efficient workers. Thank you for keeping the country moving.

George X.
1 review

Reading all the review by other customers made me feel a little bit better about myself and my situation, because my experience with the local USPS office in Bedford, TX has been very similar like others and the worst part is that you try to complain to a supervisor or USPS online and and they treat you even worse. It makes you feel completely helpless.
My experience started 2 months ago when I was overseas for 3 weeks, my mailbox got full and the delivery person by the name of Pamela left a note that my mail will be held at the postal office because I am not emptying my box. I removed all the coupons and brochures that they stuff my mail box with and left a new sticker with my name (it s an apartment complex) . for 5 days in a row we were playing the same "game" with that individual - I put a sticker with my name, next day she removes it and put one stating "unclaim" and refuses to deliver my mail. Really? Is that a normal person. I went to their office , spoke to a supervisor and he made me fill a form so they can start deliver my mail again, meanwhile all the mail for past 4 weeks have been returned to sender.
As most of you know in the apartments there is an area wih all the mailboxes, and many people just throw around all that coupons, advertisements, brochures etc. A week ago I have a not in my mailbox from that person saying to" stop throwing my mail on the ground or I will return ALL your mail to sender. I AM NOT YOUR MAID!" - word for word. I went to USPS local office spoke a supervisor, he acted all serious about it, and next day - my new name sticker is removed again and no mail . The supervisor's name was Bobby (Mitchel ? Chad? or something). He assures me that will naver happen again, untill next when my latest sticker is removed again and note saying " ALL mail is held at P.O - per Bobby whoever". I went looking for Bobby. He was hiding all day from me, turning down my phone calls and finally responded apologizing saying tomorrow I ll get my mail delivered. Today I got another one of my name stickers scratched from the mailbox, and no mail. Bobby is hiding again, but another supervisor answers my phone call and starts yelling in phone that she knows "all about" my situation, and they are not going to deliver my mail till I stop throwing stuff on the ground, literally acting like a drunk person, won't let me speak and threatens me with the police ??!!!! Fro what - she doesn't know either. when I was able to ask her - how could I throw mail on the ground when my mail is not being deliver for the past week, she responds that she sees the pictures...????? I submitted many complains on the usps site last month, with no luck hearing from them, I ve complained to the inspector general with no luck either. today is poke to somebody from USPS consumer affairs and supposedly they "will see and investigate".
This is USPS , our federal government postal service. I don't know what are the qualifications for that department, but they definitely need to start doing polygraphing and psych evaluation. I am just speechless. This is outrageous!

Jim M.
1 review
“Don't rely on USPS”

Paid $64 for overnight mail. The carrier didn't leave the package although no signature was required. Call to customer service wait time was 1 1/4 hours!!!

usps s.
1 review
“delayed priority mail packages, just over all terrible.”

like others are saying ive had the same problems. delayed packages and problems with the rude workers, etc.
actually had an employee refuse a picked up shipment from me one time because it weighed one ounce (1/16 ) of a pound less than the label said it did. i had to pay again for another label which was the SAME cost..disgruntled employees at best.
also, my local post office just sucks. sometimes they hold my priority packages for 1-3 days before they send them out. how are they even allowed to do this ?

Sama A.
1 review
“#USPS stealing from customers”

PLEASE go with #USPS on Tweeter, Instagram, and Facebook to publicly talk about your experiences. Then, contact your state senators to follow up on your cases. They will offer you free lawyer to take your rights. Never stop fighting for your rights.Otherwise, they will continue stealing your belongings.
USPS stole a 45 lb package that I mailed from their office in NY. There were 60 different items in my package. The status says that my package is in the mail recovery center. I have talked to 20 different supervisor and manager. Talked to mail recovery center (dead mail) supervisor more than 10 times. Went there is person. asked for security camera check. Submitted 8 missing mail requests with all the information, brand, color, size, picture of each item and document. The only thing I kept hearing was that they were going to sell my stuff in an auction soon! They could not find my package because they stole it. They did not offer me an insurance in the office when I was mailing my package. Never said they would not compensate me if any thing goes wrong with my uninsured package. Now, they are hiding behind their internally hidden regulation for not giving me a cent. Thieves. God damn you and your corporation thieves.

Dianne D.
1 review

I special ordered a product, have been anticipating it's arrival. The day the package was sched. to arr., I go to the mailbox disappointed bc I have all of my neighbors mail. I check the tracking and it says "unable to deliver". After going through it with the post office, I get an excuse that the carrier THOUGHT my residence was vacant and my packages are in their forwarding facility and I will receive them according to how busy they are. Mind you, there are 2 houses across from me that are vacant, the only similarities in the addresses is the first number. It's been over a month and still nothing!!! I'm so annoyed and frustrated that I paid for my products and don't have them because of their negligence!

anjel f.
1 review
“piss poor service all around”

USPS seems to be in the news non stop for theft. Piss poor service, scammers, management from hell, employees with criminal backgrounds.

Harry H.
84 reviews
“Poor overall in many ways”

i only use USPS when I absolutely have to. Tracking is useless and late, with only 3 exceptions in multiple states, customer service and the understanding of the concept is nonexistent, and in my home area delivery is highly unreliable. More than once it's taken my business envelope mail to get across town about 5 days, no exaggeration. My go-to's are ups and fedex.

Vee C.
2 reviews
“The worst company on the face of the earth ... scratch that universe”

I ordered from a site with two day shipping on March 31st . They shipped my package in two days as promised and the package began moving in went from California to Florida ( the state I shipped it to) and has been trapped there since April 5th . I have not received an update from usps since. Its been 4 days shy of a month and well past the time I needed the clothes by and I am yet to get any information. Every time usps ships my package something happens to it . This service is garbage, if you have to ship something please use another service if possible.

4 reviews
“USPS is the gold standard.”

What can I say? USPS is a rock. They're always their, perfect tracking, on-time delivery, and reasonable prices. I hope they are always there for us.

Robert L.
54 reviews
“Postal Insurance? Think Twice!”

As far as I'm concerned buying insurance from the post office is as good as throwing that money down a rat hole. Proof - with a capitol P - is the key, the problem, and the hidden lie. They pay nothing, Zero, unless you can prove not only what you send is actually in the box, but it's Actual Worth; NOT what you insured it for. They just love ppl who buy the larger amount thinking that's what they will get in case of loss. Of course all this is hidden in the fine print that's not even on the little cards you fill out there. Unless you really dig, or read this review first, you find out After you file a claim you've bought nothing but a sham.
The runaround starts immediately with the typical City Hall Stall, then goes to You having to prove that you Did fulfill all the requirements. Then you have to prove what was in the box..better be well prepared for That. If it's something personal - no matter it's worth - you're sol. Pix and a lawyer might get you somewhere, if it's worth that, but store receipts are all they recognize outside of court. replacement value, Proven, is it, and any other worth/loss will not even be considered no matter how at fault they are.
There is a secondary problem, the delivery person. Once it's "delivered" all else is off, no matter whether you, or who you sent to, gets the package or not. Carelessness doesn't enter into it. Seems that's allowed as mater of course. Thinking your postman would simply put a package behind the stairs, directly under the mail box, where it's out of sight from the sidewalk only six feet away, didn't work for me.
Instead a box with $740 worth of jewelry materials was dropped in front of another address, in the opposite direction, and it was stolen. When I went to file the claim they simply said it was delivered, SOL.
I got the whole story days later when another neighbor, two buildings down, came to me with the box. It was in his trash with the few pieces left that made him suspicious. Talking this around when the police were there other residents said they'd seen the box, and thought how stupid it was being out in plain sight in New Orleans! Back to the post office with this, police report and all, they just shrugged.. So what.
It was then I find out that I couldn't have collected Anyway, because if there is any Other insurance, like from a sender, they won't pay on That account. No matter who's fault they don't pay, period.
My advice is to use another carrier, the extra expense..if there even is any..paid for by the insurance you did Not buy from the post office.

diana l.
2 reviews

my package had the correct name and address on it. when checking the tracking number at USPS said it was delivered to my mailbox. which I have a LOCKED mailbox. my package was not in it. calling the local post office the next day waited an hour on hold then I was told the mail carrier on my route was not in. they were really rude and could care less about finding my package it was no big deal to them. I filled a lost package online and tried calling USPS main headquarters only to not be able to get through the menu plays over and over again and you can not push a selection. useless. if your package is not insured then what ever happens to it is anybody's guess. with that kind of service the USPS should be free.

Caroline M.
3 reviews
“Lost my parcel and ignored me”

My packing has been On its was to the destination for 10 days!! I contact them by email. No reply. I contacted the on twitter 3 hours ago, they have completely and blatantly ignored me, sent 39 tweets to other customers. Theyve lost my package and are hiding!! Absolute cowards and discusting customer service!!

Tracking - LS106753298CN

Ash J.
1 review
“WORST! DOnt waste your money! Package was LOST”

Its the worst service ever. I had to send some documents and didnot know even after 15 days I will be disappointed to hear that the international package hasnt reached the destination.
There were just 4 A4 sized documents.
I hate their service and will never use USPS again!

Jamie M.
57 reviews
“USPS in my local area”

Worst customer service. They have lost several of my packages. I got a letter that was ripped open and I asked nicely several times for them to deliver to my door step and was refused because I'm not disabled or elderly.

Keneke M.
1 review
“Worst Customer Service”

These people that work for this government agency just don't care about customer service. They are rude to people.

Dennis P.
1 review

I went to the postal office Cudahy, CA Los Angeles to send some Doc's to Tegucigalpa, HN. Placed on Sept 8, 2017. Package left USA until Sept. 24? Still not registered in Honduras. It has been in route for more than a month, they told me in the postal service it would take 6-9 business days to arrive. Really? it has been more than 30 working days and still not there. I should have sent it thru DHL pay a little more but their service is excellent. I have received packages from Honduras to Los Angeles in 3-5 days. Bad decision to use USPS.

Laura L.
15 reviews

I've tried numerous times printing my own labels and as soon as you make one mistake, reload the page or miss a field, the whole thing disappears and you're back at square one. I use other engines to print labels.
Ordering supplies are ok, but they could organize those flat rate boxes so I can actually the difference between them.

M G.
1 review
“Always Disappointing!”

Every simple transaction is difficult, takes too much time, employees always exhibit a "I Don't Care" and "I'll get to it after my break" attitude, more complicated transactions like PO Box rental require an unreasonable amount of time, multiple forms of ID which most of us don't carry, and may not be approved if you have another address (of which you may not receive your mail). You can count on a one hour wait if you call "Customer Service" and if you can understand them, are just not helpful. I can learn to live without it just like other service providers with the same level of service. Bye-Bye...

Dale M.
3 reviews
“Private companies for domestic mail services would undoubtedly do much better”

I have been unhappy with this site for several years. I have been able to avoid it for a couple of years, but had to refer to it once again. It had changed. There is some kind of - I don't know - instinct, insatiability, insanity? - for webpage designers and owners to constantly "improve" their web pages, but in their attempts they actually worsen their site. Unless a site is truly a horror, improvements should be moderate and gradual. This allows the customer/reader base to grow accustomed to incremental changes (like brainwashing people into cultural Marxism) whereas one great leap forward will simply decimate the base.

I am extremely disappointed with this site. Next time I need information on mailing something, I'll ask someone else to do it. That way, they will build character, and I will be saved much grief and wasted time.

I went to the usps webpage, expecting to be frustrated, but not expecting to have to go to over a dozen pages to find what I was looking for. The United States Post Office Monopoly actively sells up, or tries to. First there is the super premium service at something over $50. Then there is the simply deluxe version for $30 or $40. Almost lastly, there is the really good service for a few dollars. I thought the page was about premium services, so left it, only to be redirected back to it in a later incarnation. So this time I scrolled and scrolled all the way down. Its as if common customers are told to sit in the back of the post office bus, while priority attention is given to the folk with bigger bankrolls. Thats fine. They want revenue. Thats one way to do it. Meanwhile, the hoi poloi are screaming for some enterprising company (since the suits and dresses in the U.S. Congress are unwilling to do so) to develop even more kinds of domestic mail delivery systems, so we can get service that is neither snail-like, scatter-brained, messy, unclear, nor unjustifiably expensive. (I realize the unions have to get their cuts, but even so, prices could be lower. Simply remove a few of the superfluous middle-supervisor, middle-management, middle-department-head, and specialist positions.)

So, finally, by clicking on Buy Stamps I was able to get to a page with different types of services, which gave no clue that it covered normal people mail as well as specialized services and very, very large items. There are many webpages, some pdfs,
a price calculator where you are asked if you are mailing live animals or day-old poultry (along with my Grandmothers birthday card? No, I think not.). You then get to select a service, beginning with the $23.75 express service. I imagine that should be at the bottom of the page, since the fewest number of customers opt for that option. On down, $24.45, nope, $6.65, not for me, $7.20, still way too much, $6.65, last one. Oops Im on another unhelpful page!

Back up two pages, click on buy stamps, gets me to a page that doesnt serve my need. Backup again, click on calculate a price. Back to that unhelpful page. I guess I have forgotten how I got to the page that told me how much it costs to send a letter to a particular foreign address. What a junk-filled, misdirecting, information-concealing work! The juvenile or more likely, self-impressed career bureaucrat who designed this fish (carp) should be released from the self-defensive usps population. But how can you tell them apart?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A word on "quality" since I have rated that. Oh, if you could but remember the U.S. postage stamps of the 20th century and before. Some were beautiful works of art, some were pretty, and some merely interesting. Then something happened. Dull, trite, murky, uninteresting images now appear on U.S. stamps. Would that U.S. postage stamp artists were as skilled as the Russian (Soviet) artists of the cold-war era - those were spectacular works of art.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I note that many reviews are on real-world experiences rather than on experiences with the website. Obviously, the terror continues both in the real world and in the less brightly lit Dark Side.

Tip for consumers: Bring a sandwich and a bottle of water. You might be here a while. Take notes, so that if you do find the information you're looking for, you'll be able to find it again later if you need to.

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