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4-6 co workers and I have ordered from skip at least once a week. Usually on Fridays as a treat to ourselves. However this Friday our order kept processing and then cancelling. We called the restuarant and they claimed it wasnt an issue on their end. So we reached out to Skip the dishes and I was told I'm no longer allowed to use their services because of multi refund requests. NOT ONCE have I ever requested a refund that wasnt valid. We have had our orders dropped at wrong reception desks and we have had to re order. We have had missing items or peoples full lunches missing from the order. So instead of disciplining the restaurant, my account gets cancelled. I tried to get my account reactivated through talking to their customer service and was denied. So apparently Skip the Dishes would rather cut off a weekly customer tham deal with bad drivers or lasy restaurants that miss items. On top of all this I still am recieving weekly emails about their promotions. Ive unsubscribed yet continue to get them.

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I have been using Skip for many years and in the beginning they were amazing. The best customer service, it really was impressive. Now? It's laughable. I spend about $1000 a month with them and will only complain if items are missing because I've paid for them. If I don't like something I just deal with it. But they started giving me a hard time in the chat saying that they will no longer be able to accept future orders from me or issue refunds. So I emailed customer service and was able to get my refunds.

I was able to still make future orders without any issues but every time I had a complaint, they would give me the same message. They have no problem taking my money, but to refund? It's like pulling teeth! The fact that I'm ordering so often would only result in a higher chance of there being an error, it's basic statistics here.

Yesterday was the last straw. I received my order with an item missing and it included the restaurant receipt which showed the item not included, but my Skip receipt showed that it was ordered and paid for. This is clear proof that I didn't receive something I paid for. You know what they did? Refuse service and refuse to give me a refund. Are you serious?! I have proof I paid and didn't get an item, but they are now stealing from their customers. They put the customers are fault when it's the restaurants that are messing up.

I plan to put them on blast all over social media. They are a disgrace, liars, and thieves and should be ashamed of the "service" they are providing.

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Their refund policy is terrible. If your order is screwed up, missing items, or falsely delivered you're basically out of luck. You have a roll of the dice on whether you'll get help or not, and good luck taking it up with management if you don't! Even if you do, you probably won't get what you're expecting. If your order arrives incomplete, they'll refund the value of the missing item, even if it's absence ruins the entire meal. Like a burger with no meat patty. A poutine with no cheese or gravy. You only get a refund for the 'value' of the meat patty. Or the 'value' of the cheese or gravy. That's not how this should work.

It's well worth the time and gas to just go get the food yourself.

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Total incompetence. Just a complete trash, scum filled company where they take your money for an order and then do not deliver it. Waited over 3 hours for a delivery that had a promise time of 30-45 minutes that never arrived. Tried to call their customer service line a dozen times during the process and it never goes through, automatically being disconnected which indicates it's a fake number. This is illegal and a violation of the consumer rights act of Canada which explicitly indicates that a business must have a functional, easily accessible customer service number provided and available. I also called the actual store where the order was supposed to be picked up from and the employee that I spoke with told me that the food had to be thrown out since it sat around and no driver ever showed up for pick up.

I ended up having to file a charge back with my credit card company since when I finally did get a hold of someone the next day through their terrible "online chat", (that also was not functioning during the order process) I was given the excuse that they were "too busy" and then was disconnected. No accountability, no apology, no compensation for my wasted time.

CONCLUSION: Only order from these thieves if you enjoy having your money stolen, time wasted and then given the run around scrambling for a solution to their complete disregard for you as a customer. Save the headache and drive to the store yourself.

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order food 2 hour ago....and same status finding courier is worst ever....never ever try them .....their chat support is worst ....everything about them is worst.....they mentally harras you in chat support.....

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I've been using these guys since they first started the last year they have been completely useless. everytime I order food it takes 2 hours to be delivered. I tried experiementing when I was suspected that they deliberately do this when not tipped. when I tip the delivery shows up on time or a little late. when I don't the app magically says "we are experiencing record highs for service". sure you are. so I don't tip today and yet again it's says the record high thing and takes 2.5 hours to be delivered and right before the delivery skip has the audacity to send me a text with a link directing me to a website that says "guide to tipping". I also found out from people that work there that the drivers do see whether you tipped or not and have permission to not take the order if they feel it doesn't pay enough money. If Skip ever see's this: this is why I don't tip, would you tip your server at a restaurant before you were serviced? no. I'm not tipping you for delivering missing items and being late. also I'm pretty sure you are wasting the restaurants money and time making them remake orders you refuse to pick up on time. If your drivers weren't arrogant and lazy, I would tip them at the door for a job well done.

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Used this service last evening I wiill never use it again. Absolutely I feel so upset! To boot, I am pre-diabetic and even had a low blood sugar event due to it. I was Furious when told that some email had come in to say the driver was there, but I did not even receive any phone call on two different lines listed on my account. Still very hungry, I had to deal on the phone and on e-mail with customer service. They suggested I put through another order what all restaurants were closed or closing at that time in this area . Just imagine trying to offer me some credits for their service after all that?! I finally got a refund and will absolutely never use this service again! Hungry and Furious

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I placed an order on sept 22nd and it was cancelled by the restaurant and I was told it will be refunded back on my credit card. 2 days later I chatted with their support team to inform the lost of my purse and the credit card has been cancelled. They told me I have to email the help centre they cannot do anything. One of their agent replied to my email I sent to help centre and he told me the refund has been sent and to wait 3-5 business days. I contacted my bank and they told me if a credit card is cancelled the refund will be reversed to the company again. I contacted their help centre to ask to have skip the dishes credit instead of a refund on the credit card which would have been quicker and simple as they cannot credit on my replacement card.
I sent an email again and no one replied. I chatted the support team again and the agent took a long time to reply, I even sent a screenshot of the chat to their Facebook page. I chatted with an agent through the Facebook page to explain the situation again and I was told to wait until the 1st October and the agent send me a receipt of the refund and told me to contact my bank if I don't receive the receive. The bank will refund me.
On the 2nd of October I contacted my bank again and they told me the same thing if the card is cancelled there will be no refund received, the transaction will be reversed. I even sent them a copy of the receipt I received from skip the dishes. They told me the company has to issue the refund again, they don't refund for a company. They told me if your company do not refund then I have to do a chargeback for the transaction.I contacted another bank just to ask if a card is cancelled what happen to a refund which was supposed to be received, they gave me the same information.
I sent 3 emails to their help inbox and on Facebook, and on Facebook it shows it was read, today 14th October no one replied me nor did I get a refund! Don't order on skip the dishes you don't know when they cancel your order and don't refund you, poor customer service!

1 review
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They have no problem taking your money but don't expect hot food, or prompt delivery or drivers that get all your order when they pick up from restaurant. My office gave them 6 months of daily lunch orders and received nothing but constant poor service. And today was last straw, with delivery driver refusing to deliver to the door, and skip customer service being completely rude when complaint lodged, never ordering again.

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Ordered last week and the restaurant forgot half my order. Had to spend nearly an hour with customer service before I was offered a "partial refund". If I wanted the rest of my items, I could reorder an hour and a half later and be recharged for delivery. Absolutely horrible service. Will never use again.

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When I needed to contact SkipTheDishes, their chat folks are not supportive. They take so long to respond. They didn't even provide me with the voucher that they said they would when I signed up for their account and app for the first time long time back. Sometimes the restaurant takes over 13 minutes to confirm the order. After I was not treated well this afternoon, I ordered my food directly from the restaurant over the phone. I am not going to recommend or use their service from SkipTheDishes any longer.

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SkipTheDishes has one of the worst customer service you could ever expect. I had an issue with the only order I placed using skipthedishes and the customer service person called me and said they cannot do anything as the restaurant owner has different policies for people ordering through skipthedishes and if you order otherwise. The customer service person hung up the phone when I asked thay maybe skipthedishes should put a disclaimer saying the terms and conditions might differ when ordering through skipthedishes. I would say the service of this company is worst and they show through online media that they care about people giving bad reviews but when they treat you even worse. It is high time that people should stop using this company considering how they treat their customers. BAD COMPANY.

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My daughter and I are both sick and have had to rely on delivery of food. Skip the Dishes was advertised on TV and seemed to be a good idea since it was convenient. We ordered numerous times and had numerous disappointments with the food and the delivery. Not to talk about aggrevation about wrong items, items forgotten, cold items placed with hot items and vice versa, restaurants responding but our money taken, drivers not showing up in time before the resaurant closed, customer service agents obstinate, rude, DUMB and not having a command of the English language, the chat ap on cell phone closing repeatedly when put on hold, etc., etc.. The restaurants are supposed to provide quality food and package it properly and I can tell you that this doesn't happen most of the time. There is one restaurant that we ordered from several tiems and we noticed quickly that the quality, quantity, consistity of the product and packaging was an issue. I complained and had a very ligitimate claim as I had t throw food out. I chatted, emailed and placed 9 phone calls to SkipTheDishes. They told me to call the restaurant myself as a refund was denied. I called the owner and he said he never talked to SkipTheDishes about this and would refund me. I STILL don't have the money back! One time I ordered a STEAK and got a thin slice of unidentifiable meat that consisted out of 1/4 of hard unedible fat. With that I had ordered sweet potato fries that arrived partially raw. I complained but the restaurant absolutly refused to do anything about it and SkipTheDishes just shrugs it shoulders. Then there is the time that we ordered from a Thai restaurant that didn't confirm the order so we had to order from another restaurant. Usually the money is refunded in Skip Credits but that didn't happen so the new order was charged alover again. I caught it and started calling SkipTheDishes. It took numerous calls and it took just short of a month to get the money back in my bank account. There have been double charges too! We have had a few times that the food was mishandeled by the driver and ended up being squished, jumbled, hot when it should be cold and cold when it should be hot. At times the restaurant makes the food too early or something and everything is cold even stuff that you can't warm up yourself (without tasting off). The big thigs are that you often have no recourse with the restaurants and that you get nowhere with the (pardon my language) incompetents at SkipTheDishes (most of the managers are the worst).

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100% scam. 100% scam. 100% scam. 100% scam. 100% scam. 100% scam.

By John J.
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