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225 reviews
9125 Rehco Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 877-738-6742
2018 Customer choice award

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54 reviews
1 helpful vote

A lot of their stuff is more expensive then buying else where but I do find something on sale or clearance when I go.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

The store in New York- their prices are a bit high, and the store offerings aren't vast. The service was excellent, and I would certainly recommend it.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I previously bought heartguard meds from Smith and Foster that has sold out to Petco. While their prices are the cheapest around, they are not worth it because one can spend days trying to fix the order and nothing gets done. Their website for pharmacy products is very poor. It asked for my vets name, but would not allow me to change it to the current vet. And when I called the company saying that I could not change the name, they supposedly changed it for me, but then later, I found it was not changed and had to repeat this process a number of times before they made the change. Even then, the order never got placed. They keep saying that the vet failed to respond, but they can't tell you how the vet failed to respond. I got a copy of the fax that my vet sent to them more than once, but they can't find it or they found it, but there is a problem with it and they can't tell me what the problem specifically is. My vet talked to the Petco people on the phone and these idiots still would not send out my order. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was assured that my order would be processed or I would at least get some feedback by call or email and nothing happened. I dealt with people who mostly seemed sympathetic to the problem but were helpless in dealing with the process. One total bozo rep kept reading from a script that did not pertain to what I was telling him. In the end, no one's time is worth it trying to deal with this pathetic excuse for an online business department.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Great place for fish and aquariums! Employees are friendly and helpful. The only issue I had was when the store was understaffed and had to seek out help, but they did a great job when they were able to help me. I live an hour away from three different stores and always swing by when I'm in the area. Great selection of Bettas, aquatic plants and aquarium supplies. Will continue to shop at both the Springfield, MO and Rogers, AR stores!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I buy medication from Fosters and Smith for my dog that has a pancreatic enzyme deficiency. That company is now owned by Petco. I recently placed my order and selected standard shipping 4-5 business days. After 4-5 business days I didn't receive the medication. After checking their website, it said I wouldn't receive it for another WEEK! We've run out of the medication and now my dog is getting sick. My vet is at Banfield Veterinary Hospital located within Petco. How much easier could this be?! The Petco website customer representative wasn't willing to take any measures beyond taking a 2nd order and charging me for expedited shipment. Not willing to contact the vet directly to speed up approval and shipping of the medication. Also, not willing to credit me for extra shipping costs. The 2nd order is only going to arrive a day earlier than the original order. But with my dog getting sick I'll take that extra day at the very least. I don't have an issue with Banfield or my vet - they are great! I would highly encourage people to find another supplier for your pets medication! If you are concerned about reliable service, shipping delivery as promised and your pet's health avoid Fosters & Smith/ Petco for your beloved pet's medication!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been going to the Petco on Shepherd and 11th st. for years and I am completely over it. Tokay I was told by an employee that he could not help me get crickets that only the cashier can help me who had customers. Customers first right? The week before that I asked for 60 crickets, and noticed that there were less than I asked for. The guy that bagged the crickets charged me for 40 because he knew he was wrong but I still did not get what I asked for. There are never enough employees, they have a constant turn around of employyees every month. I have had enough. Finding a new location to get my animal products.

34 reviews
53 helpful votes

I called everywhere for male parakeets and they said they had them. When I get there they have no clue whether they we're male or female and worse yet they we're not handled at all. So it's been over 3 months and I can't even get near them. They should be handled by everyone so maybe you could have a pet instead of just a bird.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They have right at the top of their online page, "$49, free shipping." There is no asterisk or small writing after it, no exclusions whatsoever. You have to click on the "free shipping" line in order to see that there are exclusions, but there is no indication that it is even a link or clickable.

However, after you fill out your order and all the information, you will not get free shipping unless it is on specific products. They are PURPOSELY hoping their customers add more products in order to get free shipping and then are too dumb to notice they're charging a shipping fee.

I had to EMAIL customer service to find out that there are exclusions. That's how hidden it is. They were totally unapologetic. They've lost me as a long-time customer.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I was having to order it at but when I found out Pet Smart sells it I was very happy. Now I just drive over, pick it up and I'm done. And the staff in Corona is very helpful with what ever I have needed so Thank you very much. Trying to come up with 100 characters is hard so I'm just very happy with Pet Smart. Hope this is enough to send through. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Tip for consumers: Look for the best dog food

4 reviews
7 helpful votes

The stores won't sell canned pet food by the case which means a higher cost per can. When I've ordered online to get the case price, they often sent loose cans instead of factory sealed cases. On two of my last three auto-ship orders, this resulted in my receiving the wrong items. Whoever is packing these boxes isn't paying attention to which cans they're grabbing. While they do ship quickly, I can't depend on them to send me what I ordered so I'll be doing all my buying with Chewy for now.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Petco thinks they can play with words. They offer Free Shipping.... sure they do but if you live in Hawaii or Alaska they hit you with a HUGE 'SURCHARGE'. Technically it's not 'shipping' but it's still an extra cost to get anything delivered. Well I'm not stupid enough to fall for their play on words. They just lost all my online business and I order a lot of stuff. Now I'll order from Petsmart and pick up for 5% off! I'm sure Petsmart wants my $1K/month business.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had took my Bishon to petco to get him groom , stated I did not want him shaved , what happen the groomer shaved him , if you know the breed they are suppose to get scissor cut , I will never go back to Petco not even for their products , I am so heart broken that my puppy looks like a puppy that he has been starved and has never had anything to eat , the groomer needs to be fired

1 review
0 helpful votes

Just to provide background: I am a regular Petco customer. I purchased two guinea pigs from Petco back in February and have planned to buy more. My boyfriend and I spend hundreds of dollars buying all of our pet products from Petco. Friday, my boyfriend bought bedding and hay for our pigs and let me know that he saw a beautiful, fluffy brown baby pig that he thought I would love. So yesterday, on a beautiful Saturday, I drove to Petco to see this pig so I could decide if we would add him to the family. When I arrived at the tank, the guinea pig was hiding in the hideaway, so I could not see it. I looked around for someone to help us. I finally made eye contact with an employee (name tag: Rai) who asked how they could help. I asked if we could see the guinea pig. Rai responded "Well do you plan on buying it?" Confused, I asked her to repeat the question and she said again very confidently "Are you going to buy the guinea pig? I will only let you see it if you plan on purchasing it." Completely shocked, I walked away and looked for another employee. Rai approached the employee I was waiting to speak to, so I asked her if there was a manager available. Confidently, she told me she was the manager. I asked her why I would need to promise to buy a guinea pig before seeing it. She stated that groups of kids come into the store asking to see pets, so she had to be certain. I asked if I looked like a child? She said "No ma'am..." then said "Well, I can get someone to show you the guinea pig..." At this point, I was too hurt and offended to even stay in the store. My boyfriend and I left. I am deeply hurt at how I was treated not only as a loyal Petco customer, but as a person. I am also disappointed that I did not see the guinea pig I was interested in. If this is how Petco treats their customers, they don't deserve them.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered an automatic cat feeder because the price was right, and most importantly because they were in stock. They were not in stock, and my cat feeder is now back ordered. Thanks Petco.

1 review
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On May of 2018 my daughter purchased a guinea pig at Petco and was told it was a female. If at a later time we wanted to purchase a companion we were advise to buy another female guinea pig. The following month my daughter bought a female guinea pig. However when she place the pet inside the cage the so called female guinea pig immediately attempted to climb on top of the one we had just purchase. We realize right away that the first guinea pig was really a male. Shame on you Petco, get your genders right.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I love coming here. My salesclerk is always polite, helpful and offered help with my cat supplies. Her name is Kate and I look forward to visiting the store again for my dogs food. Thank you so much!

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have been taking my dog to Petco for 11 years. In fact when you say Petco to him he gives you the cutest look turning his head perking his ears up. I do believe it's one of his favorite places to go. They taught me so much about obedience, nutrition and got me on the right path to helping out with local rescues. They always treat my dog like hes the only dog there. Being a member of the Petco pals reward program really Pays off. Getting emails with freebies on my dog and all 4 of my cat's birthdays is really cool. They have a lot of great items in store and online to shop for for dogs and cats, other animals as well but That's all I have.

73 reviews
97 helpful votes

I like that Petco offers return delivery service. It's convenient and I get a nice discount. However, it doesn't always honor price matches. So, I left my feedback on the website. One day later, I received an unexpected call from Petco apologizing it didn't offer me the price match. In turn, I got $20 worth of points I gladly used for a new order. So, after all it wasn't bad after all for me.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I ordered birdseed from Petco online and it was delivered to someone on the other side of my city who had the same address number. The man who got the birdseed called Petco and told them and they instructed him to donate it and they would credit me which they never did. Instead this kind gentleman found me and we went to get the seed from him. I never ordered from them again-I feed every bird in a 20 mi radius, have 4 stray cats, 3 dogs and one inside cat. I could have single handedly kept Petco in business-no more.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

We purchased two bags of Nature's Variety Instinct Raw food on January 30 for over $120. I noticed my dog getting sick after feeding him the chicken. So, I opened the second bag of beef, which was freeze dried to a block. I checked the expiration date and to my horror I found both bags were EXTREMELY expired, with dates of May 5, 2017 and the other July 6, 2017. WE are in FEBRUARY 2018!!! Why is that even still on the shelf?? You should be ashamed of yourself PETCO!!! Apparently PETCO does not care about DOGS. There is no nutritional value at this point. Our dog is like our child. This is disgusting. DON/T SHOP AT PETCO if you want quality food.

Despite numerous emails and phone calls to Petco corporate, I still have no resolution and no one has called me yet!!! The only email response I get is that someone will get back to me with 24-28 hours. It's been well over that...I guess Petco is as concerned about their customers as the pets they are so supposed to percent!!!

On 2/12/2018, I had to call my awesome credit card company, Capital One, who re-contacted Petco again. We conducted a conference call and stayed on the phone with Petco for 20 minutes because all the escalation people were busy! Then Petco tried to hassle me because I no longer had the receipt. You sold me expired pet food that made my dog and sick and I have the charge on my credit card, are you kidding me? The Capital One representative was pretty shocked as well. All I was asking for was a refund. We disputed the charge. NEVER AGAIN PETCO, NEVER AGAIN.

6 reviews
9 helpful votes

DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY, find another source. BOYCOTT PETCO to preserve our oceans, reefs and fish - and I dare you to find products that are not made in China there!

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

They often have a great selection of items and I like that you can give your dog treats to taste. I do think it can sometimes be a little expensive, but the people who work there are usually very sweet.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have been a customer odf Petco for grooming and shopping for my malti-poo for over 6 years. Consistent and professional service from each Petco from South Bay , to Orange County and now Big Bear, Ca. Which I have just retired to. Alway have my up to date info, grooming , they are on top of training!! Thanks again Crystal at Big Bear Petco and staff !! Natalie

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I placed an order in Petco for 3 positions, one of them was prescription food. I received my order after 3 working days but without prescription food. Inside the package was information that second part will be delivered later.
To the next day, I contacted customer service and they wrote me that part of my order was delayed because they couldn't contact a clinic.
Nobody has contacted me although I left my phone and email! I sent the prescription to Petco email and operator in customer service wrote me that order will be shipped during 24hours. When delivery date appeared in my account I stayed at home whole day, but I didn't receive my order. When I checked information in my account status of delivery was "Attempt - Lock Out / No Access" and date of delivery was changed on tomorrow.
I want to notice that I had other deliveries that day and have not any problems with them. I was at home the next day all day but I have not received my order again. Status of my order was changed on "Delivered to Sender".
I have waited two days and I have received nothing! My order was not delivered after 6 working days! I canceled my repeated delivery and placed it in another shop. I will recommend this shop nobody!

5 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love Petco. You can find things online that are way cheaper sometimes...I usually like to buy in person but if it's an Item I am familiar with and it's cheaper online I get it... they are always having sales... definitely recommend checking out website first.

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I ordered items on May 5 and they are due for delivery today, May 8. Of course, I had to call CS (in the Philippines) because the tracking showed that my delivery was being made in another section of the state. I was transferred to the carrier, and the mistake was "caught." At last check, the order was about 75 miles away.

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