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I would avoid this company at all costs. I was browsing for a new bed and placed an item in my basket, however after reading reviews and shopping around decided I did not want to purchase the bed that I had put in my basket. I did not expect to be rang continuously informing me I had an item in my basket that Id forgot about, and did I want to purchase the item. During the first call I informed the sales team I did not want the item, however they clearly do not understand this as I have received a further 7 calls in less than 48 hours. Oak furniture land advertisement makes the company look quite professional, yet the reviews on here tell a more accurate story.

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BEWARE OF FINLEY SUITE: THE LEATHER PEELS! I award no stars for this firm. At point of sale told warranty would cover anything that went wrong with furniture. Misleading and against Trade Description Act. Also, described online as a LASTING suite. Not true.
Suite described as 100% real leather. Real leather would not peel in this way. I do wonder if parts of the furniture are leather whilst other parts are not. I need to discuss with Trading Standards.

Very concerned when Oak Furnitureland describe this suite as "popular". Means that many people are being misled encouraging them to part with their hard earned cash for a suite that will be short-lived and not stand the test of time.

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Appalled that OakFurnitureLand produce absolute rubbish and then have the gall to describe it as a natural effect of the wood, when it is clear that a blind monkey put the nest of tables together. I am disgusted with their attitude and that there is no recourse.

If I could give zero stars or negative, I would

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i had a lamp delived .the lamp was damaged .i call customers service to say my lamp was damaged .was told to look for a number on the bottom of the lamp .which was not there .customer serivice made me look a fool .i am disable and could not do that . all i wanted waas a new lamp .customer service did not understand and made look as if i was thick .iask to speak .to the manage .i was told he was busy. it is the worst company .customer service were nt very help ful at all

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I was told by the sales assistant in the Dundee store that the chair I was purchasing was grey only to find out it was brown when it was delivered to me. The sales assistant Margaret admitted that she told me it was grey after I received it but would not accept a refund as it was an ex display item. Customer Services past the buck onto the store, leaving me with no comeback & a chair which is no good. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE THEY ARE COM ARTISTS

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Bought a tv cabinet from them which had numerous damage marks from tools which have been infilled with wax but look unsightly. They say it's natural sap marks and refuse to e change. Cabinet is also damaged at the back corner (minor) and very poor cuts of wood used in the front doors). Totally shoddy, not at all like the showroom display item. Customer services, no help or interest.

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We bought a Welsh dresser and it's the worst thing we've ever bought and we're 50+! The wood is terrible, each plank is completely different and so the spread of colours makes it look like it's just thrown together, it's ugly. The doors are not squared in the opening so they're not aligned and there's gaps. The wood has now warped and so the doors are twisted. Overall, it looks like something your kid makes at woodwork and you try and smile and say it looks okay but you know it's rubbish. We tried to get it sorted but they refused to even acknowledge the problems. Please don't buy anything from them you WILL regret it I promise. It's junk.

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The photo says it all 4 months old Clayton sofa do not buy
Anything they will not help you poor quality
For the price you pay won't get my money
Ever again

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The "Winter Sale " that ended on -line and on the TV was a joke.The only thing that changed was the removal of the word "Winter" the new tickets other than that did not change in any way. The quoted original price had not changed or the actual sale price .Despite being told that the sale ended on the Sunday even had a clock counting the time down on -line after all the "hullabaloo" nothing changed at all it was all "smoke and mirrors" all done to create urgency. The products are great value despite the "underhand" way people are "hoodwinked" into making a purchase there and then.
I thought there had to be 28 days at the full price before the word " sale price " could be used cannot understand how the store can open at 10am for viewing on a Sunday but still booking orders at 6-15 pm so targets could be met . E-mails from above to stay open .

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Ordered Oct 18, received four items in Feb 19. Total and utter shambles from start to finish. Excuse after excuse as one item was late, we were promised it a week later only to receive a call saying it wouldn't arrive in the morning due to it being misplaced.

Two weeks later we were assured that the item would be with us in a couple of days. Guess what, it didn't make it to the lorry for the delivery, more lies from OFL saying how sorry they were.

After five months of the order being placed, it arrived. Please go else where as this company are just shocking. I've had to give one star, I would rather give NONE-0-NOTHING.

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Avoid was told this was natural after 30mins sat on it, have to pay to return, bloody joke, never again will I buy from this firm, what you see on the website isn't what you get

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Awful company showrooms look nice but the end product is disgusting STAY AWAY after sales is non exsistent have called with my issue and not once has a promised call back ever happened down to the customer to chase

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We purchased a desk from them at the rugby store, it got delivered one week later.
The delivery people tried to take it upstairs after making me sign a waver for any damaged caused. They got it to the top were a turn was required but they did not attempt just bought it down and said it wont fit.
Now the real problems started I contacted the customer service department and talked to Alex. He stated that he needed my signature proof but can't get it till Monday, we discussed a good will gesture of £30 to £50 and he would contact me on Monday afternoon. ( DID NOT Happen)
I called back and a different person got involved Amanda told me that Alex had not got back to me because he though I should get more. I asked to talked to a manager and was told that one would phone me back (DID NOT HAPPEN)
I called back and Amanda said she would deal with it (NO response).
I called back and another person got involved (Tia) although she was helpful and talked to her manager and was told give him £30 (insult).
I asked them to listen to the calls which they claim the did but there version doesn't agree with my recordings. They then tell me I have to apply for the recordings which I did only to be told I might get them in 30 days but if they want to it can be longer.

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Having paid for express delivery surprise suprise it doesn't include unpacking , assembling the furniture or taking away the packing. To add to the misery there is a manufacturing fault in bookcase. Which is clearly visible and should not have got past quality control

By the way if you want the item unpacked that's another £25 on top of £39 for express delivery and £50for a 5 year guarantee . I don't think I will be buying anything else from Oakfurnitureland and I won't be recommending them.

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Just had a new wardrobe delivered and it had two faults when we opened it up. Called customer services and because we had given my husbands name on the receipt for which we paid cash by the way they had the audacity to ask me to get my husband to give permission for me to speak to them about my complaint. Are oak furniture land living in the dark ages. I'm afraid I'm not the happiest person at the moment. Waiting for them to get back to me re the damaged wardrobe. I could have got three out of Ikea for the price of one and we still had to make it up ourself ,!,

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Nice bed but after 1 and half our bed had wood worm in the slats contacted oak land they very apologetic said they would send out replacement parts the delivery men came took the woodworm infested parts left me with a box went to put my bed back together and discovered it was the wrong part contacted oak land again now it's going to be a week before I get the new part have no bed to sleep on customer service has been absolutely diabolical we just get the same story being told manager will phone us back but never dose just get text messages with a delivery date for a week later

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Read below:
Our fantastic team works across 95 stores and counting, a vibrant head office in the heart of Wiltshire, bustling distribution centres, and countless delivery vans. We take care of every step in the process, from the design to the after sales care, to make sure it meets our high standards.

This is pure lies, customer care is an utter joke, they have lost one of the 2 sofas I ordered over 7 weeks ago. One has been delivered on the second attempt after they delivered entirely the wrong items over a week ago. Now waiting for another promised call which I know they will not make, back to me calling them for the 8th time. Piss poor service. Now lost 2 days off work for their incompetence, have been offered an insulting £50 compensation.

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I would like to start by saying the salesperson in the shop was great and very informative. Me and my wife walked into the shop by chance and the first table in the shop was the Hercules table and chairs. We fell in love with the table as soon as we saw it and agreed to buy it. We were surprised that delivery only took just over a week. Upon receiving the table my wife noticed that there was a strip off oak on the end of the table that looked grey and weathered so she called customer services only to be told that it was a natural colour variation. We then went back to the store were they agreed that it was in fact faulty due to the weathered look and to call back. I then called customer services to dispute this only to be told the same thing so I asked to speak to a manager. I explained to the manager that I am completely aware of natural oak and its colour variations as the rest of the table varies in colour however the weathered grey look of this strip Is not a natural colour variation. He kept repeating himself and he said i have 2 options keep the table or return it but it would cost me £50 as the table is not at fault. I am extremely disappointed with this FAULT as it ruins the whole appearance of the table and now it looks as tho I'm stuck with it what a waste of £1000 please do not waste your hard earned money

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We purchased two leather sofas in may last year. In the store we were advised the sofas were dyed leather and so wouldn't peel like the sprayed leather from other well known stores. Within 6 months of purchase one has already started to peel. We have been offered a repair however now have no confidence in these sofas or oak furniture land. If this has happened within such a short period of time the likelihood of this being a continuing concern is very high. I would not recommend oak furniture land.

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I spent £1500 on a sofa with footstool included, clock, 2 x lamps, 1x mirror. The delivery date was 05th February 2019 between 12:30 and 15:30.

On the morning of the due delivery I received a call from stating the footstool would not be delivered with the rest of the goods due to an error. This was disappointing but I agreed that this could be delivered on Friday (8th). I made the person on the phone acutely aware that this would have to be after 3.30pm due to work commitments. I had taken unpaid leave on the 5th hence why I paid for express delivery, which, I was assured would be refunded.

When my goods arrived I noticed there was no mirror. I asked the delivery men about this and was told that it was not on my order and I would have to get in touch with the store.

On unwrapping the couch I found I had been sent two of the same pieces.

I called as soon as I realised the error. I was told I would receive a phone call.

I did receive the phone call and was informed that it was not possible to get my goods to me until Friday.

I agreed on condition that my goods would be sent after 3:30pm, again explaining I would not be in before then as I was unable to take any further time off work. She assured me this would be dealt with accordingly.

I then called Oak Furniture Land in Speke, the store where I initially made my purchases and discovered that the mirror hadn't even been added to my order. I was told I would have to go in store to rectify the problem and therefore had to take the time to drive to the store in Speke to get this resolved.

(7th Feb) I received an email stating my order would be delivered between 9am and 12pm. This was unacceptable considering I have made 4 members of staff fully aware that I would not be home.

I called the office the same day to try to rectify the promlem and was informed that the notes stated I would not be home until after 3.30pm.

I was told I would get a call back at 12pm. This did not happen.

I had to call the company back myself. I was told someone did try to ring but I got the security questions wrong. This obviously was not me and the wrong number was called!

I was then informed by a member of staff the issue had now been resolved and my goods would be delivered at 3:30pm and that she had confirmation in front of her from the delivery company. Although I requested a copy be sent to me I was informed this was not possible.

I got a call at 9:40 this morning (Feb 8th) informing me that my delivery would be in 30 minuets.

This is a farce considering 4 members of staff confirmed to me this would not be delivered until after 3:30pm. As I was unable to leave work I had to arrange for my mother in-law to drive to my address to receive the delivery at great inconvenience to her as she is currently caring for her sick husband.

I then received a call from the delivery man. He informed me that the wrong piece had been sent yet again. Also my mirror was not in with the order.

I phoned the office and spoke to a manager called Lucy who insisted the correct piece had been delivered and she got in touch with the delivery man. It was confirmed that it was NOT the correct piece which now leaves me with half a sofa.

I have been informed that they could not get the right piece to me until the following Wednesday (yesterday) meaning further unpaid leave had to be taken.

Wednesday morning arrived. The correct side of the sofa came however the cusions delivered with it do not fit. Also the mirror was still not included on the order. I have now been told this could take up to 2 weeks to be resolved.

If I could give this company zero stars I would however this is not an option.

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• Updated review

Further to my review dated 20th November 2018 some further advice for those of you (many many of you by the number of entries onto this Site!) who are dissatisfied with the Products and Service provided by Oak Furniture Land!

On Christmas Evening I was sat watching television and looking at the utter 'shambles' of a television cabinet I had recently purchased from the Company! The gaps in the shelving of 12mm and more - and told by OFL that it was to allow for expansion! Unbelievable!

I realised then that I should NOT have to accept the shoddy workmanship on this cabinet or that on the Dining Room Sideboard which we had also purchased! My Wife and I have worked hard for the money to pay for this furniture (as everyone else undoubtedly has) and on Christmas Evening I sat down and wrote an E-mail to OFL - further complaining about the poor workmanship in both items.............and indeed some days later received a reply.

I actually persisted - e-mail after e-mail, saying how disgusted and disappointed I was that this Company could take my hard-earned money to provide second-rate furniture that I had to sit and stare at and every time I did so become more and more annoyed and frustrated by the fact that OFL would not listen to my complaint or take any action with regards to it!

I was eventually asked what I actually wanted from OFL - and advised that what I actually wanted was for these two items of furniture to be collected ASAP and as soon as they were, a full refund given to me as a Bank Transfer!

It happened! The goods were collected - and the following day I received a full refund transferred to my Bank Account! My Wife and I have since purchased two very nice pieces of furniture from a reputable store close by, where Customer Service was excellent - and nothing was too much trouble! This Company too had heard many many reports of the continuing problems with OFL and were obviously enjoying the 'fruits' of other Customer's dissatisfaction!

DO NOT take 'NO' for an answer from OFL! Bombard their Customer Services Department with e-mail - and eventually, like me,you will hopefully get some satisfaction.

One can only hope that with the Company's continued expansion - their unbelievable Sales Techniques, the shoddy furniture they're selling at grossly inflated prices and some very poor Customer Service that the 'bubble will burst' and they're not going to be around for a lot longer.......but get your money returned first!

• Previous review

Spent over £2K in the Bristol Cribbs Causeway Shop, prior to our move to Devon - where, I was assured, the Furniture would be delivered at our convenience!

Hardly delivered at anyone's convenience - except that of Oak Furniture Land's!

An absolute catalogue of exceptionally poor customer service was further compounded by the fact that the two items we received on the delivery last week were totally unacceptable and had to be returned! The sideboard which we ordered was damaged by a huge crack in the wood along the top - and a television cabinet also delivered at that time, was just unbelievably manufactured with ill-fitting shelves! Had that unit been manufactured in this Country, no self-respecting Quality Controller would have allowed that furniture to leave a Factory! The Furniture it does appear, is constructed very cheaply in what are 'Third World' Countries, and sold at huge profit after export!

I spent more than an hour on the telephone to 'Customer Service' (is that what they call it?) trying to re-arrange a delivery, and was on 'hold' for seventy minutes this morning endeavouring to seek reassurance that our furniture WOULD be delivered next week! Unfortunately after hearing their music for over an hour , I decided that my mental health was suffering! It appears that the only way to obtain any satisfaction in any way with this Company is to make a strong protest within a Shop - and make sure that everyone shopping there is aware of your complaint!

I will definitely NOT make any further purchase from this Company! Dire, abysmal service from start to finish!

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Letter sent to Oak furniture land - 19th January

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you today to complain about the service that I have encountered during this disastrous experience.

I recently visited the shop in Norwich and I was appalled when the shop assistants were reluctant to serve me as I was only buying one item to the value of £119.00. In September, I had bought items to the value of £1817.97, and was served by Darren - Darren was very helpful on that occasion, but unfortunately he was busy with another customer. I was informed that Darren would get the commission for the single item, and i'm guessing that was why I was being avoided by the other staff.
When the sales assistant took my order, he ordered the wrong item, instead of a lamp table of £119.00 he ordered the bedside table to the value of £129.00. I didn't notice the error until the item was delivered on the following Friday.
The drivers contacted me (Jane) as agreed and I arranged for my husband to go home and take delivery. - quick turnaround, as he had to get back to work
I arrived home, unpacked the item to find that the wrong item had been ordered/delivered. This explained why I was charged £10.00 more than what I had expected.
I phoned customer services, informed you of the error and an amendment was made and an arrangement to collect the item on 18.01.19, and deliver the correct item at the same time. I was informed that my account would be credited within 3 days, 8 days later, I haven't had it! Confirmed that the driver would ring me on the 18.01.19 as both me and my husband work full time.
Day of the delivery. I took the afternoon off and waited at home from 2pm (as my designated slot time suggested) No phone call.
My husband arrived home at 1710 and was surprised to see no delivery/pick up of the wrong item. He checked his phone and had 2 missed call at 1445 - one from a mobile and the other from your number.
I contacted customer services and was told that the drivers tried to contact my husband and that was the number you had on your system.

The problem I have here is that on the first delivery date, you phoned me as requested - great. The 2nd time you attempted delivery you phoned the wrong number!. I sat at home all afternoon waiting. and when I contacted you, you said that the driver had phoned the number that was on the system. My number was on the system, as the drivers had called me the week before! My number is *********37.

2 calls to my husband, one from the driver and one from your number - so the driver didn't call me and neither did customer services. Why?

I was then told by customer services, if I wasn't at home when you tried to deliver next time, I would be charged!!! This I am absolutely furious about. I was at home on 18.01.19, and your incompetent drivers and your customer service department didn't ring me as requested.

This item has cost me a lot of money - initial outlay and the cost of my time. I was thinking about purchasing all my bedroom furniture from you, but this experience has really left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I would like some compensation from you as this has clearly distressed me and my husband. I would also like a refund of the money you owe me please.

25th January 2019
Dear Sir/Madam,

I did receive a reply to ask me to contact customer service once I had received my order on 25.01.19.

I contacted customer service as requested and they said as a good will gesture they would give me a gift voucher of £30.00. I have now escalated my complaint to you as I understand that customer services did not forward it on to you.

I am unhappy with the good will gesture, as my email states, I did not have a great experience in fact this is the 2nd bad experience I have had with your company - the first time in April 2015 when I had issues with delivery and was charged £35.00 for the privilege. Please do check your records, my name then was ******* and my address postcode was *******. As I have already said this recent experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I am unlikely to visit Oak Furniture in a hurry to spend my £30.00!

To take delivery today, I have had to take this afternoon off, again another half a day holiday - that is 1 day's annual leave out of my precious 20 days. when I spoke to Customer Services last week, I asked for delivery after 1545 as I couldn't take time off, but on Wednesday I received an email to say you would deliver between 12 - 3. Really disappointed that I was ignored again. Today, I received a call at 10.18 from the delivery drivers as they were running early and wanted to deliver. Unfortunately I couldn't get away from work as I was in a meeting. I arrived home at 12 noon and they were waiting for me.

When I phoned customer service, I was put on hold for quite some time before the assistant offered a good will gesture. It was very difficult to concentrate on our conversation, as there seemed to be many people in her office taking calls that were a distraction as they were so loud.

I have calculated how much this has cost me and would be happy to receive a good will gesture of £**** (I have not included tax or national insurance contributions) this is my daily wage and therefore I feel it only fair, that Oak Furniture land refunds me in time that I have wasted. (if the correct item was delivered on the 11th, I wouldn't of had to take 2 half days off of work)

I look forward to receiving a payment directly to my account in which I paid for my lamp table.

3rd February
Hi, it has been over 7 days and I have not had any type of response from you. This is not good service, I should of had an acknowledgement of my complaint at least.

I look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

Otherwise I will be putting my complaint on a review website.

Today is 9th February and I still haven't had a response.

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I bought a 3 seater leather sofa in july and after 1 month the leather crack on the right arm. I bought insurance aswell and the insurance company say it's under 1 year manufactory warranty and they don't cover till this warranty expire. So i called oak furniture and starting the claim. They delayed till late oct saying is not theyr fault and all that bollocks. Finally they accept the claim and they told me i need to wait 8 weeks for the item to be delivered. After exactly 8 weeks the item arrived so now i had to wait another 2 weeks for someone to come and fix it. He just come today and told me they delivered wrong part. I call again oak furniture and they said i have to wait another 8 weeks for the item. Worst company ever.

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I am a disabled mum and I went into my new local Southend store to purchase a sofa, I spotted a very nice one and immediately I had a salesman try and press me into taking out finance to purchase it. I was adamant that I did not want to have myself tied to finance and I started to get aware that he was very forceful in his approach. I left the store.
A couple of weeks later, I returned - the same salesperson was there and recognised me. I said I was there to purchase the sofa, but was not going to take out any finance. (Now, I, on both occasions was sitting on a mobility scooter and had to walk with a pair of crutches, we talked about my lack of mobility and the fact that I have a spinal cord injury - this will be of importance later on in my complaint). So, after a couple of minutes, talking and asking questions about the sofa, (and the fact that the man worked at Harvey's previously, as we had commented on their delivery tactics and that OFL does free delivery), I assumed everything else was the same.
It wasn't until I had parted with my money and that I noticed the man filling out the forms ticking the boxes for me, without letting me read them, I got a bit suspicious and started asking him what he was doing. His reply was 'Oh, that's the colour you chose, that's the electric seats, that's the style of sofa', etc, etc Then he asked me to sign the documents, which I did, Then he printed them off and I noticed he neglected to tell me that he'd ticked the boxes to say I had agreed to pay extra to a failed delivery, to unpack and put together all my own sofa at my own cost! I mean I ask you?! Do I look able to do that myself?! He knew full well that I couldn't and he took advantage of me! I was furious! The delivery date was not suitable and so I text back 'No', so was expecting an alternative delivery date, nope, I was given the same date. So I decided to get a refund, because, by this time, I had decided that I had had enough. The customer service persons were not able to guarantee me someone to help put the furniture together. They pointed out that they did a 'white glove service' for people in wheelchairs or who were disabled, I said that I was disabled and no such service was offered to me. That's it, I said, I want a refund, she said she didn't blame me. She had to transfer my call onto a different team. Then when I rang to ask for a refund, the person at the end of the phone slammed the phone down on me! Yep, don't shop with this company - very unprofessional. I still haven't received the e-mail confirmation as promised to say that I am getting my 1199.99GBP back - I'd better, or there will be some serious repercussions.

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Below is a copy of the email I sent to Oak Furnitureland.I have sent it twice and still had no reply 5 days later. (Adoid this company because they don't deserve custom)order (ofl-4305882).Product 1 x OAKMAG046 Oakdale Natural Solid Oak Dressing Table Mirror£ 79.00 1 x OAKMAG027 Oakdale Natural Solid Oak 6 Drawer Chest£ 399.99 2 x OAKMAG052 Oakdale Natural Solid Oak 2 Drawer Bedside Table£ 279.98Order Total £ 758.97Date 30/12/1Dear Sir/MadamI
am writing to inform you of your non existant customer care, and the
way I have been treated and ignored by your so called customer care
department.The above items were delivered to me on the 7th Jan
2019, I was happy with the delivery and tha actual quality of the
furniture. We have purchased a sideboard from you on a previous
occasion with no issues.When my husband attempted to assemble the
dressing table mirror on the 8th jan he found that the wrong bolt was
contained in the pack. Although there is only 7 items in a sealed bag, 2
long bolts 2 short bolts 2 dowels and 1 alum key. some genius had
packed it wrong...sending 3 long bolts and 1 short bolt. making it
impossible to assemble the mirror.I emailed your customer
services in the morning on the 8th with pictures of the incorrect bolt
and followed it up on the Wed 9th by phoning your customer services, she
found my email and said she would contact the warehouse who would then
contact me shortly. Nobody contacted me.I rang again
on Friday 11 jan and explained it all again and that I had a dressing
table mirror that was still in pieces at the side of my new set of
drawers. She apologised and promised to ring the warehouse and promised
to ring me back that same day (Friday)Nobody contacted me.It's
now almost a week later and I have been completely ignored, I still
have a mirror in pieces because I can't assemble it without the correct
bolt...I am seriously considering returning everything back to you ..the
whole £758.97 worth.It would be nice to receive a reply before I do that.It's now 21st Jan and i HAVE HAD NO REPLY...

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My large coffee table was fully assembled, And came in perfect condition. Very happy with it Andy marm

By Andrew s.
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No don't use this firm look elsewhere, what you see on the website isn't what you get

By Lynn R.
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It is almost impossible to touch up the paint .The paint is sprayed as a primer and base coat onto Acacia which is a low grade mahogany but more porous than oak..The paint is solvent based and can only be sprayed properly in work shop conditions it contains the colour pigment ,polymer which is a liquid plastic and a solvent some polymers are polyurethane or a two pac mixture similar to car paint .If you try to brush it on the top coat can be slightly transparent because it needs the primer to bond and give depth of colour all the brush marks will show and the solvent will melt the glue that holds the brushes together.You can cheat by talking a drawer to a local Crown paint centre and they will mix you some water based acrylic there matching is quite good but not forced to be exact the original paint would have a mixing code in line with the pigments the paint supplier would use and unique to them.I have seen some great matches from the Crown Paint Centre and some shockers from B&Q . When they come to your house and touch it up they stink the place out, Check the terms of the furniture guard that is not what it is cracked out to be.

By nicholas v.
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