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Carmen R.
2 reviews

Always great products and the highest range of products, the prices should be slightly smaller than shopping malls though...

Nancy M.
1 review
“Great product..”

Great product , Great quality, Great price, and wonderful customer service. I love everything that I have ordered from here.

T L.
24 reviews
“Good website/products, nasty/snooty employees”

MAC has a nice website with a good selection of trendy, high-quality products. They're one of the oldest "hip" brands of cosmetics, but they're still on the forefront of innovation and trends. They've long had collaborations with the coolest celebs out there, whether musicians, artists, models, etc.

They're big on the bright, non-traditional colors like blue or silver lipstick, or glitter, or colored mascaras.

I enjoy using their products for the most part - though they can be a hit or miss, like all other cosmetic brands. Many of their collaborations have beautiful and unique packaging - good as collector's items.

But going into their stores, or interacting with their associates, is a different story. There are few places more intimidating than a MAC store, or even a MAC counter. They seem to attract people who look high-maintenance, superficial, and clubby. I don't think I'll ever be able to go to their store - and I'm sure I'll be ignored as usual, and assumed to know nothing about makeup, though I know more than they do.

TL;DR Good website and products - intimidating stores and associates.

Tip for consumers: One of the oldest "hip" cosmetic brands out there. Very edgy, always innovating, lots of cool collaborations that are collector's items. Stores are scary and intimidating. Associates wrongly assume I know nothing about MAC/cosmetics, when I'm more knowledgeable and passionate than they are.

Taegan E.
3 reviews
“Typical cosmetic company”

I've tried several products and enjoyed them. Nothing that amazing, but truthfully I will never buy from them EVER again. Not even use their products. I am 100% boycotting them. MAC Cosmetics is pro-animal testing and TESTS ON ANIMALS. Cruel and unnecessary. Animal testing is obsolete and most results mean nothing or are plain inaccurate. "In vitro" test methods are so much more dependable, less expensive, and much more ethical. Don't bother buying MAC. If you want higher end products then shop with Anastasia Beverly Hills or Too Faced (cruelty-free). ALWAYS worth it. No guilt for you, no pain for the animals. <3

Sameera N.
3 reviews
“Love their lipsticks!”

Wouldn't buy lipsticks from anywhere else! Such good colour options too and the price is reasonable for the quality you get

Susan S.
3 reviews
“They have no interest in the basics of cosmetics”

For me, make up Is fun. It's about enhancing the parts of us we love and yes ( covering up) those we don't ie pimples. It's the colours we see and the beauty of the ingredients used to make the products we love. Happy fun time. Companies such as Mac destroy that by taking these beautiful ingredients and using them to inflict pain. On an Animal. Mac is actually the most vile of these cruel brands. It was originally a not tested on animals brand and took pride in that. Their makeup was about fun, as it should be. They lost their sense of fun will chasing that almighty dollar. Even though they were a very successful brand they wanted more. They wanted the Chinese market. A market that insists by law that all products must be tested in animals. Mac cannot even use the excuse that they are worried about the safety of their clients. Pure greed at any cost. Do you really believe they would put your safety before the dollar.

Alicia G.
1 review

I Like Very much the product of Mac Cosmetic, I have spray, mascaras, lipsticks, Eye Shadow all are of best quality, Its not have any side effects.

Ariana G.
13 reviews
“Very over hyped”

Mac seems to be average to me. I've tried their setting spray, mascaras, and lipsticks in the past and although I've never been disappointed I do feel that you can purchase products that are way cheaper and are the same quality (if not better) than mac

Paulina P.
16 reviews
“Great Products”

I looooove the eye shadows. They are amazing. They blend perfwctly and I always get my desired look. The lipstick is great too. Just still a huge fan of their eye shadow.

Clara R.
376 reviews
“10 day samples”

At MAC store near you or where MAC cosmetics is sold they are giving away foundation purchase necessary yall!! I got three and they are very nice and full coverage and blend with a blender or brush

Jessica B.
2 reviews
“Best Expirence”

Mac lipsticks are always my favorite. and Eye Shadow are also best. Foundation is also very nice, I Like Mac.

Brianna S.
6 reviews
“Mac makeup”

Although the pro palette duo is a great compact for many single eyeshadows it is not magnetic what so ever but I just bought a pack of magnetic sheets to place on both sides

Schelby H.
5 reviews
“Expensive but sometimes worth it”

Very very expensive brand! But sometimes it very worth it! Some of their shadows are a little chalky and have tons of fall out. But other than that's its good

Sam R.
31 reviews
“Mac cosmetics is very controversial”

Overall Mac has amazing products but they barely have sales and is controversial because of their animal testing!

Kalee D.
2 reviews
“Great stuff”

Mac is a great brand with a wide variety of products. Some a great and some over the years have been flops but their overall quality is great. A little too pricey for me but make great gifts.

mariah a.
15 reviews
“Poor quality product”

I purchased a mac foundtation and was very disappointed with the product. After using my foundation a few times I noticed that it oxidizes and leaves me looking very orange. Given that the company is so expensive I expected more out of them.

Georgia L.
2 reviews
“Best lipsticks”

Mac lipsticks are always my favorite. It just feels incomplete without them. Big fan of Matte lipsticks and in my opinion no other brand can replace the quality of their products.

john R.
2 reviews
“happy with this purchase”

I cannot rave amount the pigmentation and blendability of their palettes enough. the eyeshadows practically blend themselves. I saw some people saying the purple shade in the palette wasn't very pigmented so I wasn't expecting much but wow mine had almost full pigment with one swipe. so happy with this purchase. The only thing that draws me back is if they use animal testing which is disgusting if true.

Ashley D.
4 reviews
“If I could give it zero stars I would”

Personally I am a little afraid to use the products as so far every single one I have tried I have had allergic reaction to which makes me wonder what they put in something that you put on your face and near your eyes and mouth. I'm a makeup artist and I wouldn't put it on any client even if they weren't allergic to MAC products

Elizabeth S.
6 reviews
“High quality”

Can't live without my Mac Cosmetics, especially for my eyes! Long lasting always makes me look and feel good!

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