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Jennifer M.
4 reviews
“Lip products”

I would say the best producst they have are for lips. I would never buy their mascara bc it's just a waste of money.

Meghan C.
2 reviews
“animal cruelty”

MAC used animals , straps them down and tests. I gave 2 bc they have the most variety and carry mineral cosmetics ... which don't age your skin. Being a huge company they have more options with mineral than any other line. But, I stopped wearing as soon as I heard they tested on animals. Plus, most their "artists", have no clue how to match foundation, what colours work with what eye colours, and how to apply.

sandi n.
8 reviews
“inconvenient returns”

I've ordered a few times in the past years. this is the first time I've had a return. I requested a return label by email(I waited and waited on the 800#). It's supposed to take 3 DAYS to receive. Plus it needs to be sent by UPS. a drop box isn't far from me, but it is in a congested area I try to avoid. It's supposed to be free, hopefully it really is. 1 more day to wait on my return label

Sall T.
2 reviews
“My favorite!”

Can't be without my Mac, especially for my lips! Long lasting, luscious color that always makes me look and feel good!

Ezra R.
6 reviews
“They don't care about my order!!!”

I bought an eyeshadow from MAC online store. I knew it was a very popular eyeshadow and they were waiting for the stocks to ship my eyeshadow. They told me that they could ship my eyeshadow 2 weeks after. And so, I patiently waited for 2 weeks and chatted with MAC again about this order. They simply told me "we don't have this item, you can cancel your order if you want." Very unprofessional and very unhelpful. Instead of helping me to get my eyeshadow or letting me know more detail about my order, the representative just told me to cancel it and did not care about whether I could get this order or not. I ended up cancelled my order and was very upset about the their services. Will never want to purchase again from them!

Jane T.
4 reviews
“My favorite!”

Can't be without my Mac, especially for my lips! Long lasting, luscious color that always makes me look and feel good!

Kristen S.
11 reviews
“Excellent customer service”

So I ordered from Mac and somehow I made the same order twice. I called customer service with my issue. They advised me on how to return one of the orders. I got an email and printed the return label, brought my order to a Fed Ex pick up location, and within a few days my credit card was credited. I sometimes to to a local Macy's to browse products, but I really enjoy shopping online, as no one is looking over my shoulder! Excellent experience.

Justine T.
1 review
“Love the products, but the packaging is cheap”

Every product I have bought that has a hinged lid breaks. Seriously in need of addressing this issue, too much loss of product.

Sarah H.
2 reviews
“Test on animals”

I was really a HUGE fan of this brand, but now that they test their products on animals, I don't want encourage them anymore...

Jhoni A.
1 review
“MAC - We arent gonna break out”

MAC is the only product that does not make me break out and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. I love MAC and everything they make. They make my skin feel its best and I then feel my best.

Allison C.
3 reviews
“I only buy from here”

I love playing with makeup and hair, MAC has always been my go to. Stays on, looks flawless and the website has tutorials to help improve your skills. Love love love this company's products

Simone S.
7 reviews
“Great website, stay out of the stores”

The stores never have anything. I can always find anything I need on their website. Free shipping, great incentives. If I'm not sure about a specific lipstick color I just google it and there's always tons of reviews/swatches online about any given Mac lipstick color. They do however make it literally impossible to return anything, so make sure you want it.

albert s.
3 reviews
“It's cool”

It's cool and I love the brand so much and fast item get delivered. One of the brand with excellent and good service!

Hulda D.
51 reviews
“MAC Cosmetics are really nice and good”

I really like Mac and there online store you can find anything, I like there online store more, because if go to Mac stores some of them don't have everything and stuff like that.

but online you can find anything you want if it not sold out. and the make the shipment right away really nice job.

Natasha j.
1 review
“Absolutely ridiculous”

If they was a 0 option I would have selected that, I have spend hundreds of pounds on my order and they are still not here the are sending it to the wrong address and it won't let me track my order as it is asking me to sign in and I don't have an account so I signed up and obviously I don't have order history since I just made it so I can't see where it is, probably won't even come and I need it as I'm a makeup artist and I have lost out on 300 pound and the Live chat is $#*! it says some back between 10 am and 10 pm and it's $#*!ing half 4 and the makeup artist chat doesn't say that but the chat keeps disappearing and I'm getting email and there trying to say it's my $#*!ing connects but it's just there $#*!ty $#*! website, I will never order from them again make millions and they can't even sort out there $#*! website

Tanya R.
2 reviews
“U love MAC”

great product and excelent costumer service. The match of color wirh your skin is very precise. ai use the foundation, powder,conselear and lip sticks.

Tracey N.
21 reviews
“Good quality product”

Love getting my makeup here. They have great product and good quality at reasonable prices. I go there all the time.

Rajna A.
4 reviews
“very good”

I recommend it to all my friends and usually give it as a birthday present. I wish i have it all. Hopefully to buy more stuff here soon.The quality, texture, is great! Love using it!

Gladys H.
2 reviews
“Great one!”

I adore this cosmetics. It was made for women with real love. I recommend it to all my friends and usually give it as a birthday present.

Pipoy M.
23 reviews

I love MAC!! I wish i have it all. Hopefully to buy more stuff here soon. I need funds for it. hahaha. I super love the shades of the lipsticks. I am a fan!

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