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Tiesha H.
1 review
“I have never received any of my packages from this company but the status says delivered.”


12 reviews
“The worst shipping company ever !!”

Several online stores use LASERSHIP for deliveries. Whenever this company ships my orders they ALWAYS lose the package, OR ship the package to the wrong city where it gets "lost ", OR they refuse to ship to the address that's on my shipping label. l don't know how the hell this incompetent company stays in business !! They are without a doubt the WORST shipping company EVER !! Every time a store hires these fools to ship my packages l have to contact the stores and request a reshipment through a NORMAL shipping service like USPS,UPS,or FEDEX because the packages never reach me when it's shipped through LASER SHIP. EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT !!!

mike k.
1 review
“Thieves of peoples packages”

they stole my package and told me it was delivered on a day that we had snow and i was outside shoveling snow around that time. No body should use this company. They will still your stuff. They do not deserve 1 star.

Aishani J.
1 review

I will not give any stars to this bunch of senseless horrible people. It is a shame Amazon is partnering with them. Drivers are stealing packages.

Huroyoan M.
1 review
“Perdida de paquetes”

Darle una estrella a esta empresa es demasiado para lo que se merecen han perdido mi paquete no se hacen responsable uno como cliente es irrespectado y estafado, no tiene una oficina de atención al cliente y un número telefónico en Miami.

En este país una empresa fantasma como esta puede funcionar?
Donde están los derecho y responsabilidades hacia el cliente?
Donde están la autoridades que supervisan las empresas por sus servicios?

Shawn D.
1 review
“Had to go and GET my package pitiful”

Worst of the worst they couldn't get it to my door I live in a condo gated community pretty BAD so I had to drive up and pick it up myself disgraceful

2 reviews
“Company is a scam and will steal your stuff”

Confirming this is a scam company. I called them because their tracking said a package delivered to my front door that never did. The lady I talked to put me on hold to call the local distribution center and they told her they already opened an investigation on it. Why would they open an investigation on something they said delivered before I even called to complain? Obvious scam. Do NOT order from any online company that uses them. For me that site was

Heather A.
1 review

Could not get worse if they tried. In CT they did not post tracking info until I called walmart to complain. They post the next day that it was delivered the previous day and left at front door. I live inside an apartment complex and they do not have access to my front door. They are suppose to leave packages with the front office, the front office did not have my package either and now my 2 day shipping has turned to 10... That is if the replacement walmart is sending through the company even gets delivered because it is also coming through lasership. Ordered on 11/16, was over a weekend so suppose to be delivered 11/20, now not expected to get the replacement until 11/27. Ridiculous.

Tip for consumers: Do not use.

Carrie M.
1 review
“Watch out!”

Horribly damaged box! Nothing left of the products inside. Box leaking paint! Paint on porch, front walkway, driveway, front door and all over me, when it was said and done. No one wants to talk to me! I cant get a response other than an email saying sorry for the inconvenience. And yes, I sent them these pics! Disreputable company to say the least!

Tip for consumers: Please do not use this company. If they are that much cheaper this is why!

“Terrible services...”

I was supposed to attend a halloween party this past Saturday (oct.28).The package was supposed to be delivered on Oct 23.
I was home all day and didn't receive a knock or package. I was told by the seller to wait an extra day, still no package. I put in a complaint for lost package Wednesday morning and was told to wait 48 hours, which put my function at the next day. I received no call so I called lasership.
They told me that the investigation was complete and I needed to contact the seller. I asked how it was complete and I heard nothing back, I was told the driver retraced his steps amd said it was delivered to me and to call for a refund. I explained that I took off work that dayto make sure there was no issue so I know the driver is lying. Again told to get a refund, asked if I could talk to a manager because that isn't acceptable.
Three different occasions I gave my number and said I will get a call back.
Never received a call, so I called again today and after talking to one rude employee I was able to get someone that wasn't rude at all, but told the same thing.So I gave up, but had to write my experience

David H.
3 reviews
“The absolute worst delivery company ever!”

Incredibly bad service and serious attitude from "customer service" employees.
Just google Lasership online and you'll see for yourself how bad they are, and how they abuse packages - one delivery we received was tossed into a flowerbed at the end of our driveway, nowhere near our door. Another delivery occasion the package was on vehicle for delivery but the "driver ran out of time" and it wasn't delivered until the following day. Why bother listing a delivery date when it won't be adhered to? Simply the worst delivery company out there - stay well clear if at all possible.

Brenda S.
2 reviews

stopped ordering thru Sephora because of LASERSHIP...unreliable, undependable and you get what you pay for....1 dollar service

Laura M.
1 review

They don't even deserve 1 star. I tracked a package all day that was supposedly delivered and left on my front porch tonight at 8:04pm. I can tell you that this is 100% false as I have been home all night and would have heard and saw the delivery being made as I was in the front room at the time of the supposed delivery. I believe that they are stealing packages and marking them as delivered.

Faery F.
1 review

Supposedly there was an attempted delivery on Sunday. After many calls to the dispatcher over the course of Monday, I was finally informed, at 7:30 pm, that the package had been located and it was now in "mutilated" condition. Was it mutilated on Sunday morning? Did the driver actually attempt a delivery? I will never know. If you are looking to enter the Twilight Zone, this is the "shipping service" for you.

1 review
“liars and scammers - horrible NEVER use”

lasership stated they attempted to deliver a package to my home, yet i was home all day. then when i called at 7pm that night they said they would talk to the driver. the next day the online tracking said the package had been delivered at 12:30pm the previous day. If the package had been delivered, I would not have called 7.5 hours after their so-called delivery. they did nothing to track the package down or attempt to retrieve the merchandise to deliver it properly.

john l.
1 review
“Lasership is horrible”

Lazership is the worst company of all time. Said delivered, but never got the package. I was home all day. Called and no response.

“LaserShip SUCKS”

Worst carrier ever. Drivers lie and say they made delivery attempts when they definitely did not. Then they blame Amazon, which has the best customer service ever, so nice try - but no. Then they lie again and say they left your package on the front porch when you don't have a front porch. Thank you, LaserShip, for continuing to SUCK time after time!

Tip for consumers: Just don't. Not worth the aggravation - trust me.

Priscilla F.
2 reviews
“Worst carrier ever”

Lasership is the worse carrier ever. They document attempts that never happen. Do not even deliver the same they scheduled a delivery, then go ahead and lie and report there was an attempt. Customer service is horrible because they representatives are incompetent and you can NEVER speak to a supervisor. The make it seem like making a deliver is as complicated as brain surgery. ZERO stars.

John I.
2 reviews
“Not trustworthy”

This company was once Prestige Delivery Systems. I was there almost a decade. Dave Richardson was the mgr. If he likes you he'll take care of you financially. If not he'll screw you out of pay. The company lasership is the most recent owner. Richardson isn't there anymore. He embezzled funds from the company. But, the company was more than happy when Richardson stole money from the drivers paycheck. Plenty of code violations in this small warehouse. OSHA has been there when I was a driver. Don't expect things to be rosey at lasership forever. You never know when a new mgr will come in or the business has new ownership and life at that company becomes a drag. It gave me high blood pressure. I wouldn't recommend working there to my worst enemy. If you do work there keep track of your pay and what you should be getting. Log it all. Court requires evidence to prove what a company promises you. Bye

Sumit B.
1 review
“Absolutely horrible and unreliable delivery service”

I ordered some products from Amazon Prime that shipped through this "Lasership". It was supposed to be delivered same day. Not only was it not delivered the same day, but lasership reported "delivered" when it was not. I called them and they said driver should deliver tomorrow morning. Not only was it not delivered tomorrow morning, but I called them later that evening expressing my discontent when they magically said "should be delivered in 30 minutes". What an unreliable and scam of a company. Don't know why Amazon uses them, but won't use Amazon if they continue to do so.

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