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Kenneth S.
1 review

Package delivered to wrong address. Called LaserShip who hung up on me after not being able to explain to me how delivery person first recorded it as delivered on a Saturday night at 10pm, and then actually delivered it three days later. LS CSR just said after they deliver it package is "out of their possession". Meaning what? They have no responsibility to make sure package is properly delivered?! I only later got my package because the unknown recipient took it to the post office thinking it came from there.

Holly W.
1 review
“Worst delivery service ever!!!”

I have never in my life written a bad review about any product, company, anything. I couldn't wait to write this one because everyone needs to know how poor of a delivery service this is, if its even that. Being a delivery service you actually have to, you know, deliver things. I still don't have my package its floating somewhere, I've called, left messages, sent an email which-I was very nice in both. NOONE has reached out to help, POOR customer service. The Tracking updates aren't even accurate! The driver refuses to deliver where she is supposed to at my job. I've needed this package days ago was supposed to be two day shipping! Since no one wants to contact me from this company and help I figured id leave them a review, which I was going to do regardless. Still don't have my package and don't know when I'll get it. Doesn't even deserve one star. You guys are the worst!

Richard S.
1 review
“COOL! The Shipper that doesn't Ship!!”

So, when you are a SHIPPER, your whole life is to SHIP stuff from point A to point B. Your whole business model can be stated in a sentence. So, when you can't get THAT right...what does that say about the company? Well, I have to echo all of the "1 Star" and "I wish you could rate them zero" folks. AVOID THIS CREW. Bottom feeders when the reputable delivery companies can't meet their delivery promise.

James C.
1 review

Was supposed to get package today. Home all day.

They never showed up. When I tracked package it said delivery
attempted but customer refused. They even listed the time they showed
up. nobody refused because nobody showed up to deliver.

These guys are the worst shippers ever.

They don't even attempt a delivery and then lie about it. They should be sued for thievery and incompetence.

I'm getting another item shipped from a more reliable carrier. Walmart should drop these guys immediately.

Barbara C.
1 review
“Package that said "Delivered" was not”

I did not want to give them any stars. I have never had a problem with UPS, FedEX or USPS delivery. Package indicated it was delivered 11/30 - it was not. I was home all day and evening and received two other deliveries that day, one from FedEx and one from USPS. Tried to "chat" with them online and they indicated they "couldn't understand me". NO COMPANY should use this delivery service. My Fanatics package was likely stolen by the person entrusted to deliver it.

Eric g.
1 review
“Delivery never showed”

Ordered from chewy. Com on November 20th. It said it was delivered Nov 24th it wasn't. So I called chewy and they resent out a replacement on the 25th. Well, it said it'd be delivered on the 29th, it wasn't. Chewy called them and said it'd be here on the 30th. It's now Sunday December 2nd and it's still not here. Now chewy said it'll be here by Tuesday the 4th. Unacceptable, I'm done with chewy if they use lasership going forward. Lasership steals packages and deliver whenever they feel like regardless of contracts. I'll be looking for another per supply company. Done with chewy.

Brandon P.
1 review

The first and only time I have ever had to use Lasership, my package was
"lost" in transit. What a coincidence that my order through Walmart
included 4 items, two of which were shipped by FedEx and I had no issue
with those. Within the same order, the other two items were shipped by
Lasership and they were "lost". I called lasership and spoke with
Lagreta, she informed me they never received the package from Walmart,
only received the shipping label. I called Walmart to see what happened
and Michelle put me on hold and called lasership. Michelle from Walmart
told me that lasership told her they did in fact have the package and
they just hadn't updated their system yet. So I called lasership back
and spoke with Lagreta yet again and was told they had no record of this
phone call from Walmart. (recordings should prove otherwise who is
telling the truth after I file a claim/suit). All in all, lasership was
to quick and eager to make Walmart replace my order as "lost in transit"
which pushed back my delivery date. Reviews online show that I am
hardly the first person to experience this issue and I wonder how they
are still in business. Seems like the packages are being "stolen" rather
than "lost" in my honest opinion. Too much of a coincidence that it
seems to be an ongoing issue with multiple customers and as I said, my
other packages within the same order were just fine and had no issues
being sent through FedEx.

lisa l.
1 review
“never received package???”

Ordered a jacket in store at REI on 11/7, estimated arrival was 11/26. Received notification on 11/19 that order was shipped.
Tracked package on 11/19 says order was "delivered, left at front door" nothing was actually delivered.
I live in a very safe neighborhood with an association & neighborhood watch so I'm sure it was not stolen. Wait until 11/23, no jacket. Call customer service, rep who I spoke with could not have cared less about what I was saying, did not give her name and sounded like I woke her up and she was mad I was calling. Rep said had to wait until they concluded a 2 day investigation and if by the end I still do not receive my package I will have to take it up with the seller.

The seller????? LaserShip is responsible for losing it, I do not understand how they are getting away with this so often!! Will recommend REI stops working with them when I contact them to find my $200 jacket that up and disappeared.

Wish I could give them 0 stars

K S.
1 review
“Absolutely horrible!! Laser$#*!! Never again order from any company using them”

Ridiculous...I hope they get the hell sued out of them! order delivered to a completely different street in order said it was "returned"....but we never even received! This company is the bottom of the barrel. BUYER BEWARE IF THEY SAY USING LASERSHIP! Trifilin'...

Tracy G.
2 reviews
“If I could give a zero I would!!!”

I purchased items from 2 different companies that used lasership and both deliveries were disasters. The first time I was scheduled to receive a delivery from them it was not delivered so I went to their website which stated they tried to deliver at 7:30 at night but could not be delivered because no one was home, there was no signature needed and I was home that day since 5pm. When I called customer service the woman could not have been any nastier than she was on the phone. The second time they showed the item was left at door and no package was left and I do live in a fairly safe neighborhood where it is hard to see packages left at the door anyway. I no longer will purchase from companies that use them and before ordering I make sure they are not one of the delivery services for the company. I don't know how they can even still be in business.

M J.
1 review
“Never again”

In the future, I will not order anything from Amazon that uses this shipping company. Unreliable delivery, and they don't leave the package, so you end up sitting around all day if you miss their sporadic delivery schedule.

Jeremy D.
1 review
“Garbage company, not impressed”

Delivered my package on time but failed to leave the contents inside , just left an empty envelope at my doorstep. Will definately cancel my orders if i see their name shipping again.

1 review

Customer service is so bad they just hang up on you they don't care. I called in regards to my order I asked if she could contact the driver and she hung up on me. Second time I called to speak to the supervisor and they hung up on me again. It is truly sad how bad customer service is.

“Delivered to wrong address”

They delivered a package to my house . Not even close to the number both streets start with an a , they still have not called or emailed me back to get it to the right person I have left them several messages and emails .. feel sorry for anyone getting a package from these people

Ed P.
1 review
“I would have given 0 stars.”

2 large jars received with jarred loose tops. Another package had a broken glass jar. Its liquid was all over the inside of the package. Our last package arrived with a huge dent in the bottom corner. A forklift rammed the box with such force that it broke open a can of tuna protected by a cardboard wrapper. Numerous deliveries were left in the building lobby where anyone could have taken them. This company is the worst.

Monique F.
1 review
“The only shipping company I ever had trouble with”

This is at least the second time a package sent by Walgreen through Lasership was just not delivered. The first time I called Lasership and was told it had been. This time I knew better and called Walgreen.
Another delivery was left in the New York street although my building has a doorman to accept deliveries.
I know someone who worked for Lasership and I understand it is a pretty bad employer as well.

Geradi B.
1 review
“what a janky delivery service”

package was never delivered, yet tracking says it was given to some unknown person. and contacting customer service was just about as useless as a empty bottle of water while walking through a steaming hot desert.

NIshant L.
1 review
“Worst Courier Service”

Its been twice that my packages has not arrived however, i get delivered notifications.
I ordered package from Amazon on Sept 6 and was due delivery on 12th. Amazon used to send packages through UPS or USPS where I used to get it on my doorstep but unfortunately this time it was Lasership. I got notifications of my item being delivered and signed by someone named H. That day I was home waiting for the package and my name does not start with a H. I complained about it, they said, " issued an investigation file", which I never got any information. I got my refund through Amazon.

I ordered a different packages from Amazon on 13th September and I got notification of my item being delivered on 17th through Lasership again. I came home looking for my package on my doorstep which I never saw. I had to complain and had to do the same cycle to get investigation and refund.
I have had no issues with any other courier services before until Lasership. It is one of the worst shipping company I have dealt with in my life. I hope the founder of this company sees this aggressive and frustrated comments and get his company or the employer on track.
If once failed I would understand but twice made me anger to write this comment.

Mae I.
1 review
“csa sucks”

They did not listen attentively to customer concerns and they just hang up the call. They sounds rude.

DjKarta J.
1 review

So my car dies and i order a jumpstarter from walmart on August 24th. I track the package on walmarts site that says its due to arrive sunday August 26, 2018. Im like awesome...I thought only Amazon delivered on im excited to get my car on the road, good stuff! Sunday comes and nothing, so im thinking eh theyll deliver Monday. I check the site and apparently the marked my package as "exception" and that it wont be delivered until the next business day.....well Tuesday comes and nothing, wednesday nothing, thursday comes and i contact the company who doesnt reply to my correspondence....the next day they mark it as delivered. NEVER DELIVERED THE PACKAGE MIND YOU.....they mark it as loaded on vehicle, out for delivery and delivered in the course of 3 minutes. If that doesnt scream fraudlent I really dont know what does. So Walmarts reps tell me i'll receive my refund in about 5 days....meanwhile my car is still parked outside dead. So while i run the risk of having my car towed i got screwed over by both companies. AVOID LASERSHIP AT ALL COST THEY ARE GARBAGE!!!!! BELOW YOU WILL FIND MY TRACKING INFO:

3:00 PM
Left At: Front Door
2:59 PM
2:58 PM
11:00 AM
7:22 AM
10:20 PM
11:12 AM

Tip for consumers: AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!


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