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1 review
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Don't even think about booking from Cleartrip. After they take your payment money, they will never ever care about your flight rescheduling at all. They will never help. or they will intentionally ignore for your flight not to get rescheduled since you have paid them the flight ticket anyways. They have nasty traps and they play games with their customers. Customer Service Reps will place you on hold for more than 15 minutes that you will decide to disconnect the call instead since they are worthless creatures who don't care about their customers! WORST COMPANY SERIOUSLY! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT CHECKING THEIR WEBSITE

1 review
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Requested my ticket cancellation during the first week of September, due to the airlines (Jet Airways) change of flight time and multiple stops. My Cleartrip ID was 18021332058, until today, 8 weeks later, I still got the same answer from Cleartrip personnel that Jet Airways has not yet processed by refund.
Not sure at all if it would be coming, if you are considering buying the ticket them, please think twice.

2 reviews
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I don't recommend Cleartrip for booking, they are deceptive and unprofessional.
For more than 4 month I can't get my money back after refunding, I can't even know how much I'll get back "if I"!!
every time I contact with their support team, they lies and give me fake promises to call me back after 30min/1hour/1day and they never did that!

1 review
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If there is 0 star, i can put zero. Payment deducted from the bank but the service you clicked is already fully booked but still system allowing you to book. It says your money will be refund in 24hours - to 48 hours BUT NOT TRUE at all. They will keep you hold on the phone and after 10mins of waiting suddenly the call dropped. No consistency.

1 review
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Will force you to cancel the ticket, And do not expect refund. Also will send you false mails regularly states that Flight is canceled.. We will be in trouble. Dont trust them.
Very worst service.

1 review
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Please don't book hotel or flights through cleartrip.I have booked hotel in calicut almost double price of actual hotel price. I paid 7000 rupees.The same room was available in makemytrip for 3050 rupees. really disappointed from the service of cleartrip

1 review
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Payment is deducted from bank but ticket are not booked and when we call costumer service they say our system are failed and money is not refunded

1 review
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I have booked my ticket from Delhi to Napal from cleartrip website booking failed but my money was deducted from banks account first I messaged cleartrip on Facebook they said wait for 3-4 day then I was waiting for 3-4 days I called them and sent e-mail again they said maybe money was blocking from the bank cleartrip havent received money from me yet after that I contacted bank , the bank checked it and found that cleartrip have received money already I called cleartrip again transfer my money back as soon as possible bcz I dont have money to booked new ticket and the cost of the ticket is increasing day by day they told me to sent bank statement within 3-4days Ill get money I sent them all documents they need by email after 3-4 days working I called them again and they said its under processing until today I havent got money from them yet

1 review
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had to call their customer service 9 times, NINE EFFING Times!!!!! to find out a simple info of what is the check in luggage allowance for my booking. each time the call centre agent conveniently put me on hold and then disconnected the call. i'd give ZERO star if that's possible on this review

1 review
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VERY sorry to write, because we have not received any satisfactory answer from Cleartrip Mumbai office from last 15 days, so today I came to your Cleartrip office from Vadodara i.e. 400 Km travelling

While booking, Travelers Information page on Cleartrip site indicate that
IMPORTANT: Make sure the names you enter match the way they appear on your passport
So, We have booked above tickets as per the way they appear on passport.
as under for 4 person
Mr. Mehta Pawanraj Sohanraj
Mr. Shah Priteshkumar Hasmukhlal
Mr. Gadhia Chhaganlal Gokalbhai

There is NOT a SINGLE MISTAKE in Name of ANY Passenger, it is as appear on the passport

but now your Cleartrip repling that surname require last as under

Mr. Pawanraj Sohanraj Mehta
Mr. Priteshkumar Haskukhlal Shah
Mr Chhaganlal Gokalbhai Gadhia
Mr Kulinchandra Ramanlal Patel

So, you have to cancel your ticket and re-book.

Now Most Important is : on your online portal fields are First Name and Last Name

On Passport fields are Surname and Given Name,
there are no such fields like First Name and Last Name on passport
So, It's confusing on part of cleartrip, so its your mistake.

So, kindly needful to correct tickets as per airline.

currently this matter is taking care by Mr. Conrad (Cleartrip Mumbai Office)

1 review
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According to my experience today i feel Cleartrip shouldnt be considered for any bookings. IF we book some service though this thirdparty we expect some gurantee for our booking and if something goes wrong there is a team to help. But both are not there with cleartrip.

I booked snowcity ticket through cleartrip and when i visit the snowcity they told Cleartrip already redeemed by ticket. I had to argue with Snowcity property manager and he gently explained the procedure and mentioned they cant help as this is purely cleartrip issue. When i called cleartrip they simply put me on hold for 15-20 mins and every time when i attempt to reach them the same repeated and i lost around 1 hr. Finally one customer person told me in different tone that cleartrip cant do anything and i need to talk to property manager and i realized i choose wrong provider to book my ticket, I paid ticket amount again to enter the park and lost the amount i spent through cleartrip.

This is just near by destination and imagine some long trip with timebounded checkins what will happen. Please stay away from this stupid service providers.

1 review
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I would like to bring notice to absolutely horrendous customer service provided by cleartrip.

As a regular customer who had made plenty of bookings in the past, I was used to with automated ticket bookings. However in one of my bookings, a minor spelling mistake was made.

I detected the spelling mistake around ~25 hours before the flight departure, so immediately called the customer care.

1. The first agent lied that it's within 24 hours and no change can be made and to contact Malaysian Airlines.
2. Contacting Malaysian Airlines, they said the said change can be easily done by your agent (Cleartrip) in this case at any time.
3. Contacted cleartrip again, he accepted that there are more than 24 hours but no change can be made and to reach the airport directly where they may deny boarding us. Notice they'll rather have their customer embarrassed in the airport than helping them out.
4. I contacted Malaysian Airlines again and reached a very helpful executive. He directed us to add agent (Cleartrip) over a conference call. Over the conference all, we added Cleartrip and again we only got the unhelpful response that change of name is not possible.
5. Malaysian Airlines executive however pointed out that this is a minor change and it can be easily changed with a penalty (which I as willing to pay). He also confirmed that promptly with the sales team of Malaysian Airlines.
6. However the cleartrip executive was adamant that name change is not possible. At this point the cleartrip agent pointed out that ticket has been booked since over a month, and was directly blaming me (the customer). He said there is an internal circular which outlines this process. However Malaysian Airlines clearly mentions a process of changing the customer name. Link:
7. The cleartrip executive was again mentioning that this is not possible. Probably "not possible" is their default response. He mentioned that for this to execute they need to contact backend team who'll contact Malaysian Airlines, and he cannot escalate the issue as it being Sunday the "team" is not in office.
8. The cleartrip executive told me to share the passport copy which I did and told me further support will be only be available via e-mail. While I asked the agent to expediate the issue, he said there is no such process and he is simply a "CS agent" and is there for answering questions. I insist on him to resolve the issue.
9. The cleartrip executive then silently disconnects the call.
10. I requested the Malaysian Airlines executive if he can resolve the issue on his end. He was able to resolve the issue without much ado.

The only thing I can say is, Cleartrip is a customer hostile company which has:
1. No clear cut process to solve the customer issues. The only thing their agent can say is "Not possible."
2. Rude and misleading. All three agents were unhelpful.
3. They are not aware of the process of their airline partners. Clearly in my case, there was a simple process but cleartrip was unwilling and were actively blocking fixing my issue.
4. Note that Malaysian Airlines went out of their way to resolve our issue. Cleartrip's incompetent customer care only words were of some vague circular and lies about processes.
5. There are no escalation processes within cleartrip.

Clearly Cleartrip is a there to rip off their customers. They charge "convenience" fee at whim however they are completely clueless to support their customers in case of trivial issues. I would 0 star to cleartrip's service if I could and would uninstall the app as soon as it is possible.

1 review
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I tried booking train tickets through Cleartrip app...some technical error occurred..because of which my money got deducted...but tickets were not booked...

I tried getting in touch with them through customer care number...I was been told that it will be refunded in next 4-5 days..

I called them on 6 th day asking for refund..
I was then told that they have completed refunding process from their side...and I was given some reference numbers...these numbers were to be taken to bank...and ask them for refund..

So inconvenient !! Who does this ?
Is this the way of refunding ???
Now I have to keep aside my work...and rush to bank...
Money will be deducted in just a second..
But refund is such a long procedure...

Never use this app / website for any kind of booking.
Shame on you cleartrip !!! you are greedy and hopeless !!!

and if you are not..then look into this matter and refund my money
(Trip ID - 170906134854 & 170906135324)

1 review
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I had to cancel a pre-paid, non-refundable hotel reservation due to a family bereavement. Cleartrip was outstanding. The call center operators were sympathetic and very helpful. They worked with the hotel to get me a full refund within a 2 days. I received at least 6 calls from them keeping me updated on progress and what they planned to do next. I cannot complement them highly enough. My only complaint is that I cannot find a way to communicate with them directly by email to say how very happy I was with the service.

1 review
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SHAME ON YOU CLEARTRIP!! Blaming us after all the hassle, physical & mental stress of my family, ruining our planned vacation. Its your responsibility to rebook my families ticket right away after the airlines cancelled the said flight. I didn't pay you 8,700dhs for nothing, its a hard earned money. Its not my fault that I didn't receive any generated email from you, you should follow up or call me on my mobile. Stop fooling people!! ##SHAME on YOU cLEARTrIP##BAD KARMA FOR YOU%#^*notocleartrip/::/theyfoolpeople$$
You guys keep on saying, GIVE AS SOMETIME! This problem happened Dec 15,2016@ 11pm.. I already bought a 1 way ticket going to manila, i have to shell out another 15,000 dhs from my own pocket.This is your negligence, you can get an expert to tumble my email & mobile & I'll prove that I DIDN'T receive any advisory from your team.It's a worst nightmare, Planned everything 11 months ago, its my children's first christmas in phil & they are looking forward to it. $$$no conscience cleartrip.$$Sorryisnotenough$$$giveUsSometimeAgain&Again$$$sweartoGod!

1 review
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I am giving them 1 star because that is the minimum possible else I would have given them 0 stars. Cleartrip is a cheap company trying to entice money out of their customers one way or the other. While booking a flight ticket, they have an option to select insurance for the trip which by default is checked. So in the clutter of other information on their web page, if you miss noticing that the check box for insurance is checked, you inadvertently will end up buying the insurance. It happened with me, and when I called them within 5 minutes of booking the ticket to cancel the insurance, I was told that it is non-refundable. Since insurance is not a free service, a customer must explicitly and knowingly select the insurance instead of having it selected as default. I find their business practice to be deceptive and unethical. To top, their customer service left a lot to be desired. Needless to say I won't be doing any business with them in future.

Tip for consumers: Be aware of hidden charges which they opt in the customers by default.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Cleartrip is a Fraudulent online travel portal... They just sell with fake offers and deals

1 review
0 helpful votes

I booked a flight for 3 April and cancelled it through GoAir with PNR XRALHM. They sent my refunded amount to cleartrip as I booked flight using cleartrip platform. More than one month gone and still no refund is initiated. When I contacted to their customer care they said first we have to cancel a cancelled flight grin emoticon and then we will initiate the refund process. If I'm not to cancel they will not initiate refund process. If they will cancel a cancelled flight they will charge 500 and if you are cancelling from web will be charged 250. So I tried to cancel using web I got a error message. So the conclusion is you have to cancel a cancelled flight through call center and they will charge 500.

They have mentioned in their T&C for hassle free please cancel flights using Cleartrip. You can not make fool like this. You can make only once. You have to mention in case of cancellation you will be charged 250/500 and your are free to cancel from anywhere . How worst the revenue model is ?. Its not a right way to making people fool. If wish to charge some convenience you have to charge while transacting.

I will not advise to any one for using such a worst platform.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I booked flight for delhi to leh, with trip id 1501283324, when I checked the price it was showing 68000rs but when I started paying they increased the price to 74500 rs . after paying, I checked other sites which were charging much cheaper atleast by 7000 rs .I contacted their customer care and they doesn't know anything.they told that rate changes every second&They advised me to send and email to them. I also e ticket direct from air line which is much less than what cleartrip has charged and clear trip has adjusted excess charge as ' other charge' in their invoice.

I have sent them the no. Of complaints email and awaiting their reply.

No Idea how long I have to wait .or I will get the money back. I am planning to go for legal action.

My advise to all:- Never use this website for any services. You will end up in big trouble. contacted their customer care and they doesn't know anything. They advised me to send and email to them. No Idea how long I have to wait .or I will get the money back. T I am planning to go for legal action.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't ever book with cleartrip.

it is a fraud company.

If any cancellation done by ( even if it is not by you ), To get the refund you need to call them for months and they will keep pushing you.

They are only after your money.

Once they gets it, they don't give a damn.. is a cheat and fraud company..

Ask them what happened to my booking

They swindle my Rs. 23, 443
And keep avoiding and making all the promises and never fulfill.

They keep asking me to call back tomorrow, after 12, after 2, after 4 and promise me they will call me and TOO MANY PROMISES..
Not even once they called me or reply to my mails..

Please do not use
Unless you have lots of money to drain into to the toilet..

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

simplicity is core value of this website. I always book my train and hotel from this website.
Prices are really good as compare to other websites. Mobile version and Applications are also too good. This is the only site in the world which takes less than 2 minutes to do the entire booking.
Cheers !

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