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Andrea P.
1 review

scam. fraud. I've just been f****d by them

50$ for a small parcell from US to Ireland
45$ to have it shipped within US.

just a J O K E !!!!

Tatyana B.
1 review
“Looks like a scam scheme. Avoid Borderlinx!”

Okay, I'm done trying to reason with their support, especially seeing the avalanche of similar negative reviews from other customers whose packages were "lost". It's been two weeks since my parcel arrived at their facility. Their support assistants act as if the situation was normal. They parrot the same questions to buy time (first they wanted a tracking number from Amazon and actually claimed they did receive the item, now they've asked for the invoice pdf file - so it's "lost" at their facility, pretty much like many other items mentioned by other reviewers below).
On the third round of livechat they did finally create a ticket (#201762560, if their representative ever appears here) with a promise to contact me via email, but naturally, I never heard back from them.

Their livechat is a pitiful excuser for support service. They do not have a contact phone or a real address (the one listed on the website is phony) and there is no way to contact them directly.

Based on other reviews I don't really expect to receive my package but there's at least some consolation in leaving a honest review.

Avoid them. Borderlinx is a scam. They are absolutely non-transparent and you will have no ways to influence the situation. There are other safer services out there. With Borderlinx, you pay double for what will end up as a gift to their staff - perhaps with a few rare exceptions (not counting the fake-sounding half-line positive reviews here).

Michael S.
1 review
“This is not a mail forward company. Its a rip off MAFIA.”

They charge 80 pounds to foward a medium size box UK to Germany. This is just ridiculous. They dont offer different couriers and prices. Just one price which is 3 times the average price. Stay away. This is MAFIA. Forward2me is WAY better and more professional.

haha m.
1 review

the reviews are bad. you seem to be not reliable people. i will not try anything with you. am gone. see in another life, or better, i will try to use another service. i was shocked to read from this other review from a guy who trusted you and he was told to pay 300 dollars for something that costed 50 dollars. thieves!

john k.
1 review
“i was suspicious”

im not going to use them and decided caution was the best bet..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Bassam A.
2 reviews
“Follow up on my delayed shipment of two months”

So finally my shipment status was changed, after close to 2 months. Thought i would share some information try to help out those in same predicament as i was. how did it get resolved you say ? Called them and spoke to a customer service agent, contact number is +1 937 889 6246. I was on a live chat session and again was getting the same run around; we are sorry for the delay, it is being escalated .... I decided that i had enough searched for their number and managed to get through. Agent explained that the shipment had been misplaced, not like what the chat session was informing, and that they have contacted the warehouse team and would get back to me soon enough either finding it, or informing that it was indeed lost and how to get a refund. In either case there would finally be closure. Almost 36 hours later i receive an email informing the package is shipped and would be delivered within 4 days by DHL. Hopefully they are not damaged after all this time. So if you having trouble, try calling the number above and speak to someone, might just do the trick.

Andy T.
1 review
“Works, except when it doesn't”

The Good
I've used Borderlinx to ship items from the USA to Australia around 10 times in the last 2-3 years. The service works as advertised when the following 2 things happen: (a) your parcel is successfully delivered to Borderlinx's warehouse, (b) Borderlinx accepts and updates your account dashboard that the parcel is received. You're then free to 'release' the shipment. You receive the parcel. Happy. Again, Works when the above 2 conditions are fulfilled.

The Horrible
My last parcel was sent to their warehouse in the midst of their move to a new warehouse. Parcel tracking showed that it was successfully delivered and signed for. To be sure, i sent an email to Borderlinx to find out if all parcels sent to the old address will be re-directed to their new warehouse - this they confirmed, and i was advised to look out for an update to my account dashboard. But... but... two things never showed up: One, my parcel. Two, customer services. I sent multiple email to Borderlinx Customer Services to request for updates, only to be sent cursory/ obligatory responses & apologies for the lack of updates; that the team is looking; that they're 'sorry' for their poor response.... and then radio silence. Both my parcel and Borderlinx customer services disappeared.

So it is. If you're intending to use Borderlinx, use it knowing that it's a service that works - Except when it doesn't. And when it doesn't, or when something goes wrong, don't expect your parcel nor customer services to show up.

Also F.
1 review

STAY AWAY FROM BORDERLINX! Totally unhelpful so-called customer service did nothing to solve a problem created in the first place by its deficient web site, procedures, and incomplete explanations. This outfit still has my Uniquo USA package, which Borders was to transship to Canada, a loss to me of almost $200.

Sema M.
1 review

Dont trust them, I bought something From them 3 months ago and I still havent received anything. I contacted their customer service twice and they did nothing helpful. They make you pay a huge amount of money for shipping and never deliver anything.

Rana F.
1 review
“Worst Shipping Company”

The worst shipping company I ever dealt with.
I got a package on my US hub which its value was over-estimated & its dimensions was wrongly stated as well. I tried to correct both with no hope for 3 consecutive days. So I decided to forward it to a local US address which a service provided through their website. I filled the required form & paid for the service, then they replied on me by email the next day that my shipment is over-sized & that they will charge me extra fees. Since then I didn't receive any update from them. The package is still suspended on US hub & I can't forward it although I already paid for the service. every-time I contact them, they keep telling me u'll get a reply in 1-2 business day. I heard a lot bad experience with this company, but thought maybe it's not correct. Now I'm pretty sure that all the reviews are correct.
Here is my request no.: 201747424, maybe Borderlinx are interested to investigate this issue, which I doubt.

Ritika K.
1 review
“Dont ever use this website”

I have items misplaced, not repacked and held up for shipment but no response at all.Looks like i will lose all the money. This website is fraud

Lily A.
1 review

Beware! Do not use this website I repeat BEWARE! I used the service twice. The first time my items were in holding for 3 weeks & then they were finally sent at a premium price in separate boxes (?!) and more expensive than the original merchants international shipping costs. My second order has been in holding for TWO MONTHS. I had zero communication from the company or customer service only automated messages from robots: we will get back to you with an update in 1-2 business days. No update. Called their number, emailed every email address I coul find. Nothing. DO NOT send your property to this warehouse. My guess is that they resell our merchandise on the black market/eBay and never give customers any answers. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I wish someone had warned me about this website before I flushed my money down the drain.

Megan N.
1 review
“I will NEVER use this service again!”

I will NEVER use this service again!
My package was delivered to Borderlinx on December 4th, 2017 at 2:55 pm. It is now 10:35am on December 7th, 2017 and I have yet to be able to communicate with Borderlinx or to obtain accurate information as to where my package is as it is STILL not showing in my account when I check my dashboard.
I have tried communicating with their customer service staff via the online chat, via email and via Facebook Messenger. The chat staff were unable to get me information on my package, I never received a reply to my email and after providing all the required information for them to track down my package, they have completely ignored my repeated attempts to follow up. I cannot find a phone number for customer service as well.
This feels EXTREMELY sketchy! I will be looking into my options as to how I can either recover my missing package or be compensated for the theft.

Gavin A.
2 reviews
“*CAUTION* They are expensive!”

Ok so my review is not as bad as everyone elses but they are EXPENSIVE to say the least - I can only talk about my experience from using the Hong Kong address

They use volume weight if its a small item as they cant make enough money from it so the price will often be higher than the item contained in it. They only use DHL from Hong Kong because its the most expensive shipping method (again to make money) What you have to understand is that they are a business and need to make money or it would be pointless offering the service - However the customer service team definitely need training on customer service and they should at least offer a cheaper alternative to DHL and maybe implement a fee structure so the charges are more transparent otherwise you feel you are getting ripped off.

Time wise, I felt my package was dealt with in a timely manner and all items were accounted for. Maybe they have worsened since i used them but it wasn't a harrowing experience like others have mentioned.

I will have something arriving in a few days and will update on my experience.

Stay tuned

*******UPDATE 11/12/2017************

Package was processed the day it arrived at the Hong Kong Warehouse and I received notification - Logged in and checked.. No invoice included so the Estimated Package value was hiked up (Obviously. I sent the correct details and it was solved straight away. What I was shocked by was that my package arrived perfectly fine but they opened it and repacked it. I contacted Customer service who said it wasn't repacked even though there was pictures showing it was - after she realised this she gave me the usual spiel about it being repacked to reduce the shipping. NO! You repacked it to increase the shipping cost! I specifically spoke to my merchant and asked them to reduce the shipping size as much as possible and they did (with photo proof).

Quite disappointed in the tactics used to increase the cost. They weren't like that before but despite this, the service was quick and fast and I am currently tracking it with DHL now. All seems well

So just to sum it up, They are EXPENSIVE but aren't a fraudulent company buy any means, they just seem to be employing some really unethical trade tactics these days. They shouldn't as they would have a lot more customers and make more money if they stayed honest like they used to be.

Only use if you REALLY REALLY want the items you are ordering and are willing to pay anything to have them.

Tip for consumers: Do shop around but be wary that other shipping agents are often frauds DO NOT USE Chinaebuys - its a man with an address who will steal your money. Very professional service to begin with then you will never see your items and your money will be gone forever

Best Option - Use a Chinese friend ( if you have one) and maybe pay them a little extra for the help!

Roid S.
1 review
“NO news/updates about package”

Website promised a maximum 2 days of processing after the shipment arrives at their facility and to contact them if that does not happen. Contacted them COUNTLESS times and the same response every time. "Just wait" was the basis of all that they had to say to me. Support ticket opened and "raised to urgent" as the agent said, but seriously, who would believe that. Still no response or update whatsoever. The delivery confirmation by the company that shipped my item to the Hong Kong warehouse was updated on Friday 24 Nov but up till now, still not updated in Borderlinx. Extremely upset and worried as it is a very high value item. Suite Number 1749-5215 and Support ticket 201744447.

Update 6 Dec:
Reached out to them on Twitter. Was told: "the matter is being taken up with our HK warehouse manager."
We'll see about that...

Update 7 Dec,
They found my package! They finally processed it! Shipped a mobile phone from Hong Kong to Singapore. Paid shipping, fuel surcharge and borderlinx insurance (Safetylinx). Total came out to be about USD32. Quite a fair price in my opinion!

Update 8 Dec,
Item has been dispatched through DHL Express (no other option was available) and set to arrive by Monday, 11 Dec.

Update 10 Dec,
Item delivered in good condition.

Overall thoughts:
I felt that Borderlinx could have provided better and faster service if not for the backlog experienced by them due to their moving of warehouses. Premium shipping fees are to be expected when using such services so that is something to be careful with. As of now, only use Borderlinx if it is your only option to get an item from Point A to Point B. I'm sure it will get better once they sort out the current backlog and return to normal service again.

zach d.
1 review
“Horrible customer service and bad company policies”

Save yourself time, money, and frustration. This site seems to be legit but they are quick to not disclose ridiculous company policies in order to get your money. I understand the notion of "buyer beware" but this company lacks all standard business ethics.

Gabriel P.
1 review
“VERY BAD service and $#*!ty customer support”

My package has been delivered over a week ago to their location and it still does not show up in my account!!!
Watch out people !! Do not use this service

Andrey R.
1 review
“Borderlinx stole my package...”

ORDER 4122147
I think they stole my parcel!

I buy from Borderlinx headlights for my car, pay delivery cost!
Order mark as sent 27/09/2017 (27 september 2017) !!!
Today 27/11/2017 (27 November 2017) and package no tracking and no sending say shipping company Asendia. I dont know what me make. Support no answer for me and say 24 hours for answer and no answer.

Support does not solve the problem, I wrote them very many times!

I lost money for the goods and for the delivery, please help me!

Michael H.
1 review
“WTF is going on”

Two months and I am still waiting for my package to be returned to me. I keep getting the runaround that there are delays and then I get this message,

Dear Michael,

We're writing to follow up on our previous emails about the items you have in storage. Unfortunately, since we have not heard back from you, and there has been no request for shipment, we have to assume that these items are abandoned.

What this means is that Borderlinx has a lien on these items and we have the right to sell them in order to cover unpaid storage charges, which now total US150 (30 x US5 = US150). Just so you know, you will be entitled to any surplus proceeds from the sale after we deduct the storage charges and the costs of sale.

Anne W.
2 reviews
“grossly overcharged”

I was charged $300 for a $50 item and I cannot find a way to contact them.
Is there any legal way I can get my money back?

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