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sharon n.
1 review

Do not trust this website. They are scammers and will steal your money.
My $6 package for my artificial flowers cost me $130 to ship.

Jason M.
2 reviews
“Borderlinx are Scammers plain and simple”

My typical shipment of $500 of goods costs me $500 do the math. Please please please stay away from this awful company (den of thieves)

Moataz H.
1 review
“Don't use if you are virgin”

Waste of money ( shipping value is 3 times more than estimated cost even doubled the product value)
Waste of time ( Almost 2 weeks and my parcels are missed even i had 2 items in my account that doesn't belong to me !! )
Customer service ( Nice words, but they do nothing, tomorrow tomorrow sorry sir sorry sorry )

Don't use unless you have no problem to lose money and time.

Tip for consumers: Don't touch

Martin G.
1 review
“Went down the drain with the move to Lockbourne warehouse”

Used this a couple of years happily, so sure it isn't scam or fraud...BUT, there service is abysimal since the warehouse move.

Since then I have:
- lost a package with irreplacable goods
- waited 3 month for a shipment (part of it arrived after half a year)
- had shipments where not all items were handed over to DHL (customs trouble and endless waitgin)
- not a single package repacked. Either there is bug in their system or they just stopped repackaging. They won't even acknowledge the problem
- waited forever for any answer from their service, you have to raise every problem again and again until they can't ignore you

I loved their service and had recommended it several times, but now I can only say, don't touch them with a ten foot pole

Shuvam M.
1 review
“Good, reliable service”

I didn't know about sitejabber -- just chanced upon it now, and was stunned to read all the reviews. I live in Bombay, and have been using Borderlinx for more than a decade, I think. For some reason, I believe I started using them since 2006. I must have done 40-50 transshipments through them over this period, all for personal use. I buy used audio equipment sometimes from eBay UK (the mains voltage matches India), and all sorts of stuff from Amazon US and UK. I've also bought one or two items from European sellers on eBay and gotten them transshipped through the Borderlinx Germany warehouse. They opened their HK warehouse several years after I started using their services.

I've bought amplifiers, high-end disc spinners, expensive Walkman Professionals, mechanical wrist watches, photo equipment from KEH, used IBM Thinkpads from eBay US, and other things. (A used Thinkpad can cost $275 on eBay and give you 3+ years of totally trouble-free service without any warranty cover. :) )

I've never lost a package. I've used both DDU and DDP modes. Things have always reached me undamaged. When I say "always", I really mean 100%. I've had a few instances of unhelpful customer support personnel, maybe 5-7% of the time, but then this is what you get worldwide when any global operation uses cut-rate support centres in the Third World (I know what I'm talking about -- I have friends working in dead-end jobs in call centres in Bombay...) I accept these things -- it goes with the territory, in my humble opinion.

Of late, I've also seen that they take 2 days or more from the time they receive a package at their warehouse to the time it shows up in their listing on their portal. Contacting their support doesn't help get this done faster -- they just throw their "this-is-our-standard-operating-process" line at me. I know that they used to do this in less than a day before. I am certain that most of their customer support executives have had a shorter association with Borderlinx than I've had as a customer, but then c'est la vie.

Their Customs clearance in India has always been smooth. Indian Customs can be notorious, but these guys clear my stuff smoothly. Sometimes, Indian Customs asks for additional details, which I give Borderlinx/DHL on email, and then they release the goods. They used to ask for cash payment of the duty, but they've started a payment gateway online now, and I pay the duties online. They deliver the package within a few hours of my paying my duties.

They are cheaper than shipping through DHL directly. I have no doubt about this; I've done my homework. They may not be the cheapest shipment option, but I'm a bit non-Indian in my attitude towards pricing -- I don't always place the lowest price as my topmost priority. I've also bought stuff from overseas occasionally, from China and Europe, without using Borderlinx, and while the shipping costs have been low, they've taken a month, even 2 months, to reach me, through ordinary posts. I'm ok with those delays, but I am happy that with Borderlinx, I pay for a faster, timebound, tracked delivery even with their cheapest shipping option.

When multiple items come in one shipment to me, they sometimes land up separating some of the items. So, two items will land up at Indian Customs and wait for two other items, and those two will still be in Heathrow. This sometimes adds 2, 3, days to the delay in my receiving the goods. Some people may get upset by this, but for me, all these are my own personal goods for my own pleasure or for my family -- nothing here is time sensitive.

The actual shipment is done by DHL as you know, and I've had 100% positive experience with DHL. (I've used Fedex once, exactly once, for a shipment from HK to India (not Borderlinx) and they treated me like garbage. I lost a piece of equipment costing about $500 because Fedex wanted me to get a clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of India, before they would get it cleared through Customs. I told them to discard the item. It was an ordinary audio processor from MiniDSP, completely non-controversial.) So, having seen some of this, I value DHL for their professionalism.

One last point: some people keep saying that Borderlinx should use cheaper shipping options, not DHL. I think this is silly, because as far as I know, Borderlinx is a service extension of DHL. They exist because DHL created them in order to sell DHL services.

Stavros S.
1 review

Everything was ok.Very professional service,very fast. The packages arrived in only one day from Frankfurt to Cyprus.

Chun L.
1 review
“cost saving”

the declaration is seamless and save me a lot of money and effort on debating with local customs on the importation tax.

Michal M.
1 review
“Nobody knows what is going on with my order”

Nobody knows what is going on with my order (order number is 4449332). I don't have any answer !!! People from borderlinx are always telling they escalated the problem but I still don't have my order !!!

Dan T.
1 review

Nearly 7 months ago an item was confirmed as delivered to the BL warehouse. It has been 'lost' and BL refuses to replace, refund or provide basic information to enable me to progress the matter. APPALLING COMPANY with disgraceful customer service

Jan C.
1 review
“Stay away”

I have ordered an iteam thru ebay. I needed to pay twice because the first time it got returned to the warehouse for no reason. So effectively i had to pay custom taxes twice and now they are not paying back the money.

Worst, WORST customer service doing claims they cannot held "we will answer within 2-3 days" and they dont answer. Needed to took action myself.


Gillian L.
1 review

I was already annoyed that my package was sent to the wrong customer, but the lack of attention to Customer Service has made this a terrible experience. The way it's been handled has just shown me Borderlinx has no remorse in causing this entire situation and things have just gone from bad to worse.

I ordered two identical items and they were to be shipped out together - 1 arrived in a few weeks without issue. The other has been delayed for almost 3 months.

1. The boxes my orders were in were identical, yet the address label was mixed up with another shipment for someone in Canada, whose lamp was delivered to me. It was in a totally different box with a picture of a lamp on it that said it was from West Elm when my item was from a totally different store. There should have been checks in place at the warehouse - if there were it should've been pretty obvious that my boxes should've been together. When I told them I got the wrong package, the customer service told me to check that my seller didn't send me the wrong item. I told them that it couldn't be the case as it's not even from the right seller. Your first response to a customer complaint should be to check what you did and not assume the issue was with the seller.

2. Since I notified Borderlinx that my item was missing, the customer service in keeping me informed has just been terrible. I'd email once and no one would respond to me for a week or more. They may have been trying to locate the package and to get in touch with the girl in Canada, but they could have easily emailed me to let me know what they were doing. It was bad enough that I had to ask for an update instead of them coming to me, but it's even worse that my emails were ignored when I specifically asked what was happening with my shipment. This happened not once, but multiple times throughout the process of trying to get my package back.

3. It took a month and a half for my package to leave Canada. Maybe the girl in Canada delayed the process - but honestly, neither she nor I should've had to deal with DHL directly at this point. This was Borderlinx's fault for mixing up our orders and it should've have been part of their customer service to fix it instead of passing it on to us to send out the packages to each other directly in an attempt to save costs. If they made the mistake, they should have arranged all the deliveries necessary to fix it - like a DHL pick up to ship both parcels back to their warehouse before sending the right packages back to where they belong.

4. Once my package left Canada, there wasn't a commercial invoice attached. Again, you might blame her for not attaching it but it's a confusing process for people who haven't sent a shipment as a seller before. I was lucky that my DHL driver was more attentive and told me I was missing a copy of my invoice as well. I wasn't sure how to fill up the form either, so I understand if she had some trouble. What I don't understand is that I was the one who had to follow up with DHL because my parcel didn't arrive. Borderlinx should've have had a better tracker on my parcel that would've informed them it was stuck in Canada without a commercial invoice. Worse still, when I emailed them to ask for the invoice after contacting DHL myself, I was sent the wrong one TWICE and had to wait an additional week before it could be shipped out. It just shows you a total lack of organization and awareness.

5. I finally got my package this week about 2 months after the first one arrived. And I haven't heard anything from one anyone at borderlinx since. DHL has followed up with me to ensure everything was settled and told me to message them if I needed anything else, though. They have been much easier to contact throughout the last bit of this process and they have been much more helpful even though they're just the carrier. As the forwarder it should've been Borderlinx doing this. In short, it's probably better to just use DHL directly and forget about Borderlinx.

6. When I expressed my frustration to 1 or 2 people via their online chat, I was never met with a satisfactory nor an apologetic answer. The closest I ever got to the latter was an "I understand, but we are looking into it. Please wait for our staff to email you." That doesn't even come close to cutting it when I was telling them that I've been waiting for an update for over a week and no one's got back to me (again this happened multiple times); not to mention the fact I usually had to wait 45-60minutes to even speak to someone on a chat - or more if I was kicked out of their extremely vexing chat system that kicks you out for 'inactivity' even when you're waiting to speak to someone (what else can you do but be inactive on the screen while waiting??)

Eventually I was told that I would be compensated for my trouble once the packages were rightfully returned. Now since I've gotten it back, no one has contacted me about this since.

No apology. No responsibility. No customer care. No compensation.
This was my first and last time using Borderlinx and you can be sure I don't recommend them to anyone else.

Kursad U.
1 review
“Unreliable, Expensive and Indifferent”

It takes days before they acknowledge receipt of packages. When a warehouse address is changed, packages are held for weeks. They overcharge for their services. Stay away! There are much better alternatives available.

Jade W.
1 review
“Rubbish service.”

Rubbish service.

Forget about the positive comments.
They are all arranged.
They are very unreliable and charge huge custom duties which your country cannot even charge half of the amount.
Slow services as well.
My experience with them makes me wanna cry.

Venkat B.
1 review

basically, have had plenty of bad experiences with these guys. but this one beats the rest. Borderlinx basically packed a really small item in a massive box to charge me ridiculous amounts on the shipping! just when shipping is based on volume ! when I asked them to repack, they said they cant ! proof is attached too..these guys are a bunch of con men. all of them working there !

Tip for consumers: dont even bother. sucks ass.

Menas A.
1 review
“Never use Borderlinx again.”

Though BL was expensive, i never had many issues with them until 6 months ago when they decided to change their warehouses. I have a shipment (2 packages) back in August and here is the timeline -
- for 2 months BL claimed my shipment was categorized as dangerous goods when infact it was not. The same item was in both packages, BL ships one package, but denies to ship the other at the same time!
- After 2 months they agree to ship
- Upon checking they lost few items within that package
- after 2 months and relentless follow-ups, they claim the package to be lost and asked to send the invoice.
- I send the invoice and purchase the items from Amazon and ship through another reliable company unlike BL.
- They asked to wait 30-45 days for re-imbursement.
- Now they come back saying the package has been found and there is a storage charges that i have to pay which they will try and "waive".!!
- I was asked to go to the portal and release the shipments by paying the shipping charges. (no compensation what-so-ever).
- I check with customer support out of the 3 items supposed to be in the package, one is still missing.

Would have rated 0 stars if the site allows to, but it won't. Spent a ridiculous amount of time, energy, patience, peace of mind, effort, for so many months.

With so many cusotmers losing their packages, I suspect that they are just a bunch of thieves!

Never will I use Borderlinx again!

Steve M.
1 review
“Borderlinx service dropping dramatically - All time low!”

I have used Borderlinx professionally several times, and the service and reliability has dramatically changed since they moved to a newer warehouse. It takes longer and longer for a package signed off for to be added to a suit (up to 8 days) and my last shipment still is not send after being released 2 weeks ago.
The worst is that they do not inform you of the situation, customer service is a joke with standard answers and no help at all and claims or compensations can supposedly only be made when the goods have arrived or the goods are lost by the forwarder (DHL). In this case the goods are still somewhere at Borderlinx, but nobody can tell me where.
I have no information to give to my customers, I lost money on this and I can't get any true help from Borderlinx.

Tip for consumers: Avoid and use other services. There are tons out there.

Edmond T.
1 review
“Do not use Borderlinx. Scam!”

Do not use Borderlinx. They charged premium price for shipping of goods from United States to Singapore but service is totally horrendous.

I order my merchandise during Black Friday and used Borderlinx to ship it to Singapore. Suppose to arrive before Christmas but until now the goods has not arrived.

I emailed Borderlinx and they could not tell me the location of goods saying it wasn't shipped and there is backlog so couldn't locate my goods. Told them to refund and compensate for my losses which I paid insurance for they simply refused and told me to wait.

We are 1 month pass Christmas and now they simply ignore the emails I sent to them.

Andrea P.
1 review

scam. fraud. I've just been f****d by them

50$ for a small parcell from US to Ireland
45$ to have it shipped within US.

just a J O K E !!!!

Tatyana B.
1 review
“Looks like a scam scheme. Avoid Borderlinx!”

Okay, I'm done trying to reason with their support, especially seeing the avalanche of similar negative reviews from other customers whose packages were "lost". It's been two weeks since my parcel arrived at their facility. Their support assistants act as if the situation was normal. They parrot the same questions to buy time (first they wanted a tracking number from Amazon and actually claimed they did receive the item, now they've asked for the invoice pdf file - so it's "lost" at their facility, pretty much like many other items mentioned by other reviewers below).
On the third round of livechat they did finally create a ticket (#201762560, if their representative ever appears here) with a promise to contact me via email, but naturally, I never heard back from them.

Their livechat is a pitiful excuser for support service. They do not have a contact phone or a real address (the one listed on the website is phony) and there is no way to contact them directly.

Based on other reviews I don't really expect to receive my package but there's at least some consolation in leaving a honest review.

Avoid them. Borderlinx is a scam. They are absolutely non-transparent and you will have no ways to influence the situation. There are other safer services out there. With Borderlinx, you pay double for what will end up as a gift to their staff - perhaps with a few rare exceptions (not counting the fake-sounding half-line positive reviews here).

Michael S.
1 review
“This is not a mail forward company. Its a rip off MAFIA.”

They charge 80 pounds to foward a medium size box UK to Germany. This is just ridiculous. They dont offer different couriers and prices. Just one price which is 3 times the average price. Stay away. This is MAFIA. Forward2me is WAY better and more professional.

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