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Rosniati S.
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“Very Bad service”

Even if you have a dispute with your courier service you should make an effort to look for alternative solution quickly and keep your customers updated on the status. I chatted with your representative 3 times in a span of 3 weeks after waiting for a week for an update on when my items will be shipped. In each conversation I was told that it will be shipped by end week but by the following week when I enquired I was told that it will be shipped by end week. In my last chat a week ago I was told to continue being patient but still no news on when my items will be shipped. I authorized the release of my shipment on 6 June. It is now 11 July and Ive still not been informed despite asking 3 times on when my shipment will be shipped. I am extremely disappointed with Borderlinx and will not even consider using you as my overseas courier service even after you resolve your dispute.

Munirah a.
1 review
“This company ought to close down”

Recently they decide to suspend all delivery service. My items are stuck there. They dont care about you. I have to click to ship them and pay fees been a month but all delivery service suspended. They been telling me lies everyday from standard script. Never use them at all.

R W.
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“That's all, folks”

It's hard to find any information about what's been happening with borderlinx at its UK/Germany/HK sites, but the website is now down (10 June AEST), so there's simply no way to monitor the situation. It's insane that our packages will be forfeited, it's a horrible outcome, and shows how illusory 'protection' is in this freight forwarding game. I count myself lucky that the monetary consequences are modest, though my purchases were hard to find items. Good luck to all trying to recover from borderlinx!

Fred B.
1 review

An absolute scam
Have informed UK and EU authorities about Borderlinx illegal actions and connections

Bassam A.
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“Borderlinx Shutting down !”
• Updated review

Just received this in my email:

Dear Borderlinx Customer,

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that we are suspending all cross-border shipping, effective immediately (June 5, 2018).

As you know, shipping from our hub in the US was suspended on May 8, 2018 due to a financial dispute with DHL Supply Chain (the company that was handling our US hub operation). We have not beeen able to resolve that dispute. DHL Express (a different company that has handled our Express shipping for 12 years) has now informed us that they will no longer provide cross-border transportation for your packages. As a result, we cannot sustain our shipping service from our hubs in the UK, Germany and Hong Kong (as well as the US, which was already suspended).

From now on, please do not order any items for delivery via Borderlinx, as they can no longer be shipped to you. We are seeking alternative solutions to ship any item already in your suite or any item that a merchant has already shipped to a Borderlinx hub. We will let you know as soon as we have something in place.

We deeply regret this situation. Borderlinx has been a pioneer in duty and tax calculations and cross-border shipping of packages all over the world and we want to sincerely thank you for being a loyal customer.

From the Borderlinx Team

Didn't happen soon enough good riddance

“Follow up on my delayed shipment of two months”
• Previous review

So finally my shipment status was changed, after close to 2 months. Thought i would share some information try to help out those in same predicament as i was. how did it get resolved you say ? Called them and spoke to a customer service agent, contact number is +1 937 889 6246. I was on a live chat session and again was getting the same run around; we are sorry for the delay, it is being escalated .... I decided that i had enough searched for their number and managed to get through. Agent explained that the shipment had been misplaced, not like what the chat session was informing, and that they have contacted the warehouse team and would get back to me soon enough either finding it, or informing that it was indeed lost and how to get a refund. In either case there would finally be closure. Almost 36 hours later i receive an email informing the package is shipped and would be delivered within 4 days by DHL. Hopefully they are not damaged after all this time. So if you having trouble, try calling the number above and speak to someone, might just do the trick.

Darren H.
1 review
“Unable to send me my parcel. Wasted $$$'s”

I recently had a parcel sent from Amazon US to Borderlinx and once Borderlinx received it they said it couldn't be sent to me as it didn't meet there parcel sizes or weight and would get back to me with a fix (I was happy to pay more for postage etc). After a week or so I hadn't heard anything so i got onto their live chat. I was told it can only be sent back to the original seller as their US warehouse has now been closed down (the parcel arrived well before this closure date).

I now have to pay them to reship back to Amazon US in the hope I get a refund (but they were nice enough to offer waiving their $20 admin fee).
I told them they can keep the parcel as I just don't trust the chances of getting a refund and losing even more money.

In my defence, the parcel was just 4x plastic hand reels for small cables. Lightweight and small in size so I find it hard to believe that they were over the size or weight maximum.

Total waste of time and money

Leesha P.
1 review
“Borderlinx - criminal action in 'destroying' a warehouse of personal belongings.”

Borderlinx have stolen my items, and probably tens of thousands of others too. I was not notified of the US Hub suspension, so I could was not aware of having to retrieve my packages by 20 May 2018, nor were a number of other Australians I'm now finding. Many more people are totally unaware right now of what has happened, as Borderlinx are continuing to issue automated emails regarding packages to be released, as though nothing is wrong. As soon as you complain, they remove the records of your shipments and they all say, "sorry for the inconvenience, they were treated as abandoned". There needs to be a class action for litigation against this company, otherwise we will not receive any compensation.

Richie J.
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“They steal your items.”

I logged in to find the item was no longer available to ship as there US warehouse had ceased to operate and we not notified in anyway. After contacting them we were advised that all items that weren't shipped prior to the 20th of May 2018 was abandoned and surrounded to the company.

We missed this apparent deadline by one day and like many believe this is theft and we now consider our items stolen and will report this to the proper authorities.

paul m.
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“SCAM! They steal packages!”

I have been waiting for them to track my package for over 4 months, and they still have not found it. The customer support is $#*!! Stay away from this scamming company. I will be contacting the police and my lawyers, I suggest you do the same if you experienced similar issues!


Mohamed K.
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“They are cheating the customers”

They are cheating the customers, I do not advice anyone to ship through this company. they are so many alternative companies.

Ever never ship any item through them.

1. Shipping cost are very expensive compared to the others
2. They do not care about customer's item ( items are lost)
3. Very bad customer service.

house d.
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“Be careful ... Cannot be trusted ... poor customer service”

I had ordered a toy and the person entering in the toy dimensions in the system forgot to enter a decimal place and therefore system was charging me 300$ to ship a toy that cost me only 10$. !!! So be careful.
Take ages to update their portal once they receive a package at their warehouse. Very slow and very inconvenient. If you do have to use borderlinx, do so at your own risk.

sharon n.
1 review

Do not trust this website. They are scammers and will steal your money.
My $6 package for my artificial flowers cost me $130 to ship.

Jason M.
2 reviews
“Borderlinx are Scammers plain and simple”

My typical shipment of $500 of goods costs me $500 do the math. Please please please stay away from this awful company (den of thieves)

Moataz H.
1 review
“Don't use if you are virgin”

Waste of money ( shipping value is 3 times more than estimated cost even doubled the product value)
Waste of time ( Almost 2 weeks and my parcels are missed even i had 2 items in my account that doesn't belong to me !! )
Customer service ( Nice words, but they do nothing, tomorrow tomorrow sorry sir sorry sorry )

Don't use unless you have no problem to lose money and time.

Tip for consumers: Don't touch

Martin G.
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“Went down the drain with the move to Lockbourne warehouse”

Used this a couple of years happily, so sure it isn't scam or fraud...BUT, their service is abysimal since the warehouse move.

Since then I have:
- lost a package with irreplacable goods
- waited 3 month for a shipment (part of it arrived after half a year)
- had shipments where not all items were handed over to DHL (customs trouble and endless waiting)
- not a single package repacked. Either there is bug in their system or they just stopped repackaging. They won't even acknowledge the problem
- waited forever for any answer from their service, you have to raise every problem again and again until they can't ignore you

I loved their service and had recommended it several times, but now I can only say, don't touch them with a ten foot pole

Shuvam M.
1 review
“Good, reliable service”

I didn't know about sitejabber -- just chanced upon it now, and was stunned to read all the reviews. I live in Bombay, and have been using Borderlinx for more than a decade, I think. For some reason, I believe I started using them since 2006. I must have done 40-50 transshipments through them over this period, all for personal use. I buy used audio equipment sometimes from eBay UK (the mains voltage matches India), and all sorts of stuff from Amazon US and UK. I've also bought one or two items from European sellers on eBay and gotten them transshipped through the Borderlinx Germany warehouse. They opened their HK warehouse several years after I started using their services.

I've bought amplifiers, high-end disc spinners, expensive Walkman Professionals, mechanical wrist watches, photo equipment from KEH, used IBM Thinkpads from eBay US, and other things. (A used Thinkpad can cost $275 on eBay and give you 3+ years of totally trouble-free service without any warranty cover. :) )

I've never lost a package. I've used both DDU and DDP modes. Things have always reached me undamaged. When I say "always", I really mean 100%. I've had a few instances of unhelpful customer support personnel, maybe 5-7% of the time, but then this is what you get worldwide when any global operation uses cut-rate support centres in the Third World (I know what I'm talking about -- I have friends working in dead-end jobs in call centres in Bombay...) I accept these things -- it goes with the territory, in my humble opinion.

Of late, I've also seen that they take 2 days or more from the time they receive a package at their warehouse to the time it shows up in their listing on their portal. Contacting their support doesn't help get this done faster -- they just throw their "this-is-our-standard-operating-process" line at me. I know that they used to do this in less than a day before. I am certain that most of their customer support executives have had a shorter association with Borderlinx than I've had as a customer, but then c'est la vie.

Their Customs clearance in India has always been smooth. Indian Customs can be notorious, but these guys clear my stuff smoothly. Sometimes, Indian Customs asks for additional details, which I give Borderlinx/DHL on email, and then they release the goods. They used to ask for cash payment of the duty, but they've started a payment gateway online now, and I pay the duties online. They deliver the package within a few hours of my paying my duties.

They are cheaper than shipping through DHL directly. I have no doubt about this; I've done my homework. They may not be the cheapest shipment option, but I'm a bit non-Indian in my attitude towards pricing -- I don't always place the lowest price as my topmost priority. I've also bought stuff from overseas occasionally, from China and Europe, without using Borderlinx, and while the shipping costs have been low, they've taken a month, even 2 months, to reach me, through ordinary posts. I'm ok with those delays, but I am happy that with Borderlinx, I pay for a faster, timebound, tracked delivery even with their cheapest shipping option.

When multiple items come in one shipment to me, they sometimes land up separating some of the items. So, two items will land up at Indian Customs and wait for two other items, and those two will still be in Heathrow. This sometimes adds 2, 3, days to the delay in my receiving the goods. Some people may get upset by this, but for me, all these are my own personal goods for my own pleasure or for my family -- nothing here is time sensitive.

The actual shipment is done by DHL as you know, and I've had 100% positive experience with DHL. (I've used Fedex once, exactly once, for a shipment from HK to India (not Borderlinx) and they treated me like garbage. I lost a piece of equipment costing about $500 because Fedex wanted me to get a clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of India, before they would get it cleared through Customs. I told them to discard the item. It was an ordinary audio processor from MiniDSP, completely non-controversial.) So, having seen some of this, I value DHL for their professionalism.

One last point: some people keep saying that Borderlinx should use cheaper shipping options, not DHL. I think this is silly, because as far as I know, Borderlinx is a service extension of DHL. They exist because DHL created them in order to sell DHL services.

Stavros S.
1 review

Everything was ok.Very professional service,very fast. The packages arrived in only one day from Frankfurt to Cyprus.

Chun L.
1 review
“cost saving”

the declaration is seamless and save me a lot of money and effort on debating with local customs on the importation tax.

Michal M.
1 review
“give my money back”

I am waiting for delivery my parcel (order number 4449332) from 05 April !! More than ONE month from Germany to Poland (neighboring countries in the European Union) !!! I want to get my money back. I don't want still waiting.
Please give me back: 99 euro for product + 19.54 euro for shipping fees = 118,54 euro

Dan T.
1 review

Nearly 7 months ago an item was confirmed as delivered to the BL warehouse. It has been 'lost' and BL refuses to replace, refund or provide basic information to enable me to progress the matter. APPALLING COMPANY with disgraceful customer service

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