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38 reviews
8800 Glenlyon Parkway
Burnaby, BC V5J 5K3, Canada
Tel: 1-866-BEST-BUY (237-8289)

38 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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Horrible customer service ive been waiting one F****** week for you guys to release my package from purolator and your staff does nothing about it. I just moved in an area and was not able to put my condo # when i was ordering the product so i just out my building address and figured its no big deal i will just call and tel them i will pick it up myself . But bestbuy doesnt want to release my package even though its under my name because there was an ADRESS CORRECTION! Such bull$#*! i spent 400$ on a desk i took the day off yesterday to build this thing and instead i spent 4 hours over the phone with best buy talking to a manager named kerry... ive never been spoken to so rudely and the service was an absolute zero... im still waiting for them to release my package which is sitting at purolator . They dont care about the customer they got their money and they just push you aside .

1 review
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On august Sunday 3 2019 I ordered the Salmans X-60 watch Fitness tracker, I looked this product on Best buy online and it looked (looked) great. The watch came 15 days after. During those waiting time I sent an email to best buy to find out why I couldn't track my item. This is the response I got:
order number 207461577-A
As delay is on the Canada Post side. Its seems like delivery is expected on 23rd on Friday.
We will appreciate if you removed your negative feedback rating and due to delay in delivery we will refund you the 30% of the order immediately
Salmans North America
Best Buy Marketplace Support Team.
Let me think for a secondDeal or no Deal?
So best buy is telling my that it is not their fault but offers me a 30% discount if I remove my negative feedback. I feel that was blackmail to me. So I choose to wait and see if I get the watch on the 23rd .
August 21, 2019 my item is here but I was disappointed by the product sent from BANGWEI and not by Salmans in North America. The watch look feels very cheap and all the function they said it was doing are not. In fact, the product is so bad that I couldn't pair it with my phone. So, I contacted best buy again to return the product and this what I got from best but:
order number 207461577-A.
Subject: Keep the Watch
Kindly Keep the Watch and remove the feedback first. We will refund the 50% of the amount. If you want to return, then return fee will be applied
Best buy Marketplace Support Team.
And again Deal or no Deal???
Well as of today neither I got the 30% or the 50% return. Do I care? Hell no!!!!
Congratulation Best Buy you just lost another customer. And the reason is that when I buy something I don't like upon receiving and wants to return it I expect to be refund in full. I do understand that things happens but I am really disappointed with your customer service.
Telling me that I will only get a refund if I only remove my negative feedback was the last draw.
And the best part is that I am in the need of a new laptop and was looking into it. Now I now where to not shop.

Thank you

1 review
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I ordered a phone charging case through the Best Buy Canada website. I received a cheaper substitute but I paid for the better item. Packaging said it came from Amazon which confused me until I did a little more digging & realized this was common with this vendor. I've tried to reach customer service directly but so far no reply.

1 review
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They Don't honor their warranty. I purchased a 3yr extra for 29.99 on a fitbit. It broke .. I tried to exchange it .. Best buy said i need to go online to do it. I did they sent me a E giftcard for the amount of the fitbit. I purchased the same one online. My existing warranty went until mid 2020. They said it now longer counts its a "new product" and you need to purchase a NEW WARRANTY...
So don't waste your money at BEST BUY getting a WARRANTY they don't even honor.
Why buy 3yrs? You don't get covered for the 3yrs?

1 review
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Complaint re Best Buy MarketPlace vendor "RoastedCanuck"

After receiving an order for a specific cable, this "vendor" turned around and went on Amazon, found a very cheap cable (not the one originally ordered*), ordered it and had Amazon ship it to me. On the Best Buy website, the vendor specified the tracking number provided by Amazon (the package was shipped by Amazon to me).

*and this was not a mistake --- Amazon doesn't carry the specific cable that I ordered from this MarketPlace vendor.

If you look at this vendor's reviews, you will see that this vendor has a history of sending the "wrong" item.

I paid this vendor $23 for the item I ordered, but the vendor ordered cheap $7 substitute item (verified by Amazon) and had Amazon ship it to me (verified by Canada Post).

You can call this want you want but I call it fraud. As it turns out, I never received the $7 cable that was sent to me. So hopefully, I will be able to get my money refunded from this fraudster.

Further, if Best Buy does not ban this MarketPlace vendor from selling on, I will never order anything from a MarketPlace vendor again.

Thank you.

1 review
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My Message to Best Buy Canada

I bought a fridge, stove, dishwasher and washer/dryer from you guys. You told me if anything was wrong to accept it and you'd make it right. Well the dishwasher showed up scratched.

My appointment was for yesterday between 8 and 11am but you guys never showed up and never called (I had your pre-recorded call the day before to confirm the appointment). I wasted a whole day and paid a tech out of pocket for his wasted time. I called Best Buy at noon to know what's going on but you guys were clueless as to why. You PROMISED that you would call within 24 hours. Well the 24h came and went without a call. I called you back and even the person I had on the phone was getting frustrated with you guys because not one manager could give him a straight answer. After close to an hour an the phone he apologized but he told me he was basically helpless.....That's great customer service so far right?

After speaking to so many different people someone basically told me that you'll 'll do the switch and that it was YOUR ERROR BECAUSE YOU GUYS DIDNT PUT THE RIGHT INFO FOR DELIVERY. You offered me a $100 gift certificate. I have never been so insulted.....I paid my technician cash to wait around for nothing, I missed a whole day of work for nothing and now I'd have to miss another for you because of your mistake and you're going to insult me with a $100 gift card, NOOOO not going to happen. I don't want your card, I don't even want you to compensate my time but I've asked you to send a technician to install it since I already paid him out of pocket. You guys said no and are going to leave me out to dry. MAKE THIS RIGHT.....You have wasted my time when you delivered it, you wasted my time and a techs time for a delivery that never showed up and now you want me to waste another day....for one lousy $100 gift card??? Don't insult me and DO THE RIGHT THING. Come Monday I will do a stop payment if I do not hear from you and you are welcome to come pick up ALL the items when you refund what I have paid so far.

1 review
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I have never and mean never been so dissatisfied with a company in my life. Purchase a tv online and given a shipping date. Waited but no tv, I called to be told it is not in stock and re bought after cancelling original order. Was told all is well and when the tv would arrive on Friday the 3rd.. Wrong. Told again another date which date it was not in. I was told it would not be in until Tuesday the 7th. I called the customer service and spent some time and in a kindly manner tried to resolve the matter. The manager would not take time to speak to me. BTW I had already sold my old tv trusting in bestbuy.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a computer from Best Buy that came with a year subscription of bitdefender. I paid to have my computer set up by best buy. They put the wrong email address in when they put bitdefender on the computer. In 3 weeks of dealing with bitdefender support I have not been able to get it resolved. I called best buy support and was told they can't resolve it that I have to deal with bitdefender support. It was Best Buy that told me how great bitdefender was and how lucky I was to be getting a year free subscription to bitdefender! LOL

DO NOT PAY FOR OR ALLOW Best Buy to setup your new computer! You will regret it. They will not give you support.

Keep your trusted subscriptions for anti virus etc. and don't believe Best Buy's unreliable advice or so called freebies.

1 review
1 helpful vote

BBcustomer service is only good for wasting your time!Should be called Worst buy! Review regarding case# 01837270

1 review
2 helpful votes

Stay away from geek squad. Customer service rude incompetent and ignorant. Will never use again. STAY AWAY.

1 review
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best buy turns out to be the Worst Buy when purchasing online.

Twice I was sent the lower model without the feature of Auto Rack on the Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven.

The second time ordering, I specifically informed the call centre rep to ensure that I get Model 31333C with Auto Rack instead of 31333D without Auto Rack, and was told not to worry.

Both times the shipping label stuck on the box mentions the correct model 31333C, whereas the box itself is of model 31333D!

I called again and the rep mentioned that the model C has been discontinued and replaced by model C. But she had no response as to why the customer was nos not informed AT ANY TIME during the second ordering process or even when the lesser model was shipped.

The best buy website, even today, shows the model 31333C as still available for sale online as well in-store and can be Reserved for store pick up.

I had used up a $20 best buy Gift Card when ordering the toaster the first time, but when I called to inform that the wrong model was shipped I was first told to take it to a store and have it exchanged IF the manager agrees, because the model is different!!
I explained that I bought the item because of free shipping, since I am retired, do not have a car, will have to take two trains, and spend extra time and fare costs to take
it to the store. Besides, I would have to carry the box all along. Then I was offered a return mailing label and drop the box to a post office. I was never offered a Canada Post pick up from my building, as my concierge said can be arranged. So I dropped the box off and received confirmation that it was signed for at the best buy warehouse.

But it was not entered into the system and would take 3 to 5 days to get the refund.

So I paid a second time for another online order, after confirming that the correct model would be shipped.

Since the previous refund had not been made, I could not use the same Gift Card value.

When I called to report that the wrong model was sent the second time, the rep was quite terse and not helpful, informing that I need to take it to a store and see if the manager agrees to exchange it for the correct model. Or I could go through the same return and re-ordering process again, meaning that I would have to pay a third time without having a toaster oven!!! Besides, I could no longer trust best buy's employees to do the right thing after taking payment first.

I had no choice but was forced to not avail of "free shipping, to take two trains, spend extra time and fare costs to take it to the store, having to carry the box all along."

At the store there were plenty of the correct model, and, shockingly, I met an associate, Divya, who helped me all the way through, even offering to carry the box for me through the store. I told her of the way I was treated so far and noted that she does not belong in a place like best buy, because her customer service skills would be appreciated and
compensated far better by top-notch businesses.

I have the refund of the first order now, but am stuck with the Gift Card, which I shudder to have to use again at best buy.
I would like to have the amount taken off the Gift Card and re-credited to my
credit card against the second order.

SHAME on best buy's management and online practices!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Absolutely appalling level of customer service. Sales associates are more interested in speaking with each other and joking around then doing their job and assisting customers. They are incredibly rude, their mannerisms are absolutely atrocious. No professional mannerisms whatsoever. They have no concept of what it means to be competent. There are a few employees that are very good, and there's others that are absolutely disgusting. They rushed the elderly, they act as though their inconveniencing them with questions and then wonder why that individual had to go back to the store to have the phone information transferred once more. Disgusting level of incompetence...

18 reviews
15 helpful votes

I've ordered many things ranging from usb sticks to board games to a television & a stereo from Even when I ordered on boxing day my items arrived quickly and in great shape. I've always gotten exactly what I've ordered, and I find this to be a completely reliable site to order online from. Please note this only applies to the items sold by Best Buy specifically online.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Didn't took the time to listen to my concerns after the stove I purchased was leaking gas. He quickly shoved mw off to someone else by the name of Ricky Ramgobin, very kind, he took the time to listen to my concerns and resolve the problem "Rick should be the manager:

1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a laptop for my daughters birthday. It was to be delivered to me by Friday July 27th. I checked the status of the order today July 26th and the order was cancelled. Did not say why and they did not notify me that the order was cancelled. Called the customer service line and was told they were out of stock and so they cancelled my order. Well thank you Best Buy for that now I have to find another lap top in 2 days before her Birthday. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I recently ordered a TV from The item was an open box item, so I was a little apprehensive as to what I would be receiving, but on their website, they state open box items are rigorously inspected, and use words like "mint condition products" and "perfect condition open box products" in their description. Also, they state "all of the regular Best Buy policies apply to Geek Squad Certified Open Box products including, returns, free shipping, lowest price grantee". Having read this, I figured there was no risk in buying an open box item.
When I received the TV, I saw there was some small damage to the edge of the screen. Also, there were some dead pixels. I called BestBuy the same day I received it and told them of the damage. I was told they will submit an exchange request and see what they can do. But since this is an open box model, they might not have another one to exchange with. In that case, they might offer to exchange it with a new one or a different model. After 4 days without hearing back from them, I called again to find out what's happening. I was told that the exchange request has been denied and because this is an open box item, the sale is final, no refund or exchange. They claim this is their open box policy (Lie #1). Of course, this is not written anywhere, and they could not tell me where I can find this policy on their website. I was also told that if I tried to return it at a local store, they would tell me the same thing (Lie #2). I asked to speak to a manger and pretty much got the same excuses. After 30 mins on the phone, they finally offered to submit a return request. It would take 1-2 more days before I hear the result.
After that phone call, I went down to my local BestBuy. Im fortunate there is one very close to me. I asked their customer service what their open box policy is. I was told they do not have an open box policy and that open box item sales are treated the same as the sale of a new item. I then told them what told me on the phone, and after reviewing my receipt, I was told I still have 14 days to return this TV. I went back home, boxed up the TV and returned it at the store. The only thing I didnt get a refund on was the shipping fee. Even though I told them their policy states if an item is deemed defective, the shipping fee will be refunds. The they claimed since the TV is working, its not defective. I dont know how you define defective, but to me, if something has defects on it, its defective. I didnt feel like spending more time arguing this, so I accept it and got the refund for the TV.
So, theres my experience with They are dont stand behind their claims, and they lie about non-existent policies. They will tell you whatever they need to keep you from returning an item you rightful can return. Very dishonest business!

Tip for consumers: Stay away from They cannot be trusted.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Recently they do 40% extra discount on luggage and bag sections! I bought a luggage set (27" and 21.5") for only $90 and Tumi tote bag for only $43. Shipping was free because of $35+ purchase. Plus, the shipping was pretty quick and I got my orders within a week.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have bought numerous items from Best Buy and the items always arrive on time. If we need to return something then we take it to the nearest store which is more convenient than posting the item

6 reviews
0 helpful votes

Wide selection at good prices... I just recently found out that the price tags are not fixed... you can actually bargain the price with the sales reps

6 reviews
0 helpful votes

I went on best buy website to see if I can get a western digital box and they did have any so I got my western hard drive from them and my ruko 2 from them and I enjoy it

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I am very impressed with the quality of their laptop. The price is decent, and the service is great. Highly recommend.

5 reviews
5 helpful votes

Best Buy is a good store! If you are going to buy appliances you have to do a research first. If you find a good one check the price with Best Buy the much the price + you get 10% off of the difference. If you buy 2 or more appliances you get 10% off on the package.

5 reviews
8 helpful votes

I was in the market for a new TV and best buy had just the model I was looking for at the perfect price. I chose the option to reserve online and pick up at store. After completing the transaction I got a phone call within few minutes that the TV was ready for pickup at our selected store. I was already impressed. I went to the store after I got off from work and gave them my order details, and sure enough, my brand new TV was waiting for me. The helpful and friendly staff even helped me to load it in my vehicle.

I was really impressed by best buy's overall experience and customer service. Now I know where to go for all my electronic needs.

21 reviews
10 helpful votes

I went into the Markville location looking for a gaming console bundle that was on sale, I tried a lot of other stores but the service at best buy was by far the best; even they did not have the console in stock they called the Scarborough location and put it on hold for me!!! They even gave me half of my controller when I bought their protection plan! World class service!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I order from BB quite frequently and never had any issues with them. The few times I had a problem with a product, I brought it in store and got it resolved. Only complaint would be that the functionality to change the payment type on an already placed order seems to be broken. I had a paid for a preorder of a game with my Paypal account, which had a credit card that was canceled, and the only way to change the payment type was to call up Best Buy.

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