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I am looking for a car to buy so I got an account with to check the history of the vehicles I am looking at. After logging out once, I came back on the next day to log back in. It said while I was trying to log in that I had the wrong password.

No big deal. I would simply have to get a new one. So I submitted for a new password. I did it twice in one day and have gotten no email to let me set up a new password.

I tried again a few days later. Same thing. No link has been sent to me to set up a new password.

I tried a third time a few days later. Same result.

It took a week and a half for them to contact me.

When I finally did get the situation with my password resolved, it was much cheaper than carfax and insightful.

Tip for consumers:
I found it via Kelly Blue Book. Kelly Blue Book is a fine website. But do not use

4/2/17 is the website of The Missouri Department Of Conservation. On this website, you can get your hunting and fishing permits for the state of Missouri. You can order saplings on this site. It has useful tips for landowners on habitat improvement as well.

Additionally, it has information on all of the property owned by The Missouri Department Of Conservation as well as the flora and fauna of Missouri.

I love the site. I have put good use to it in getting deer and turkey tags, ordering saplings and getting my fishing license.


Website of the leading warmonger "Christian." You would think a Christian preacher would have something about Christ on their website. Not Hagee. It is all about the state of Israel to Hagee. It seems like a merchandise website with all the crap it is trying to sell you on the website.


Website of a leading advocate of the welfare/warfare state. It is even more pathetic than her tv show.


I am a frequent user primarily because it is the only way to keep in touch with friends and is a good way of finding news stories. The problem with facebook is they are always changing their privacy settings.

Tip for consumers:


Neocon, pro war, liberty hating website ran by a former Bush writer. Unlike neocon talk radio hosts, Frum is not even entertaining. The claim to fame for Frum is that he was a speechwriter for W. It is no surprise then that he runs his website as poorly as Bush ran the country.


Back when I was a warmonger, this would have been five. As it is, I have come to see the site as crap. Though it does have useful information pertaining to radical elements of Islam, it in some cases seems to treat ordinary crime cases as being solely because the people involved were muslims. It also never seems to mention the fact that our allies and our government(US) often back these radicals it is always after.


A libertarian website. Often I find myself in agreement with Reason, yet I am sometimes disturbed at their tendency to mock people with views that run contrary to theirs. Case and point, an article urging people to mock and belittle believers in God.


One of my go to places for information on world happenings for perspectives outside the "mainstream" opinions and talking points.


I am not anti-war. Yet often times, I oppose wars and the stupidity of US foreign policy. This is a good place to go to find opinions against US interventionism.


What would otherwise be a socialist piece of trash is saved in a big way by its publishing of the Snowden leaks. When it comes to exposing the government intruding on the privacy of the people, nobody does a better job than the guardian.


Want a unique conservative perspective? Tired of all the same "conservative" talking points? The American Conservative offers a refreshing break from cookie cutter, pro war conservatism.


Can be very entertaining. But unfortunately, it is filled with pro war rambling.


Website devoted towards brainwashing children into the Keynsian cult of cronyism and corporatism. It seems to ignore the fact that the policies it advocates have and are currently being tried. And failing miserably. Even Alan Greenspan admits this.


The Leader, aka the screeder, aka the Bleater is the newspaper for Jefferson County, Missouri. If you are looking for something to wipe your end with, then the Bleater is for you. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a partisan rag that endorses candidates that got fired as cops for making false police reports and fails to report real news of any kind.


Site ran by moronic white supremacists. As such it is infested with racial dogma. Frankly, the dumbest person I ever knew was a fellow white person so I do not see how anyone can claim racial supremacy.


It is a free website that takes forever to load devoted to the worst character ever created. I think a troll may have created the website.


I would give it a three star rating except for it has not purged the Phantom Menace from its pages. And Jar Jar is on there. How can a website with Jar Jar Binks even mentioned on it get higher than a one star rating?


This website has a noble and righteous goal of raising awareness of hate groups and combating them. Unfortunately, it seems to think that every group is a hate group and rarely cites sources in their "intelligence reports" that can make it reliable. Oddly enough, SPLC, due to their extreme and exaggerated reports has been accused of inciting crime against a conservative family group.


If it would sell itself as a beachwear website, it would be a five. It is discredited as a sports website since it needs hot chicks to get clicks. That is because their writers, by and large, suck.

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