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1 review
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DU devolved into the echo chamber/circle jerk others describe. I was banned for taking issue with Obama's regime change wars, and his hypocrisy in criticizing Russia for not being 100% pro-LGBTQ when gays and lesbians still couldn't marry in many states here. Only Obama's views could evolve, apparently. Many here point out DU was a hard-core HRC propaganda forum, but no criticism of Obama was allowed, either. Just the worst of the worst, and a harbinger of what the "Left" was to become post-Trump.

1 review
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Fresh on the boat, 80-odd posts. Have been a lifelong progressive, and was shut down shortly after posting a commentary on today's travesty of a social security program from being far from what FDR intended, and one criticizing the need to not offshore the majority our defense suppliers. No warning, no appeal, just BOOM! Several emails to the admins elicited nothing. They merely refer you to their "Terms and Conditions", which is as long as your life, and so full of clauses and no-no's to be indecipherable. They may be infringing on First Amendment rights by arbitrarily banning and giving no explanation or justification, or even appeal (!), and I intend to find out. If they are, well, I'd like to have a judge hear this one.

1 review
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DU has become a parody of it,s former self. It promotes war with Russia or North Korea and Syria...Yemen...Somalia...any Country. Just because.....Trump. The posters there are generally pimps for the MIC.

2 reviews
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DU is corrupt. They purged and continue to purge all progressives who call out anything real. They say we can't relitigate the primary but it's Clinton people who always do and bait with no punishment. Fall for it and respond and youre banned. They don't deserve the name Democratic and definitely not Underground. I posted 20,000 comments but bring up that someone is pro-War or pro-Surveilance and the sock puppet military contractors who pervade the place will flag you. All I see is horrific hate speech about Bernie...a guy we all loved and knew nothing about a few years ago. Wow. DU needs to be revoked.

1 review
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In the last couple of years, Democratic Underground has devolved from a haven for diverse progressive voices into a bizarre Hillary Clinton fan club, which now--even among the site's administration--values blind fealty above all else.

Highly recommended for anyone who thinks the best way to advance democratic principles is to don blinders, smear progressives, and ban anyone not in complete lockstep with the inexorable, decades-long rightward march of the Democratic Party.

Also, take care not to call attention to the outside rantings of high-profile anti-Semitic DU members. Pointing out such things is strictly verboten, and will get you ejected in no time.

Finally, blaming everyone from the Russians to Bernie Sanders (but definitely not Clinton's anemic political abilities) for the current mess you're in is the order of the day. Do that, and you'll fit right in.

1 review
14 helpful votes

This was a place where liberals could get news, discuss just about anything, and commiserate about the problems in the country. Now, all they do is make excuses for losing the election and praising Hillary. No dissent is allowed. They are still fighting the primary instead of fighting the Trump administration. I don't feel welcome anymore.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Owners decided to transform a vibrant self moderating progressive forum into a message board dedicated to evicting anyone who doesn't support Hillary Clinton 100% forever and always. Their current moderation system encourages head hunting and rewards it with permanent "flagged for review" evictions. Bashing the left wing of the party is totally acceptable, even the slightest criticism of the right wing will make you a target.

1 review
16 helpful votes

Democratic Underground (DU) used to be a great site to discuss Democratic issues and news a visitor might not see elsewhere. Since before the 2016 primary, though, it's turned into nothing but a vast echo chamber where, in a parallel reality far removed from this one, former Secretary Clinton was the very embodiment of a perfect candidate and anyone who supported any other candidate is a traitor to the party. Mention something positive about Bernie? Brace yourself, because you're about to get swarmed, mostly with shrieking and paranoid nonsense about how Sanders cost Hillary the election. Say something mildly critical of Democrats in general? You're a disruptor who must be punished, and why do you love Trump? I went there for a long time and (stupidly, I now realize) even donated money to them over many years. No more. It's the Left's dark twin of Free Republic but it was once so much more. ZERO STARS (1 here because zero isn't currently an option recognized by the software).

Gully F.
1 review
15 helpful votes

Once, Democratic Underground was a cool place to be. It was friendly and fun. All the elements that made it so have now gone. And by "elements" I mean "people". It was a meeting place for diverse and interesting people from the U.S. and beyond. United by their left-leaning political and social views. I was a member of DU for years until I was banned. My crime was that I didn't accept Hillary Clinton as the new Mother Theresa (the old one was bad enough).

The interesting people have gone. Banned or put on temporary "under review" status - which is, in effect, the same thing. Now DU is a great dull echo chamber, the Clinton supporters who were allowed to stay endlessly still fighting last year's election, scrabbling around for reasons and pining for what might have been if only their candidate hadn't been less popular than Donald Trump.

Once, dissent was welcome there, a starting-point for discussion. Now it isn't. Don't just take my word for it - join up there and hear how DU was hacked by the Russians during the election. (Really).

1 review
20 helpful votes

This used to be such an awesome site to use for late breaking news and progressive views of the world. Then, the 2008 presidential election/primary where Queen Hillary wasn't the nominee and it all went downhill. Even the 2004 election, where not 100% of everyone was behind Kerry was bad, but NOTHING compared to how things were after 2008. Sadly, the PUMA's got their revenge in the 2016 primary and anyone who did not lick the taint of St. Hillary was called a communist, a closet republican, a misogynist, a woman hater, etc.

Of course, it should come as no surprise. Does no one remember the Great Gay Purge? Where DOZENS of highly esteemed DU'ers were banned solely because they were gay? I do. I remember that well, because those people were my friends. Then in 2016 anyone who was remotely critical of Hillary was FFR'ed. There are people who have been "flagged for review" for MONTHS and no response from Admin.

Of course, it really should come as no surprise, seeing that admin works for DNC and also runs that cesspit Discussionist (like FR but without the pleasnatries). So he's taking money from both left and right wingers, and DU has definitely taken a right-wing turn since the 2016 primary. We used to stand up against DINO's but now they're embraced. We use to stand up against non-progressive policies but now, pragmatism is the key and if demos' have to adapt Republican policies such as anti-choice and anti-woman laws to be elected, then that's just how it is. Up is down and down is up.

I have not donated to DU in years. I will not line the pocket of a DNC shill and his lawyer wife.

1 review
15 helpful votes

DU used to be kinda fun. It had your usual over the top folks, but some boards were fun and informative. NOT ANY MORE. It's a Hillary Clinton cult site that engages in more propaganda and censorship than North Korea. They now have zero sense of humor and will not tolerate even mild criticism of Clinton or, most importantly, themselves. It's a joke and as stupid as any Teabagger site.If they can't ban you, you will go on "review" (which comes with not being able to post) forever. Don't bother.... unless you want to go see why Dems will continue to lose for years to come.

1 review
12 helpful votes

If you don't 110% agree with their obviously biased and probably paid narrative in EVERY WAY, you will be banned.

The censorship here is far more rampant than it is on any reddit sub, even the ones most accused of bias/abuse. If you support Bernie and hate Hillary expect a ban in minutes!

Richard S.
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

if you say something that isnt 100% following democratic parties believes you get banned

example: someone posted fabricated julian assange news(democrats hate him i wonder why maybe because of the damaging facts that are released :P)

all i typed was that it was fake news and yep i got banned

2 reviews
25 helpful votes

I was banned for insisting that liberals provide proof of claims. No facts or accountability allowed on this fascist site. The liberals who live on democraticunderground can swear and diatribe all day, as liberals. Make one comment that diverges from progressivism and BANNED, while they leave all the extremely vulgar, vacuous, and profane comments of the mindless, liberal, trolls on, of course. It's as bad as RawStory, bunch of censorship loving children.

51 reviews
281 helpful votes

Extreme left-wing propaganda being propagated here.Not much debate going on

SandDab D.
147 reviews
83 helpful votes

A liberal website that asks, "are the guys at the CIA the good guys?"
Hard to find that question on the Internet.

Other than the 1 question, super shallow thinking on everything else. Sort of angry and divisive - very political. Perhaps a place for some to rant.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Great progressive site. Very biased... towards facts.

43 reviews
149 helpful votes

I have trashed other propaganda rags, but this is quite possibly the worst website on the web. There is no debate, just mind numbing agreement and conformity.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I naively joined this site thinking it was a debate forum encompassing a wide range of viewpoints. Its not. This is a hard line left wing extremist website where everyone has more or less the same viewpoint. If you disagree them you will be booted off. If you tell them you're an Independent they will translate that to Gun-carrying Tea Party Right Wing Religious Nutjob. I'm convinced that most of this sites members would like to enact a Communist Police state since the only debate they appear to have is how they can best achieve control over society.

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They will ban you if you 1) like Sanders 2) point out even the slightest problem with Hillary Clinton 3) suggest that an African American or religious person could possibly be prejudice themselves 4) make a light-hearted joke about any of this If they cannot actually ban you according to their own rules, you will go up "for review", which makes it so you cannot post until a decision is made by the moderators... which will never happen.

By John H.
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