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20 reviews
As a first time candidate, I am somewhat overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in order to have a...
Daily Kos

Daily Kos

21 reviews
Keeps me informed on all 50 states, sometimes crass, but always fair in evaluations, enjoy getting it every day.

4 reviews
This is the best place to get the news only facts. If you want news that goes beyond the headlines and...

1 review
Another bunch of left-wing loonies run by ... hang on, isn't that the guy from Ben and Jerry's? Hmmm ... well maybe...

17 reviews
They may lean left but I'd much prefer to lean towards climate care than climate killing, lifestyle consideration &...

1 review
Politian'sWe,(the American people) had 8 horrific years under obama. Nothing he did was to assist us and in fact...
Democratic Underground

Democratic Underground

19 reviews
Great progressive site. Very biased... towards facts.

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“Another bunch of left-wing loonies run by ...”
“As a first time candidate, i am somewhat overwhelmed...”
“Very informative news site”
“After 8 years, you now come out of the closet”