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16 Reviews by Dennis

Like the other reviews for this site, vice is literally the definition of garbage. They like to twist the facts and turn them into attention grabbing titles but when you actually bother to read their articles you will discover how irritatingly opinionated they are. They really focus more on opinion rather than facts to the point that they're just as awful as salon. Also, their documentaries are equally trash. Their journalists are completely whiny, bad-mouthed, cringe-worthy morons like in their documentary about snake island. Seriously vice, get good or shut down!
Facebook is utterly hopeless when it comes to reporting. There have been lots of accounts posting videos with explicit nudity and yet fb claims it doesn't violate the community standards. What a joke! Also, what's with all the irrelevant ads on fb and page suggestions? It's so annoying. The last main bad point is that 'friends' can see your comments which is absolutely irritating. Facebook needs to seriously improve.
National Geographic has always been a part of my life and will continue to be one. If you're looking for stunning photos or information about the world that is relatively unbiased, this is the site that will not disappoint. National Geographic's magazines are also a must-read. They're very informative and interesting. Every photo of theirs will make you feel awed.
Of all places to go and read the news, you choose BuzzFeed !? Their 'journalism' is total garbage. Blatantly biased, no form of critical thinking is permitted. All news articles have been twisted to stir emotions and attract attention just like clickbait! At least their quizzes are fun. I can't stop taking them!
This website is chock-full of quote-mined and contradictory statements that only prove how stupid its founders and followers are. They claim that creation can be tested with the scientific method and is scientifically sound while evolution isn't which is absolute garbage because creation is faith-based while evolution is observed, analysed and measured! The founders of this site are such hypocrites! They refuse to believe sound evidence that is in front of them yet they are completely comfortable and confident in believing in an invisible being! They even audaciously claim that evolution is a religion when their beliefs are like cult groups. Their only form of reasoning is 'god did it'. Completely unscientific and very contradictory, you won't receive answers but only bullsh*t. I sincerely pity the people who have been deceived by Ken Ham and this website of his.
As expected from convicted fraudster and lying snake, Kent Hovind has produced this website that spouts logical fallacies and abuses legitimate scientific data all in the name of the 'young earth' cult. He cherry-picks information that agrees with his bullsh*t theories and then claims it is scientific. This is not how science works and if you believe this idiot's trash shame on you! This website should be shut down!

Tip for consumers: Avoid this site at all costs!

Yet, another bunch of brain-dead sheeple who think that creation is compatible with science and go around spouting this propaganda to the public. They device twisted lies from factual information just to feed the flames of controversy such as when they claimed that neanderthals are also human. Ridiculous trash. Evolutionists have always classified neanderthals as humans, just as a different species. They also support the young-earth theory which is utter bullocks. Science has already debunked their mad claims. It's just sad how society continues to tolerate these lunatics. This website should be shut down! Fun fact: Henry Morris, the founder of this website was a fraudster who omitted out scientific information that he disagreed with. Talk about being a true researcher.
These idiots celebrate the deaths of soldiers who risked their lives for other people's freedom when they have done absolutely nothing except spread hatred and bs wherever they protest. Disgraceful and ungrateful bastards.
Just like Salon, Huffington Post is a garbage dump of a 'news site'. Shame on you if you think that it is acceptable for a news site to slander people and display blatant hypocrisy like this POS site. The journalists that run this website should be arrested and this website shut down.
You seriously are a degenerate if you think that this is a legitimate news source. So much propaganda glorifying the Russian intervention in Syria and ZERO criticism of anything related to Russia. The only reason why I'm giving it two stars is because it doesn't engage in slander like salon.
Been to KFC several times here in NZ. The chicken they serve is always juicy and so addictive. Only issue is that their prices are getting more expensive these days.
This is anything but a reliable news site. All opinion, no facts, no truth. Do not even use this site for any reliable information. The amount of cancer in this site is horrible beyond measure.
As a news site, it is absolutely atrocious. I've gone to check what news content it features and man, I have never seen so much trash before. They have their way of censoring information in favour of vile propaganda. For example they criticised Hungary for being evil by not allowing in illegal immigrants, yet at the same time, they never mention any of the crimes that these illegal immigrants have committed in other parts of Europe. For everything else e.g. quizzes and travel, it is all well.
Honest rating: 0%. Seriously? What kind of group that claims to love animals, puts 96% of the animals they recover, to death? This website is home to a whole horde of brain-washing idiots who honestly don't know when to shut the $#*! up.
Despite their slight leaning to the left, Reuters is 95% of the time unbiased and it never slanders nor over-hypes any incidents that happen around the world. e.g. refugee crisis and syrian civil war.
So opinionated to the point that they seem to be spouting fake news at you. This new site is also incredibly intolerant of any views outside of ignorant liberalism.

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