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I used OFX for over a million dollars of my company's forex transfers for just over a year.

The customer dis-service was so dire that I thought it easiest to illustrate with one example:
A member of their customer dis-service team was clearly not trained and I have my doubts about their suitability for such a role. After finally managing to get transferred to her manager, my request to ask for the call's recording to be reviewed was met with a 'no' by Vani.
I escalated this to a more senior member of staff called Ryan. Rather than addressing their customer dis-service failure, Ryan said that he would review my call, and then failed to.
Ryan then went on to accuse me as having had a 'derogatory manner'. When I asked Ryan to substantiate, he failed to. I embrace constructive criticism on my own performance and that of my team. There's nothing we can do with general accusations, especially when the accuser is given the chance to substantiate themselves and then fails to. Unprofessional to the extreme.

System failures are never rectified and I doubt ever investigated. Not one of my internal transfers (client payments) ever triggered an auto email from OFX. I reported this for about a year on and off, and eventually gave up.


Vimeo don't refund you after a month has passed - their 'policy'. This is out of step with most online service providers.

Vimeo banned Brian Rose's account (londonreal) for no reason. Video failed to provide a reason. Vimeo didn't bother to respond. This was after the viral interview with David Icke. This interview was watched by tens of millions. They subsequently went on record a subsequent video which
What was vimeo so afraid we would see? They spoke about freedom of speech, about this insane lockdown, about the long term agenda of the cabal.

So if you believe in freedom of speech, then please close your vimeo account or find an alternative platform that believes in freedom of speech.


The app works well enough.

Sadly however, are fraudsters.
Only use this plugin if:
1. All your slack users have JIRA accounts, and
2. You remove / mark as 'inactive' all JIRA users before's next invoice date.
3. You are happy to allow fraudsters such as Logan to profit off of their dishonesty.

If you don't, then will charge you for ALL your slack users.

When I pointed out's mistake in grossly overcharging me, Logan wrote: "We are not based on Jira Users and have never been based on Jira users because this is a Slack bot that you install into your Slack workspace."
So despite Logan's product being a JIRA only product which happens to be installed on Slack, Logan believes he is providing a slack product.

If I were to use Logan's faulty logic, then I need to amend my client invoices: I have always charged my clients for the number of courses I deliver to their participants.
If I practice Logan's model, I should instead send my clients a second invoice with a value a little higher than the original course I delivered and if they object (so more than double their prices). When they point out my error in charging them more than double, I'll explain that Logan taught me that their invoice isn't based on courses delivered to their participants, but instead is based on employees in the building at the time I delivered the course. You are BRILLIANT Logan! If I'd found your ingenuous fraudulent method before now I could have charged clients more than twice as much!

Logan's company relies on busy people who TRUST their provider will do the right thing. Unfortunately with unprincipled people such as Logan, your trust gets you punished.


After several weeks of wasted time which set my business back in our sales campaigns, my credit card company has processed a refund from these scammers.

I found out too late that SalesHandy is an India based startup business who do not support their product.
Many people complained on a prominent emailing platform review site of the same problems my business experienced of saleshandy refusing to honour their money-back guarantee.
First they dragged their feet in responding to support emails, waiting several days at a time, forcing use to send multiple emails. Then they fired their one and only support guy overnight, closed his email, didn't notify anyone or respond to any of his open tickets.
Then when we eventually managed to get a response from another member of staff, they claimed we were outside of their 2-week refund window!
They then stopped responding to all our emails, forcing us to get our credit card company to process a refund claim.

Turns out their solution ONLY works with gmail and won't work from a company's dedicated server. Critical features won't work, such as keeping track of who responded - so everyone gets emailed irrespective of whether they've responded or not. They didn't advertise this fact, and it took many emails before they confessed to this killing deficiency. They claimed to add this to their feature list, but of course were not prepared to give a date by which their product would address this major flaw.

We're now using a mailing platform from Poland, which costs more, but is supported and doesn't suffer the same flaws. Too early to give it an endorsement.


Think you're able to rely upon freelancers' past client feedback? Think again.

From an upwork support agent: "Top Rated freelancers and agencies have the opportunity to remove feedback from one job so that it is not listed in their profile or considered in their Job Success Score. They can only do this once every 10 jobs had ended and after 90 days."

So my written feedback and scoring left for a provider was deleted by the provider. I wasted my time crafting my considered feedback, and now prospective clients to this supplier will be none the wiser.
What a JOKE upwork's feedback system is!

On a more minor note, upwork's practice of making you click on a button each and every time you click a provider's link to check their sample work is a frustrating waste of our time. Do upwork not know how the interwebs works?


Ever tried to contact spotify? Go ahead, give it a go. Until today I was a longstanding Premium member. You'll discover their contact form hidden deeply, forcing you to click through as you jump through their hoops. Eventually when you submit their form, they launch a chat up, and you're soon chatting with someone from (drumroll!) the Philippines! Yes, your premium membership doesn't get you 'premium' service.
Spotify's customer disservice offshored Filippino asked me dumb insulting questions like whether I was online - when my detailed form already shared made clear this and other specifics. Their instructions weren't correct for Windows 10, when I pointed this out in very clear and detailed language, they contradicted me, saying that their instructions were correct. When I asked for a manager, they told me that there was no manager available, and that I would have to wait for an email. Premium membership gives you THIS service?!? The only thing premium about spotify's membership is the premium price they charge you.

So after years of paying for a premium service, my playlists were blanked out, then I couldn't login again after following their non-premium offshored insulting customer disservice's instructions, and I cancelled my account. I suggest you try one of the MANY competing services that charges the same price and offers MORE music choices without the terrible failures Spotify inflicts.


Booked my ticket on a Fri, received the confirmation screens and emails.
They proceeded to spam me with emails offering hotels and car rentals over that weekend. So naturally, I ignored their emails. Then Monday they emailed saying that my booking wasn't secure, that they needed to talk. I noticed this email 2.5 hours before my flight departure when trying to log into their site to check-in. Turns out they had cancelled my ticket! To add insult to injury, I had to put up with their Indian customer disservice, where their 'supervisor' wasn't much better than his staff. I travel for a living and have used the same card with tens of other flight websites and companies over the years - never once an issue. So there's no valid reason for their not processing my payment, or for them contacting my bank directly.

I ended up having to spend my day on a bus. Is your flight worth risking not flying?


They're silly cheap, how can that be? Simple, they're fraudsters.
Their password didn't work. Their automated password change service didn't fix the issue. I've never been able to login to the account I paid for.
Can't log a support ticket, because you guessed it, their password doesn't allow a login.
So you can email their support to resolve this issue, right? Wrong. Their support staff won't talk about your account unless you're using the email registered with them. I use aliases, and don't have this issue with ANY other company.
So you can at least sort it out over the phone, right? Eventually, if you have lots of time and patience on your hands. So their customer disservice has been offshored to the Philippines. Their staff hang up on you when you ask to speak with a supervisor. They won't talk about your account until you provide the pin they provided, except they dont recognise their own pin either! Eventually I asked to speak with sales and managed to get a refund. There's a reason their prices are so low. I know tech folk who have used their services, and they attest to an intolerable customer disservice level.


Scam, be careful. They'll automatically re-charge your credit card & steal your credits. You have to go digging through their 'Account' pages to find their auto-renewal and auto-top up sections, not shown when you start paying them. Their email customer service staff don't apologise for these practices, instead they blame you for not reading their small print. They don't answer questions, but instead send you copy-paste responses, closing your ticket after each and every reply. To add further insult to injury they permanently stop the conversation when they feel like it. Their prices are low, but as always there's a catch. So be super careful if you use them.


For the last few years I've been booking most of my accommodation on global trips with I avoid using airbnb due to lots of reasons, mostly their lies and lack of ethics.

That they have customer service who you can either call or email, and who respond quickly and professionally is a huge factor in their favour. They check out the properties personally, so their write-ups are staff written. Booking have their processes, and I respect these, and have so far found them to be fair, and mostly in favour of the client, not the property. If anything, I think that some scathing emotional one star reviews should be overturned or even challenged.

I wish SiteJabber allowed me to give a half star, as I'd give 4.5 stars. So why not 5 stars?
I find Booking's booking process goading to be over the top. I don't need to be congratulated, I didn't win a prize, I booked a room. I don't appreciate their scarcity threat push by telling me that there are only x number of rooms left. I don't care that mine is a 'popular choice'. This loses them credibility in my eyes.
There's also an opportunity for a Usability Expert to review their property pages, as some processes are not intuitive enough to figure out. For example: it took me months to figure out how to search for a different date set on a specific property.

Tip for consumers:
Tip: despite some adverts stating 'no refund' at the time of your booking, this policy is up to your host to waive, it isn't booking's decision to make.
If you make it to 'genius' level, you'll enjoy an additional 10% discount on many properties.


My partner and I have used airbnb for years both as hosts and as travellers across 4 continents. While we have loved many wonderful hosts and delighted in hosting guests, we have stopped using airbnbn in favour of due to airbnbs unethical management. You need to be aware that by using airbnb you're supporting a company who:
1. Has an arbitrary review process. We wrote a review of a nightmare host who had positive feedback. Our review didnt appear, we had to manually check for it. We had to contact Airbnb to ask why. They said that they should have emailed us, and when it turned out they failed to, they investigated why our review wasnt published. Turns out the host had objected, and Airbnb had published her review on us, but not ours on her due to a technicality (we pasted a text message our host had sent us). We were happy to revise our review by simply removing the pasted phrase. Airbnb wouldnt allow this. I dont know of any serious site that conducts such a one-sided arbitrary (and faulty) review process. This was highly likely the reason our nightmare airbnb host's feedback didn't feature anything negative - she uses airbnbs arbitrary feedback process to block reviews. So you can't trust reviews on airbnb.

2. airbnb see nothing wrong with renting out properties that have been stolen. Yes, you read that right: stolen. Check out the campaign on sumofus and other sites. Airbnb will rent you property that by international UN law have been stolen in Palestine. Many have written airbnb asking them to comply to the law, a petition has been handed to them (over 150k signatories to date) and used other methods to get Airbnb to cease their unethical and illegal practice, to no avail.


My girlfriend and I made the dubious choice of buying several hundred dollars worth of clothing from sammydress. If you can ignore sammydress not having our sizes, and not having the stock (so we needed to wait), you can't ignore their website losing our order, and their staff hardly speaking any English. They hardly ever answer their phones, and the responses you get back from both their online customer disservice and their phone staff are barely intelligible, and almost completely ignore your questions and requests. This business is not setup to offer support. If you manage to get an item that fits you (very few of their sizes are as per their site's measurements), then you're lucky. They only feature reviews of happy clients on their site - I doubt any of these reviews are legit. You have to come to sites such as this one to get real feedback from real ex-customers.

On a positive note: the quality of the garments is decent, and my girlfriend likes many of the dresses she received from them. If you're willing to wait many many weeks and not get any sensible or helpful responses, then you can roll the dice and take your chances. Sammydress delete ALL your prior correspondence from their site's support tickets regularly and at their whim - so you'll need to keep a local record of all correspondence. I suspect that they're covering their rear ends to make it more difficult for you to get a refund.

Update (24 Mar 2016): After several mostly time wasting emails with sammydress, they refunded US$100 towards my order. This is a fraction of the total order value. Their inflated exorbitant postage charges boost their profit margins, while your return postage costs ensure that you'll never send anything back to them. They know this, and confirm this in conversations. So they're counting on you not returning anything. The only way in which to get a refund, even if partial like mine, is by posting a review as I have done on this site, or by paying via paypal and asking for a refund via paypal.

sammydress h. – Sammy Dress Rep

Dear Calum,
Thank you for your feedback.
We are sorry to hear you've had difficulties to reach us.Our customer service is available 24/7 on the live chat and via the tickets.
We reply to all tickets within 24 hours. If you prefer to contact us on the phone, please call us at this number + (1)909-581-9508 between 7:30-21:30(GMT+8).
About the size, please kindly note 1 inch = 2.54 cm.
We would like to assist you resolve the issue in a better way, would you kindly offer your order number so that we can go ahead please?
To resolve the whole issue in the most efficient way: click this link:
With the title ""SJ + your order number + your concerns"". Our Customer Service Center will handle it swiftly.
Look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sammydress Customer Service

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