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Jarek S.
1 review

Three months ago I paid over $ 300 for the package.
I have not received parcels.
Yoybuy wants money from me again (2500 cny).
If I pay them again, maybe they will send a package to me or not.
These are ordinary thieves, they take the money but they do not send the goods. I inform the police in China about everything.
Perhaps they will be closed down by this business.
I warn you of using their services.

Cyn R.
1 review

Very rude and will not help you. Things are not clearly labeled as refundable or non-refundable. Disappointing especially when I have been a long time customer.

Disobey L.
1 review
“Fking Scam”

after they gives you a price with fees for his comission

they ask you for another FEE + 10% of the cost of the product LOL, so much for expensive ones, + shipping cost by EMS (expensive) + other fee + you have to pay customs in EMS and this is very expensive.

When you pay all this and your price is multiplied x2x3 than other webpages, they send you a copy or bad quality item same as you ordered, and this only if you recieve it.


Ozge T.
1 review
“missing items bad service”

am very upset with yoybuy agent service. the parcel came with missing items and nobody helped me. They onyl said your items are not in our warehouse. They demanded to weight the 20 items again. I have receipt but They dont contain any information about number of items and contents

Markus S.
1 review
“lost over 50 US$ with shopping with this fake site.”

ordered 2 items from yoybuy. The first arrived and the 2. went back to China with no explanation. Now, they want to charge me again for shipping cost to get it to the USA. Stay away from this yoyfake.....

Fernando W.
1 review
“Will block my access after making payment”

Through YouTube I was looking for a China purchasing agent
Yoybuy comes to me.
I registered and read all the tutorials, soon I started to choose my products, I chose payment by Paypal and made a big purchase of 622.00 dollars, soon after paying the purchase I went to check and everything was all right, I went to sleep, the other day going to buy more, my surprise, the site did not allow my login, I tried again and nothing ...
I emailed them that they would only respond the next day, they said that I was a new buyer and that the volume would have to take the money from Paypal and pass it on to them on deposit.
I laughed, what reason would this be, it seems that I will take the security of Paypal to deliver to these [edited by the Claim Here] by deposit.
I contacted, Paypal opened a dispute, there they decided to dialogue, serto? No, it was not like that, in the dispute they wanted me to close the dispute for them to return my money, I asked Paypal for an argument, they defended me, they said not to do it, that if I did I would lose my payment because of that I do not give more to open dispute.

Conclusion, take care of p ilan, on the other side of the world.

Igor H.
1 review
“Have lost 120 for shopping with YoyBuy.com”

Have lost 120 for shopping with YoyBuy.com Have ordered a washing machine part, that has arrived used and broken. The company has refused to provide any explanation and offered us 6000 points instead of refund.
I am sure you can buy a bag of Chinese Tea through them and you will receive it, but the rest of the goods, as clothes, electronic items, etc, do not even attempt to buy, as you will regret it.
Poor communication, they simply do not read your email and do not want to understand what you have asked them. If you want to loose the hard earned money, better to give to the charity. THINK TWICE BEFORE MAKING ANY PURCHASE TROUGH YOYBUY.COM
This my first and last shopping with them.

“Excellent service”

I made two purchases through this intermediary. Excellent service and excellent service. Especially I liked the fact that the intermediary is working with webmoney, it was convenient for me.
The delivery was fast, the packaging was excellent, everything came whole and not damaged.

Maria v.
1 review

I havent even received my order yet and have so many problems with this website/customer service. I ordered two very cheap things. One of those things was suddenly out of stock. They then asked me for 18 dollars worth of shipping and handling. I mailed them it was too much, asked if I could get a refund. It wasnt possible. They told me to just buy more so it would be worth the effort.. so I surfed the Chinese webshops for some other cheap things. One amongst those things was an umbrella, which after many weeks they told me was too big to go through customs and pay us more for air shipping. I went back and forward with them about how its not my fault the umbrella is too big and that its decent customer service to just take that shipping money out of the money I ALREADY PAID THEM. It still wasnt possible and suddenly the reason for asking more money was the weight. Absolute LIARS. Their story changes every time I ask about my goods and they have never heard about good customer service. When my goods arrive I will NEVER buy from this site again.

Igor H.
1 review
“Poor, unprofessional service from YoyBuy.com”

The service i have received from this site is ridiculous. We have order Samsung Washing machine PC board, after making the payment we have forced to wait up to 14 days for the item arrive to YouBuy Warehouse, as for very strange reason the seller was unable to send the item.

After another 40 days of waiting we finally have received the parcel. Guess what we have found there, yes Samsung Washing machine PC board, used, with broken parts, dusty, smelly board. After investigating the board we can see that the board has been taking from the old broken washing machine and we clearly can see that there is a sign of repairing as there was a different half way silicone filling through the top of the board.

The item was advertised as brand new, but we have received used with burn smell, broken with dust covering the board.

This is unbelievable. We have contacted the company to get some explanation and have send them multiply emails regarding that matter.

There is no customer support to deal with your issue. We will dispute this case with our bank.

Would I recommend this company, "ABSOLUTELY NOT", stay away. If you ever want to buy anything from China please use trusted sites, like AliExpress.

Stay away from YoyBuy.com

Dannie z.
2 reviews
“YOYBUY- the best and honest Chinese shopping agent!”

I was looking for a good company to order goods. Friends advised YOYBUY. Acquainted with the company and was surprised. It's simple! All clear! Available! And most importantly, honestly! There are no hidden costs. There is no deception. The service works quickly. I will only buy through them. Try it yourself. You will be surprised.

Alan A.
1 review
“don't use it”

Don't use it. Scumbags. Sara Li, Michael, Rein, Mia only idiots working there.

Tel. +86 (10)84819775-6117 | Cell. 15910718141 | E-mail. Sara.li@yoybuy.cn
Address. Room 1406-1408,Building E,Lonhqi Square, Huangping Road, Huilongguan District,Beijing,1002218 China

Danko I.
1 review
“great shopping agent”

I am using it for few years and I am very satisfied. I will continue to use it because YOYBUY is very efficient, I get my stuff at time, and in 90% it suits pictures I saw on web page.

Ada C.
1 review
“Scam site”

Do not check the goods, order came with all in wrong color/ size, also miss some.
They refuse to make any refund.
Rude customer service ever...
Made a PayPal claim to get my money back. I won the dispute.

2 reviews
“Happy and satisfied”

I've used Yoybuy since 2013 and have been pretty much satisfied with their service. The interface is easy to use and quite straightforward. I do admit that once in while there are issues popping up but most of the time they are resolved in timely manner (the fact that I share the same timezone as Yoybuy helps).
The ordering process is easy and it usually takes a few days to a week for my items to arrive. Once they're at Yoybuy warehouse, I would have them shipped to me. I don't know whether because I use DHL but my packages are normally shipped out the next business day/next 2 business days.

Dan A.
1 review
“They refused to do the buy after payment with card !!!!”

This site can very well scam you, probably they fulfill low value orders so that they get the slightly higher ones where they grab the money and don't deliver.
Unfortunately I just ordered on their nice site goods from Taobao of ~$750 and they refused to fulfill the order, sent some scammer style emails that I should pay them again via western union for "security" reasons. I am now trying to make claims with Visa to recuperate my money, hope it would eventually work.
Awful experience. Do not do business with these crooks.

Lucas F.
1 review
“The best chinese agent in the world”

I shop every month for yoybuy direct shipment to Brazil, no problem. So far the shipping is fast, low taxation

Denis b.
1 review
“Top!! Excelente”

Recomendo o yoybuy! Muito bom sempre utilizo o serviço, gosto do prazo e dos valores que cobram!!! Recomendo a todos do Brasil e do mundo!!

Javier S.
1 review

It's the best option to buy produts from taobao if you are not from china. They have a very good service. Of course, I will use it more times.

Rada R.
1 review
“Value for money”

I have been using the YOYBUY services for five years now. I am satisfied with the quality of goods by 99%. In the service center they always assist me quickly and efficiently, clarifying my questions on particular products from the seller. Packages always come on time, packed neatly. In these five years only once a package arrived with damaged goods and only in one package there was a single product missing. The money for damaged and lost items was returned. Fresh Chinese tea is the most loved item in our family. I do recommend YOYBUY to all my friends.
Sincerely Yours,
Rada Radogor