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56 - 33rd. Avenue South 251
Saint Cloud, MN 56301, United States
Tel: (320) 281-4123

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13 reviews
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l am a very small bettor. l generally bet no more then $2.00 on fantasy games. However, l always notice that no matter what game l enter l ALWAYS wind up in either last or very close to last place even though l take the best players. ls this just a coincidence or are these games scams ? l've noticed that the " up to the minute " player stats are not accurate for MY players but are accurate for players who are winning !! l've often wondered if these " winning players " are REAL or just phony computer generated . Of course there will always be people who claim that they ALWAYS win. Some of them might even answer my review. THEY LIE !!

1 review
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Since moving to Anthem two years ago, it has been most frustrating dealing with various Anthem-based landscape service companies that were . . .

(A) Inconsistent -- by arriving an hour or more late to the job;
(B) Inconsiderate -- by not showing-up as promised or not calling;
(C) Incompetent -- by not performing the worked as promised;
(D) Unfair -- by attempting to up-charge after starting the job;
(E) Not professional -- by refusing to provide a written estimate BEFORE starting the job.

I had nearly given up on getting quality landscaping service in Anthem. Then, a kind neighbor highly recommended IDDINGS AND SONS.

I can say with confidence -- I have FINALLY found an EXCELLENT landscaping company serving Anthem that is consistent, considerate, competent, fair and VERY professional.

I recently used Iddings and Sons Landscaping service to trim and reshape a very troubled Mesquite tree in the front yard, which had not be maintained properly by the former owner.

I am 100% pleased with the excellent service provided by Joe Iddings and his tree crew. George Iddings provided an email written estimate PRIOR to starting the job, and he also scheduled the date and time of the job.

Joe and his crew showed-up to my home -- on the day promised, and they arrived within the quoted two-hour timeframe. I provided large plastic buckets, and the crew carefully covered each of the newly planted cacti to ensure they would not be damaged during the tree's extensive cutting and trimming process. Their debris clean-up was perfect.

I am 100% pleased with the cutting and reshaping of the troubled Mesquite tree. The newly reshaped tree improved the curb appeal of the property. Additionally, I am not longer worried the tree could be damaged or ruined by a windstorm or a heavy monsoon rain.

An added bonus: A couple of days after the tree trimming, George Iddings followed-up with an email inquiring if the service was performed to my expectations.

Now, THAT'S excellent service!

Tip for consumers: Joe Iddings really has an eye for reshaping a tree. This is possible with skill and experience!

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

The highly paid denzidens at YAHOO! have done their level best to ruin a site in quick order. The slow, aggravating march just typing an email these days on this site is horrendous. And yet, the paychecks keep arriving at the banks, and the site gets worse, and worse, and worse.

I'll be moving from this pissant site in quick order as it needs to meet the same fate as the Dunes hotel in Vegas: implode!

1 review
0 helpful votes

It is unlawful for a landlord to retaliate and terminate your month to month rental lease -- without good reason -- I am angry with Tara Properties. We lived at Paragon Place, LLC for 3-years. Took very good care of the apartment -- cleaned the carpets twice a year, washed the windows, mowed the yard, reseeded with grass seed every year because when we moved in there was no grass at all and sand fleas had taken over. The place was ridden with bugs -- earwigs and sand fleas and silverfish -- we had pest control come out and spray -- but then Churchill & Associates filed bankruptcy, Paragon Place, LLC bought the property and Tara Properties took over managing the apartments -- they are not organized at all! The property manager signs documents to post on your door but has no idea what the document says or means -- had the audacity to complain because the owner wanted the doors painted but we weren't home to allow the painters in -- when the property manager was told that placing the Two Day--Notice of Entry on the door means that Tara Properties is responsible for ensuring the painters are allowed in -- not the tenants responsibility -- essentially Tara Properties insisted that we remain home so the doors could be painted. For three weekends, we left the apartment so the doors could be painted -- we presumed Tara Properties understood the documents they were posting on tenants doors. After I mentioned this to the property manager -- our month to month lease was terminated. It's all about the Benjamin's for rental property and property management in Oak Harbor. Essentially, Oak Harbor depends on transient military as 'cash cows.' If you are not from Oak Harbor -- you will soon know -- that you are not welcome. The locals want your money but not you in their town. Nepotism is at it's worst in Oak Harbor, Washington.

5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I WILL NEVER GET A YAHOO ACCOUNT AGAIN! I called about unlocking my account for because I forgot my password and the number they had was an old number on my account. Well I called trying to get answers and the man I spoke with first was very rude! Then he told me there was a charge. Well when I called back to asked another question that I didn't understand, the man name Jerry (@ 1-800-675-6486) was like you just called us and you trying to see if we would change our minds or what we are saying. Are you trying to not pay a fee. I thought they were very unprofessional! I will never do anything with YAHOO again!!!

1 review
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I hired Perfect Plumbing on the advice of a restoration company and did I ever regret it. I had to stop the work for a week due to a friend coming for a visit and apparently Perfect Plumbing seemed to think they did not have to finish. They charged me for a tub faucet kit and installation which was not done. The owner came out and did not bring the kit nor did he respond to my requests for completion of the work. I had to hire another plumber to finish the job. I will be billing him for the cost of the additional labor and supplies. In addition, it was nearly impossible to set up a time. They either showed up without any advance notice or showed up 4 HOURS late. Not a good hire.

1 review
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I had a terrible experience at Affordable Collision and Repair Beeville, Tx. My vehicle was messed up, poor quality work, had to take to another body shop to repair it right!! Beware of this place, stay away

1 review
0 helpful votes

WARNING!!! Stay away from this "Lawyer" She has no experience and will rob you blind, she owns me $1,760 and refuses to pay me back and return my personal documents. She is not registered with the Florida Bar, unfortunately, I came to find out about this a little too late once I called Bar to file a report against her unethical conduct. Do not seek her services for yourself or loved ones. Save yourself a headache.

ADVERTENCIA!!! Esta mujer es una corrupta y le robara tu dinero sin hacer ningun trabajo para ayudar-te, ella me deve $1,760 y se recusa a devolver me mi dinero y los documentos mios.

9 reviews
29 helpful votes

I get spammed with pop-up ads if my ad blocker is not on and the comment sections are full of low-IQ bigots who spam vile racist/homophobic things all over the site. There is also this guy KenM who is the dumbest person I ever seen in my life.

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

First of all, Yahoo doesn't clean carpets. Yahoo is a Search engine page that's been on the internet since the 90s.

A lot of changes have been made since then. They bought and shuttered GeoCities, added an email service, became a "news" source that just pulls articles from other websites. There's a heavy focus on celebrity news and is known to have a liberal bias, so if you're hoping for real news without bias, you'll want to go elsewhere. I don't even use the site for searching anymore. I only access it nowadays because it became so commonplace for me to use it that it's second nature now. One day I'll stop hoping Yahoo will be anything other than a crappy website that is long past it's heyday.

That said... you could do worse, the search function still works, so.

61 reviews
185 helpful votes

If you wanna take a trip back to 2007, just use Unfortunately, I still use it as my primary email only because I been using the same email with 40,900+ unread emails in it for 12 years. Would be a pain to change everything over now.
Here is my issues - they filter certain things that aren't spam. But then some stuff that is actual spam ends up in my inbox. Example: "Hey cutie... wanna have a little fun?" passes the filters. Yeah umm... no. I don't wanna have fun. I look like a drunken Irish troll. But thanks anyway. But "Your receipt for your purchase to" ends up in the spam folder. Why... just why? Lol.
Oh and don't get me started on the "We're experiencing Technical difficulties. Error -14". Yeah I can't load my inbox because of that. I went 5 whole days without being able to check my email because of these "technical difficulties". Yeah I think their brains are having technical difficulties.
There are also a lot of snotty commenters on the news section. A lot of the people are very ignorant. The place is infested with trolls. If you view the news section, I'd advise against commenting on anything. You will get 50 trolls tell you to drink bleach or something. Pretty bad. You can go view the comments... because some are pretty entertaining. You may even learn a few new jokes from it. But don't get involved. Stay out of it. It's a firestorm.
The search engine is obviously not great. Google is and always will be the best.

10 reviews
15 helpful votes

How does a connection "time out" IMMEDIATELY when you go do sign in?! Every time I try to sign in, I am forced to use my mobile number for a recovery code. This is getting old really fast.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I was impressed with Bruce as my salesperson, he was very helpful. I would order again from this company. Thanks Bruce!

1 review
0 helpful votes

You sent the wrong t shirt.I didn't order the best men where born in October.I was born in February..I ordered Jacobsen the legend t shirt....!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been with this company for a few years. Great customer service. T's are well made, cofitable, wear and wash great,and theirs a lot to choose from ,always in stock. So thanks for having a great company, my appreciation

1 review
0 helpful votes

I paid for extra leg room on this 13hr flight, But did not get it. end up in the middle going & coming back

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been suffering from a very serious email problem.. I had applied for a job and I HAD CLEARED 2 ROUNDS for this job.. I was about to get notification on my email.. Suddenly , that email stopped working and I could not find any way to retrieve it back.. Then I came across with this number +18OO-888-386O, They helped me out and the customer service executive was brilliant.. I am pleased to have my mail back..

1 review
0 helpful votes

Leurs articles sont de grande qualité mais très abordables. Je fais toujours l'expédition la plus rapide pour que mes articles arrivent toujours rapidement, je ne recommanderais pas l'expédition la moins chère. Leurs tailles sont petites, mais les tableaux de taille sont assez fiables et les articles ressemblent à leurs images. L'équipe de service à la clientèle est également très sympa et utile. Je recommanderais certainement cette entreprise

1 review
0 helpful votes

I am tiered of your adds with Trump and whatever you f****** want to say. I'm going to stop going through you. My husband who is a yahoo email for years and I mean more than 10 years.. sorry no little baby here is going to stop going through you. Yep loosing customers hope your happy, just so you can hang on to the babies in out little $#*!ing society. GROW UP YAHOO!!! You are loosing the ones that can take over before the babies you cuddle

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

It's now 5-15-17 & still no bathing suit, now Modlily is blaming the shipping agent & they can't refund me my money, they just keep asking me to wait.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I always find the better prices, I have a family of 11 and usually travel to Mexico 3 or 4 times per year ,

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have purchased several bags on this website and every single purchase has been a pleasant experience. All bags of high quality and as they were represented to be. I will say one thing though, if the picture of the bag and the description do not match, go with the description. The colors may be different. They got me once this way but the bag was still gorgeous and I love it.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Lynda is a great asset to your company. Without her willing hel I would never have been able to accomplish my objectives. I hope all your reps are as friendly and efficient as she. If I were still teaching she would rate an A Plus.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Aren't you just sick of companies like yahoo who "For Your Own Protection" force you to change your password on something that you don't care if the world can access? This is what happened and of course now I can't remember the password or find where I wrote it down and of course YAHOO GIVES YOU NO HELP to get back in if you can't remember the answers to questions that you answered literally 10, yes TEN years ago!! So an email that has ten years worth of companies sending me mail that I signed up for that is of no consequence to anyone but me, I can no longer access... gotta say WAY TO GO YAHOO! Great job protecting me...LOL !!! :(

Tip for consumers: Try Gmail, been with them just as long and never had this issue!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Recently, couldn't get into my yahoo email. Password I've always used and never gave problems, is not valid anymore. Reason unknown. Customer support is simply not there, other means to log in all in vain. It's now clear for me that I lost all my mails, everything !
Also: your data isn't safe at yahoo as they have already been hacked several times in the past.
Better take a free email at,, : all free, handy, were never hacked and don't require your phone number !!!

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Yahoo, is under going a big market change with Verizon Wireless, Yahoo! has been running slow ever since they mention the Oath Brand, Inc. It was like the whole market crashed for Yahoo!, they are still working on buying back the stock, and I even wonder why the offer to buy, a company with no problem, that dose the same kinda of work without using or selling a telephone. Yahoo1 sould be up and running, but there is still, on when and how they are going to buy back the stock.

By Lavetta L.
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