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This site is horrible. Full of racist, sexist & dangerous people. I never bother to log in anymore because I was once threatened by a middle-aged man cause I refused to give him my email address. This forum has no supervision at all... everyone can comment freely and explicitly, especially in the human sexuality forum... I thought I can do some intelligent discussions about sexual health but NO! Lots of perverts lurking there... Stay away from this site!


Well... I have to admit I only use this website for their free email service & Yahoo Messenger. And it never disappoints me until now. I've been using their email service since 2001. Whew. Quite a customer I am :D. Otherwise the site was quite a bit fun. There are not so important news, celebrity gossip section from Yahoo OMG, Free game trial downloads, Yahoo Shine for your daily living articles, and of course Yahoo Answer, which is a very fun place to troll.(LOL). For free emails, Yahoo is the best.


Oh, dA, dA, dA... where do I start? I love art and designs. And Deviantart, several years ago, was such a GREAT site for professionals and art enthusiasts. It has an open gallery for everyone to see. They have prints, forum, members can give comments and *fave* the artwork. Some of the works displayed were AMAZING. But it's going downhill lately. They have a silly new layout that takes a little time for members to adapt, and I don't know why for the last couple of years, it seems like dA is infested with Anime Fantards that did nothing but the low quality 'Fan-Art'. Seriously. Do we have to see 'naruto' or 'bleach' character everytime we tried to enjoy some quality artworks? No, I don't mean to bash Anime. Anime art is fine, but to be so un-original and to produce nothing but Fan-Arts is an Insult to the supposedly 'Art' website. But then again, it's a community website. Another downside is the lack of art theft control. I'm still a member and I use watermarks and no download policy to protect my artworks. For aspiring artist, dA is a great place to build your portfolio, but remember to give your art some protection. Overall, dA could be a much better site, but still decent enough for young & budding artists.


No-brainer celebrity website. But then again I hate gossip. I'd rather spend my idle time painting or browsing art sites. If you love to be judgemental, gossipping a lot, laughing because of people's misfortune and obsessed about unimportant celebrities, this is a site for you, but if you loathe gossip and attention-seekers, and you prefer factual entertainment news, stay away from this site.


Great site for watching and reminiscing old movies, music videos, and great shows that you've missed on TV.


I love this website so much. I've been a member since 2005. If you need to know who's the hottie on a crappy movie that you couldn't even remember the name, you should check IMDB. They have all kinds of movie listed, from B-movies to foreign movies & asian drama. Not only actors & actresses, but the important crews are also listed. But the downside is the message board. IMDB message boards is a breeding ground for trolls. It's quite hard to maintain an intelligent conversation because of the constant trolling from pitiful members and lazy board admins. I wish IMDB would upgrade the board administrators to be more competent in controlling the message boards.


A really sad social networking site for people with no friends. It's great for sharing short news/links but 90% people on twitter are either braindead/self-absorbed/stupid fantard tweens/ghetto black people. I set up my twitter account just to see what's all the fuss about it. I never use it anymore because it's pretty much mundane and most of my friends I followed were my real life friends anyway. There were occasionally some lulzworthy celebrity breakdown but some of these celebs are irrelevant anyway. Conclusion: Don't bother to sign-up.


Very informative and fast. Lots of important world news & green section is one of the best section a website has to offer. It has community moderators and badge system for members. It is a left leaning media though. Conservatives/republicans are welcome to a discussion but their voice would probably drowned by liberal members. Overall a decent web newspaper.


Full of cliques, personal attacks and fat, post-menopausal b! Tches. They mock and judge everyone and everything except themselves. Hypocrites, lots of them. Stay away from this site.

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