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429 reviews
Categories: Real Estate
1301 Second Avenue, Floor 31
Seattle, WA 98101, USA
Tel: 1-206-470-7000
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429 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Hats off to Judy Pendarvis with edgefield realty. She has gone over beyond to help us. Great job...Carol Wade

Ask Carol about Zillow
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I applied for 3404 helix st , 1 bd appartement for cdcpm a lady was contacting me every day by emails asking for different kind of papers and proves for me and my daughters after many many Email contacts and after i gave them all needed information and paid $70 for the application they answered unfortunately you application Denieded without knowing the reason why they just like to collect application as many as they can they said they chossed someone els today i am checking the appartment in this site it is still available !! How is that do u want to disappoint more peaple as happened with i thought it gonna be for me then it looks like it was already rented for some one els i even told the lady i would prefer if you told me you dont have any availble than going through such hard situation we trust u you be honest with us

Ask Nadia about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

Our realtor kept us informed almost on a daily basis. She aggressively used all her marketing skills to effectively sell our home within 60 days. Personable, efficient and knowledgeable. It was a pleasurable experience. Bruno & Karen DiNella

Ask Bruno about Zillow
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't ever believe their estimates. They are clearly wrong and I even tried to contact them to report it but I have received nothing from them on some houses they are so off that I am wondering who at zillow decides the cslie

Ask Kathy about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

sean connelly from North Shore realty pros sold my home in 1 day then assisted and guided me through the process I am an out of state seller Sean helped me get the the best price and we are very happy with the whole experience from marketing ,photos and landscaperer Jimmy Broadbent you are the A team thanks a million kathy grima

Ask kathy about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

We have been working with Stacey Kochanek from Keller Williams for the past few months. She has worked really hard to help us find the home of our dreams, and I am confident she will very soon. Ed M.

Ask Ed about Zillow
1 review
3 helpful votes

This company should be shut down. They steal from realtors. They promise you leads and deliver nothing in return. Please don't lose money as I have over 24,000 dollars with no clients not one! It's beyond me how the NAR BRE and CAR don't intervene for us realtors who they are supposed to protect. They allow them to take our listings and sell the leads we generate back to us and other realtors. Total FRAUD!

Ask Peggy about Zillow
1 review
3 helpful votes

Zillow is a joke. Beyond me how they come up with the Zillow 'Zestimate' price. Every thing I looked at did not even come close to what they say. Besides, how do they come up with it without looking at the place.
To write a review of an agent on Zillow requires long comments, the size of an essay, in order to get it on their review site. Just rating by stars is not enough for them. They want to frustrate the reviewer with having to write a bunch of bs. .
Zillow is totally untrustworthy and their home price estimates serve only to mislead.
Don't waste time on their site.

Ask t about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

Once our house sold all communications stopped. Yes Merrill did check our house when out of town . The culmination as when we sold our house in Chandler and spoke to merrill advising we must stop back to pick up a few personal belongings .nothing was stated once recoding done you can't go back. Upon returning to our house to get a few personal belongings buyers parents who are also realtors threatened my wife with calling police swore at Janice and threw our medication and a few things on the garage floor . Yes the house was recorded ; normal people don't act in this irrational manner. Speaking with merrills wife during the chaos nobody from relavation realty went to our house to diffuse the situation because it boils down to selling the house our agent no longer cared and we were no longer sources or revenue to Merrill Jencks .

Ask Bernie about Zillow
1 review
4 helpful votes

zillow and trulia are the same company and they have listed my home neighborhood incorrectly and refuse to correct it, they say it is a mapping issue , bs , my home is for sell and they show the neighborhood as a vey undesirable area is seriously hurting my marketing ability I would like to contact other homeowners in same area to file a class action against them.

Ask d about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

Just closed on an San Antonio investment property with Micah Harper of Exquisite Properties, LLC of San Antonio, Texas handling my sale. Micah kept me in the loop throughout the process with sound advice and good counsel. The buyer was somewhat disorganized and the tenant was a challenge to schedule with. However, Micah worked through all of the details keeping all parties on track and on schedule. This was not an easy sale to coordinate since the property was in San Antonio and the owner was in Georgia. However, Micah did a great job where some other agents simply refused to list the property. If you want it sold, quickly, honestly, and within the window of your asking price. Micah Harper @ 210-494-1695 or can get it done!

Quentin M. Thomas

Ask Quentin about Zillow
1 review
1 helpful vote

Love Zillow, found the home that we are buying on Zillow (FSBO) and since that was such a good experience we listed our home (FSBO) on Zillow. We used the Zillow Zestimate to help determine the price and our home sold in 6 days. I couldn't be more pleased. Even though the realtors appear above the Property Owner, this did not affect our sale. I put a picture in the profile and I think that makes the Property Owner stand out. People familiar with buying FSBO will contact owners and feel comfortable buying that way.

Creating the listing was so easy. I typed everything in my word processing program and then copied and pasted into Zillow. I easily uploaded 50 photos in no time. I took my photos on my iPad and they came out excellent on the Zillow site. Also I had a question and I contacted Zillow and received an answer within an hour! I was really impressed. What I also like is that it is so easy to edit and update information. The edit feature is great and also the ability once pictures are loaded to drag them and move them thus changing the order. We saved over $15,000 dollars in commission fees. What's not to like. Would always use Zillow anytime I need to sell a home.

Ask Eric about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

March 2016 we had our Realtor in TN locate a Realtor here in Longview, TX. She recommended Dona Willett with Summers Real Estate Group. Dona is like talking to a friend and we felt comfortable with her soon as we met. Once we found the house their were some issues, and she stayed on top of it up until the closing. We are talking 7 long weeks. While she was on vacation she called from the airport checking on things. If she was out of the office Brandy stepped in and helped. We could not have asked for a more personable, professional agent. Always up-beat with a ready smile. We closed on our home 6/27/16
We highly recommend Dona Willett with Summers Real Estate Group.

Thomas and Rae Marie

Ask Thomas about Zillow
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have had my property on Zillow for less then two weeks and I have received of 28 annoying calls from realtors pushing to get me to list with them. The reason I chose For Sale By Owner is because I do not see the point of paying 2-4% to a realtor who does noting but the three Ps. Picture in the MLS, Posts a sign on the property and Prays that some other realtor brings a buyer.

I now believe that Zillow broadcast to these predatory realtors who inundate the FSBO individual with pointless and harassing phone calls. I clearly stated in the Zillow ad that I was not interested in a listing agent or any other service that a PPP realtor may have to offer.

I have had one SIMI-Legitimate offer from a potential buyer for 80% of the asking price of the property. The potential buyer is actually from a property flipping group.

Zestimate WRONG: I believe that the reason I have not gotten any real buyer offers is because the Zestimate is grossly incorrect. My three level town home has the third level completely finished, with a ¾ bath, a sauna and a small kitchen area. The level can be used as a Family room or an apartment for older persons.

A unit four door down, with the same floor plan BUT without the lower level finished sold LAST MONTH for $225,000.00. My unit, with the lower level finished, a newer furnace, newer double pane windows and updated lighting, is listed for $235,000.00. BUT the Zestimate provided by Zillow and NOT BY ME, shows the value of my townhouse at $197,000, I have a valid market analysis of my property that states the fair market values is $237,000. The Zestimate is $40,000.00 less then the market analysis. I noticed that the unit that sold for $225,000.00 is not considered in the Zillow DEVALUING process of my home.

Also the Zillow web site rates the elementary school in the area as sub-standard. I have never heard that statement made about any of the schools in the area. I have not been able to determine where Zillow got such incorrect information from.

If I were a buyer and I saw property advertised for $235,000.00 but the advertising service stating that the property is only worth $197,000.00, I would skip that listing and not bother to call the seller.

Zillow does not disclose the success rate that FSBO properties experience with their on-line ad service. Based on what I have experienced, I would ZESTIMATE that success rate to be very low.

I am pulling my listing off of Zillow this day because I believe that although they provide a good system to advertise your home, without your permission Zillow enter false or highly inaccurate information that may prevent you from selling your home.

Ask Rick about Zillow
1 review
2 helpful votes

There are 3 houses for sale in my area. They are about 400' from each other in the same gated community. The 3 houses has about the same sq.ft living area ( two has exactly the same sq.ft.). They estimated one for $681,267 , the other one for $605,421, and the third one for $645,032.
The smallest lot and the poor quality home has the estimate for $681,267.

Ask Maria about Zillow
1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up for 6 months of seller leads with no decent results, and like a fool I tried out their buyer leads. These are even worse. They will not let me out of my contract even though I am not longer in the business. Horrible company to deal with.

Ask Scot about Zillow
1 review
3 helpful votes

My home was listed for $735,000 sold for $720,000. Zillow had value at more than 20% below selling price. They began to increase vale but never reached sale price. We have tried through our agent to get Zillow to show that the t home sold on June 24 2016 but when I opened Zillow I saw the sale update but in a Few seconds the page went back to the old price and says it is for sale.. Trulia is not as bad but still way behind and Lyon.

Ask Peter about Zillow
1 review
3 helpful votes

From the Homeowner: Zillow, for more than 3 weeks, advertised, to all visitors that viewed it, that our home was in Pre-Foreclosure to use their term. This was and is completely false. They quickly corrected the mistake for which I give them credit. And while the gentleman from Customer Care was very courteous, I gleaned no clear insight from his responses as to how the mistake was made and remain leery of the way in which Zillow and/or their vendors collect public information about homeowners. Below is the exchange I had with Zillow Customer Care for what its worth. I sincerely hope that Zillow finds a way to ensure that the only way this data can be wrong on their site is because the public record or source is wrong. And I hope this experience doesnt happen to you!

Jul 11, 8:45 AM PDT
I don't see a way to correct pre-foreclosure and auction information, both of which are untrue, for my home on the edit facts page. Who enters this information?

(Zillow Help Center)
Jul 11, 8:56 AM PDT

Thank you for contacting us. Could you send me the full address including ZIP code for the home in question? Once I get that, I can look into this issue further.
Thank you for using Zillow!
Zillow Consumer Care

Jul 11, 10:08 AM PDT
(Street address omitted) Cincinnati, OH 45208

(Zillow Help Center)
Jul 11, 10:52 AM PDT

I received your request to remove the erroneous foreclosure status from your property page. I understand and share your concern that you do not want false foreclosure information listed on your home details page.

The foreclosure status has been removed and the update is effective immediately. You can verify my changes at the following link:

(Link omitted)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and allowing us the opportunity to correct it.
Thank you for using Zillow!

Zillow Consumer Care

Jul 11, 12:32 PM PDT
Thanks (name omitted). Sorry in advance that you're going to bear the brunt of my response. This has nothing to do with you personally.
How was this mistake made? What public record from Hamilton Co. Ohio does Zillow rely on for their "Pre-Foreclosure" information? It appears Zillow, or some company Zillow contracts with to aggregate public information, somehow mistakenly matched up my parcel id with the parcel of another person of the same first and last name. The other guy's parcel is going to Sheriff's sale for delinquent taxes. It's not listed on the Sheriff's "Upcoming Foreclose Sale" list. So how does the tax amount he owes, $24,465, become associated with my parcel id when clearly shows the correct (his) parcel number? My parcel number is nowhere to be found on that list or any county list having to do with foreclosure proceedings. Just out of curiosity, I decided to look up all the properties being sold for delinquent taxes on 7/24/16, the date that was listed for the mistaken identity parcel referenced above, and only 8 of the 20 listed (as of 7/8/16) appeared on Zillow (as of 7/8/16) as "Pre-Foreclosure". What are the criteria for listing a "Pre-Foreclosure"? Why doesn't Zillow double check these "Pre-Foreclosures" before listing them? I can only image what our friends and neighbors are saying when we're not around! And our true friends are probably worried sick about us but won't say anything for fear of embarrassing us! There is nothing more important to me, outside of my faith, family and friends, than my reputation and my integrity. I have never missed a mortgage payment! I have never neglected to pay my property taxes! Yet anyone who knows us in this town, who looked up our house on your web site during the course of the last 25 days or so, is going to think otherwise. All because checks are NOT in place to make sure what you're publishing reflects the public record. It's defamatory!!! I don't get worked up very easily but this strikes a big nerve! I want answers from your management and board if necessary. I want to know what protocols Zillow is going to put in place to prevent the falsifying of public records from happening again! Tell your manager, here's a starting place for you. Now that you've taken down the "Pre-Foreclosure" heading that was so prominently displayed, why don't you replace it with a great big "We're sorry. This homeowner was never in Pre-Foreclosure. It was Zillow's mistake and we're making changes in our public records collection protocol to ensure it doesn't happen again." Then leave it up for 25 days!
(name omitted)

(Zillow Help Center)
Jul 11, 12:39 PM PDT

Thanks for getting back to me. Once again, we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We receive our Foreclosure information from county record through third-party vendors and sometimes during this syndication process mistakes are made. When this does occur, we act as swiftly as possible to make any possible corrections to erroneous Foreclosure listings. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you for using Zillow!

Zillow Consumer Care

Jul 11, 2:57 PM PDT
I'm not complaining about the swiftness. I appreciate your taking it down so quickly. I want to understand how it happened and help ensure it doesn't keep happening. If the information your vendor supplied was incorrect then I need to speak with them. Please provide a contact at your vendor so I can follow up. Who supplied Zillow my parcel id, and the $24,465 amount? Also, what about my request to post an apology and leave it up for 25 days? I did have my house listed for sale up until I discovered the misinformation on your site last week at which point I took it off the market. After all, who is going to offer FMV for my house (neighbor recently sold theirs for over $1.4M without the LEED Platinum tax abatement and amenities we have) if someone thinks the bidding at auction is going to start at $24,465. The information may have been wrong when you received it so go ahead and blame it on them, but Zillow should still do the right thing here to try and undo the damage they've done to my reputation.

(Zillow Help Center)
Jul 11, 3:34 PM PDT

Sometimes, during the syndication process from county record to our third party vendors to Zillow mistakes are made on which property is in Foreclosure. Parcel #'s can be transposed or something similar. We are unable to give the contact information for our third party vendors. We have undone the damage by taking down the Foreclosure information. The feature you are requesting to have an apology posted to your property page is not something we have available and other users in a similar situation have not requested this feature. Once again, we do sincerely apologize for the mistake, but it has been corrected.
Thank you for using Zillow!

Zillow Consumer Care

Jul 11, 4:16 PM PDT
Thanks for your multiple apologies. And please understand my beef is not with you. First, please accept my apology for the way my original request came across. I was upset. Please allow me to resubmit my request in a more respectful manner this time. Some type of reconciliatory statement, the words for which Zillow chooses, posted for a period of time on an affected owner's property page, made at the request of the owner, would be a great PR move and show that Zillow is serious about transparency. If this cannot be done for policy reasons, then I respectfully ask what those policies are. Also, please explain your "syndication process" in more detail so I can better understand how it works. "Transposed"? Does that mean that your vendor actually has people keying information into the Zillow website or into a feed that supplies the website? Can Zillow at least ask its vendor if they would be willing to field my questions and let me know their response? Thank you.

(Zillow Help Center)
Jul 12, 9:25 AM PDT

You are more than welcome to post this information in the home description, that your home was never in fact in Foreclosure and you could leave that up as long as you would like. All I meant was that the Foreclosure information is syndicated to Zillow and when it is syndicated to us, mistakes can be made. The fields are not manually entered by a person, but during syndication processes numbers may be left out or the format of the fields may differ which may cause an issue. We do not give out the contact information for our third party vendors.
Thank you for using Zillow!

Zillow Consumer Care

Ask David about Zillow
1 review
1 helpful vote

I used to use the site to look at homes for sale in areas where I might retire. No more!!! I have to enter characters that I cannot even see no matter what browser I use. I am going back to the tried and true real estate web sites.

Ask Pat about Zillow
1 review
6 helpful votes

I've been following home estimated values on Zillow as well as other real estate sites for a few years now. One thing I've noticed consistently from Zillow is that their estimated zestimate forecast is always wrong and usually way beyond low-balled. For example my home has been appraised at purchase by the bank as well as I had my own appraisal done. Both of the appraisals came in 25% higher than the Zillow Zestimate. Needless to say that is a huge margin and I dont think its right for Zillow to post false data on home estimates, because when it comes time to sell a home this will raise questions and concern to a buyer reviewing Zillows info on a home priced more than Zillows estimate. If you look on other similar sites you will find the estimate values to be more and right around the asking price of the seller. Another detail I've noticed is they have not updated their Satellite views with the latest available ( you can check this against google maps). This is essential in the purchasing perspective as people like to scope out the aerial view of the home they have interest in.

Ask jason about Zillow
11 reviews
3 helpful votes

In our recent purchase, Zillow +Redfin+our buying agent were all necessary to get a great house. It was not the "lowest price" house, but the right school district+walkable location+ house with great bones+ right size. Mind you, Zillow is just "one" tool, however what else is available to buyers ?? the buyer's agent, while very experienced and on our side, is not perfect either. For us, having many reference points, such as our agent, city tax assessment, recent sales, Zillow's data were all necessary to make a better choice.

Ask Isajo about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

We recently sold our Condo in Elmwood Park, NJ. David Snyde was our agent/broker. David was extremely helpful with staging the unit, conducting open houses and all the details for the sale. We were able to sell the Condo in a timely manner. I highly recommend you speak with David about your real estate needs, His website is

Jerry and Judy Vernice

Ask Gerald about Zillow
1 review
0 helpful votes

my agent jammie shummey from grove Oklahoma was a great realtor I found a house on Zillow came to Oklahoma the agent showed me the house and I fell in love with it. she was very imformative the whole time I was truly given enough time to see the house I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home. she is with Elder Co realtors the closing went right on schedule and we have a beautiful house at 203 walnut circle .

Ask Kathleen about Zillow
1 review
6 helpful votes

I just canceled my account with Zillow.
Zillow is a BIG scam, all they want to get Money Money Money from the agents.
They change their rules by going with impressions and changing after to a zip code percentage whatever it suitable for them, because I think it helps them to get more profit.
Zillow pread this poor lead to 4 agents and you have to fight for it, and by the way their leads most of the time are not real or dont exist.
They don't keep their promises. I have a horrible conversation explaining them what they had promised me and they did ONLY for a while, instead doing it for good. Scam!!!!!! Lie!!!!!
When I spoke with a representative, she put me kind of down by saying several times that I am the last agent in line of the agent for my zip code, that I had only 2 sales and keep insisting me to spend more money to buy a zip code percentage or change a zip code. I am very upset, kind of angry that they put me down.

Ask Irina about Zillow
1 review
1 helpful vote

Here's my experience. Listed our property April 1, 2016 at $479k. Sold August 4, 2016 at $475k. Zillow helped by creating exposure for our home. Zillow hurt through it's "Zestimates." Zillow's Zestimates kept downgrading the price for our home, constantly telling prospective buyers that it wasn't worth the asking price. Ouch! By the time we sold, the "Zestimate" had our property valued at $283k. That hurt. Zillow does-not-have-a-clue about the worth of your property.

Ask Michael about Zillow
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