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18 Reviews by Robert


This firm-also own Trulia-if for brokers. My home had 2338 views and 68 saves and not a call via zillow. When you type in contact agent your email appears. I tried it no response and had both daughters try it and it is a scam-no action. We listed with a broker who said it is basically a platform for their forthcoming brokerage adventure. I would avoid it as all you get are calls from brokers wanting to list your home. I asked a question-no phone response for sellers only agents-it has been 3 days and nothing-"we will get back to you ASAP" counting 4 days now and the question was regarding failures in their system to notify me of potential buyers. Bad news place!

Tip for consumers:
It is free and worth as much-don`t expect any real help selling a home. It will ensure your phone never stops with brokers wanting to list your home.

Products used:
A variable commission broker.


Well I was not at all pleased initially but they did refund my money so it does lead me to believe they are legitimate. Maybe other users will get a good agent assigned to them and it would make the experience worthwhile.


Always so angry and sad after having to put a loved pet to sleep but I never realized it was the cold, uncaring vet hospital tables and waiting rooms that played into the feelings. We had to put down our 14.5 yr old dog and the home hospice vet was awesome. She arrived in street clothes-took time to know my dog while petting him and gave us all the time in the world and after wrote some comforting words and an invite to call and hopefully relieve the grief. Wonderful service and caring vets. Never will I go to a vet`s office for an end of life procedure.

Tip for consumers:
It may take a couple of days to arrange for a vet.


Well the first week was excellent and then everything went downhill fast. We would watch a program for 50 minutes and would be unable to finish the mystery or program. We decided to tape a program and in an hour program we were inundated with 34 commercials and to add insult to it all you had to wait when it downloaded commercial 1 of 6-2 of 6-etc. Plain disgusting-I have called tech support repeatedly about problems with their DVR service cutting out and now we get a message "we are having difficulties currently with that issue-check back later"! If you enjoy this abuse by all means go with this streaming concern. They also for lots of Spanish programming-useless to me-understand they served Latino areas first.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away if you value your sanity.

Products used:
Streaming services-NO REFUND-not even a Pr-Rated refund as you pay a month in advance.


Humana has a habit of refusing payment so there are no neuro-surgeons in a 2 million metro area that accepts this "insurance". Any CAT or MRI scans needed are not possible. You have to find a G. P. willing to write scripts for it and it is a nightmare. 8 procedures were refused payment when I was in the hospital and I appealed every one to arbitration-arbitrator was in total agreement so Humana sent a letter out to complete the resolution. You can finish the case on the net or phone-they ask for a number, not recognized on either means and of course no humans to talk to in order to resolve the issue. Try calling complaint number and your chances of a completion are slim as they are always experiencing Higher than normal call volume. Obviously a lot of dissatisfaction. I have diabetes and you can google it but all testing and measuring supplies are covered in full by Medicare-unless you have Humana and 6 months and counting with a different refusal for every claim. I believe their policy is to beat you down and they win. Friends in Wi. Are experiencing the same problems. She has a ruptured disc, can not walk and is intense pain and had to wait for 13 days for an approval for an MRI which did not show the problem, same cycle repeated until the disc was found. You receive unsolicited colo-rectal test kits and 3 calls a week over nonsense. Two different employers provide this insurance as it is most obviously bottom tier. If you value decent coverage avoid this provider, frankly I get more timely and humane treatment from my vet.


Joined Vidgo and 4 times tried to stream the service with a ROKU device which has the system updated and it says gathering your channels and sends you back to a complete login and repeats the same nonsense. Called
Vidgo and they said they are working on an update-asked them when it will be released and got an "in the future" answer so I asked for a refund and they said they could not do that. In other words we will bill you for services and not provide you with any. BAD news company steer clear of Vidgo.


For $20 a month with unlimited DVR it can`t be beat if you have an antenna and can watch sports on broadcast TV. Never a problem with streaming and has AHC, History, Science, Travel, HGTV, A&E, AMC, DIY, etc. Misses are Sci Fi and some business channels. Worth a look if your needs are met with such a service and for the buck a great deal.


Tried them for a 1 week free trial and noticed DVR glitches but they said engineers are working on them so I decided to try them for a month. Actually the DVR got worse-football games and series cut off, failure to tape programmed events so I cancelled service after 3 weeks. I expected a one week refund but they gave a complete refund. Total programming is in 4K format so the picture is superb, Yes they deserve another chance and I wrote telling them when the DVR issue is rectified write me and I will subscribe again. Super easy and intuitive programming plus you have the ability to move stations in your guide according to your preferences. Loved the service except for the DVR and they allow 250 hours in your account.


They are up to two months late posting payments and when you call, after waiting untold minutes you get a well that is the credit bureau not staying up to date. Really-all three when all other accounts are up to date. They advertise great cash back but life with them is so miserable I had to dump their charge card.


I got scammed by a seller than was using paypal and they gave him 20 days to respond to my dispute-bottom line they did nothing, basically by do nothing they endorse theft of the users money. Second problem I sold an item for near $400 and the money is sitting there due to "security" who knows what? The refused to link the pay to my bank-too many accounts meaning 1?. I tried my wife`s bank not recognized-each institution has unique routing and account numbers. So I said send me a check at a cost of $1.50 and it goes in a loop. Tried to call Customer Complaints at *******161 from my written complaint and after 30 minutes of an automated recording they said write a letter to customer service which I did previously and got this circle of refusals. So far they have had my money for 10 days and refuse to send the funds in any way to me. Save yourself from the grief I am going through and stay away from the crooks. I donot know how the have a license. Next stop BBB- rating and maybe yet one more complaint will take them to a C rating.


Ordered a piece of ham radio equipment they said shipment would be via UPS or FEDEX and the next morning I got tracking via UPS and when activated it shows a package was delivered the morning before I ordered it and it was another company`s tracking. I immediately files a case and they gave the crooked seller two weeks to respond and did absolutely nothing when he did not respond. A thief has more rights than you so thankfully I also went to my bank at the same time and they returned my money in 4 days-closed the case on pay pal and killed my account. Never again. So the thief still has the acount at Pay pal to steal more money. Pay pal is NO pal except of crooks.


1 year warranty and problems started the second month-all they want me to do is put all new batteries and do a factory reset. Very old and tirring-same questions how old are your batteries, etc.The anger it provides is mind boggling-want to wake up to an alarm in the house and go and do an egg hunt-yep the weather station just turned its alarm on to let me know morning was coming. Temperatures are totally erratic-will attach a pic from the end of Jan. In Michigan. Avoid and save lots of frustration. Yep we hit 158, trust Lacrosse.


Bought a refurb Samsung S9+ rated gold which is one below perfect. This o arrived and we finally after looking all over found a minute mar on the back which will be covered by the case anyways. Perfect on every function as noted by refurbisher. Covered by a 30 day buyer happiness guarantee-return postage paid if not totally satisfied, the biggest kicker though is the phone has a warranty for 1 full year. Pretty awesome and NEW charger and ear buds. They sell refurb everything electronic and let you know how much trash weight is not going to a landfill.


Bought a newer I-Phone over $400 and it had a guaranteed delivery date, free return postage if unhappy and a customer complaint phone number on the website. The phone has never been shipped, the telephone has been disconnected, and they claim the phone has been shipped. They gave me a free label to ship it back so today had to get EBAY involved. Very tempted to send heavy rocks to them after this is completed to cost them and may do it.


Took the TV, Internet and VOIP bundled package. Always bracket creep-my costs go up and no reason and they never give reasons. Have had cable work in front of the house twice, feeder to the house 3 times and laying on the ground all winter. I finally lost it when I got my annual $9 increase. I thought after signing a 2 yr committment you paid $10 a month for every month you are short. Bottom line all you need to fulfill your obligation is one service and goodbye TV and overpriced locals, bough an over the air TV antenna and receive 36 channels counting the substations and noticed the image is so n=much better, found out fiber compresses the images to carry more stations for billing and you do lose quality. Buy your own modem as they charge $13 a month-just bleed you to death every way they can, a $10 HD fee, forgot how much for locals, etc. My bill got up to over $141 and for what? Try a ROKU tons of free station and around the clock movies-they have a special now for the newest for $49.88.


Bought a pair of shoes and they did not fit at all, very small sizing, so I had to return them. I decided to buy local with the problems in sizing by manufacturers. Got to shoes.com to return no problem to return subject to an RMA restock fee, have yet to get a refund and its over their 5 business days, not a good company with some poor policies. You can avoid the RMA fee by buying another pair of shoes.


Very little done correctly, they offered $40 off for a year of Prime a few days ago and today-after I niticed they charged me for a monthly membership, not the first time I have to add as it costs more. Anyway when I finished the paperwork and it said welcome to Prime yet another non-English speaking rep. Said I did not do it. I used my store card to get the 5% back and they used a different charge card. Ordered gaskets for a seal-a-meal and it took 6 days to get them as they were always lost, orderer again. Dog treats have been delivered with a picture of a house where who knows? Every night I was calling them. If you watch Walmart and EBAY frequently beat their prices.


I ordered one set of Samsonite luggage with a super cheap price for my college bound grandson and then I thought about it and said, How about my oldest, a beautiful granddaughter, so I ordered her a set also. They are both extremely pleased with their new luggage, for my grandson may he do well in college and use it for visiting during breaks and my granddaughter can use it for vacations and for whatever the future holds for her, may it be mostly great.

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