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Review of Warby Parker

Warby Parker reviews

101 reviews
Categories: Eyeglasses, Sunglasses
121 Greene St
New York, NY 10012, US
Tel: 888-492-7297

101 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered and received my glasses within 7 days. Perfect glasses. Perfect service!

Ask Uneeka about Warby Parker
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought my first pair of Warby parker glasses earlier in the year. Can't remember how long it took but i had to wait last time as well. I put my order in on 11/21/16. They have not sent me any follow up emails except for the stupid Black Friday deals i could give a sh** about. They tell you it will be to you within 10 days after you place your order. WELL, it's been just about 10 days so I give them a call. It's been placed 8 days after I ordered the DAMN GLASSES. So they were shipped 8 days.. after i placed my order. Pathetic, woman said they wouldn't be here till MAYBE Dec. 7th. Absolutely fed up and will never suggest this company to anyone again. Do not care how cool your stupid hipster effing glasses are. The company is trash.

Ask Chloe about Warby Parker
1 review
3 helpful votes

My daughter bought glasses from them, no problem. So, I was excited to get them because my last frames from Lenscrafters were almost $1,000 and I NEVER could see out of them. PLUS they were extremely scratched up after the first month and I purchased the "non-scratch" lenses. So I ordered my glasses on 10/29/16 from Warby Parker with much excitement. Well, that excitement has turned to disappointment and anger. I just called to find out where my glasses are because it's been over 2 weeks. They came in but they had an "imperfection", so they were sent back. Well, I went to the store on Saturday, hoping that they would be there and they weren't. They said it would be Monday. Well, I just called and come to find out they were NEVER re-ordered!!!! I really need my glasses and now I have to wait even longer for them...I will not use them again!!!

Ask Tineke about Warby Parker
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered two pairs of cute glasses. And after 3 phone calls to keep providing them information I already provided, one lost order, and 4 weeks of waiting I finally got my glasses. Both had the wrong prescription - and each was wrong in a different way. I had to go back to the store, wait for a half hour, be told "it's not their job" to figure out how to handle the problem ("that is done by customer care ") I just returned them. Colossal waste of time to deal with WB

Ask B about Warby Parker
1 review
2 helpful votes

ordering the try on frames was quick and easy. Actually getting my glasses not so much. Ordered them on October 9. Wrote two weeks later to ask what was the turnaround time. They said they sent an email -- no email in my inbox, spam or junk files. Today i got two different responses one saying I would have my glasses by the end of this week and another saying next week. They were fast to charge my credit card but slow to get me my product. I would not recommend this company.

Ask Sandra about Warby Parker
1 review
2 helpful votes

They have a 10 business day delivery policy. I still haven't gotten my glasses, and it's been 11 business days. Customer service wasn't helpful.

Ask Zach about Warby Parker
1 review
1 helpful vote

Like most people, I've had nothing but positive experience with WP
Have done the home try on and had a pair of $95 glasses for 3 years. Couldn't even get a decent frame for that price elsewhere. Frames & lenses equivalent to expensive ones I used to get at the major retailers. I'm ready to get new Rx glasses & sunglasses but think I might need to try progressives & wondering if anyone has had experience with those.

Ask Matt about Warby Parker
6 reviews
6 helpful votes

This is my first time ordering from WP and I've had a fabulous experience. I ordered Preston glasses, which didne't fit my nose right so I then called and they were helpful by having me pick 5 frames for at home try on. I didn't like any of my at home frames because I didn't pick any with the nose pads. I learned that I need glasses with nose pads. So I called after I sent the 5 try on ones back and they helpd me exchange the Preston ones for the Tansley ones I picked out. I will return the Preston once I get my new ones. They were quick to help me and super friendly. Thank you so much.

Ask lauryn about Warby Parker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was new to the Warby Parker brand. It was recommended to me by a coworker after telling her that Pearl Vision wanted to charge me upwards of $350 for a pair of glasses. She also directed me right to the Warby Parker website, where she explained that I could pick out some trial frames to have sent directly to my house at no cost to me. So, I did just that. It was so simple! Once I picked out my frames I liked, I entered in my prescription by simply taking a picture of it and uploading it the site. I just received my glasses today and I am beyond shocked at how quick the whole process was and all for a fraction of the price the other store wanted. I never even had to drive into Boston, which is the closest location to me, to get them. I strongly recommend getting your next pair of glasses from Warby Parker! I will be telling everyone I can about how efficient and simple the whole process was.

Ask sharon about Warby Parker
1 review
3 helpful votes

Purchased my glasses and sunglasses from Warby Parker. Paid the price for progressive lenses in both pairs. I will just say that I would rather settle at Warby Parker than go somewhere else. Glasses were great and fit right out of the box but the quality and service is above and beyond and I would rather settle, if I had to, than to go somewhere else. Quality is outstanding and service is above and beyond.

Ask Alicia about Warby Parker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had recently got a new prescription and needed some new glasses. I did the at home try on with five pairs and loved it! They shipped to me so fast and I found the perfect pair I wanted. You can keep them for up to 5 days but I didn't want to risk being charged for delayed shipping, so I sent them back the next day and there was no problem. I need progressive lenses so they are $295 instead of the advertised $95. But both prices are pretty cheap compared to some other retailers. Once I placed my order they were expected to arrive to me in 10-12 business days. I was on a tight deadline since I was heading back to college out of state very soon. It had been about a week and a half and I still had not received a tracking number and I was getting extremely worried. I emailed customer service to find out what was going on. I talked to the nicest woman ever, she assured me my glasses were almost finished and would be on the way. She also gave me an expected delivery date. My glasses took about two weeks after I ordered them for me to finally get them. But thankfully my glasses came earlier than what she said! Once I got them I was completely in love! They were exactly how I wanted and I could see so great out of them! No scratches or anything! About a week later the same woman from customer service emailed me again. She was checking in on me and wanted to know how my glasses were. I have now had my glasses for about 2 weeks and I recently got a little handwritten note in the mail from the same woman. She gave me some cloths to get rid of smudges on my glasses. Their customer service is amazing and they are so nice and helpful. The glasses may have taken a little longer than what I thought, but it ended up being fine! If you don't need progressive lenses then they will be cheaper and ship faster. But I highly recommend buying from here! You can do as many at home try-ons that you want and they're always FREE! The customer service is so nice and helpful and makes sure you're happy. The styles to choose from are so great! This is an awesome place to get new glasses!

Ask Abigail about Warby Parker
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hi there --

I bought a pair of glasses in April 2016 and one of the hinges broke in August 2016. I reached out to Warby Parker because I really wanted to replace this specific pair of glasses - they are very fashionable and I loved them very much. I received an email from Warby Parker letting me know that they'd rush a new pair to me, right away, free of charge. I received my new pair within a week and mailed them back my old pair. For the ~150 dollars I paid for a pair of glasses, I was extremely satisfied and will be a Warby Parker customer for life.

<3 <3 <3

I highly recommend Warby Parker.

Ask Kathy about Warby Parker
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was gifted a pair of prescription sunglasses by a friend so went to get them. They needed a recent prescription paper, so I told them I would get one made and come back. It took me 10 whole months to get back to them. When I did, they suggested I thin my glass, because the glasses wouldn't be as nice. Sadly, I couldn't get that and when I told them that, they didn't push me as others have, previously. I really appreciated that. Later on, when I still hadn't received my glasses, I called Warby Parker Headquarters. Someone was on the line immediately. Mathew helped me figure out what had happened and adjust an administrative error I had noticed when the order had been put in again. As an apology for the wait and error, the glasses were adjusted and shipped to me (expedited) for no extra fee. So, Thank you Mathew and thank you Warby Parker for the fantastic sunglasses!

Ask Melusine about Warby Parker
1 review
3 helpful votes

I got the five frame at home trial. Loved the chamberlains so I put in an order with my prescription from Target Optical. My prescription is strong -7.75 in my left eye, -7.50 in my right. I was worried about all these people writing reviews about blurry glasses and it looking like you're in a fishbowl. Yes when I first put them on things looked a tad blurry - but these frames are a lot bigger than my old ones and my prescription went up. I wore them the first day and had a huge headache. This is apart of the process of adjusting to new glasses though! I kept wearing my glasses all day everyday to help my eyes adjust and 5 days later... now they are absolutely perfect. I can see everything crystal clear with no headaches. Everyone I have talked to at Warby has been so pleasant. The only thing is I wish they fit tighter but when I am in a location near a flagship store I will take them in to get an adjustment for free. I paid 130$ for glasses I can use everyday - that sure beats the $550+ designer brands and optometrist offices charge. Lower your expectations people. You're expecting $550+ glasses for $130... Warby Parker goes above and beyond for the price I paid. So happy and I get tons of compliments on the Chamberlains!! A++ Warby Parker - thank you!

Ask Cait about Warby Parker
1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased a pair of glasses from WB a little over a year ago. When they arrived and I tried them on only to find out they were basically unwearable. I called customer service and the representative told me to take them to an optician to have them fitted. They would pay for it if there happened to be a charge. Time got away from me and I only took them in today -- albeit a year after I purchased them -- and the optician worked on them for 30 minutes and they still do not fit correctly. I called WB customer service and the representative said the best they could do was give me $20 for a new pair. I told him that I was not willing to take a chance on a "new pair" and that they should swap out my current pair for a replacement pair. Given that you are taking an expensive bet when you buy glasses online my advice is to save your money and buy them somewhere (such as Costco) where you can try them on and the customer service is much better.

Ask Scarlett about Warby Parker
1 review
7 helpful votes

I am livid. I placed an order about July 25th and was set to received them on August 3rd....I received a confirmation number and it stopped tracking my package after July 27th....Last I heard they were in Texas then shipped to Indiana. WTF is it doing in Indiana when I live in California. A few days ago I received a generic email from Caitlyn saying they have replaced my original order and will be sending a new one, but NO tracking or confirmation number has been sent so I have no idea where or when I am getting my glasses. I have called the number attached to the email and no response. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

Ask Audri about Warby Parker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I went to Nashville Tn store took my prescription from my local Dr. In Illinois. I live 4 hours away . I order eye glasses and sun glasses they both have progressives Rx lens. I received them in the mail one week and they are perfect!

Ask Laura about Warby Parker
1 review
12 helpful votes

I just ended a two month long attempt to get glasses from Warby Parker. I ordered my 5 try on pairs in the very beginning of June. They came quickly, not too dirty or smudged, and I picked my favorite. I'd had my eye exam from my long-time eye doctor the DAY BEFORE I ordered the 5 pairs: my prescription is definitely correct. The glasses I chose were made and arrived within about a week and I was thrilled - until I put them on and couldn't see a thing out of them. I called and was told I needed to talk to one of their doctors, who have limited weekday only hours that happen to be the same hours most people work. As I wasn't able to take time off from work for a 15 minute phone call, I was told to take the glasses to my eye doctor to diagnose the problem. Luckily, my doctor was very gracious and checked the glasses for me for free. They even re-checked my prescription to make sure it hadn't been measured wrong (of course it wasn't). They ended up telling me the "base curve" of the lenses was basically zero and that I would never be able to see out of them without a base curve, something that the lenses should have had.

I called Warby Parker again and set up an exchange for a second pair of glasses, supposedly made at a different lab, with a base curve. Fast forward another week or so and I have a new pair. Couldn't see a damn thing, in fact they were worse than the first pair. So I called again and set up an at home try on for 5 more pairs, hoping maybe if I picked a different style frame, I could use them to, you know, see.

I got my third pair last week and guess what...still looked like I was in a fishbowl. I liked how the frames looked on me and I can't afford $350 designer glasses, so I decided to keep the frames at least. I made my hundredth call to Warby Parker and said I give up! I purchased the frames alone for half of what I had spent on them initially, and am taking them to my trusted doctor to have lenses put in there. Hopefully before autumn comes I'll have some freaking glasses...didn't know it would be a summer long process!

Every single person I talked to at Warby Parker was amazingly helpful, cheerful, friendly and awesome! Can't complain one bit about the customer service, that part of the experience was great.

Ask S about Warby Parker
1 review
9 helpful votes

I don't even know where to start. The frames I was the most interested in were not available for home try-on, so I emailed Warby Parker to ask them when they'd be available to try on. They gave me a very vague response and essentially told me to just buy them without trying them on because I could return them within 30 days if I didn't like them. Not knowing what else to do, I went to buy them and was told that I needed to submit my pupillary distance since it wasn't included in my prescription. Warby Parker's genius solution to this problem is to hold a credit card in front of your face and take a picture of yourself. Needless to say, it's not a very accurate way of doing things. The glasses arrived and not only did I hate the frames (both in terms of the way they looked and how tight they were on my head), but the pupillary distance was so far off that I felt like I was in a drunk tank. I called Warby Parker thinking that maybe the high index lenses were the problem, and the woman I spoke with told me that she'd have one of their on-staff opticians email me the next day. They never emailed me. I returned the glasses, found another pair of frames I thought I might like, and once again, they weren't available for home try-on. Isn't the entire appeal of Warby Parker supposed to be that you can try any five of their frames on at home for free? Anyway, this time, I decided I wasn't going to mess around anymore and I'd just go clear out of my way to the closest Warby Parker store to where I live (which is not close at all). I found a pair of frames I liked, got all of the correct measurements taken, gave the sales associates my prescription, and ordered the glasses. When they finally arrived, the prescription was wrong. I don't know what to do at this point other than to go back to the eye doctor, have them remake the lenses, and go from there.

Ask Kelsey about Warby Parker
1 review
5 helpful votes

A bit of a wait to get the glasses in the mail but they finally came on day five. I was very excited to have these home try-on frames with the five choices I made on-line. I opened the box. The inner plastic frame holding each frame was damaged and dirty. The frames were individually wrapped in plastic bags of which 3 were obviously used before, sticky, and ripped. Each frame was filthy. Smudges on the lenses and sticky. Unbelievable. I called customer service and let them know. I am sending them back. If frames come this dirty what would the purchased product be like? I am not going to chance it.

Ask Martha about Warby Parker
1 review
9 helpful votes

I drank the koolaid and went to Warby Parker for glasses. You know, the $95 glasses. Then it changed to $295 as soon as I asked for blended lenses. So. 300 % increase. Not today.

Ask Bob about Warby Parker
1 review
11 helpful votes

I have now owned 4 pairs of Warby Parker glasses. Just recently I did their at home try on. I received the glasses to try on and loved them all but only kept them a day. I knew which ones I wanted right away and didn't want to test fate in holding them longer than needed so I sent them back. I still continued to receive the emails about the at home try on and where I was in the time line. I received the last email telling me to send them back when it had already been 4 days since I sent them back so I called to check on the order. When I called the phone rang one time and someone answered. Felt like I had called the Warby Parker house. The girl I talked to was so warm and welcoming!!! She pretty much told me what I already knew. That it was an automated email and yes they had already received the glasses back.

I went online and placed my order for the ones I liked. I received an email asking for a little more information for measurements. I responded with the information and received an immediate reply that some information was still missing but they were able to get it from my last order. Perfect. I responded in my normal Bubbly tone saying "thank you" to which Katie C replied in an equally bubbly tone "you're welcome". I received my new glasses on Wednesday 6/29.

I wore my awesome new glasses for three days until Saturday July 2nd which was the day of my families 4th of July party on the lake. I was in charge of filling up the inflatables on the lake. I had my new glasses with me and my RX sunglasses. I was wearing the sunglasses with my warby parkers tucked in my shirt. I thought they were pretty snug. I was bending out over the water filling the 15 x 15 foot float and my glasses fell out into the water. they didn't hover at the top for even a second. They went straight down. I was crushed but I loved them.

So on July 5th I called them. Again the call is received like I'm calling a friend. Just the most amazing feeling when calling such a big company. Like you really matter. I talked to another young lady. I told her what had happened and told her that I need to just duplicate the order but change the billing card. She responded completely in shock at my tragedy cause naturally she understands that I loved my new warby parker glasses. She asked for my order number. When she looked it up she asked "did you just get these glasses?" I said " yes I just received them on Wednesday and got to wear them for three days." she said ok hold on one second and let me look at something. When she came back she told me that they were going to send me the new glasses for free. I was blown away to say the least. What an amazing company to see how much I loved them and how broken hearted I was that I lost them and then send me my new pair free as a courtesy. Then she said "Are these your daily glasses? Do you have other ones to wear or do we need to..." I stopped her cause I saw where she was going. I said "I still have my Zagg pair that's pretty close in prescription so regular mail is fine. I don't think ill ever buy from anyone else other than Warby Parker!!!

Ask Erin about Warby Parker
1 review
3 helpful votes

I rate Warby Parker with five stars, not because everything worked flawlessly, but because their understanding and efficient customer service more than made up for any hiccups along the way. I don't expect perfection, but I do expect service that is competent, courteous and considerate. I loved the online shopping experience, the quality of the products, and WP's passion to give back to society. Thank you to the entire team for being respectful at all times and for ensuring that I was an important customer. Well done!

Ask Matt about Warby Parker
1 review
14 helpful votes

I have tried to get my glasses for over a month and they have sent me 3 different pairs all of which have been wrong. It is amazing the incompetence of this company. When I went to the store they suggested that it was my eye doctors fault until they looked at the glasses and found that they did not follow the prescription at all

Ask Lyman about Warby Parker
1 review
10 helpful votes

More than one month ago I ordered and paid for my glasses. They should have been here weeks ago. So I called today, provided my order number, and inquired as to status. Customer service explained, oh, I see our system sent an automatic email letting you know that you could upgrade your order to a lighter material, and, when it did that it automatically placed your order on hold. Yikes! So I don't respond to a robo upgrade email after completing and paying for my order - so Warby Parker suspends my order?

A manager explained, oh, our system doesn't track if a customer doesn't respond and release the order hold after a certain time. Had I not called today - my order would still be on hold. Really not acceptable

Ask Andrew about Warby Parker
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