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215 Park Avenue S #700
New York, NY 10003, USA
Tel: 3087545525
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1 review
0 helpful votes

NEVER use Orbitz! I booked a flight via Orbitz months ago. Since then, I have received hundreds of promotional e-mails from Orbitz. At least one per day and usually several per day. I tried unsubscribing - no luck, the e-mails never even slowed down. I blocked the address of sender - no luck, the e-mails started up again. I directed the e-mail to my spam folder - no luck, it started hitting my inbox again. How is this even possible? I contacted corporate - TWICE - each time I was assured the e-mails would stop. They have not. I am losing my mind . . .

1 review
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I rented a car through orbitz. On the day of pickup hertz did not have the car nor would they honor the reservation. Called Orbitz costumer service only to be told that they don't have to honor it. It was a waste of time to even make a reservation. And it almost ruined my daughter's sweet 16 trip. I will never use Orbitz again.

1 review
12 helpful votes

Recently we booked a flight to Dublin, Ireland that is a dream trip for my wife. The happiness came to an end when Orbitz charged me three times for two tickets, quickly taking every dime from our account. After 4 hours 3 customer service reps, one supervisor, and a corporate manager, I was basically told I am wrong, stupid, lying, there was possibly a system error, or a possibly a glitch. Every Rep was rude, unable to be understood, or just in plain denial. Upon reaching corporate after they had identified the mistake was theirs and that they had charged us twice for the same ticket, I was advised that there was nothing that they could do. I explained to them that there had to be something and I was told that I had to wait three days for anything to happen. I then told them that I had no money to feed my family and that they needed to figure out a way to expedite this. The corporate manager responded that " your family is of no concern to us". Way to go Orbitz by showing us that we don't matter and that all you care about is the bottom line. As a US servicemeber my time with my family is very important to me and something I should not have to waste correcting an error made by you. Myself, my family, my friends, and anyone else I can get to will no longer use your service because just like you have no concern for my family, I have no concern to ever support this business

1 review
0 helpful votes

Its a scam ridden company run by unethical and rude people. Their agents are highly incompetent and they even dont speak proper English. I made changes to an itinerary from SFO to India, spoke with 2 of their agents and once both confirmed that the total amount would be $ 231.83, went ahead and made the changes. But in the credit card statement, I was charged $460. When I called them back, I had to spend 2 more hours going over the same story again and again with 5 different people with no resolution. Their manager was very rude. and was trying to prove that I am ignorant and dont know the rules. She said she will investigate on the incident and get back within a week, but she never came back. Will never book tickets through them again, I lost $230 because of these unethical guys.

1 review
0 helpful votes

On March 3, 2017, I booked a ticket for my friend to fly from Vietnam to Los Angeles. By mistake I entered my last name instead of my friend last name in traveler information. Two days later, my friend informed that his last name was wrong.
I called Orbitz to correct the last name of my friend in information, but they denied and asked me to cancel and book another one, even thought all other information like birthday, first name, middle name, passport number, passport expiration date all correct. The canceling costed me $230 ($100 penalty, and $130 for adding to new ticket cost).
Orbitz has made money by a minor mistake of its customer. Shame for Orbitz. I will never use Orbitz service anymore.
Boycott Orbitz forever!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Always get an acurate booking. This booking site works very well, I highly recomment it. Love it, use it very frequently.

1 review
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I have always used expedia but I thought I could try orbitz for once. BIG MISTAKE!
I booked a flight, with Air France on purpose, because I knew I might have to change my return date..
I double checked every detail of my reservation to make sure it would not say non-exchangeable anywhere. I even took the insurance, thinking it would help..

Not only the insurance is a joke (they ask for such precise requirements that very rarely you match them!)

AND - and that's definitely the worst - they happen to have a "second policy" that doesn't allow me to change dates with Air France.
Second policy that is not mentioned any where any how during purchase and they are not flexible or understanding. Their customer service is useless and the people on the phone are absolutely rude and couldn't care less!!

I've been bouncing back and fourth between them for days now. Not mentioning the HOURS waiting on the phone between each person. When I asked for a manager, they left me on hold for an hour and I'm still at it.

And I'm still stuck with half a ticket I won't be able to use. I will never use orbitz ever again, they are not even that much cheaper from companies directly. I'd rather deal with Delta in the future!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Orbitz has been horrible! I book travel a lot and went through them this last time, they do not care about their clients and will not help!! They deserve to be shut down!

12 reviews
8 helpful votes

Their strength is probably their rental car service. You can find some great deals with Orbitz. However it appears that Orbitz/Expedia/Kayak/Travelocity have the exact same hotel prices. It's not really a bargain.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I usually purchase my airplane tickets and hotel booking through Orbitz and I find it very cheap I love it. I tried through other websites and I find this one even cheaper. Haven't had a problem yet though.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Confirmed reservation in Vegas and there was no car for me. After an hour and a half still no car and Customer service offered me a $25 dollar coupon towards my next travel booked through Orbitz. Like that will ever happen Missed my parents 65th anniversary in California, because I couldn't find another car in time to get me there. Thanks a lot for nothing Orbitz.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Never in my whole life have I experienced such TERRIBLE customer service on not one, but TWO occasions. I've spent over two hours on the phone with them collectively making this the single WORST travel booking experience I've ever had. The customer service representatives I had on both calls were rude and didn't listen to anything I said, asking me to repeat the same information numerous times ... NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again.

1 review
0 helpful votes

It took me all of 10 minutes to enter in the information they wanted to book a flight. After the website took several minutes to load, it gave me an error saying there was a problem with my card information. What they didn't tell me is that they were going to charge me $156 for "booking cancellation".
WHAT BOOKING?!! Your exceptionally flawed website would not process my transaction!
I will never again use a website like Expedia or Orbitz to book a flight.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Last nite I used Orbitz to book a room. The hotel would not accomdate, so I called Orbitz, so that I may exchange my reservation for another hotel. The rep I told me that he cancelled and refunded my reservation, and that I would see the funds back in my card in 5 business days. I asked him how I was supposed to make a booking for that night then, since I only had about $10 left on the card after I booked the initial room. He asked if I had friend I could borrow the money from!?!?!?! I spoke to 3 different agents after, and got nowhere. They all just said that in order to book a room, I would need to have the funds. I DID HAVE THE FUNDS. I GAVE THE FUNDS TO YOU GUYS!! So.... after over 3 hours on the phone and explaining the urgency, (that the only funds I had for the room that evening, I had already paid to Orbitz and that I had no family or friends in the Phoenix area, absolutely no where else to go...) I was simply told "I don't know what else I can say to you Eric". So last night, for the first time in my life, I slept outside on a bench in one of the worst areas in Phoenix. I still have nowhere to shower, wash clothes and rest. This resulted in me missing a temp assignment I was supposed to work today to make more money for me to be able to book a room. And of course, I still have not received my refund from the Feb 15 booking, so it looks like I better start adapting to the homeless/on the streets lifestyle...

Thanks for nothing Orbitz!! I will be sure to put you guys on blast all over social media and anywhere else I can!
Orbitz: A Company that will let a customer sleep on the streets, rather then fix their mistakes...

1 review
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I have used Orbitz because it is convenient. I will never use them again. Two things I learned today that I think other travelers should know before using Orbitz. First the travel insurance is a joke. You basically need a terminal illness, and even then if you get a proper excuse to miss, you will still have to pay $200+ change fee and "difference in fare" which is extraordinarily high. If you decide just to change the flight, like I was planning today, (change the leg home only to same time next day) they were going to charge $200 change fee and an additional $1200 dollars for a total of $1400 dollars per person. This was from a non stop from Wichita, KS to Houston, TX! Then fee from their website and from United was listed at $430 and the original flight was $450 for the roundtrip. I totally expected to pay a fee, the $200 I get (sucks but I get) but to charge WAY over what the flight even costs is the worst business idea Orbitz could possibly have. I will never use them again. I booked our 1 way tickets back for less than 1/2 total of what they were going to charge me per person and just left the reservation as it was (meaning we will just miss the flight the previous day.) I never write bad reviews, but be aware...Orbitz flight insurance is a scam and a joke. To change a flight via Orbitz is also a scam and a joke. You are better off booking through any airline directly. Oh, and while I am at it, the "book hotel and airfare together for savings" is also a joke. Last 2 trips we compared before booking and could always get better deal on hotel, or same deal than booking on Orbitz with a flight. Just FYI. If Orbitz continues these types of misleading and gauging policies, they won't be around long!

5 reviews
1 helpful vote

I usually search several sites when I try to book air tickets for my vacation. Orbitz came up with the best price a few times and I had no trouble booking the flights.

6 reviews
8 helpful votes

I used Orbitz for booking flights for several years but stopped using them about a year ago. Service was going downhill. We would receive incorrect information in their updates and little satisfaction by talking with their customer service reps. Too bad, because they used to be ok, but now I'd recommend finding a different company for online reservations.

1 review
0 helpful votes

They appear to book flights, you will get confirmation email and ref no. However they fail to release the eticket to the individual airlines. Couldn't get flights to Atlanta, spent from 7:30 to 3pm on my mobile to their ' customer care ' service and got flights rebooked for next day. Turned up at airport and same problem , I could have cried as again they kept me on hold but failed to sort out. If this company is owned by Expedia I will never use either ever again as they cost me a fortune and 2 days of hell for me and my 2 young kids. Lies lies and more lies is all they tell you, they will accuse you to avoid costs for their mistakes or are they 'mistakes' as 2 days running appears to be fraud to me.

1 review
0 helpful votes

First & last time to ever make reservations through this site.... charging $516 for an infant in lap travelling internationally. Called them & try to resolve...was on the phone for 3hrs & still unable to even refund us anything :( bbooo!!!
Major RIP OFF!!
They said it's the airlines who sets price up...I called the airlines & they said only Orbitz can make a refund since they billed us...again I called Orbitz back, but still no resolution whatsoever :(

11 reviews
19 helpful votes

They and Expedia were at least initially owned by the airlines themselves, and so they are the worst sites to get discounts. Or refunds. Go to the airline site directly, for the best deals.

5 reviews
4 helpful votes

Orbitz likes to state they give a refund but the fine print is it's up to the hotel and they NEVER give one. Also the room shown in pictures is not the one you get. You end up with a closet-size room with no view. Some resorts use Orbitz to lure travelers into Buy a Timeshare traps. Use Travelocity instead.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Thrifty Rental Car company cancelled my reservation most probably because they were running low on cars and decided the could make more money renting it to someone else.
I booked it through Orbitz-which I shall NEVER used again. The only way I found out my reservation had been cancelled is because I called Orbitz to change the pick up time. They admitted that the reservation had not been cancelled by me through their site so the only way it could have been cancelled was by the local franchise.
Orbitz called Thrifty and they basically said "tough"! They offered to give me the difference between what I paid at another rental company. But no apology and no explanation as to why they cancelled.
Getting some money wasn't the point. The point is I made a reservation for a car through a booking site and neither Thrifty or Orbitz would take responsibility for the action. I had to spend a lot of time complaining to no avail. I had to scramble last minute to get a car-and at a hight price.

I STRONGLY urge you NOT to use Orbitz nor Thrifty as they don't stand behind their reservations. Book with them and maybe you have a car.....maybe you don't!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Well, seems like many have the issue I had. I purchased insurance when I booked my flight and hotel package, in the event of cancellation. I had to cancel and all orbitz will tell me is that I can schedule another trip within a year, which is the same thing delta offered without any insurance purchased. and their vacation waiver terms do not specify this policy at all, they actually imply a refund for cancellation.
So all they do is make some money off their customers for no insurance offered at all.
Keep away if possible

1 review
0 helpful votes

Orbitz advertise full refund for any cancelaltion within 24hours. I called the customer service about 23 hours past my purchased. The operator put me on hold for an hour and then told me your ticket is no longer refundable.

The website is scam. Never use Orbitz again

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