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142 reviews
632 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, New York, USA
Tel: +1.2122557327
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142 Reviews From Our Community

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26 reviews
2 helpful votes

meeting organizers were hard to get ahold of and I keep getting a bunch of alerts after unsubscribing.

Ask Ronny about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

Today, I drove 45 minutes to meet this guy "Young" at the Asian H-mar in Lt. WoW what a waste of time.

When I showed up the guy asked me to take a picture of an eggroll price to prove I was there. I texted what do you look like? And he texted "shutup"

Honestly, I didn't expect this from an organizer.He even posted a picture of him in front of the Oshima and kicked me out so I couldn't comment or post my pics to prove I was there!!
Its pretty sad that one guy can use his affiliation as an organizer to waste people's

This man should be stripped of his power or at least demoted. Clearly this is an abuse of power on innocent people

Ask Mr about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

To those that write negative reviews about meetup. There are literally hundreds of meetup groups in your local area if you live in the suburbs, in or near a major city. The larger ones have over a 1000 members and a dozen or more organizers and may have several events in the same week, sometimes at the same time. You have to put yourself out there and try different events, meetup groups, different organizers. You can't just go to a handful of events and pass judgement. Yeah, there will be some clicks in some meetup groups but there is also friendly people a few new people joining all the time too.

Also picking the right type of event to attend is important too. If you want to meet and talk to people with common interests, for dating or whatever pick a event where you can actually talk. A group walk or hike, dinner, happy hour, pool party, gallery tour are a few good choices. Don't attend some dance or band night meetup where you have to scream over loud music- not conducive to casual conversation & meeting people.

Meetup is what you make of it. Yeah you may attend some bad events, meet some people you don't like, but you will also find your group and people you like to be with. I made lots of friends, met my girlfriend, made business contacts- all though meet-up groups. You have to take the long view, look past your nose, put yourself out there, it is so worth it when you do.

Ask Scott about Meetup
3 reviews
16 helpful votes

I tried meetups several times and neither time was worth it...

The first time I attended what sounded like a great group - but the guy who set it up did not bother showing up. The PR made the group sound like a lot of people would show up and about 30 people did. The location was in what was supposedly public space but private security informed us that to have so many people there required a permit so with no leader we moved on to a restaurant and had lunch with some of the group members.

With no leader bothering to show up and chased off from the meeting location others attending could not find us. If I had it to do all over again I would have skipped the lunch since we split the ticket so those who ordered expensive items got a free discount from those of us who ordered moderately priced items.

There were no interesting gals there but I struck up a conversation with some interesting people. It turned out one was some sort of a cult nut who tried to force me into going to see "something wonderful" (without any explanation) so I balked. This might work with kids but not me. So add to the above dysfunctional mix people recruiting for cults at meetups...

So we have a group the leader does not show up, get thrown off of the location and the 30 people who showed up tried to improvise not a good deal at all...

I'll usually give anyone a second chance so I figured another meetup might be interesting about a year later... Recently I saw an ad on craigslist from a gal I had met briefly at the second meetup I tried. She was attractive so I replied. It was obvious the person placing the ad was not the gal (someone took her pictures from the meetup site and posted them pretending to be the meetup gal). I got suspicious when chatting with the CL fake and thought I could reach the gal through meetups. I contacted the gal and she was pissy (keep in mind I only briefly chatted with her in the past and so did not know her well).

Anyway I can see why someone wanted to get even with her by using her meetup photos to pose as her on craigslist because she came across as a $#*!. Had I known I would not have bothered trying to help her out by informing her someone was impersonating her on craigslist it was not worth the hassle...

If you add up my personal experience with meetups you should run for the hills and save yourself a lot of hassles.

Ask Roy about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

Customer service is horrible,they don't know the basic integrity and quality of a human being. I contacted them for a fraut organizer who charged my money but lied. Who pretended to be a some kind of facility to help!!!!!Very apparant scam. I asked a refund, the organizor didn't reply me but told her members that she would like to refund me if I reached out to her, said I never requested a refund. I reported to the customer service, but you know what, the customer service people blocked my account, deleted my comment for the fraud. I showed them the evidence of messenger. They just said they can't confirm the organizor is fraud!And deleted my true comment and blocked my account.
I think they just try to charge business money, do not care anything happened with customer. The service is so horrible, bad people together.

Stupid people go there and be manupilated .
They should shut the door, they don't deserve exist for our normal people.Super bad. Hopefully they can bankrupt and close their door soon.

Ask Kathy about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

Site FAQ does not update with the site's appearence. I just want to leave a group, ended up trapped inside for 15 minutes. If finding a button on that site takes this long, it deserves one star.

Ask Hoi about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've really enjoyed attending the intermediate/advance conversation group led by Andrei on weekend mornings. The topics are always interesting and the Union Square Barnes and Noble is a great location. Looking forward to going again soon!

Ask Masha about Meetup
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

FIRST, I wrote I wanted to cancel as host. SECONDLY, I'm billed for another term because I didn't know the procedure.THIRDLY, AFTER BEING BILLED, IM SENT THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANCELLING.



Ask Candace about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

Signed up to attend this "Advanced Intermediate" meetup group. The co-organizer, Brad is the person who puts down the lines for these courts located at Twin Dolphins, Huntington Beach, CA. Well, this organizer is not very nice. When potential players RSVP to play, they go into his waiting list and from there he cherry picks which players he wants to allow to play. Now, in concept one would think Brad is recruiting only the best advanced volleyball players, right? Well, not exactly. Brad is one mean and hypocritical person because in his group there's players who cannot meet the minimum skills to play even regular intermediate volleyball level, let alone "advanced intermediate" as he calls his group. To me it's interesting how can get away with treating people in such a rude and ugly manner and still be allowed to have a meetup group. If you're looking for a place to play fun volleyball with friendly people, DO NOT sign up to play with Brad's "Advanced Intermediate" volleyball group in Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday mornings at Twin Dolphin courts.

Ask Volleyball about Meetup
1 review
17 helpful votes

Total waste of time with organizers who couldn't properly host a meetup if their lives counted on it. People who attend these meetups tend to have the intelligence of a potato. Wierd people who have no lives. Stalkers, tons of creeps, wierdos, wannabes, hippies, you name it.

Ask Josh about Meetup
1 review
2 helpful votes

We all know Meetup is a famous platform and a concept very well implemented, but I gotta say that both the website and the mobile keeps crashing and hanging!

The tech end of the website sucks and there isn't even a feedback section!


Ask Aayush about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

Way to go Let's just take away the first amendment and while your at it, just force on your members all the other goofy beliefs you have on tap.

Ask Roger about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

The overall experience was disappointing. First I wanted to find some hobbies or interests outside of my current group of friends. I joined some social groups and even some singles groups I am a very shy person when put into a social situation where I know no one. I decided to interact with a few people before I would show up at an overpriced event with strangers. I wanted to get a feel for the group, what to expect and to be able to get to know someone before attending an event. I received responses back from other interested members. Then meetup deleted my account stating I was sending spam messages!!! Apparently they have a rule against copying/pasting messages. How many different ways can you say Hi can you tell me what your opinion is of said group? How feasible is to make sure every message is unique? Is it really spam if members are talking to each other? Isnt the point of this site for basic networking? If Im in a singles group isnt the point to meet others who may share common interests? Apparently not. Meetup wants you to be forced into awkward social situations and then you are free to conversate with others in your group. In this day and age meetup might be the only site where one is not allowed to send online messages. Truly bizarre.
Worst part was I dont even get a warning that what I was doing was against their Terms of Service. Just tried to log in one day and got a message my account was deleted and would not be reinstated. That was just bizarre.
Of course trying to get an explanation from customer service is like trying to get a toddler to explain why they thought it was a good idea to eat cat poop. They are of no help. You cant have a conversation with them. They are however really good at replying with scripted correspondence that offers no real answer to ones specific issue. And that includes responding back and informing them that they havent really explained their position, offered a reasonable solution or even appear to have actually read your email query to them.
In my opinion trying to get customer service to help is a complete waste of time. They have no idea what that term means. And thats apparently OK with them until we as consumers stop buying their product or someone else develops a similar model.
One more thing MeetUp: Your account will not be reinstated. Thank YOU for understanding. Sh!tbirds

Ask Mark about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

My whole social circle are Meet Up friends.

Activity meet up groups are great...especially relating to nature and hiking. These are the two most popular groups in my city. The dance groups are also going strong...both lessons and meeting together at a club. The huge decline has been in general social groups...also dating groups are now dead (never were popular). Tons of singles have paired up doing specific activities ( hiking, etc) rather than 'dating'.

Bottom's all about the organizer. How does he/she welcome newbies, keep people enthused, organize events, etc.

Ask Tom about Meetup
1 review
13 helpful votes

I joined several meetup groups and found all were full of leaders and participants that are are socially disfunctional outcasts. For a better experince, just join a legitamate club. Or if you are that lonely, just go to a park and start talking to a bum sitting on a bench. You'll get the same outcome.

Ask Jenny about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

They are really great and we meet at different dog parks every weekend, the people are very nice and friendly. The site is really organized and it's easy to see who is going and I appreciate the updated emails. We always have a great time and they keep the meetups within a 12 or less mile radius. I just wish their was one for mountain bikers in this area.

Ask Paul about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

It is August 2016, and the Meetup San Jose/Campbell Riding, Hiking and Anything Fun just deleted me from their group because I missed 3 Meetups I signed up for way back in 2010. I joined them in February 2010 so I have missed less than 1 Meetup a year. Also, the reason I missed the meetups is because my husband died in January 2010 and we could not have the funeral until February 2010. Then, I learned I probably had cancer, before we were able to even have his funeral. In addition to burying my husband in 2010, I was tested for 3 different types of cancer in 2010 including 3 surgeries, including one to remove an ovary and one to remove my uterine lining. Also, I had multiple tests including an ultrasound and blood tests. I was not only intensely grief stricken, loosing my husband of 30 years, I was also fighting for my own life. But according to the cold blooded organizer Stan, the above situations where no excuse for missing the three above Meetups way back in 2010.

In addition, he said only five words to me in the six and a half years I was in the Meetup and the rest of the people attending also never spoke to me except the people in the mid-week hiking group. In addition, all the hikers were very fast and every hike, they just all took off with out me and I was forced to hike alone. They do no accommodate slow and even medium speed hikers. Avoid this Meetup like the plague!!!!!

Ask Renee about Meetup
16 reviews
12 helpful votes

I'm on several meetups. Mostly I use it for organizing motorcycle rides. I have no complaints.

Ask Joe about Meetup
1 review
10 helpful votes

I loved Meetup when you could run free groups, but now they want everyone to pay fairly sizeable fees, which is problematic if you can't get enough people into your group pretty quickly, but even if you are willing to pay to start a group, and pay for the service, they offer ZERO support other than a page of FAQs. Good luck trying to find a way to contact them about problems. We have constant issues with members being able to pay dues, yet there is no way whatsoever go get support for the problem. I wish another company would step in and create a similar system, that would let people run small groups for free and then gradually increase the fees as your group grows... and have at LEAST a way to contact someone by email when something DOESN'T WORK they way it should.

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse, Meetup decided they don't want to allow any "dating" services but in a case of over-kill, they have gone after pretty much all Singles groups (I saw the review on here from someone that was harrassed by someone in a singles meetup group so it's probably due to a few bad apples that has caused this over-reaction in what they are allowing), so that all these wonderful groups that host activities for singles (who let's face it, often have a hard time finding things to do if you aren't in a relationship or have a group of close friends) are now getting harassed by Meetup under this policy even for activities that have NOTHING to do with dating! More and more of my groups are starting to use Facebook for our events because of how incredibly frustrating and over-bearing Meetup has become to deal with. We are just all waiting for some other website to come along that offers something similar so we can finally all get away from Meetup for good.

Ask Mary about Meetup
1 review
10 helpful votes

Can't find a way to send a message to meetup "help" to change the city I live in. Seriously, this should not be this difficult!

Ask Penelope about Meetup
1 review
8 helpful votes

I set-up a meetup group and was notified I need to add more details..I continued working on it and spent a few hours calendaring upcoming events. I thought well I'm using the meetup group okay and hell a member just joined so I guess I'm cool. Guess again!!!!! WITH NO WARNING AND NO ABILITY AT ALL TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE (NO EMAIL, NO SUPPORT FORUM, NO PHONE) I GET A NOTICE THAT EVERYTHING IS DELETED AND REFUNDED! AHOLES. NOW I HAVE TO START ALL OVER! THANKS A BUNCH MEETUP. WHERE'S THE MONEY GOING?

Ask jUNK about Meetup
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

In short, is like a prison where you cant interact with other prisoners. You can pay for the one hour break i.e. event where most of the interesting people never show up!
I joined meetup as I am a very shy person. There were few groups for singles and I decided to interact with a few before I would show up at a overpriced boring event with strangers. I never go to an event alone and reason for interaction with another member was to make sure the company will be worth it. After I began to receive messages back from other interested members, deleted my account stating as spam messages!!! Is it really spam if members are talking to each other or basic networking? In this age and day might be the only site not allowing online messages. Truly bizarre & complete waste of time.

Ask X about Meetup
1 review
12 helpful votes

I am being charged $14.99/mo because the number of members in my meetup group magically reached 50, in a surge, yet NONE of these accounts actually interacted to an announcement, or message, or registered for an event.

Did pad my meetup group with fake IDs so you could start charging me? Pretty suspicious.

Ask Frank about Meetup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I wanted to start a meet up group, but had problems with the technical side of it. Their "customer service" is someone just answering emails. How often have you been able to solve a technical issue by email?

Ask Ronald about Meetup
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

I was a member since 2005. I attended my first meetup in 2006, met my longterm bf of nearly 4 years that day which unfortunately ended badly with a horrible break. I then met a close friend not long after the break up at another meetup and met many nice people, none of whom became more than meet up friends but who were nice people to occasionally spend time with.

I had my frustrations with meetup: endless rsvps and warnings not to cancel at short notice or you will be deleted from a group- I find this ridiculous since life happens, we get sick suddenly, emergencies come up etc. Bad instructions to meet up locations, early morning only events and such, event organizers who don't show up, don't wait for the group, don't communicate via email, and one who refused to give more specific parking directions to an event because I hadn't signed up for the meetup yet. The worst was probably when I was on a hike, my blood sugar was dropping and I and another woman who had bad knee pain lagged behind and the leader never even noticed or asked if we needed help. Overall it was a good experience and the people organizing events were nice.

I hadn't logged in on my phone/laptop for 2 months maybe due to having too much going on and I tried to log in the other day to find Meetup has deleted my account, with no notification. I received a response that various email providers such as yahoo/aol etc. require that if an email isn't working and or someone hasn't used the account for 6 months their account should be deleted. I know I had logged in in a six month period so this is bogus. My email is still working, it's not a yahoo/aol etc. I'm very disappointed that all my groups and friends are gone now, I had some old comments from friends I wanted to keep and who knows I might have wanted to click on those friends and look them up at some point again. How does meetup justify deleting a member account in good standing without even notifying them?? Very upset!

Ask meowe about Meetup
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