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163 reviews
632 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, New York, USA
Tel: +1.2122557327
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I hated the latest version of Meetup (v. 6). It lost so much useful functionality.

Luckily, I had an old (before the Meetup update) iTunes back up of my iPhone, and was able to restore the prior version of Meetup from that back up.

This YouTube video showed me how:

Ask Joe about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

The old calendar that allowed you to scroll through all the events by day and time was WAY better. Hate the new app.

Ask Disappointed about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

I second that the new Meetup site is horrible and it sucks I need to put the old one back

Ask Kenneth about Meetup
1 review
2 helpful votes

The new Meetup Site is awful... confusing & frustrating.. the old site was great. Easy to use & the calendar was so much more functionable ...
Upgrade is really a downgrade!!!!!

Ask Susan about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

The new upgrade is really a huge downgrade! The site is extremely hard to navigate, the design is crappy and distracting, and above all else-- they removed the calendar view for looking at your events! Now your stuck scrolling and searching for events. It's extremely time-consuming and I am very disappointed in this company :-(

Ask Nila about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

Guys to gals ratio super unbalanced. Can be as bad as 20:1
Organizer simply does not care. Only concern about profit making; the more the merrier. Feedback from some gals they are targeted and disturbed by organizer (male). The whole thing feels like a scam -> organizer use this entirely to his own benefit. That is, to get both gals and income AT THE SAME TIME. The RSVP list also seems to be faked up.

Avoid, avoid and Avoid!..............................................


Enter at your own risk!


If you simply has nothing better to do

Ask Tang about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

I used to use meetup to find new events and new groups and new things to do on a daily basis.
I would just browse the calendar for that day oe the upcoming days and find new and interesting things to do and groups to join.
Now i cant even navigate the app and they took away the BEST part of meetup...THE CALENDAR!
It looks like a pinterest board now. I hate it!
Hope th3se messages reach the owners and they acually do something about it

Ask Vanessa about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

Is Meetup insane? What twisted logic causes an internet company to create and enforce such hostile policy against paying customers?

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 11:58 AM, Meetup HQ <>­ wrote:

Hello Bill,
We are writing about your Meetup group, Makers of Phoenix, because we noticed you are hosting online events. Meetup is committed to bringing people together in real life to do what matters most to them. Thats why Meetup groups that are primarily about online interactions are not permitted.

In order to comply with our policies, more than half of your groups Meetups should be local, in-person events. You may host a webinar or online discussion as long as, overall, at least 50% of your Meetups are in-person.

Please review your upcoming Meetups and make sure at least half are in-person. If necessary, remove online Meetups or add in-person Meetups. If you cancel any upcoming Meetups, please issue refunds to members who paid you. You do not need to alter past Meetups.

In 2 weeks, we will review your group again. If your Meetup continues to focus on online interactions instead of in-person activities, it will be closed.

Please see our Help Center information on these recent policy updates. You can also read our Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to remove groups at our own discretion per our Terms of Service.

Thank you for your commitment to Meetup.

Ask Bill about Meetup
1 review
7 helpful votes

They took a decent app and turned it into crap!

Ask Joe about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

It is so bad, a review more than 1 sentence would be waste of time. Total fail!

Ask Runner about Meetup
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been an assistant organizer for 3 years and loved the old app. Why did they change it and not ask the organizers of one of the best meetups in the San Francisco East Bay what we thought of the app and gained feedback before they went live with it? It's not user friendly, you can't find comments and the pictures are so small you can't tell who is who. Go back to the old app PLEASE!!!!

Ask Jennifer about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have used for five years in Nov 2016. They have been a problem ever since I started using them, and the app they just pushed out in Sept 16 has taken a bad situation to worse.The only thing this company will understand is falling revenue. They do not even have a contact us button on their main web page. The new logo is more like a blood splatter from a murderer. Be smarter use Facebook or Socigroups. Meetup just sucks.

Ask Scott about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

They actually PAID somebody to redesign their site???? Must be a third grader; it's total crap. Boring and very time consuming. I used to go there quite a lot. It's too boring now.

Ask Denise about Meetup
1 review
7 helpful votes

I absolutely can't stand the updated version of this app!!! So much more difficult to navigate. Can't see all the events for your groups easily. Don't like the look, poor funtionality. It would be nice to at least give users the option of 'classic view'. If you are going to change it, make it better, not worse and hard to use! Especially for new people to the site! Huge thumbs down on this!!!

Ask Tara about Meetup
1 review
4 helpful votes

Why change something that was not broken. Looks horrible. Not as good as previous version which looked and felt better to use. I won't use it as much now. Even the App icon looks nothing!
Will you listen...Probably Not!

Ask Les about Meetup
1 review
5 helpful votes

The pictures on the main screen is way too small. The app is totally frustrating. Bring back the prior app!!!

Ask Mike about Meetup
1 review
6 helpful votes

This new app. is not an improvement. It is harder to use than the old one. The app. does not allow you to look at all past meetups. on your mobile phone. You could do so much more with the old app. It is not user friendly. I could do everything with the old mobile app. Now I have to wait to get to a computer. It stinks!

Ask c about Meetup
1 review
8 helpful votes

Once again meet up has made major changes to their service delivery without allowing customers input or the ability to customize. A few years ago they changed the entire system and thousands of people left. This week and they introduced a new app without asking if we wanted the changes or our input as customers. The new app is counterintuitive, difficult to navigate, impossible to search or adjust search parameters, full of information I don't want to see, and missing key features that I really liked about the old app. I'm sure this new App will drive away thousands of more customers. These people excel at shooting themselves in the foot. Someone should start a competing service. Sucks!

Ask Shift about Meetup
1 review
3 helpful votes

Price goes up, functionality and usefulness goes down. And, there's no way to reach customer service on their website. Now this:

1. I see that I have 11 days to pay for my meetup. (It's Saturday)
with the following message:
"A reminder to let you know that your Meetup Organizer Subscription has lapsed. There are 11 days left to renew as Meetup Organizer do it today and keep your Meetup going strong!
Only you, the Organizer, see this message. Your members do not see it."
2. I take note and plan to pay it Monday.
3. I get a message from a member telling me they were contacted by meetup stating meetup cannot reach me for payment.

Meetup, I used to love you but now we're through.

Tip for consumers: Do all of your research and then consider a facebook group instead.

Ask Valerie about Meetup
1 review
8 helpful votes

I absolutely love meet up and what it stands for and I'm so disappointed with the new app. I've never ever complained about such things before, but this app is absolutely frustrating, non intuitive and keeps crashing too!!

Ask Tracey about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

Updated - replied to my email, and refunded the amount in few days. So, bumping up the rating from 3 to 4.

I had started a meetup group couple of months back for a Kids sports meetup in my area. I closed the group about 2-3 weeks back due to no interest to attend meets from the members. When closing the group, I elected to close my subscription and also to permanently remove all members from the group (i.e. not to nominate anyone else as group subscriber to continue the group). I have written an email to the meetup billing support team today and hope they will refund my amount without any fuss.

Some complaints about regarding closing a group:

1. I searched my email account and message section on There is no confirmation email/message about closing the group. If anyone wants to close their group, I strongly suggest to take screenshots of the closing process as there is no other confirmation.

2. I had deleted my credit card details from while closing my group. My card has still been charged. I think secretly maintains card details even though your account->Settings->Payment Methods section may show that there are no saved cards

3. If anyone closes their meetup group, I suggest check back your account after 1-2 weeks to ensure there is no 'Payment Due' notice.

Ask Chanaveer about Meetup
26 reviews
4 helpful votes

meeting organizers were hard to get ahold of and I keep getting a bunch of alerts after unsubscribing.

Ask Ronny about Meetup
1 review
0 helpful votes

Today, I drove 45 minutes to meet this guy "Young" at the Asian H-mar in Lt. WoW what a waste of time.

When I showed up the guy asked me to take a picture of an eggroll price to prove I was there. I texted what do you look like? And he texted "shutup"

Honestly, I didn't expect this from an organizer.He even posted a picture of him in front of the Oshima and kicked me out so I couldn't comment or post my pics to prove I was there!!
Its pretty sad that one guy can use his affiliation as an organizer to waste people's

This man should be stripped of his power or at least demoted. Clearly this is an abuse of power on innocent people

Ask Mr about Meetup
1 review
1 helpful vote

To those that write negative reviews about meetup. There are literally hundreds of meetup groups in your local area if you live in the suburbs, in or near a major city. The larger ones have over a 1000 members and a dozen or more organizers and may have several events in the same week, sometimes at the same time. You have to put yourself out there and try different events, meetup groups, different organizers. You can't just go to a handful of events and pass judgement. Yeah, there will be some clicks in some meetup groups but there is also friendly people a few new people joining all the time too.

Also picking the right type of event to attend is important too. If you want to meet and talk to people with common interests, for dating or whatever pick a event where you can actually talk. A group walk or hike, dinner, happy hour, pool party, gallery tour are a few good choices. Don't attend some dance or band night meetup where you have to scream over loud music- not conducive to casual conversation & meeting people.

Meetup is what you make of it. Yeah you may attend some bad events, meet some people you don't like, but you will also find your group and people you like to be with. I made lots of friends, met my girlfriend, made business contacts- all though meet-up groups. You have to take the long view, look past your nose, put yourself out there, it is so worth it when you do.

Ask Scott about Meetup
3 reviews
17 helpful votes

I tried meetups several times and neither time was worth it...

The first time I attended what sounded like a great group - but the guy who set it up did not bother showing up. The PR made the group sound like a lot of people would show up and about 30 people did. The location was in what was supposedly public space but private security informed us that to have so many people there required a permit so with no leader we moved on to a restaurant and had lunch with some of the group members.

With no leader bothering to show up and chased off from the meeting location others attending could not find us. If I had it to do all over again I would have skipped the lunch since we split the ticket so those who ordered expensive items got a free discount from those of us who ordered moderately priced items.

There were no interesting gals there but I struck up a conversation with some interesting people. It turned out one was some sort of a cult nut who tried to force me into going to see "something wonderful" (without any explanation) so I balked. This might work with kids but not me. So add to the above dysfunctional mix people recruiting for cults at meetups...

So we have a group the leader does not show up, get thrown off of the location and the 30 people who showed up tried to improvise not a good deal at all...

I'll usually give anyone a second chance so I figured another meetup might be interesting about a year later... Recently I saw an ad on craigslist from a gal I had met briefly at the second meetup I tried. She was attractive so I replied. It was obvious the person placing the ad was not the gal (someone took her pictures from the meetup site and posted them pretending to be the meetup gal). I got suspicious when chatting with the CL fake and thought I could reach the gal through meetups. I contacted the gal and she was pissy (keep in mind I only briefly chatted with her in the past and so did not know her well).

Anyway I can see why someone wanted to get even with her by using her meetup photos to pose as her on craigslist because she came across as a $#*!. Had I known I would not have bothered trying to help her out by informing her someone was impersonating her on craigslist it was not worth the hassle...

If you add up my personal experience with meetups you should run for the hills and save yourself a lot of hassles.

Ask Roy about Meetup
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