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16 reviews
10 helpful votes

Living Social is a great company (unlike it's competitor). They offer great deals that I love, all the time. I want to congratulate them on their return policy. Once in a while (not often), I realize I don't want an item that I purchase. They are unbelievable. Thank you Living Social, you are like Costco to me. If people aren't happy with their purchase, you take care of them. That means a lot to consumers. By the way, I tried to get my money back on a Groupon item I recently purchased and they actually fought me tooth and toenail bc they didn't want to return my money or even give me groupon bucks. What a crappy company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a coupon for a restaurant that has since closed - before I could use my voucher.
Living social denies any responsibility and will not refund my $63. Theft!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Living Social has no customer service!!!! I could not contact their merchant, no call back, and could not schedule appointment - Living Social said I have to get my refund from the merchant that won't call me back!! They took my money, and will not refund or help in any way!!!! Groupon is soooo much better, and will still be around after Living Social goes out of business!!!!!!

5 reviews
5 helpful votes

Never been disappointed yet.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a voucher for laser spot treatment through #livingsocial and made my appointment before the expiration date.. the merchant had to reschedule my appointment and the new date was after the expiration date.... when I got to the appointment I was told I didn't qualify for the voucher so we called spent the 45 min appointment trying to contact the refund department only to be hung up... I called living social back later and spent another 45 min on hold and finally spoke with someone.. the employee stated that she had to follow up with the merchant before she could issue the refund...I spoke with the merchant and nobody from living social had contacted them... I tried calling LivingSocial, sat on hold for 30 min only to have the call disconnected... I tried sending them a facebook message and posted to their facebook page asking for an email address or an alternate phone number to get this resolved. I've not received a response. It wasn't until i filed a complaint with the better business bureau that i received a reply from them. The reply is "we will not refund your money, get it from the merchant". #livngsocial refuses to refund my money.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I highly recommend Living Social

1 review
0 helpful votes

LivingSocial and its deals are great until you have an issue and seek customer service. Unfortunately, this has been my experience over a half a dozen times in the past few years, so I don't think I've had a fluke experience. I honestly believe it's part of their business format.

This is the second time in about 5 years that I have attempted to take advantage of the Me + 3 Deal offered by LivingSocial. It's also the second time it hasn't worked. And the 2nd time that LivingSocial has tried to say "too bad" instead of recognizing the intent and assisting in resolving the issue.

To be fair, there was user error involved both times. The first time we tried, I was actually on a food tour of DC with a friend on a LivingSocial offer. While on the tour, we met another couple and started talking about a new LivingSocial deal for the tasting experience at Rogue 24. Despite being strangers up until that point, we decided to all go in on the deal together, to take advantage of the Me + 3 Deal on a LivingSocial deal that was still $100 at discount. The other couple used my link to purchase their deal, but purchased both of their deals together, not realizing it had to be 4 separate credit cards. I called LivingSocial immediately, was able to give them the purchaser names and purchase dates of all 4 purchases, and explained the situation. They pointed out the error, at which point I asked them if they could grant the deal anyway, or if we could transfer the funds for one of the deals to another credit card, but they refused. Their solution was to instead offer to refund us the deals altogether, and just have us not visit Rogue 24. Odd? I thought so. Instead of giving us 4 deals for the price of 3 ($300 total) under the Me + 3 Deal, they preferred to return all our money and keep $0. Lesson learned during this experience: make sure to ALWAYS use 4 credit cards to purchase the 4 deals.

Fast forward a few years, and a friend and I purchased a Skydiving Deal through LivingSocial ... again an expensive deal still at $159 at discount. My friend successfully purchased his deal using my personal email link (we had discussed doing this ahead of time in case we had other friends want to join us later so we could take advantage of the Me + 3) and I got the confirmation email. We purchased our deals in February 2016. It wasn't until June 2016 that we convinced two other friends to join us, primarily because we said that we could recoup some of the costs when a 4th person purchased the deal.

When the 3rd and 4th purchased their deals, I was concerned that I did not get the same confirmation email that they had purchased deals using my link, and I called LivingSocial a few days later to ask them about it. I made a point of calling immediately because I knew we had a 7 day window to request a refund on these deals if we were not going to receive the Me + 3 deal. When I spoke to the customer service representative, she said it can take up to 30 days to process the refund. I said that was fine, but did it also take up to 30 days to get the email confirmation that a friend had purchased their deal using my link, because I had received the first email confirmation back in February almost immediately, and here it had been 2-3 days already. She said yes, and to just wait 30 days. I expressed further concern that 30 days would put me outside my window of being able to do anything about it, and she reassured me the issue was just that it needed time to process.

Not surprisingly, the email confirmations never came, and never did the $159 discount. I called back in August, and attempted to email them. And called again on September 20.

The representative, Lauren, was polite throughout our call, but was providing me incorrect information. She kept claiming that after purchasing their deals, my friends would also have to "register" and after much back and forth of me asking her what they had to register for, she said a LivingSocial account. I told her that they all had LivingSocial accounts, and had all successfully purchased their SkyDiving deals using their LivingSocial accounts as I had all of their purchase dates AND voucher numbers. So I kindly told her she was mistaken and this was not the issue.

She then proceeded to assess the situation further and provide a new response, reading a comment that was apparently entered into my account from a previous call. I told her that the comment was incorrect and nobody had informed me they were entering such a comment, and again after much back and forth, she realized she was reviewing comments related to my first Me + 3 issue back in 2012 or 2013 (she told me the comments didn't have dates on them).

I finally interrupted and told her AGAIN that I was concerned the issue was that I had provided the wrong link to my friends, a link FROM LivingSocial in my email from LivingSocial, but varying slightly from another link in another email saying this is your personal link. She then agreed that yes, that was the issue, but that it was required that that link be used.

I reiterated that I understood that, but that was why I had called in June (June 7 I believe it was - I have it in my records) within 7 days of purchase so that, if we had made such an error, we could request a refund and either repurchase using the correct link, or just not have our 4th friend join us, as they could not afford the full $159 deal.

After some additional back and forth, Lauren asked me to send an email with the names, voucher numbers, purchase dates, and any other supporting documentation to their customer support email, and gave me a Case # to use as the Subject line when I submitted. I sent that email on September 20. And I still have not heard anything back by email, phone, or otherwise from LivingSocial.

I have spent over $3000 on LivingSocial deals over the past 4 years, and obviously enjoy many of the deals they offer. However, my experience with Customer Service has never been pleasant. As with other reviewers on this website who requested refunds after having trouble contacting vendors or being refused service by vendors, I have also faced a lot of pushback from LivingSocial in offering these refunds. And furthermore, when they do offer the refund finally, they always try to give me DealBucks instead.

If they are unable to resolve this latest Me +3 issue for me in a very timely manner, I, unfortunately, will be shutting down my LivingSocial account, and spreading the word to my friends encouraging them to do the same. Groupon, Travelzoo, and many other sites out there offer comparable deals and much better customer service. And after years working in the customer service industry myself, I appreciate and fully believe that customer service makes or breaks a business.

4 reviews
2 helpful votes

Their are many things you can check out to do at a reasonably price. LivingSocial is where the Adventure starts.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

If you think of making money with living social think twice before they backstab 40 percent of your income.without helping or back you up befor ever asking your side of negative comments from clients that think they own your business because of a 42$rebate coupon.after they sold 1484 package.s.for me.I realized.I was screwed both ways.yes I made 54.568$but they also took 44.788 out of my business profit.after employees.payroll.product.and overhead.didn't leave a profit big anough to be proud of them.but I had a surprise for them,and actually thankful to telling them thank you groopon for my 1484 new members that have the same even a better deal dealing direct with my business insted of groopon they actually called me saying they weren't shur I wad allowed to do that.I simply told them.that sun up there shines for every one.that is the only way for your business to be profitable with groopon that is the secrets of voucher businesses that sells for you.4 year's later and 3889 members there always selling vouchers for me.and also living social.tuango.the more you have the more members you create for your will never make money with groopon or any others voucher businesses.but you will when your members come back for more great services that you geven to them without the voucher but now with your membership card.BUT BEWARE OF INTERNET HACKING BUSINESSES LIKE the last one I delth good luck to all business owner out there.dont hesitate emailing me for info and bewere of those sheep voucher client that think we owe them the biggest package when its a basic.lolll
Jessey eddy Hammond
Lave Auto Royal
Vip style limousines
Gatineau Qc

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

good service

8 reviews
20 helpful votes

Have not found what I am looking for yet.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I am a business owner, and I have been trying for the last month to get a rep on the phone to launch a deal for my tour company. Twice they have laid off my reps, and no one thought it would be a good idea to pass their case load off to another rep. Everytime I call to talk to my rep, merchant support says they will have them call me back, and in a month it has never happened. I am trying way too hard to give them business, truly. I ask everytime to speak with a manager, and they just say no manager is on duty, and they don't know when they will. Finally, the assigned me a new rep, Steve Pays, and he emailed me that he was going to call me today at noon, and I'm writing this at about 1:30 pm, with still no call. To add insult to injury the merchant support person, Alicia was the rudest thing I have ever spoke with. Not even an apology or any shred of empathy. This is about the end of the line for me. No wonder Groupon is putting them out of business.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I feel like ive been robbed to be frank. I received an email and responded on it same day - after paying and redeeming voucher I was then told the item was out of stock in all decent 6 colours and only had the choice of 2 poor colours left. Sorry - this shd have been highlighted before paying. I feel conned really

Athena D.
21 reviews
9 helpful votes

This is one confusing site. I can't navigate without getting lost.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased Level 2 restaurant Brunch for two. The E-mail confirming my purchase showed a promotion dare that did not match the voucher. Clearly an error by living social! Any ethical company will own up the error and allow the customer to use the voucher. Not Living Social. The burden is squarely on the consumer to verify that there are no discrepancies. If they take that kind of stand for mere $18.00, can we really trust them for anything! My appeal with documented evidence just went unanswered! Avoid the company and use Groupon or Travel Zoo to get same or similar deals!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been a regular user of LivingSocial, but I've had a string of awful experiences with them. I purchased a deal that the merchant would not honor due to my zip code even though I was within their advertised range. I was on hold multiple times for over an hour without reaching LivingSocial. So, I took deal bucks because I could not get anyone to answer to refund to my credit card. Since then, I have tried to use those deal bucks on 3 different deals, each of which have been either cancelled by the merchant or by LivingSocial. For this last round, I tried to get it refunded within 2 days of buying it because when I called the merchant, he said LivingSocial had screwed him over, wouldn't pay him, and so he wasn't honoring any deals. I called LivingSocial within 2 days (which is within full refund period) and followed up several times over a period of WEEKS and they keep saying they are "still investigating" meaning that they are keeping my $500 which was split across deal buck and credit card payment. I'm at the point where I can't keep sinking more time into this. I've asked to talk to a manager numerous times. I've been told I would receive a return call or email 4 different times, which never occurred. I'm tired of spending 45 min. to 1.5 hours on hold each time I call. I'm tired of them keeping my money. And I'm tired of not being able to use the deal bucks on any deal I've tried. At this point I don't know what else I can do. I give up. Basically, in my experience, they have not honored their refund policy or anything they said they would do (like contact me back).

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I think they've gone bankrupt and have not told anyone. They're advertising fraudulent companies. They're not paying their merchants so merchants aren't accepting clients vouchers. They no longer have a contact for the Canadian site. PLEASE REPORT TO BBB. They take this seriously. STOP BUYING FROM THEM. They're doing the same thing team buy did. Still taking our money and not sending products and not paying merchants.

1 review
0 helpful votes

7 member of our family purchased this deal. We went to reserve a date in October. We were told we could only schedule in September. This was not stated anywhere in this deal. We are all requesting a refund as suggested to one member during a phone call to Living Social. This deal should have been honored.

11 reviews
0 helpful votes

I will as soon as I try them out again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Hi I recently thought I purchased a pair of pillows from Living Social as they took my money from my paypal account but issued me no voucher. I called customer services and they told me a load of crap saying my payment was in their dispute center and that EVENTUALLY I would receive a refund!! They basically stole money from my account did not offer an apology the lady I spoke to was rude and abrupt and told me there was no manager to speak to!!DO NOT USE THESE CHARLATANS !!!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

What a horrible company and horrible experience. My voucher was good for $32. That paid amount was NOT expired. However, the restaurant went out of business. Many of the restaurants that use Living Social are likely barely in business....or they wouldn't need to use Living Social.

You cannot email, so be prepared to call. However, their call center is only open during normal east coast business hours and the hold time is 40 mins (although they will tell you 20 mins, which will really infuriate you when it's twice that). So be ready to use your entire lunch break to call them.

Then I talk to someone who acted like she was annoyed that she had to take calls. She was not helpful and acted like I was a pain in her butt the entire time. She would not put on a supervisor or manager, because she said they don't get on phones.

This crappy, barely surviving, piece of crap company likely hires people for so little and works them so hard, that they get the most unskilled and then unhappy employees there are. Walmart has nicer employees.

I am taking them to small claims court. I suggest everyone does this with every big business that screws with them. I took Verizon to small claims court. It took a bit of my time. But they had to fly someone from their legal dept from California to Denver twice, and pay for her hotel and food. And then I won half the case and got $850 and terminated my contract early with no penalty. And it cost them far more than it cost me in terms of time to go through the process.

When it's the principle of the it.

10 reviews
4 helpful votes

They have lots of interesting merchandise, and dining out opportunities to chose from. Always something new and exciting.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Our voucher for PAWN AMERICA expired and neither LIVING SOCIAL or Pawn America would honor the paid value.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

LivingSocial provides great discount and it is a great way to save money. I love their deal.

1 review
0 helpful votes

A hospital visit saw a restaurant voucher that was only valid for 4 weeks - expired! Restaurant said I was too late ( I tried to compromise eg voucher was for 4 people and I asked if 2 people could use it so so was the proper price) but was told they didn't get the money and living social had my money so it was a no to my compromise! I thought this was odd so I contacted living social- weekly- I had only asked them to confirm this- not asked for a refund or anything- nothing- still nothing! ( there is no phone number only email) So I will delete them and tell as many people as possible to avoid them!

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