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353 reviews
785 Castro St #C
Mountain View, CA 94041
Tel: (347) 254-7842

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2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I've personally had a wonderful experience on Listia. Everytime I've had an issue with a buyer (and you will get them from time to time ; especially those who refuse to send a verifies address). I always sent support tickets and someone ALWAYS responded. A member that was messaging me and cussing me got the boot quick. Keel up the good support!

Ask Christina about Listia
1 review
12 helpful votes

when i first got on listia it was fun --- and i loved it --- but now the way they been raising the credits every day or two -- it makes me sick -------- to begin with it was 1000 credits = $1---- as of now it is 13500 credits = $1---- i was trying to save up 1 million credits to try to win a new computer ---- i got the credits saved up then realized -- i million credits was only worth $100.00 --- not the $ 1000.00 it used to be ------------- i auction off a toy for 25000 credits that = $25.00 when some one won it ---- i was saving my credits --- 2 weeks later the 25 dollars i was saving turned into only worth $10.00---please everyone on listia -----let boycott listia --- as of 9 - 1 - 2016 please have nothing up for auction --- what u got on auction now let it ride out and dont list anymore auctions until the credits goes back down to 1000 credits = $ 1 --- dont buy credits -- dont bid on an auction ---dont watch videos -- dont do any more survey ---- just check in every day to see if listia put the credits back down to 1000 = $ 1---------------- i will be doing all of the above but just me doing it will not change listia back it will --- take all of us on listia to do this --- so listia will hear us and listen to us ---- and put the credits back the way it was ------ thank to you all in advance for standing with me on this ------ ----

Ask lakie about Listia
1 review
11 helpful votes

Bought credits with my credit card .. Won auctions and then I couldn't log back in!!! I got message that my account had been suspended!!! I contacted them about WHY? My reply from them was they said I had another account there!!! WTH??? No I do not!!! I them replied that I expected to have my credit card refunded for the credits I bought and paid for in the account they suspended... I got another reply saying " any credits bought was Non Refundable" WTH??? So they took my money and then took my account so I couldn't use the credits I BOUGHT!!!! Scam!! Stay away from this place

Ask Kim about Listia
4 reviews
68 helpful votes

I have been on Listia for a little over 2 years and I LOVE IT! The two things I agree with, #1 Inflation! It's pretty bad right now. With the additions of selling your points for cash and Listia Plus (I think it's called) the rate is out of whack. Give it a little time and it'll calm down. #2 The "professionals" or greedy a$$ sellers that list items WAYYYYY TO HIGH. It's sad, pathetic & the LAZY way to hustle, but nobody said you need to bid on their items, I just ignore them.

NOW, I'm going to call out all the people that are COMPLETELY WRONG and can't admit that THEY were the problem.... Listia has a GREAT staff! When you're having a problem member support steps in. They are SO INCREDIBLY fair!! I deal with them on a regular basis. Most of the time its great! Although, I'm not like these other IDIOTS ON HERE, I can admit when I Fu$k up! I have a big mouth and a tendency to tell people about themselves. I've gotten many warnings & suspended messaging, that I DESERVED! Im the perfect member besides running my mouth. 3500+ 100% positive feedback. They don't just punish people for nothing! These morons acted a HUGE fool in someway for their accounts to be banned. Scamming, thieving and/or being complete douchbags. I can promise you, 98% of those people running their mouth are guilty. Listia runs a tight ship, all you have to do is.. act like a decent person & follow the very easy rules and you'll have NO PROBLEMS!

On every auction page there is a "flag as inappropriate" link. If people just complain about fake items that's not much help to support. Hit that "FLAGGED link" and... TA DA It will be removed. Listia is a awesome community. I've made some amazing friends, found a new hobby, gotten TONS of fantastic stuff. This isn't the place to be if you're looking to get rich quick. Listia is a place to have fun, enjoy yourself and escape from the real world for a while. I suggest everyone try it out.

Ask Jen about Listia
4 reviews
18 helpful votes

Listia use to be a pretty good site to trade things but now over 5% of the "members" are thieves looking to steal and scam.Even with horrible reviews these people are never removed.

Ask Philip about Listia
1 review
10 helpful votes

Never returning back to listia until credits go from $1 = 10000 back to $1 = 1000. I don't care if you guys can't control the inflation, bring old listia back. You continue to make the site worse. You have TWO stars. If you want it to be atleast 3, do what your fans want. A happy, lovely, and cheaply listia. Not some high balling 400000000 credits for a playstation!!!!!!!

Ask Aymn about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

You put your items up fairly easily. I paid $5 for some points, I will never use. When I figured out the bids I was receiving would not cover the shipping on ANY of the items, I put in a request to have the account closed. They replied it was closed. From the emails I am receiving they are still going about like the items are available and my account is still active. Each email I respond to with another request to close the account, to no avail.

Ask Ruthanne about Listia
1 review
6 helpful votes

If you have a problem they make you go through a LONG email process and then you are lucky to get your credits back.
NEVER BUY CREDITS! You will not get your money back for WEEKS!
Moist sellers sell garbage or items you can buy on EBAY for $1- $5
Awful experience.
Sellers sell fake jewelry and list as Sterling.
Nobody researches their items
I DO NOT recommend this site to anyone

Ask Elizabeth about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

Terrible cannot contact customer service re return policy

Ask bella about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

I sold many items and I have 9.731.200 credit all the items that I sold and I had paying all shipping for seller and listia never pay my credit. My alert is for buyer that want to sell on listia "be careful they never pay for you.

Ask Daise about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ive been on a few months. I offer free shipping because people dont bid much.of they have to pay for shipping. I use to watch the videos giving me 40 credits but now they quit giving me.credits.for that and then tried finding other free credits that wouldn't spam my phone like games downloaded or stores and would complete and no credits given. When we go in the minus cause we pay for shipping then try and get some free its not fair that we dont get them. When we want to lost for more.credits then listia takes so many which should be lowered. I pay for shipping and want more free videos or something like the slideshows that wont harass my phone or if i download and check.out a game for.2000 credits id like to.get it
Overall have loved it and a blast.

Ask Tina about Listia
1 review
8 helpful votes

credits are not worthy what used be in 2012- 2014 $1=1000 f*ck you listia bring back the old site.
won: $2,750 gifts cards and electronics.
lost $324.00
my last day i scammed $450.00 worth gift cards and my account suspended till now.
$2,750+$450 you do the math.

Ask trash about Listia
1 review
5 helpful votes

Was good to begin,but customer service is lacking.have someone that is harassing me and customer service will not let me fill out a ticket.

Ask Edward about Listia
1 review
5 helpful votes

Just this week they removed 3 of my listings because I only listed one of each per listing. They wanted 5 or more in each listing but my experience has proved that a multi item listing does not earn enough credits to cover the cost of the item and the shipping. It was the 3rd time I've been reprimanded and the second time they removed my listings. They should also allow a reserve. Debra H. said it used to be fun and I agree, but not anymore. Mostly Chinese listings with no free shipping.

Ask Ca about Listia
1 review
5 helpful votes

I've been on Listia for three years now. At first, I sold and bought a lot of stuff. Then the pro sellers got on and prices started to get crazy. Now, it seems it is only professional sellers and everyone is charging outrageous shipping prices. You can't afford to bid on anything if you are only a part-time player.

Ask Debra about Listia
1 review
10 helpful votes

When I started on Listia at least a couple of years ago, credits were I believe worth about $1= 1000 credits, and they were fairly stable for quite a while. I really haven't followed it very closely recently, but I believe the inflation started about a year ago and now is just out of control. I just checked the going rate on 5/10/16, they are now going for $1=9100 credits. So my approx. 25000 credits instead of being worth about $25 are now worth approx. $2.75.
Management does not seem to care and just keeps on issuing more credits in different ways, so I see no end in site for this hyperinflation.

I got stuck with my credits, I bought some to purchase something, won the item. Seller did not ship or respond to me. Although at the time Listia refunded for some of my purchased credits I had to keep some. They will not refund anymore for purchased credits even if sellers don't complete sale.

Stay far away, very far away unless you plan on using your credits very quickly.

Ask mike about Listia
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Feel scammed by both Listia (who allowed this to be published) and TrialPay. I did an offer which said, word for word, "confirms instantly'' to get bonus credits.
Wow, THIS surely did not happen. I am now getting the runaround from TrialPay, asking for screen shots of my computer to prove I made the transaction.
the words confirms instantly is completely fraudulent!

Ask meg about Listia
1 review
11 helpful votes

So first off, the stupid surveys never work! Only rarely am I able to get full points, or any points in that matter. The surveys always ask for personal info like emails and addresses. Even phone numbers sometimes! I have been scammed on credits as well. Some survey options say that all you have to do is enter your email and credits will be rewarded. Well guess what, I have done that and haven't gotten the credits but instead I have gotten tons of spam emails from thoes so called surveys! It's far to difficult to get credits because of the stupid surveys and app downloads. They should just have all video stuff so all you have to do is watch an add or whatever and earn credits! It's pissing me off! Not to mention the fact that they keep expired surveys up so when you click it, it doesn't work and they should just give you the credits anyway because it's no fair advertising that you will get credits if you do this survey or this slide show thing but they don't even work!

Ask Chelsea about Listia
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Credit to dollar ratio sucks, good luck even getting credits back on your shipping cost! I'm done selling until the credits comeback down! Ever since they instituted the sell your credit, the ratio has been going up. My guess is the power sellers sell their items in large chunk, turn around and set their credits for sale at a stupid ratio like 8500 to the dollar. But listia does not care they take 20% of the money you make from selling your credits. Hell even Ebay does not take 20% common already!

Ask Chris about Listia
1 review
9 helpful votes

PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE READY TO BAN TOGETHER TO FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST LISTIA.COM .. THEY HAVE TECHNICALLY STOLEN FROM ME.. i just opened a account paid for credits and they banned it saying i had a previous account which i did not and i just shipped out $200 worth of items to people and they are refusing to do anything about it.. WILL BE POSTING THIS EVERY WHERE..i have a cousin who is a lawyer in california and will be contacting him. would like to get as many people together on this as possible to ban together to take action against this company who is stealing and ripping us off..


*They reinstated my account but i still have to figure out how to deal with the negative feedback's i received items people did and didnt get since i had to have usps intercept the two packages that hadnt been delivered yet.. and all the credits i didnt get and peopel still recieved their items....all because of this mess... *sighs* such a pain

Ask Jessica about Listia
1 review
6 helpful votes

I JUST BOUGHT 100.00 IN CREDITS AND MY ACCOUNT WAS AGAIN SUSPENDED RIGHT AFTER! SO YES IT IS BECAUSE OF ME BUYING THE CREDITS. THIS IS BULL CRAP. I'M MISSING OUT ON AUCTIONS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I CAN'T BID! I have reopened my case since it was just closed today because, that's how long it took listia to get back to me after I opened the case 3 days ago. I'm sorry to be like this but, Im really mad. What's the point of having all these credits if I cant use them when I want too?

Review from 4-8-16
Please fix my account have spent hundreds of dollars buying credits so I could make sure I was the winner of this auction a seller claimed the higher the bids went the more the seller would add. So I since I didn't have enough credits I bought them through there system that they have no where in the rules that you will be suspended for buying from them. Errrrr. But I just wanted to win the auction and I did but now I have a ton of extra credits that I can't even spend. I have opened a case and I really hope they reply soon and take that off or refund my purchases.

Ask HOLLY about Listia
1 review
8 helpful votes

They want you to start liking it and get you in. You start getting bigger then its like they do not like that so they pick on you. You voice your complain they either ban you or delete your account or the basic saying you need to read our rules. Your rules are bull$#*!. You say invite people to your site. They do not want people you know on it oh because they thinking you screwing the system if you sell to friend in another state that you know in real life. They call that fueling credits back and worth what $#*! if your friend saw on your page it already has bids on it so they bid on you get in trouble because it someone you know wins it. Come on this bull $#*! don't even get me started on the same house or even same IP addresse because in there eyes that is fraud they committing that by allowing little prove to there support tickets they chose there ruling. I have seen people rip a pic off goggle and say that was the prove list is rules with them. Going back IP address thing. So you telling me oh you can't live with anyone you know that is on listia with you. That is great way to $#*! the people screw people out credits. Shut down my account just because I expose your dirty little secrets to the world have at it I don't care now. Because I'm done with drama that is like we back in high school or worse there little kids on here that sell there drawing they supposedly draw when you can tell they rip it off online to just get credits. Talk about the credits price man oh man one day it can be 5k next can be 10 k for just a $ worth. It crazy I have since more then once or twice even more three times 1$ amazon gift card go for way more then it worth I mean 5 times it worth I'm like what the $#*!. Its like this school of scammer teaching them how to. Ya I have got things and all but since I got big its like almost everyday I'm getting some backlash some $#*! that is $#*! up that I did not do and I try to prove it they think oh no she or he is no good so let's side with other side. People will claim don't get stuff when you know you have sent it and have tracking. You say to listia you never got it 99% of time they return your credits with no asking for prove so then the seller is screw over even if they did send it can prove it with tracking . So the winner gets credits and the idem.Listia does not care if you get screwed over if they think what they did is right they will call you all kinds names and give you ban for it. Talk bad about them they ban you for good its like school I tell you

Ask hazel about Listia
1 review
6 helpful votes

I spent a lot of time doing surveys and I never got all of my credits!!!!! like 1/6 of them.
Also I commented on a pair of bluetooth headphones saying I'm 13 would they fit me...

I was bidding on 6 items that is WOULD HAVE WON!!!


5 stars well done if not...

Ask Katlyn about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I like the site, I've been selling bitcoins here now for a while. Though I still am a bit suspicious about the waiting list to sell my credits... How long does this even take normally???

Ask Ief about Listia
1 review
6 helpful votes

They state they make things fair for everyone. Well they havent they state no rude or personal comments on feedback or on the auctions, well it happens anyways. I have screenshots of where people have been rude and disrespectful and then listia admins not doing anything about it. Even with the credits, but thats another subject. I say that the fact that they are biast and unjust unfair and well just plain rude. Now also my father has an account and has listed a 1978 s error penny thats not in circulation only for collections. But he clearly stated that it was not for use only for the collections. Well listia has threatened him if he listed again that he would be banned permanently. What should you guys do about this? Does this sound fair to you no it dont. The bbb should make this rating an f in my opinion. Due to all the scams.

Ask Mary about Listia
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Alexandra K.
2 weeks, 5 days ago
Listia J.
A: If you list shipping with the auction, do not send anything until shipping is paid for.
1 week, 4 days ago
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John M.
3 weeks, 1 day ago
Listia J.
A: Have you been approved yet? If not its because you don't sell enough. You have to sell at least 500,000 credits per month and hold a 95% rating in order to make the list.
1 week, 4 days ago
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