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Review of Fabletics

Fabletics reviews

652 reviews
800 Apollo Street
El Segundo, CA 90245, United States
Tel: 844-322-5384

652 Reviews From Our Community

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6 reviews
0 helpful votes

What if you can not afford to be and, VIP?!
Does that mean if you are( not rich) have to join the VIP Club for 50.00 and, get a new out fit every month.
I can not afford to be a VIP but though,
I just though anybody could just pick one out for 25.00 outfits without having to join some High Society Club.
Just telling you honestly how I fee!.

Ask Sandra about Fabletics
1 review
0 helpful votes

Placed an order on 26th of august 2016. It took me nearly an hour to make a selection as some of the itmes were out of my sizes.Payment went out of my account received a confirmation of the order.
28th of September a month later still nothing from fabletics!!!! Called "customer services" were told oh sorry your order didnt go through and basically since you have asked we will refund you and if you like go back to the website and put another order through. Thats just not good enough! A whole month? If I didn't call them then nobody would have bothered to let me know of the issues. Manager was absolutely useless and sarcastic! Absolutely disgusted!!!!!

Ask Zara about Fabletics
1 review
0 helpful votes

I placed an order and it was all on sale, but when I got it they charged me full price, and did not get everything I ordered, and when I contacted customer service they use said sorry they don't control the pricing ugh...

Ask Paola about Fabletics
1 review
2 helpful votes

Kate Hudson is a millionaire and scamming middle class people! I saw a commercial with a offer and went with it. Until my credit card keep getting charges. So I tried doong the online chat, what a joke!!! Got charged $100.00 for memebership ohh what $99.00. Still paid for top and bottom, which don't fit and return policy is crazy!!! They make you fill out a crazy size chart (NOPE WASTE OF MONEY)! GLAD KATE HUDSON HAS A LITTLE MORE MONEY!!! DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT! !!

Ask Jennifer about Fabletics
1 review
1 helpful vote

After finding out I had never been cancelled from their VIP program, Fabletics responded to my complaint overnight and credited me all funds. I was also credited for the clothing I never received. Positive customer service action!

Ask S about Fabletics
1 review
2 helpful votes

I can't really complain about the automatic charges, although that is annoying, because I did sign up for that. But, when I finally went to use the money that they usurped from my account, I placed an order and it's a week later and the order still hasn't even shipped. Annoyed that I've waited a full week for my order to still be sitting at their damn store, and even once it ships I can't expect the order for another 7-10 days. I'm cancelling my membership so they can stop taking my money and giving me horrible service.

Ask Kristin about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

Stay away from it

Ask Milena about Fabletics
1 review
8 helpful votes

To start off, I do pretty much all of my clothes shopping online and have rarely had any issues. I first came upon fabletics in February 2016. I purchased a pair of workout leggings and two tops. The original reason I was tempted to buy from there was that they advertised "join fabletics and get your first outfit 50% off." I signed up for the membership thinking it was just like any other online store I had purchased from. I received my clothing pretty fast and was pleased with the quality. However, I just checked my credit statements to realize that fabletics had been charging me 67$ canadian EVERY MONTH. When I called to complain and get my money back they explained to me that when becoming a "member" if a purchase wasn't made that month that they would charge your account. I HAD NO IDEA that's what I was getting myself into when I signed up. It was very unclear that this was what becoming a member meant and I am extremely upset that this has happened. That's a total of 402$ they have taken from my credit card while I have only ever once purchased from them. TOTAL SCAM. I would not recommend to anyone buying from them.

Ask Hannah about Fabletics
1 review
2 helpful votes

They are a vampire company. You try to cancel but they just keep charging. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!

Ask Gordon about Fabletics
1 review
1 helpful vote

Rippes way too easy and she is way too rich too charge so much for same crap at walmart for $12

Ask Tanya about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

Horrible experience. Made one (initial) purchase and was enrolled in a membership without ever agreeing to the terms. Each month $49.99 was deducted from my account without my knowledge. Called the company to cancel this ridiculous subscription which I never agreed to and they were only able to reimburse the most recent deduction. Absolutely unacceptable and frodulent. If you must order from there read all the fine print. Do yourself a favor and shop at elsewhere.

Ask Melissa about Fabletics
1 review
7 helpful votes

A month ago a bought a gift for a friend as there was a special offer going on and I have always liked Kate Hudson. Then it offered half price on top of that for first time buyers - I thought "great!" and got a pair of leggings and tank top for £20. Far cheaper than they usually are on that site and was chuffed. I read all the terms and conditions they gave me while buying the product and unticked all the boxes offering subscriptions and thought I had avoided it. No emails confirming my £44 subscription either!

Yet still I woke up today to an email saying I had been billed £44 through my paypal! WTF, I didn;t sign up for anything. What company just automatically signs you up for something without specifically telling you that you will be billed. Looked at an email from them in my deleted folder and discovered at the very bottom of the payment confirmation email in small print "cancel or skip month of your subscription by calling this number".

Luckily I called the number and they cancelled it pretty quickly and the lady was very polite, (so that is one positive from the experience) then got an email immediately detailing I cancelled my VIP Membership - so why the hell can't they send an email for confirm your VIP membership BEFORE you agree to it? Because it's a scam that's why; made to catch you out and take money from you! I have contacted Paypal for a refund on an unauthorised payment and have my fingers crossed that I will recieve that £44 back as that is not small change. Absolutely livid and will never be buying from them again just in case.

Taught me to be VERY careful in the future, however no other online store has ever pulled something like this and hopefully will not happen to me again.

Ask Marianne about Fabletics
1 review
6 helpful votes

Bought 2 black tights in Mar 2016... I was not able to complete the order till I signed up to this VIP membership.. the company charged me 5months of membership fee 49.95US... I had only purchased 1 order in March.. I will be called to cancel this everday till I get the charges reversed..
How dare you miss Kate Hudson for charging people foolish fees for nothing..? You should be embarrassed,this company should be embarrassed.. I will tell every single person about this disgusting company.. you miss Kate are taking middle class people's money.. I think you have enough....i believe ever person who had been scammed by this VIP membership (so ridiculous) to be returned their money and the company should be charged for the stress of dealing with your 3rd party customer service in the phillipines!

Ask donna about Fabletics
1 review
5 helpful votes

I also got scammed into unknowingly signing up to be a VIP member. Have had so many extremely difficult phone conversations to get them to cancel any account I ever had, to remove my details from their systems, and to stop charging me £44 every month. The more dealings I am having with them, the more I am realising that this company is a complete scam. Stay away!

Ask Alison about Fabletics
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been a Fabletics VIP customer since 07/2015. Have not had any problem Skipping Months, monthly charges, etc. I have purchased seven outfits over a 12 month period and find the quality very good though a bit on the small side so I order one size up.

Recently a friend purchased an outfit for my birthday at the South Park Mall in Charlotte NC. He knows my normal size is an 8 so purchased a tank top in Small and capris in Medium. Though the items fit, the outfit was tighter than I prefer. I attempted to exchange the items at the store for the next larger size but the manager would not allow it as I did not have a receipt and the purchaser did not open an account. As I was on my way home - I live over two hours away - I decided I would contact the company customer service. The first CR told me the same as the store manager. I asked to be moved up the line. Getting the same response, I was furious. Finally after a very lengthy conversation with the Supervisor, she is sending me a new outfit as a courtesy for being a long term customer.

Bottom line is that it is difficult to deal with this Customer Service but if you do not give up you will get a result. I told the CR that something needs to be done with this policy. Hopefully I will get the promised outfit.

Ask M about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

wasnt even advised anywhere on the site I was signing up for vip even though I had literally just made another freebie account for my mother. During refunds would only accept them as store credit which I wasn't advised before i actually refunded them. I might of kept them knowing this.

Ask Samy about Fabletics
1 review
9 helpful votes

Watch your credit card activity. I "skipped a month" and they charged me anyways. I called and they are reversing the charges, but they did say that it was an IT problem on their end. No teling how many others were charged incorrectly.

Ask J about Fabletics
1 review
6 helpful votes

The quality is cheap, the service is questionable, and they do not even hire American Citizens. They outsource everything.

Ask marilyn about Fabletics
1 review
4 helpful votes

Got conned into doing this vip member ship! It's not marks clearly how to "skip the month" and as a result you will be charged £44 quid a month for nothing! Spent 45 min on the phone today trying to cancel an order AND my so called membership only to be told I couldn't cancel my membership! And even though the woman I spoke to made it clear my Order had been cancelled I still found out they'd taken the money from my account! Disgusting company. Complete frauds!!! Stay away

Ask Yasmine about Fabletics
1 review
15 helpful votes

This site bothers is not clear when you sign up as a VIP member, that your card will be charged automatically each month, and now after reading that someone tried "skipping" one month, and was still charged, I feel this is a very shady company. I assumed, that by being a member, you simply got offfered outfits each month, suggested outfits, and were simply encouraged to buy........this however is not the case.
It is very misleading, and having received my first outfit at VIP price, and read the small print, and realised about my credit card being charged each month regardless......I decided to cancel.
I have done so by phone, and frankly I am disgusted. I was told that the original first outfit I bought at reduced price, will now be charged at the original very high price.
How dare this company try to trick people this way?
How dare you Kate Hudson make money from the public in such a shady way, when you are rolling in money yourself??
I regret ever buying the outfit. It is not worth the £90 that it was originally being sold for, and I could find just as good on the High Street for half the price, if not less.
Very bad...........and misleading

Ask Catherine about Fabletics
1 review
7 helpful votes

I advise that you do NOT order anything from "Fabletics," Kate Hudson's active wear clothing line. I placed an order in June. Just now I found out they have me enrolled in a VIP membership and they have been charging my credit card $49.95 a month for three months. They would only refund $99.00 of that $150 worth of charges for the VIP membership that I had no idea I was enrolled in. Shady business practice! Shame on you, Kate Hudson!

Ask Rhonda about Fabletics
1 review
10 helpful votes

I have never been scammed like this, or at all for that matter. But Fabletics is definitely a scam! They have this hidden VIP signup agreement, they charge you 50$ or so every month so you can have "discounts". How ridiculous does that even sound? STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE, they are crooks and need to be stopped. And the most disgusting thing is that this washed-up no talent actress Kate Hudson doing their publicity is bringing more and more customers to their site. Whatever you do they are going to try to keep as much of your money as they posssibly can. I called to get refunded my 50$ when i realised they were charging me (3 months later, great) and i had to wait at least 40 minutes on the phone to speak to someone and they wouldn't give me my money back, only credits for the site. Oh and the only way you can stop being a VIP is by calling them and they make sure that it is as complicated as it can possibly be. I CANNOT STRESS HOW TERRIBLE THIS EXPERIENCE WAS. I got robbed, scammed, got frustrated, laughed at and disrespected. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. Save your money and your time.

Ask Anne about Fabletics
1 review
8 helpful votes

UPDATE: They disputed my credit card company so that they could get back the $50!!! This is so preposterous. Do not sign up for this company. SO SHADY.

I've purchased items from this site before. I knew about the $50 charge every month if you forgot to skip. After forgetting to skip a few months (I never complained about this because it was truly my fault), I put a personal reminder in my calendar to skip every month. I had the last straw this month when I logged onto the website to skip my pick, AND THEY STILL CHARGED ME. When I sent an inquiry to their customer service, this is their response: I do apologize for the inconvenience that you had, as I have reviewed your account, skipping was not successfully done. As a result, a member credit was generated on your account and is ready to use in making future purchases for items/outfits worth $49.95. Moving forward if you are unsure if you skipped successfully or not, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Skipping should be straightforward and I should not need to be contacting you to confirm this?? Furthermore, I looked in my browser history and clearly saw that I had accessed on August 4th. Yes, one day before the skip request was due. If they don't remove this charge, I am disputing this with my credit card company. And definitely cancelling this membership. This is a total scam.

Ask Andrea about Fabletics
3 reviews
39 helpful votes

Obviously she thinks she's perfect you're not you should see your mother she has not aged well and you're going to look just like her and ugly washed up for actress who can't act I hate everything about you I hate your movies because you are such a poor untalented actress and you think that all these commercials that you do wearing your sweater is going to promote you to have more Fame guess what you're still all washed up skinny no talented skank I can see why your daddy left you Kate Hudson you're just a pathetic useless judgemental $#*! every single outfit that this website has is all meant for people that look like her and people that want to look like $2 hookers while they're working out in public no thanks I think you should take into consideration that there are big women in this world too that can't wear your skank gear has it unlike you we don't like to show everything that we have light a skank face it you're just a washed-up pathetic excuse to try to do anything to make more money you're washed up you're ugly and you're biased towards bigger women I bet that's a big woman was to slap your ugly mental face you would make everybody feel sorry for you cuz that's what the pathetic $#*!es do try to make clothes for bigger women and don't make them so revealing because the clothing line that you've made belongs in a strip $#*!in hooker

Ask Star about Fabletics
1 review
7 helpful votes

In accordance with earlier comments, the clothes are rubbish, they feel and look cheap and tacky. Kmart and target offer better options. They do sign you up for VIP and then when you challenge or query if they don't respond. I had to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. What s joke and what a terrible experience. I cannot stress AVOID this site like the plague.

Ask Mary about Fabletics

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