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Review of Fabletics

Fabletics reviews

636 reviews
800 Apollo Street
El Segundo, CA 90245, United States
Tel: 844-322-5384

636 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
2 helpful votes

Watch your credit card activity. I "skipped a month" and they charged me anyways. I called and they are reversing the charges, but they did say that it was an IT problem on their end. No teling how many others were charged incorrectly.

Ask J about Fabletics
1 review
1 helpful vote

The quality is cheap, the service is questionable, and they do not even hire American Citizens. They outsource everything.

Ask marilyn about Fabletics
1 review
0 helpful votes

Got conned into doing this vip member ship! It's not marks clearly how to "skip the month" and as a result you will be charged £44 quid a month for nothing! Spent 45 min on the phone today trying to cancel an order AND my so called membership only to be told I couldn't cancel my membership! And even though the woman I spoke to made it clear my Order had been cancelled I still found out they'd taken the money from my account! Disgusting company. Complete frauds!!! Stay away

Ask Yasmine about Fabletics
1 review
9 helpful votes

This site bothers is not clear when you sign up as a VIP member, that your card will be charged automatically each month, and now after reading that someone tried "skipping" one month, and was still charged, I feel this is a very shady company. I assumed, that by being a member, you simply got offfered outfits each month, suggested outfits, and were simply encouraged to buy........this however is not the case.
It is very misleading, and having received my first outfit at VIP price, and read the small print, and realised about my credit card being charged each month regardless......I decided to cancel.
I have done so by phone, and frankly I am disgusted. I was told that the original first outfit I bought at reduced price, will now be charged at the original very high price.
How dare this company try to trick people this way?
How dare you Kate Hudson make money from the public in such a shady way, when you are rolling in money yourself??
I regret ever buying the outfit. It is not worth the £90 that it was originally being sold for, and I could find just as good on the High Street for half the price, if not less.
Very bad...........and misleading

Ask Catherine about Fabletics
1 review
2 helpful votes

I advise that you do NOT order anything from "Fabletics," Kate Hudson's active wear clothing line. I placed an order in June. Just now I found out they have me enrolled in a VIP membership and they have been charging my credit card $49.95 a month for three months. They would only refund $99.00 of that $150 worth of charges for the VIP membership that I had no idea I was enrolled in. Shady business practice! Shame on you, Kate Hudson!

Ask Rhonda about Fabletics
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have never been scammed like this, or at all for that matter. But Fabletics is definitely a scam! They have this hidden VIP signup agreement, they charge you 50$ or so every month so you can have "discounts". How ridiculous does that even sound? STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE, they are crooks and need to be stopped. And the most disgusting thing is that this washed-up no talent actress Kate Hudson doing their publicity is bringing more and more customers to their site. Whatever you do they are going to try to keep as much of your money as they posssibly can. I called to get refunded my 50$ when i realised they were charging me (3 months later, great) and i had to wait at least 40 minutes on the phone to speak to someone and they wouldn't give me my money back, only credits for the site. Oh and the only way you can stop being a VIP is by calling them and they make sure that it is as complicated as it can possibly be. I CANNOT STRESS HOW TERRIBLE THIS EXPERIENCE WAS. I got robbed, scammed, got frustrated, laughed at and disrespected. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. Save your money and your time.

Ask Anne about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've purchased items from this site before. I knew about the $50 charge every month if you forgot to skip. After forgetting to skip a few months (I never complained about this because it was truly my fault), I put a personal reminder in my calendar to skip every month. I had the last straw this month when I logged onto the website to skip my pick, AND THEY STILL CHARGED ME. When I sent an inquiry to their customer service, this is their response: I do apologize for the inconvenience that you had, as I have reviewed your account, skipping was not successfully done. As a result, a member credit was generated on your account and is ready to use in making future purchases for items/outfits worth $49.95. Moving forward if you are unsure if you skipped successfully or not, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Skipping should be straightforward and I should not need to be contacting you to confirm this?? Furthermore, I looked in my browser history and clearly saw that I had accessed on August 4th. Yes, one day before the skip request was due. If they don't remove this charge, I am disputing this with my credit card company. And definitely cancelling this membership. This is a total scam.

Ask Andrea about Fabletics
3 reviews
32 helpful votes

Obviously she thinks she's perfect you're not you should see your mother she has not aged well and you're going to look just like her and ugly washed up for actress who can't act I hate everything about you I hate your movies because you are such a poor untalented actress and you think that all these commercials that you do wearing your sweater is going to promote you to have more Fame guess what you're still all washed up skinny no talented skank I can see why your daddy left you Kate Hudson you're just a pathetic useless judgemental $#*! every single outfit that this website has is all meant for people that look like her and people that want to look like $2 hookers while they're working out in public no thanks I think you should take into consideration that there are big women in this world too that can't wear your skank gear has it unlike you we don't like to show everything that we have light a skank face it you're just a washed-up pathetic excuse to try to do anything to make more money you're washed up you're ugly and you're biased towards bigger women I bet that's a big woman was to slap your ugly mental face you would make everybody feel sorry for you cuz that's what the pathetic $#*!es do try to make clothes for bigger women and don't make them so revealing because the clothing line that you've made belongs in a strip $#*!in hooker

Ask Star about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

In accordance with earlier comments, the clothes are rubbish, they feel and look cheap and tacky. Kmart and target offer better options. They do sign you up for VIP and then when you challenge or query if they don't respond. I had to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. What s joke and what a terrible experience. I cannot stress AVOID this site like the plague.

Ask Mary about Fabletics
1 review
6 helpful votes

It automatically signed me up for the VIP membership. It charged almost 60 for a credit. The clothes Feel cheap and if I'm going to be charged 60 I might as well have gotten a real name brand athletic outfit. I mean alo leggings were only 30 more.

Ask Caitlin about Fabletics
1 review
4 helpful votes

You get sucked into so called VIP membership and automatic deductions from your credit card ever month. Even if you decide to terminate your membership it is impossible you are supposed to do it over the phone but the phone no doesn't work

Ask Mary about Fabletics
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was surprised to see such a low rating for this site, I've been using and ordering from this site for 2 years now with zero issues, the VIP membership is NOT mandatory, you can choose to upgrade to it on your own or you can have a regular membership with no fee. If you do by chance forget to skip your discounted monthly outfits within the first week the charge isn't for "nothing" it becomes a free outfit redeemable at any time.i found the conditions for the VIP membership are very clearly laid out..
The reason I saw this was because I just had the best interaction with the customer service reps. I had called because I had forgotten to skip my monthly outfits for August and didn't want to be charged (again, it was my choice to upgrade to this membership so it wasn't the company's fault I had forgotten..) and the rep was so incredibly nice and understanding about it, he offered me a curtosey skip, so my account wouldn't be charged and gave me a small store credit! I've been using this site for a while and I absolutely love it, the interaction I had tonight just reaffirmed it. I wasn't expecting an easy experience after reading these harsh reviews but that's just what it was. Easy, helpful and friendly. There are no "hidden fees for nothig" just people who are upgrading their membership so they can get one discounted outfit and not bothering to read what the actual membership entails

Ask Krissy about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought 1 item on the site then returned it. I was then automatically signed up for the VIP program for 50 a month!!! Why would I pay to get discounts for a site!!! There are so many sites out there that just give discounts to their customers. They must of slid in the monthly charge when I was paying. I got my 2 months back and I will never shop there again!

Ask Karen about Fabletics
1 review
4 helpful votes

I got signed up for a monthly membership I did not want and charged $50/ month

Ask Terry about Fabletics
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have a concern about Fabletics's quality control. When my order (1st one btw) was received the receipt said six item shipped when only four were shipped/received. Upon calling the company I found out that one item was out of stock yet the shipping receipt did not reflect that. The receipt said that item was shipped along with another item that was just completely missing. I caught the issue and customer service resolved it, however, I am worried that the quality control is not up to par and other customers will be or have been adversely affected. At best case, this was just an oversight; worst case, this is a scam. I advise that everyone look closely at their shipping receipt and make sure you receive what you pay for!!!

Ask Lisa about Fabletics
1 review
8 helpful votes

I was away early this month and I forgot to skip the month. My account was just billed $67. When I called to complain, the representative basically told me it was my fault for not skipping the month as I have done in prior months and that it will be 5-7 business days for a refund.
I had no issue with the clothing I received but I do not need a new workout outfit every month. I was completely unaware of the monthly commitment until a month after I subscribed.
Somebody needs to stop this company.

Ask Erin about Fabletics
1 review
8 helpful votes

If you want to be tricked into being charged $50 automatic deduction from your credit card each month for not purchasing from their site then sign up! They advertise $25 first outfit but don't specify that it's conditional upon you shopping with them every single month or risk being charged $50 for nothing. That's a great way to treat your members Fabletics. Crooked company with false advertising. Don't shop here.

Ask N about Fabletics
1 review
10 helpful votes

You will be offered a discount (20%) on your purchase if you sign up as a VIP member. What is hidden (or certainly not made as clear as it should be), is the fact you are signing up to a monthly subscription (£44). This is not made clear, and whilst the items could not be faulted, I will not use again due to underhand tactics. I had to rate one star to submit this warning, otherwise would be zero.

Ask Jeremy about Fabletics
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been skipping religiously for the last 6 months, until I went on holiday last week. I came back to £44 deducted from my account.

I was then stuck on the phone for 40 minutes to two different American ladies (they sounded the same & almost robotic?!!!!) for them to finally agree to credit my money back after explaining that it was my 'first time' of forgetting to skip. Excuse me?! I am pretty sure this is MY money and you have no right to take £44 from my account when I certainly do not plan on spending it with you. However this takes up to 8 days (great). I'm wondering whether it'll even arrive!

Ask Polly about Fabletics
1 review
10 helpful votes

Use it or lose it

Cant believe that a company can deduct £44 recurring per month off your debit card (not direct debit) and if you don't spend it within a month they keep it and take another £44

Wow and I guess its a legal way to do business catching unsuspecting customers with well written VIP Membership deals

Whoever thought this system up needs a medal. Duping customers at its most legalist

Needs highlighting further through TV shows like BBC Watchdog

There must be a duty of care from this company to inform you properly that your credits are being lost not by email lost among a 1000 spam mails they also send instead of banking the easy money.

I was lucky i caught this early but some unsuspecting customers have been losing money for years without them realising because they only check direct debits

You have been warned

Ask Wayne about Fabletics
1 review
20 helpful votes

"I have been frustrated with Fabletics since day 1 - as an industry professional I was given a promo card to try Fabletics VIP program and receive a free pair of leggings just for signing up - but they made the process of getting the leggings so complicated I just gave up. However, by that point I was already locked into the VIP program - $49 a month automatically billed to you unless you decline between the 1st-5th of the month. This was particularly annoying because I was traveling so much for work I would forget to decline and then *surprise* I get billed. That's my fault, but if you try to go and cancel they make you call in and speak with a representative, who of course gets you to try and stay AND if you have credit to use (because like me you forgot to decline between the 1st and 5th of the month and you get charged) then your credit is only applied at the full price of the item, not the VIP pricing. That's fine, I get it - but my goodness, could you please make it easy for people to cancel? I sincerely just wanted to cancel for a few months while I was traveling and Fabletics made it so annoyingly impossible to do so that I've really become (probably overly) critical of every little thing about the clothing and the company to never want to be a customer again. Buyers want ease of use, they don't want to feel trapped, and we want to cancel when we want to cancel!! None of this would actually really bother me that much if I actually *liked* the clothing. A lot of the designs are either totally impractical for the way bodies move in activity, many of the fabrics feel like subpar performance fabrics and a little cheap (for what they retail), and soooooooo many of the prints feel like someone in the 80s was trying to imagine what cutting edge prints would look like in the 2000s. Truthfully, I feel like this is bargain basement or Old Navy quality stuff at a much higher premium which is just sad. Either save your money by going to Old Navy (much better styles, functionality, and prints) or invest in quality performance wear, but don't bother with Fabletics. "

Ask Piper about Fabletics
1 review
27 helpful votes

Horrible horrible horrible HORRIBLE quality of clothes!!!!!!!! Disgusted by the high prices for such poor quality clothes. Do not be fooled by the cute designs, it is not worth it believe me. The so called "workout bras" have absolutely no support, so unless you're flat chested, wealthy, and looking to blow your money, just back away. After a few washes the color is already faded and the clothes gets all fuzzy. You get all those free magazines because you're actually getting ripped off. Only a crackhead would pay the non-VIP price. What a scam. So disappointed. Let my experience spare you the frustration. The reviews on fabletics must be a lie because I can't believe that all those people would be satisfied with polyester outfits that have no support and fuzz up. If she ever sells this stuff live on tv I'm going to call pretending to be a fan and then call her out on her bull$#*!. HAH!

Ask Christine about Fabletics
1 review
16 helpful votes

I have been a member with Fabletics for approximately 1.5 years. I started with their great deal of getting some workout pants for free, etc. I have since purchased two tops that have held up well but were always too thin to wear for anything other than pajama tops (expensive PJ tops if you ask me). Anyway after the second one I just quit buying and kept skipping months and never had an issue until this month (June 2016) when I forgot and I was charged $49.95. I absolutely KNEW this would happen so I thought "alright I guess I will treat myself to something." I searched high and low and finally decided on a simple little black dress that was $44.95. I added it to my cart and went to check out. Now on "JustFab" (an affiliated site) the same thing happened and it was simple; I bought a few things and my credit was visible for me to see that it was available. I was in the check out and it kept telling me I owed $53.00!! No credit would apply on Fabletics! I called customer service and they told me it was because I HAD TO SPEND at least the $49.95!!! I was angry and told the customer service rep that I didn't feel it was appropriate they are basically TELLING me that I have to spend MORE of my own money! He was kind enough to give me 'credit' and allow me to spend my own money! (Seriously?) So needless to say I am cancelling my membership ASAP!!

Tip for consumers: If you want to stay a member just make sure you skip your month or be prepared to spend more than you want to.

Ask Melissa about Fabletics
1 review
19 helpful votes

Written in March 2016:
I have been a member of Fabletics since 2014 and I a love-hate relationship with it. Bottoms are great, sports bras are great, tops are a hit and miss, fabrics can be flimsy. While I love most the clothes , the business model is misleading and flawed. I do not order every month, so I skip purchases. I only order when I like a particular item. I had to deal so many times with customer service for a late delivery, an order cancellation and return (due to the late delivery), wrong sizing, and the most recent ordeal was an automatic charging of the monthly VIP cost ($49.95) while in fact I could have sworn I skipped a purchase for the month, as I always do. True enough, I searched for my browsing history and found proof that I indeed skipped a purchase. Also, sizes are very limited and out of stock most of the time. It is such a hassle that I have to deal with customer service from time to time. I strongly disagree with this tricky business model and flawed ordering system, I feel so bad for the other girls that are being scammed.

Update, June 2016:
AGAIN, I was charged even if I chose to skip and not order this month. This is the third time. The customer service person did not want to reverse the incorrect payment, until I showed her proof from my browser history stating that I SKIPPED A PURCHASED EXACTLY ON JUNE 1. (I even went out of my way and downloaded an internet history browser plug in for this purpose.) I cannot take it any longer. I redeemed my Fabletics rewards (1 free sweater) and promptly discontinued my laughable "VIP Membership". VIP Members are not supposed to be treated this way. I wish other customers would be more aware of what sort of trickery they are getting into.

Ask Frances about Fabletics
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have spend sooo much money buying cloths from fabletics uk , everything i bought from it been excellent quality are great designs are unique cant find anywhere else and price is bit high but it worth it
Only thing about it is i have to keep skip it everymonth which is bit annoying

Ask Srishti about Fabletics

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3 weeks ago
A: Just wait until you are charged the introductory price, then cancel. Make sure you cancel over the phone. It's been quite a few months since I cancelled my membership but I BELIEVE that I was shortly after sent an email confirming the cancellation. But ask if you receive a confirmation # or email. I even called a few days after to make sure by asking the rep if my membership had been cancelled. With this site you have to be careful. My overall advice is don't waste your money, the material is not worth it.
2 weeks ago
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