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1180 reviews
Categories: Art, Crafts, Gifts
55 Washington St., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Tel: +1.7188557955
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1 review
6 helpful votes

Today, this is my first time having horrible customer care with those idiots by email. I had a package delivered yesterday. And I didn't know it was delivered. Then I realized today that it got stolen. So I bin emailing them today and told them that my package got lost or stolen. And they refused to refund my money. That's a shame because I just lost money. I should of had it delivered to my mom's house to keep my package safe.

Ask Geoffrey about Etsy
8 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've only ordered from the site a couple times but my experiences have been great! I bought some wooden post earrings from a vendor on the site who was uber sweet! Even threw in a pair of free earrings!!! YAY! It did take a while to ship but they were coming from Thailand so it's understandable. I will say it can take I while to find the "diamond in the rough" so to speak, there are some weird, cheapy vendors who give me stingy vibes but you can find some really great items for a reasonable price. I Love Etsy and will be using the site for a looooong time! :)

Ask Christine about Etsy
2 reviews
36 helpful votes

First of all, I was not only a buyer on etsy, but a seller with all 5 star reviews and perfect customer service. I loved etsy and it was like a dream come true. I hand made ALL my own products from scratch. They shut my shop down saying my products didn't fit in with their "hand made" theme. I wrote them at least 30 emails telling them I absolutely do make my own products, so they said I needed to send them receipts and photos of all my supplies. It was a huge undertaking but I did it, then I waited.... and waited... and waited. I heard nothing and kept asking what's going on.

Well, those A-Holes STILL wouldn't reopen my shop. WHY???? I gave them irrefutable proof. Nope, they didn't care one bit. I worked so hard on my shop but what you have are these young little b*tches working there that are sitting there enjoying playing with people's lives and livelihoods. They WANT to see you squirm, beg and suffer. This is what they get off on. And here's the funny thing... there were pages and pages of products being sold on etsy that were 100% manufactured by supplement companies, cosmetic companies, and tons of other companies in China. Hello??? WTF? I was making them money. It was a win win situation all the way around. They didn't care.

There were a million others just like me opening shops hoping for success and a better life for themselves. I was nothing to etsy. And here's another kicker... they suspended me from even shopping on etsy. WHAT? And what the hell did I do wrong that they would keep me from spending my money there? There's no rhyme or reason. They're scumbags that don't care about anything but themselves. There is NO customer service. Just a couple of snot faced b*tches sitting around drinking lattes and laughing at sellers and buyers who get screwed over by them and scam sellers.

UGH!!! It's been a year and I'm STILL not over it. I've never recovered financially from it. And what's worse is that there is NO other site that compares. I know that sounds contradictory, but it was amazing for me as a seller and all my customers loved me and praised my customer service.

So I have advice for both sellers and buyers:

Sellers- Don't put all your eggs in one basket. No, there is no other site that compares to etsy... when all is well, but it's just a matter of time before they pull the rug out from under you. It's happened to people that had been on there for 5 years and it can happen to you, so don't get too comfortable because they do not care one bit if selling on etsy is how you feed your family. And believe me, there is no amount of pleading, begging, sob stories, or anything else you could think up to do that will make them change their minds. They are heartless and evil. If your products are hand made, check out Amazon's new "hand made" section of their site. It's for people like you and I who take pride in our work and offer quality products.

Buyers- This is going to be short and simple. Do NOT use any other form of payment but Paypal. I know, they kind of suck too, but listen, at least you have some recourse if you don't get what you paid for. They tend to side with customers rather than the sellers. At least this is my experience. As a matter of fact, unless you're buying something on Amazon, use PayPal if it's an option. Protect yourself and do NOT forget to look at reviews on etsy or Bonanza.

Anyway, there's my two cents. I hope it helps someone.

Ask BB about Etsy
1 review
0 helpful votes


Ask Shawna about Etsy
1 review
1 helpful vote

I love buying and selling on etsy, but have a problem with my account and can not get a resolve. It's just been a game of waiting and guessing. Disappointed in their review system - it does not accurately portray a shops history - it only considers the past 12 months. very misleading and so disheartened by the lack of information they can give as to if an issue is currently being looked into.

Ask Tonya about Etsy
2 reviews
96 helpful votes

I purchased 2 oil tinctures beginning of January, only received one, told to contact seller myself & have gotten a run around ever since. First it was "We're having a hard time sourcing the materials, to sending me a second item of the one I received & some "substitute" for the one I never received. From "sourcing" issues to "My nephew is working the store"- it just never ends. Just emails back and forth & no resolution. If a vendor doesn't have the item, don't list it for sale! And people wonder why Amazon is so popular. A-Z guarantee.Not, "my nephew is working the store. Oops" Never again will I even think of trying these "rip you off at any chance" sites. Can't contact Etsy either about a problem vendor. How nice.

Ask Jennifer about Etsy
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Just a short note to tell you about a great art store on This store features almost 500 giclee art prints by Tulsa artist Dennis R. Scott. The art is fantastic and the prices are quite reasonable if not very low. I am willing to bet that you will find some art that you just really like and want to purchase. Have a great time browsing the art in TheArtManStore on

Ask Dennis about Etsy
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I purchased a necklace for my wedding and upon its arrival I found it did not work at all. When ordering something with a lot of detail it is hard to determine if it will work or not until you actually see it. I wanted to return the necklace and was going to try to find another one. For the replacement one I figured if it didn't work then send it back just as I was doing with my first necklace and do this until I found one I liked. Upon contacting the company I was told ALL SALES ARE FINAL. When ordering of they use so many different supplies and everyone of their policies vary. Be Careful what you order for it you don't like it you most likely will be stuck with it.

Ask Heidi about Etsy
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I've purchased a few things from Etsy over the years. As another reviewer noted - lately the items for sale are crap, wav over priced and with insanely expensive shipping. It was a pretty good site a few years back but not now.

Ask Bird about Etsy
1 review
3 helpful votes

Complete scam. Paid for the merchandise, of course that went perfectly smooth. Item never arrived. TruetiquesInc promised the refund, that never arrived either. Etsy refuses to do anything for the buyer. 3 months later, still out 109$.

Ask Danny about Etsy
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

Website link for vendor:
Ordered a crystal necklace on a gold chain. Came, wasn't the product pictured on vendor's own site, she told me to ship it back to her and she would replace it. So I pay $17 to ship it back, now I'm out $48 total and she tells me she never recieved the package. So not only am I out $48 because this shady person with this site doesn't send me what she has pictured on her own site but I have no necklace at all. Etsy's response was: Oh well time's up to file a claim. Wtf?!?! I have attached images. The first one is the necklace on her site that I ordered and the next 3 are the pics of what I was actually sent...a busted up frosted crystal with chunks missing out of it not even on the same chain pictured on the vendors own site!! Ripoff site! Do not purchase from Laplumeblanche & don't expect Etsy to rectify the problem or get you the product your purchased or your money back when you deal with them!!

Ask Amie about Etsy
15 reviews
40 helpful votes

I only ordered 4 times from this website, but I have never had a problem. Sellers were all professional, my items arrived fast and in good condition. Alot of items are also very unique and it's fun to browse. No complaints here, will be shopping some more on this website.

Ask Smiley about Etsy
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

First off it was so easy to use the site. My son's theme was a circus theme for his first birthday(this was the first time I used so I looked up circus one year outfit and I found the cutest outfit ever. The instructions were easy to follow. The person who made it made sure I was taken care of. It didn't take long for me to receive the item tho I wasn't too worried since I ordered two months before his birthday. The product was made well. My son looked so cute in it. Kudos to the person who made it. Anyways the site is great. I love homemade stuff. So much creativity. Now I did order my son's two yr old shirt. Themed Mickey Mouse. From a totally different person. Totally different experience. I put the order in. Took a few days for the maker to see it(so I guess not everyone checks to see if they have any orders daily so keep that in mind) it did take a month for me to receive an email from the maker that it's being shipped. I was super excited. 9 days later nothing. So I contacted the maker and she replied back pretty quick that she will look into the tracking and find out what's going on. A few days later she contacted me back. She was super nice. Told me I definitely should have gotten it. She had talk to the post office supervisor. That she will make and ship another and ship it expedited. And message me the tracking info. That was a few days ago. Now the only down side that I hate after this experience is the tracking. You don't get any tracking info unless the maker contacts you with it themselves. So there's no way to track it once your items been shipped. Which sucks. So IDK if she's sent the other one out yet. Unless she message me the tracking info. So again I feel blind as to when I'm supposed to receive it. Hopefully by next week. We will see. Worse case scenario I will have to file a claim that I haven't received my item. Which BTW if you're having the problem that it said your item is shipped but uts been over a week. Always message the maker first. To work something out and to figure out what happened. If you hear no response for awhile then fine a claim. Unfortunately anyone can use any site to scam you. Just be careful. Read reviews first look at what they are being rated. And I don't like how the money gets taken out of my account right away. Before the maker even saw my order. I think that needs to change.

Ask Joce about Etsy
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered two shirts (Drunk in love, just drunk) on Saturday and I saw my email wasn't going to get here until Friday but needed it sooner and asked if expedited shipping was possible and how much and they did 2 day shipping for free. If you email, they seem very much appreciative of business and will accommodate you.

Ask sierra about Etsy
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have recently been shopping on etsy I think this site is great I love their shops and when I sighn on I love the items they have laid out for me . Items I purchase come quickly and there is always a personal not from the store owner makes me feel special!

Ask kimberley about Etsy
1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased two expensive items from one seller. The seller combined shipping using one package and shipped the items almost immediately through USPS. A couple of days later I was notified that the items had been "delivered". WRONG! I never received anything. I contacted the seller and after days and days of back and forth emails without resolution I found out that she had sent a package which was just large enough to NOT TO FIT IN MY MAILBOX. I couldn't file a claim because she had NOT PURCHASED INSURANCE NOR had she REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED the package!!!! I attempted numerous times to contact Etsy but they make it incredibly difficult and the only way is by sending an email. Unlike Ebay or Amazon where you get immediate help Etsy makes it almost impossible to get resolution. Days later I received an email from Etsy informing me that "Because Etsy is a venue in which each seller manages their own shop and creates their own policies, we don't require sellers to offer a replacement or a refund in this type of circumstance..."!!! THE ONLY WAY I GOT RESOLUTION WAS BY CONTACTING MY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION AND STOPPING PAYMENT. NEVER DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

Ask Ruth about Etsy
5 reviews
2 helpful votes

The 'better mouse trap' will be here, don't cry when you've dallied and find the item of your dreams sold out!

Ask Judith about Etsy
1 review
14 helpful votes

I have been selling for 5 years on Etsy. In the past my sales increased every year, everything changed in 2016. With Etsy the sellers are their customers and the buyers are the sellers customers. Etsy has no support system, they pick and choose who they want to promote. They will remove your listings from searches now if you get a bad review, the thing about bad reviews is that sometimes they are legitimate other times they are just people throwing temper tantrums because they want more but don't want to pay for the extra items they want things for free. It's hard to decipher if something is a lig complaint so why should one be blocked from searches if there is a bad review, there are 2 sides to every story and that should be considered.
Their ad cost have more than doubled, this time last year I paid $100 for a week and received double the orders. This year I have paid $250 and received less profit, less orders.
They do not help their customers at all, if you write anything that is a complaint to Etsy they will drop you from searches. You are not allowed to be upset with the customer service that Etsy provides but anyone and write anything bad about your shop. '
They play favorites, if employees of Etsy have shops they promote those shops but not others.
What they are doing now isn't fair to everyone but they don't care. I am looking to sell elsewhere now.

Ask Janet about Etsy
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I recently opened up an Etsy shop, and I have been an active buyer for years, and I have always enjoyed using Etsy.

Keep in mind that all shops are owned by different people, and they will all work a little differently. Before buying from a shop read the reviews and shop policies, and remember you get what you pay for. Some sellers are definitely not worth dealing with, but the majority are wonderful.

Ask Teal about Etsy
1 review
3 helpful votes

You can't get any help from anyone at Etsy. There is absolutely NO customer service. I won't buy from them again.

Ask Eve about Etsy
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

I buy a lot from ETSY and support small business and homemade items. In fact literally everything I have for my two children I have purchased from small sellers. I believe firmly in supporting small business. I know what I'm about to write is unfortunate cause of events and in hindsight I should have known better. But in my justification I have always had such great experiences with ETSY that I did not think anything bad would happen. I am writing this in the hope that no one else gets stung by this untrustworthy seller.

I recently tried to buy an outfit for my daughter 1st Birthday when I had trouble completing the purchased I contacted the seller she informed me to contact her via email and provided this on ETSY chat. I did so and discussed the order she informed me that I would need to order through her website and sent me a link. I went to her site and ordered the outfit.

I emailed to follow up on this and she informed me that I had only ordered a headband. I emailed her screen shots of the order and the page where this clearly stated outfit!!! It did not show any options and the heading clearly states OUTFIT. When I questioned this and sent her my order she became extremely rude and used abusive language!!! She called me insulting, that I thought I would get an outfit for 20$.
To say I was shocked is an understatement. I have no problem paying for items and to be honest 20$ for a baby tutu and headband I honestly thought was fair!! When I informed her that I would need to go through ETSY if she was unprepared to refund. Her response said it all........ " good luck going through etsy as you didn't buy there haha"

Whilst I am resigned to the fact that I have fallen prey to this unscrupulous seller I am writing this in the hope that no more innocent buyers fall prey to this women. She truly is giving a bad name to all those great small business and small sellers on here who I have only excellent words to say about!!!!!!!

Ask oam about Etsy
1 review
4 helpful votes

I totally got swindled!! I bought a scarf before xmas. (I mth prior) didn't receive it. The seller Freshcomfy on ETSY said they shipped it. However no tracking number, etc. It was shipped to Canada from overseas. I request the customs form which should accompany the package. No such form was provided. If you ship UPS or Fed Ex or even a credible postal service you can have tracking to see where exact the package is. This package never made it to Canada. I doubt it was ever shipped. In the end this vendor FRESHCOMFY showed Etsy complaint department a photo of a box with my address. Very easily fabricated by the vendor who is allegedly committing fraud. ETSY accepted this photo (who takes a photo of a envelop before sending) the tracking by UPS is the only thing I would deem impartial and acceptable in this case. Notwithstanding ETSY accepted this and closed the file.. no refund, no followup.. I was blocked from commenting. Other customers have filed similar complaints on third party sites like this.. ETSY allows vendors to defraud customers.. stay away..beware.

Ask Naeem about Etsy
18 reviews
16 helpful votes

I've seldom bought from etsy over the years, however, have noticed that recently in the past 5 years or so the site has been attracting china-made bulk lot garbage that can be easily purchased in a dollar store. The site used to be very particular about who and what is allowed to be sold, but no more. It's anything-goes for their bottom line. If I shop online I'll visit a retailer who has a confirmed history of honesty and forthrightness. Add to that I'll research the item first before buying from anyone. If it's a new site I'm interested in, then the research includes BBB and Consumer Affair complaints and reviews not to mention any FTC consumer grievances.

Ask Honor about Etsy
1 review
3 helpful votes

I will never use Etsy again. I had a problem with a cutting board I received as a gift. It was rough and full of splinters after one use. The seller suggested I sandpaper it and condition it which I did (at a $20 expense) and still it was splintery. Etsy would not step in to solve because they said it was used! Well, duh that is the problem - it can no longer be used. It went right in the garbage and my son paid almost $60 for it. I felt terrible for my son and I hope the seller goes out of business - they are so unprofessional!!! The name of the seller is SugarTreeGalllery...dont buy from them!!

Ask Barbara about Etsy
16 reviews
31 helpful votes

Etsy is set up to support the worst kind of individuals who can't cut life in the real world of business. It attracts the mentally ill who have no business being a business and don't even have a business license, or can even be looked up online. This so called business is the worst I've ever encountered.

Buyer beware of Jay's Religious Gifts. this psychotic individual who actually has the audacity to sell sacred, holy, religious materials. I have never felt so scammed in my life. In a time of need in my life I tried to purchse a sacred, holy Saint to get me through this tough time. After a week and merely creating a shipping label and lying to say it was shipped, I asked for a refund. The seller continued to lie and say they had shipped it. Then for some psychotic reason I don't understand, shipped it and continued their lie.

Fast forward, eventually the seller told me not to contact them again, which etsy reiterated to me. What?!?! The seller lied the entire time and Etsy sided with them. Also, after I left my feedback, the psycho continued to insult and demean me, I guess I just need to take it.

I have had to dispute the charge on my debit card and file a BBB complaint. Waiting for resolution. I will NEVER subject myself to another psycho pretending to be a professional or real business owner. Never again Etsy.

Update: I refused the package (return to sender). That was the only thing Etsy would acknowledge in my favor. The seller STILL continued her games, saying then, once she had received it, she would refund me, which I'm sure was yet another lie.

Etsy had to threaten her at that point to issue me a refund. She never even intended on it, when clearly I had returned it. Funny, she wanted me to trust she had sent it, clearly when she had not. Then, when I had proved through tracking it was ACTUALLY in transit, unlike how it happened sending it to me, she still played her miserable game. What a psycho b!tch. The lengths she went to to carry out this ridiculous lie. For what? She ended up out the shipping cost, to prove me wrong?

Buyer beware on Etsy. There are some great items and sellers, but some real psychos (Jay's was not the only one). Just be advised, when sh!t goes wrong, you are at the mercy of that seller, whatever they want to make up, or do. I closed my account, realizing what Etsy is really about. Making dat money at any cost. Because I guess they screw the sellers too.

Ask Sam about Etsy
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