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1164 reviews
Categories: Art, Crafts, Gifts
55 Washington St., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Tel: +1.7188557955
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5 reviews
1 helpful vote

The 'better mouse trap' will be here, don't cry when you've dallied and find the item of your dreams sold out!

Ask Judith about Etsy
1 review
13 helpful votes

I have been selling for 5 years on Etsy. In the past my sales increased every year, everything changed in 2016. With Etsy the sellers are their customers and the buyers are the sellers customers. Etsy has no support system, they pick and choose who they want to promote. They will remove your listings from searches now if you get a bad review, the thing about bad reviews is that sometimes they are legitimate other times they are just people throwing temper tantrums because they want more but don't want to pay for the extra items they want things for free. It's hard to decipher if something is a lig complaint so why should one be blocked from searches if there is a bad review, there are 2 sides to every story and that should be considered.
Their ad cost have more than doubled, this time last year I paid $100 for a week and received double the orders. This year I have paid $250 and received less profit, less orders.
They do not help their customers at all, if you write anything that is a complaint to Etsy they will drop you from searches. You are not allowed to be upset with the customer service that Etsy provides but anyone and write anything bad about your shop. '
They play favorites, if employees of Etsy have shops they promote those shops but not others.
What they are doing now isn't fair to everyone but they don't care. I am looking to sell elsewhere now.

Ask Janet about Etsy
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I recently opened up an Etsy shop, and I have been an active buyer for years, and I have always enjoyed using Etsy.

Keep in mind that all shops are owned by different people, and they will all work a little differently. Before buying from a shop read the reviews and shop policies, and remember you get what you pay for. Some sellers are definitely not worth dealing with, but the majority are wonderful.

Ask Teal about Etsy
1 review
3 helpful votes

You can't get any help from anyone at Etsy. There is absolutely NO customer service. I won't buy from them again.

Ask Eve about Etsy
2 reviews
15 helpful votes

I buy a lot from ETSY and support small business and homemade items. In fact literally everything I have for my two children I have purchased from small sellers. I believe firmly in supporting small business. I know what I'm about to write is unfortunate cause of events and in hindsight I should have known better. But in my justification I have always had such great experiences with ETSY that I did not think anything bad would happen. I am writing this in the hope that no one else gets stung by this untrustworthy seller.

I recently tried to buy an outfit for my daughter 1st Birthday when I had trouble completing the purchased I contacted the seller she informed me to contact her via email and provided this on ETSY chat. I did so and discussed the order she informed me that I would need to order through her website and sent me a link. I went to her site and ordered the outfit.

I emailed to follow up on this and she informed me that I had only ordered a headband. I emailed her screen shots of the order and the page where this clearly stated outfit!!! It did not show any options and the heading clearly states OUTFIT. When I questioned this and sent her my order she became extremely rude and used abusive language!!! She called me insulting, that I thought I would get an outfit for 20$.
To say I was shocked is an understatement. I have no problem paying for items and to be honest 20$ for a baby tutu and headband I honestly thought was fair!! When I informed her that I would need to go through ETSY if she was unprepared to refund. Her response said it all........ " good luck going through etsy as you didn't buy there haha"

Whilst I am resigned to the fact that I have fallen prey to this unscrupulous seller I am writing this in the hope that no more innocent buyers fall prey to this women. She truly is giving a bad name to all those great small business and small sellers on here who I have only excellent words to say about!!!!!!!

Ask oam about Etsy
1 review
4 helpful votes

I totally got swindled!! I bought a scarf before xmas. (I mth prior) didn't receive it. The seller Freshcomfy on ETSY said they shipped it. However no tracking number, etc. It was shipped to Canada from overseas. I request the customs form which should accompany the package. No such form was provided. If you ship UPS or Fed Ex or even a credible postal service you can have tracking to see where exact the package is. This package never made it to Canada. I doubt it was ever shipped. In the end this vendor FRESHCOMFY showed Etsy complaint department a photo of a box with my address. Very easily fabricated by the vendor who is allegedly committing fraud. ETSY accepted this photo (who takes a photo of a envelop before sending) the tracking by UPS is the only thing I would deem impartial and acceptable in this case. Notwithstanding ETSY accepted this and closed the file.. no refund, no followup.. I was blocked from commenting. Other customers have filed similar complaints on third party sites like this.. ETSY allows vendors to defraud customers.. stay away..beware.

Ask Naeem about Etsy
18 reviews
15 helpful votes

I've seldom bought from etsy over the years, however, have noticed that recently in the past 5 years or so the site has been attracting china-made bulk lot garbage that can be easily purchased in a dollar store. The site used to be very particular about who and what is allowed to be sold, but no more. It's anything-goes for their bottom line. If I shop online I'll visit a retailer who has a confirmed history of honesty and forthrightness. Add to that I'll research the item first before buying from anyone. If it's a new site I'm interested in, then the research includes BBB and Consumer Affair complaints and reviews not to mention any FTC consumer grievances.

Ask Honor about Etsy
1 review
3 helpful votes

I will never use Etsy again. I had a problem with a cutting board I received as a gift. It was rough and full of splinters after one use. The seller suggested I sandpaper it and condition it which I did (at a $20 expense) and still it was splintery. Etsy would not step in to solve because they said it was used! Well, duh that is the problem - it can no longer be used. It went right in the garbage and my son paid almost $60 for it. I felt terrible for my son and I hope the seller goes out of business - they are so unprofessional!!! The name of the seller is SugarTreeGalllery...dont buy from them!!

Ask Barbara about Etsy
13 reviews
22 helpful votes

Etsy is set up to support the worst kind of individuals who can't cut life in the real world of business. It attracts the mentally ill who have no business being a business and don't even have a business license, or can even be looked up online. This so called business is the worst I've ever encountered.

Buyer beware of Jay's Religious Gifts. this psychotic individual who actually has the audacity to sell sacred, holy, religious materials. I have never felt so scammed in my life. In a time of need in my life I tried to purchse a sacred, holy Saint to get me through this tough time. After a week and merely creating a shipping label and lying to say it was shipped, I asked for a refund. The seller continued to lie and say they had shipped it. Then for some psychotic reason I don't understand, shipped it and continued their lie.

Fast forward, eventually the seller told me not to contact them again, which etsy reiterated to me. What?!?! The seller lied the entire time and Etsy sided with them. Also, after I left my feedback, the psycho continued to insult and demean me, I guess I just need to take it.

I have had to dispute the charge on my debit card and file a BBB complaint. Waiting for resolution. I will NEVER subject myself to another psycho pretending to be a professional or real business owner. Never again Etsy.

Update: I refused the package (return to sender). That was the only thing Etsy would acknowledge in my favor. The seller STILL continued her games, saying then, once she had received it, she would refund me, which I'm sure was yet another lie.

Etsy had to threaten her at that point to issue me a refund. She never even intended on it, when clearly I had returned it. Funny, she wanted me to trust she had sent it, clearly when she had not. Then, when I had proved through tracking it was ACTUALLY in transit, unlike how it happened sending it to me, she still played her miserable game. What a psycho b!tch. The lengths she went to to carry out this ridiculous lie. For what? She ended up out the shipping cost, to prove me wrong?

Buyer beware on Etsy. There are some great items and sellers, but some real psychos (Jay's was not the only one). Just be advised, when sh!t goes wrong, you are at the mercy of that seller, whatever they want to make up, or do. I closed my account, realizing what Etsy is really about. Making dat money at any cost. Because I guess they screw the sellers too.

Ask Sam about Etsy
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a tshirt in December 2015 from MiaBows / April Brewer, for my grandsons birthday in February, here it is the weekend of his party and she has never confirmed my order, replied to an email around middle of January with an excuse and has not had the courtesy to reply or follow up again so now I'm out a shirt and $30.00 and this was my first and last Etsy order.

Ask Lisa about Etsy
1 review
3 helpful votes

If you buy on Etsy, you'd better hope that your goods arrive, and in the condition you expect, because they will not offer you any recourse with the merchant. I have been trying to get refunded for an advent calendar I ordered on Nov 20, 2015. It's not Jan 21, 2016, still haven't received it. The merchant won't refund me until I return the goods -- how can I do that if I haven't received them? Etsy says they can't do anything because I ordered via Paypal, I have to take up the refund with them. So what's Etsy doing here, besides sitting in the middle and taking a cut? It's definitely not customer service -- between opening an inquiry on the site, and talking with someone on the phone, Etsy has done nothing to help. I guess I am just out the money until the merchant decides to refund me, if that day every comes.

Ask Michael about Etsy
3 reviews
30 helpful votes

I love this site. Everything I order is well made and looks amazing. I have ordered everything from handmade cards to clothes to coffee mugs to jewelry. I am kept up to date on the things I order and if I want to change something last minute I never have a problem. I also make a lot of custom orders that come out exactly the way I want. I can't get enough of this site and its vendors.

Ask Robin about Etsy
2 reviews
24 helpful votes

Everything I have bought on this site has been thrown into the trash. The vintage is in horrible condition, the handmade is made of cheap materials. Disliked everything I purchased on it. All the sellers get their start on ebay and then move over to etsy to try to make more money. Dislike the look of the site. Can't stand the bad photos. Can't stand most of what is sold on it. Was unhappy with everything I bought on it. Stay away from this site.

Ask Paula about Etsy
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered the bad m***** F***** Napa Italian leather wallet for my husband's anniversary I'm so pleased with the quality, spend the extra money rather than the 20/35 $ imitations! Esty thank you very much. They even gift wrap =) Debbie Young Georgia

Ask Debbie about Etsy
1 review
4 helpful votes

before I purchased the item, I was not told it would take 3 weeks to shipped. This gift was meant to be a gift to some one till now I haven't yet got the item, it's very frustrating there is no point in even getting it now.

Ask Daniel about Etsy
1 review
6 helpful votes

Hey all,

I wanted to relay my experience buying from Mia Von Mink (on etsy)

It was expensive for the shipping, and on the item that I bought (a small
fascinator) it turns out the items actual postage was only half what the total cost was,
when I saw the costing stamps on the packaging.

The item was quite expensive, and looked lovely in the images on etsy, but
is actually quite tacky and does not reflect the price I paid, I
complained & requested a return I was subjected to an unprofessional
response, which when I tried to defuse & request my return, the owner
responded harshly saying some extremely unkind things to me.

I have never experienced anything like this from buying anything online, and apologise as
I know its not a positive post, but I wanted to relay & spare any of you the
same dissapointment, given the importance of these things at such a precious

(I admit I should have read the rest of the reviews on etsy before my
purchase, we live and learn!)

Ask ka about Etsy
1 review
5 helpful votes

Opened up a "case" on the website requesting a refund back in mid November.Was told I had been issued a full refund and the case was closed by one of their admins. It is now January and have been in touch numerous times, I have received slow replies and still no refund.

Tip for consumers: Not worth the hassle.

Ask Charlie about Etsy
36 reviews
61 helpful votes

I've bought 2 things off etsy and each time had fast, courteous service and got exactly what I paid for. As a consumer you have to look at the SELLER. Whenever you buy online it's a bit of a risk, especially person-to-person and not from an established company, but if you take some care you should be ok.
Think of it like this- are you looking for something almost completely unique or something you can't/ haven't found elsewhere? If yes, give etsy a shot.

Tip for consumers: Do your research. Only buy from sellers with well written (i.e proper English) reviews. Make sure they have real, multiple photos of the product. If they have only have one or two items, consider buying from someone more established.

Ask veronica about Etsy
3 reviews
24 helpful votes

I was entering products in etsy, almost the same products that i previously
reserched in their website. Most of the products in etsy are not handmade, so they let me post my products and i paid up fromt like $80.00 in posting fees. Like two weeks after i posted some products they terminated my account saying that my products were not suitable for etsy. I replied to them that my products were the same at the one they allowed other people to sell. They replay that my products were "very commercial" (my product is body piercing) that not defer much of other. in the website. After various requestes to be reinstalled or at least reimburse my money, they said No. They also tried to intimidate me saying that " Please do not open any new accounts as they will be closed without notice" "This message is a private conversation between you and Etsy. Please respect this confidentiality and refrain from distributing this communication without permission from Etsy" They did not returned my money. and probably I needed their permission to post this review!!

Ask Guillermo about Etsy
1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered a tee shirt for my grandson on Nov 21 from Trustworthy Tees through Etsy. Sight said tee was in stock and turn around time was 5-10 business days. Etsy billed my credit card Nov 23 but didn't respond to any email until I said I was going to contest the charge. Trustworthy Tees has not responded to anything. Xmas is over and so is my patience. Disputed the charge today and they can keep the shirt.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site.

Ask Gregory about Etsy
18 reviews
34 helpful votes

When I shop, I love to find unique and one-of-a-kind items. That can be almost impossible in the world of local retail unless I want to spend a lot of money for things. I stumbled upon etsy when I wanted to get new handcrafted numbers for the front of my house. From there, I have ordered jewelry, clothing, home decor, and accessories. It's like one huge arts and crafts fair. You simply type in what you are searching for and chances are, someone offers whatever it is you need.
The site itself is easy to navigate. If you see something you like, you can "favorite" either the item or the shop itself. There are options to contact various shops. Each time I have done that, I have received a response within hours, sometimes minutes.
Many vendors offer custom orders as well as special discounts if you "like" their facebook pages or even if you just request a deal. Last week, I asked 2 vendors if a discount was available and received 15% off from one vendor and free shipping from another.
There is an etsy app available which is also easy to use. From the app, you can access just about anything. I have mine set up to send me notifications whenever something has been delivered or if I have a message from a seller.
I have never used an etsy gift card but know they are available.
Most of the packages I have received come wrapped as if they are gifts. . . colorful tissue, ribbon, and even little surprises. Just this week, I received a scarf and included was a hand-crocheted snowflake.
I realize that my personal experiences from using the site are just that, my experiences. I have been lucky to "meet" wonderful vendors. Shipping has always been fast and any time I've requested a custom order, the experience was flawless.

Ask Nancy about Etsy
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I purchased an engagement style ring from MichaelShea Diamonds through their Etsy site. I believe they are physically based in Las Vegas. The ring on their Etsy site featured computer-generated type images of an engagement-style ring done in CZ and white gold, with a cushion-cut center stone held high in prongs above the ring's shanks which had channel set round stones. I ordered this ring to wear while I travel, because of my fear of losing my pricey real engagement ring. The ring arrived and is ugly and not functional.
The center stone looks completely fake. It has to be one of the worst imitation diamonds I have seen. It has a positively BLUE cast to it and a very shallow cut. No one in their right mind for a second would believe it's a diamond.
The center stone's prongs are squatty and short, causing the center stone to be inadequately elevated above the shank...this causes the center stone to sit too low in the design to be placed next to a wedding ring. I tried to seat this ring next to THREE different bands I own, and it won't sit flush next to any of them due to the poor design. The center stone is placed too low in the design and pushes against any band placed next to it, leaving an unsightly gap. How can you sell this as an "engagement" ring when you know the design doesn't allow you to wear it next to a band?
I contacted Shelia at Michael Shea and she will not work with me at all, not in any way, shape, or form. She is standing on the premise that this was a "custom" design and that there is nothing they can/ will do about it. I ordered the item right off of their page and other than choosing my size, did not "customize" it in any way. The product's description is a striking 720 words long, and buried in there, are the words "custom order." Therefore, apparently I have ordered a custom product, and even though it's a poor quality and a terrible design, I am out over $500 for it.
I opened a claim with Etsy which just involved another messaging argument back and forth with the same person, and resulted in nothing.
I cannot believe that this company would refuse to offer SOMETHING in the way of a concession credit, refund, or offer for a different product. They are content to continue to sell garbage product and hide behind their "this was a custom order" policy. Incidentally, their "return policy," if you read it, is most generous...obviously because they never have to use it. If they note in their verbose product descriptions that your order is "custom," their "generous" return policy is null & void.
PLEASE don't buy from them. Their designs, in my experience, are poor, and their customer service is even worse.

Tip for consumers: Be EXTREMELY careful if you order from Michael Shea. Double check the product description to see if it says "custom." You may be ordering a "custom" design when you have no idea it's being considered such, and if the product quality is poor, you will be stuck with it.

Ask Kat about Etsy
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Ordered 3 time was great...One item took longer to get, because it came from Australia...
I highly recommend..

Ask Dreanna about Etsy
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

They have unscrupulous sellers and their policies do not protect the buyer.

I purchased an item from one of their sellers who is apparently not in business. They took purchase money and there is no way to contact them. This was a gift, I was not aware it wasn't received until beyond the 60 day policy window.

A thief is a thief, and the fact this out of business seller is still on their website should tell you a lot about Etsy!

Ask Randy about Etsy
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had convo messaged ModDotTextiles Nov 20/15 regarding a custom case for my Lenova Laptop. The seller Hope Shively responded quickly and we exchanged several messages confirming what I wanted. (She even sent me pictures of fabric swatches to pick from). Nov 23/15. She sent me a message confirming my order choice and told me she would make the case in the specified style and size (and would send me a picture of a lanyard I was wanting also)sample that night. This was the last time I had heard from her. I sent several messages asking for an invoice and even messaged her my payment information along with my address. ( this was a time sensitive order as it was a Christmas gift for my daughter). I have messaged her everyday asking what what was going on, she has not responded to any of them. This morning I went on my convo list as I wanted to screen shot the feed for this review. She has removed our interaction all together. I contacted Etsy they told me there was nothing that they can do. It would seem that Etsy protects the buyer and if you enter into a verbal agreement without actually exchanging money there is no way to leave a review. So BEWARE Etsy shop people know you can't place a review on their shop if transaction wasn't complete. Also have found out that even if you do get to write a review a shop owner can delete. So negative feedback will never be seen by any potential customer. ModDotTextiles has beautiful times. However shop owner Hope Shively is unprofessional, with zero customer service!

Ask Stacy about Etsy
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4 weeks ago
A: Honestly, that depends on the seller.
I have purchased one item from Etsy and received exactly what was pictures, in the exact time frame that was stated.
If You are unsure, check the reviews for the store. People can only review an item after purchasing, so the reviews are usually a pretty good indication.
And, if you are still unsure, you can message the seller and ask for a picture of the item different from the picture featured for a different angle, or ask for further details. If they deny you such, then it's probably best to stay away from the seller.
Generally, reliable sellers Will have their shipping info included somewhere either on their page or the items page, letting you in on their schedule and preceduces.

Most of the reviews above come from negative seller experience. Etsy itself is a host for the stores, so as long as you find a reliable seller, you should be ok.
1 week ago
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4 weeks ago
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