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Categories: Crafts, Gifts, Jewelry
55 Washington St., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Tel: +1.7188557955
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1 review
7 helpful votes

Fore The Love of Wood LLC. Is a scam business selling on Etsy. We paid over $2000 for a custom table that never existed. We ordered the table through the site and had no idea of the hell we were about to enter. On the day we were supposed to see that the table had shipped I contacted the seller. They apologized and said the truck had broke down and that they would ship as soon as the delivery company could send a new truck. 2 months went by, email communications back and forth with more promises. I finally got fed up and questioned the shops legitimacy. That's when I received a scathing email in return. Nasty comments that were way beyond a typical reaction. Since that time communication has ceased. So, we filed a non-delivery case with Etsy (a complete joke). We have now watched a total of 3 months pass on the calendar. No feedback, no intervention, no refund. We can't go to the bank given this is one of Etsy's rules...if we file a complaint with the bank, your case automatically closes. So, we wait.
I would highly recommend a few steps if you buy on Etsy. 1. Always pay with a credit card. 2. Don't use Etsy for large, high dollar items.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered an Armenian bracelet on Oct 22-2016. To give as a traditional gift. Due to a death of my Friends mother. I waited thought did not go thru so order again on Nov 4th. Come to find out. The first one was paid for. So 2 orders have not gotten here to Nm from California. 1200 miles away. I feel horrible. My friend was awaiting gift. Now gifts who does not feel horrible they promised there best friend a gift and it never arrives.
This is a scam. I was emailed stating holidays and mail are to blame. But they have no idea where cuff bracelets are. I paid them for shipping WTH?. I say stick with Amazon. This site allows fraud. Today is Dec 2nd 2016. Shouldn't my order be here. They got my money! Beware this site is fraudulent

7 reviews
5 helpful votes

I really like Etsy. There are loads of lovely, artsy items to browse. I've used them multiple times for unique gifts or lovely jewellery/accessories. Contacting the owners of the individual businesses is very easy as well, and I've found all of my correspondences to be very pleasant.

I certainly recommend Etsy for anyone looking for something a bit different (and to support individual artists too).

1 review
1 helpful vote

Consider Yourself Warned!!! I don't recommend ordering items through My Sister and Me Shop or any other shop on Etsy. This is my experience with My Sister and Me Shop and Etsy. Please note the shop has no policies listed on its site. My children's coach ordered water bottles for their team in which each parent paid $15 for their player's water bottle. One of my child's water bottle was shipped with a missing decal. I contacted the Etsy shop, My Sister and Me Shop to send a replacement water bottle and they refused because of it being personalized. They wanted me to either apply the missing decal myself or go to the post office and package the bottle up and ship it to them. They did offer to pay the postage. However, since it was a quality control error on their part I felt that they should've replaced the bottle without any effort on my part. By the time I would've shipped the bottle back and received it back the volleyball season would've been over. Also, I don't see how shipping the bottle back and forth could be cost effect for the shop. I decided to not send the bottle back and just chalk my first and last Etsy experience as a poor one. I contacted Etsy for help and they refused to help because I personally didn't place the order through my account. I would've had to get the coach involved if I wanted to pursue it. Etsy only considers those that personally place the order a customer. So forgot about placing orders for teams or gifts unless you want to be involved if an issue arises. Then too, I am not at all confident that Etsy will provide any amount of quality customer service. I would recommend taking your business elsewhere where customers are appreciated regardless of who placed the order.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered 4 Royal Albert cereal bowls Saturday arrived Wednesday. Well packaged, nothing fancy just well protected. Delighted with purchase and speed of transaction. Well done indeed.

1 review
0 helpful votes

If you buy from them do not expect any kind of gift box packaging.. They will tell you "did it state gift box'. Who sells earrings and puts them in a piece of bubble wrap. Never did I buy even a cheap pair of earrings and not come in some kind of packaging like a small box other than a piece of bubble wrap. Cheap Cheap Cheap !!!!!!

Tip for consumers: Beware

1 review
6 helpful votes

If I could give a zero I would. Etsy froze my store.. no explaination... I can't get a hold of them... they won't email me back and won't phone when asked. So I will never recommend them like I have in the past. I'm going to Art Fire and Bonanza and of course Ebay. Etsy can jump off a cliff... so sad it has lost it's soul... crafters don't need Etsy as much any more. They'll figure it out when it's too late.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

A fantastic site full of lots of talented people.
Same deal as ebay, check all seller reviews & contact sellers if needed.
Iv got many things from old computer games to homemade furniture.
Etsy also looks after its sellers so prices are generally lower than ebay.

1 review
1 helpful vote

On October 6, 2016, I placed an order #1133018046 for black flip flops. Sara Bokan immediately emailed asking when I needed the order. I gave her the date. On October 25, 2016, I receive an email from Sara telling me the black flip flops were out of stock and would I accept white. I accepted the white because the wedding date was so close. When the flip flops arrived, they were stuffed into a carton. Half of the size labels had fallen off and I expected a much nicer presentation because of the pictures shown on the selling site. I am very disappointed.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I don't like to air my frustrations on Facebook, but I want everyone to know the wrong I feel Etsy and Barbie Bowtique have done to me.
In September I purchased a shirt from Barbie Bowtique knowing the shirt may not fit well, but the shop's return polices stated they accepted returns and exchanges if I contacted the seller within 3 days of delivery. I got the shirt and didn't like the fit and felt it was too large, so within 3 days of delivery, I contacted the seller and requested a return. The seller, Barbie Bowtique, and I continue to go back and forth because she will not accept my return, even though I offer to pay for return shipping. I have reached out to Etsy but they won't do anything because they are "purely a platform for sellers" and my transaction was "not with Etsy, but with Barbie Bowtique". The shop will not honor their policies and (with Etsy's permission) has taken away my rights as a buyer.
I plan to never use Etsy again because they allow Sellers to do whatever they want. Etsy allows the sellers on their site to take advantage of buyers.
P.S. Barbie Bowtique has since changed their polices to not accept returns, but I have a screenshot as proof of my statement before they did so.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I started selling some items there about a week ago.

A week in, my account was suddenly suspended with no explanation, no communication, nothing. There was a message at the top of my account telling me to check my email or email support for help. I got no email from them, so I contacted support twice to ask what was going on.

I got an email after that telling me to review my inactive items (all my items are inactive, not some of them) and that "Should you be granted an opportunity to reactivate your account, it will constitute your final chance to comply with Etsy's policy on counterfeit items. Any further violations will result in the termination of your account privileges."

Basically threatening me yet not telling me what I apparently did wrong. Oh, but I didn't do anything wrong - I don't have anything listed that doesn't already exist on Etsy by hundreds of other people. So why are they targeting me and not anyone else? I have no idea. I don't know why they did it. I have received no explanation so far about why they did this. Yet, they have taken my money for listing items and yet I didn't receive the service I paid for. That is UNETHICAL and dodgy service. They threaten me with their emails as if I have done something so wrong, yet I see the same products listed on their site. How does that work? One rule for established users and one rule for completely new users? It's ridiculous.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Signed up and account was suspended almost immediately without any reason. Not even an email. Contacted customer service, been 3 days, no response. Too bad for Ronnie, really liked that citrine pendant.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a few items at some shops via etsy. It were beautiful handmade products!
The shops where I bought something had all good reviews. My advise (I see a lot of bad reviews): read the reviews of the shops before you order something, and ask a question about the product. It can help you to get an idea about the attitude of the seller.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Bought a ring off Michshea jewellers which fell apart in 5 months. Emailed etsy and the jeweller but they couldn't have cared less. Bad experience.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a bracelet from Ellen and it arrived within 2 days. Not only am I pleased with the expedient delivery but the item itself is very tastefully designed and well made. I am very happy to wear this bracelet and will look to Ellen for future items. Thank You Ellen!


PS Also she sent a thank you card which is the mark of a professional.

1 review
11 helpful votes

So many honest, hard working sellers making handmade products have been ravaged by Etsy's CORPORATE GREED. Shame on the MONEYGRABBING CORPORATE CONTROLLERS! You put mass produced products everywhere and you have no compassion for the sellers that made you what you WERE. You sit in your high and mighty offices and never respond to any requests (dont even provide a place to contact you).. aloof, arrogant vermin. Stay away from Etsy! Don't buy from Etsy. And you scum who sold out, there is KARMA. What you reap will come back to bite. You helped diminish what's good about this country. EAT, LIVE AND SLEEP WITH THAT SHAME.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I wanted to sell there my paintings, but they made my account suspended without talking reasong. And I didn`t get any e-mail from them. After I tried pereat operation from different e-mails and accouts but every mynew accout was suspended without talking reasons....I became hate this site because spent a lot of time and emotions...............

1 review
7 helpful votes

I can't leave a review on Barmine. Etsy is no help. It will be a cold day in hell before I buy anything on Etsy. I already told everyone I know to stay away. The item wasn't as described and is a piece of garbage. Good-by for ever Etsy with your horrible practices. I will tell the world on Facebook. Barry

1 review
2 helpful votes

So many creative shops and nice sellers

4 reviews
23 helpful votes

Etsy allows big sellers to break the rules. I've reported many shops that claim handmade when items are not handmade. I've included links to the exact items to Etsy and shops aren't being shut down. These sellers are also using the stock photos of where they purchased their items.
Some of these shops have over 3000 sales, which explains why Etsy hasn't shut them down!
Those "leather" wrap bracelets you see all over Etsy, I bet 1 out of 100 shops actually handcraft them. Otherwise, you can purchase them from China for as low as 99 cents each and they aren't even worth that. I had someone send one as a gift to me a couple years back and it was a piece of crap!

1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered 5 dresses from Sara Sims, Vintage Opulence for my wedding. I based each design off of dresses that she and previously made with some changes in color and length. I sent her detailed measurements, heights of wedding party and colors and styles they wanted. I had to have her re-dye and change 4 of the dresses as she seemed to be having trouble following directions. She only delivered one dress that was what I asked for but still looked a bit plainer than her original design.
She sent the 5 dresses stuffed into a box the size of a phone book. The dresses were very wrinkled and I had to pay $9.00 in additional postage. They did not look like the dress designs she had posted. The green was way darker than the example I sent her, the burgundy was lighter than her design. Only one was the correct size and color. All were incorrect length.
I ordered the following:

Tiel Green size 4              -I received dark green size 10
Burgundy size 12             -Color okay size 4/6
Aqua size 14                    -Color fine, size 4/6
Purple size 12                  -Plainer than design but okay
Wedding dress size 14      -Size correct underlining of dress a complete disaster
After many emails she offered to make the dresses that were too small again but after seeing her horrible workmanship or lack of: holes in all 4 dresses, lace sewn haphazardly onto dress connecting wherever, crookedly instead of sewn into seams.
Seams not finished. All stitching very crooked. Loose threads, rotting material that frayed and came unraveled. My wedding dress was so crooked that one side of the skirt went up under the overlaying lace while the other side hung way down making the dress look like a drunk cupcake. When I tugged at the underskirt it frayed and came almost completely unsewn. I have pictures.
Sara took no responsibility for her terrible work or making the dresses the wrong sizes. I sent her pictures of all the holes and crooked lace, etc. I sent two dresses back before the wedding and sending a third back because the dressmaker told me it would cost more money to fix the green dress that was too big than to go buy a new one. We had to buy 3 new dresses plus buy a new under dress to wear under the wedding dress she made, after I took out all the lining and skirt.
I was so surprised she made them so quickly. I chose her because I like her designs and that she takes old lace and slips, etc., to make new dresses. The problem is she does not know how to sew. She tacks her dresses together so they look beautiful on line but in real life they look like a drunk made them. The worst part is she does not care that she is a bad seamstress and takes no responsibility and no refunds. If a mechanic messes up my car and three of my neighbors cars, I am not going to trust him to re-fix the problem on my car. That is how I felt about her making me new dresses.
I asked her for 50% refund. I thought I was being rather generous. No word from her since August 5th. I got married on August 27th. My last communication with her was on August 18th when I let her know I send her 2 dresses back and wanted 50% refund or my husband would contact his credit card company and ask for a full refund.
My husband went on line to find complaints and they were very hard to find but they were there and were comparable to mine.
In my correspondence with her before I paid she was very polite and accommodating, supposedly doing what I asked but in reality she did what she wanted, and did it poorly. At one point I asked he if we could talk on the phone because it seemed she was not understanding me. No comment.
She is messing with peoples special occasions and that is not okay. Everything about my wedding worked out wonderfully except her and the dresses.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I realize the site has lots of sellers. Some are good and some are bad. I had a problem with a bad seller. He sent me the wrong item, apologized and said he would send me the correct item when I sent him back the one he wrongly sent to me. He also told me something about the item I thought I had purchased that was NOT in the description, namely that the item had a crack in it (a vintage item). He had another item for sale that mentioned a crack but this one did not. I told him that I did not want it anymore and I would prefer a refund. I send back the item and demand that he pay me for the return shipping. He says he will send it to me. I open a case on Etsy. Etsy tells him to refund me the return shipping and that he won't be able to use the Etsy payment system and to find alternative means to refund me. They tell him to refund me the return shipping within one work or Etsy will refund me on his behalf and suspend his shop. This is what Etsy posted in the case log. Several weeks go by and I receive nothing. Etsy Admin asks us both for an update. I respond saying I am still waiting for the refund. Nothing from the seller. Then, without any warning Etsy Admin closes the case saying the seller refunded the money. WRONG. Etsy does not support buyers. And judging by the long list of forum posts by sellers, the entire site doesn't work well at all. I will never visit that site to buy anything ever again. I will only go there to post about how Etsy Sucks.

64 reviews
109 helpful votes

Etsy is a solid site that has been around since about 2005. The site itself is clean, navigable, and easy to use. Several of the reviews here on SJ have been about specific sellers - that's not what this review is about.

Like several other online sales sites - each vendor/store is a separate transaction. You are dealing with a different person each time. Look at the star ratings of each store before you buy and leave feedback. Most sellers will want to protect their reviews and ratings and provide you with great service.

This site is heavily craft specific and has a niche following. If you make handmade items you probably already know about it and/or use it.

[1] You like to make/buy handmade items
[2] Clean, sophisticated, easy-to-use
[3] Lots of great person-to-person stores/vendors

[1] You are unable to understand star rating systems
[2] You are a compulsive buyer who does no research before you purchase

1 review
1 helpful vote

If you know what you're looking for in Vintage & what you expect to pay, you'll do well. Especially if you're looking for something rare. Sellers are for the most part (85-90%) very fast to reply to ANY question. I also limit my Searches to US or closer to not get killed on shipping. But if it's an item made anywhere but the US, I have bought from the UK and paid very little for the item (a 19th C. Russian icon); even with Shipping higher than the actual item, it was well worth it!

If you are looking for handmade or organic makeup, you will find tons of amazing Shops and Sellers who care for the environment.

Etsy is an extraordinary, iconoclastic business model. And that reflects from the top down.

I have amazing votives made by OldSoulArtisan which burn perfectly and of the finest materials. If you want to flex your entrepreneurial muscles, this is a good place to start experimenting with branding, logo design, SEO, etc.

Etsy's Search has a lot to be desired so being very specific in the name of your listing is vital. A search for "Cotton boho maxis" is only good if the Seller uses all three words. Your Search will pull cotton, then boho, then maxi until you have to scroll through 20,000 items to find what you're looking for and read the Details bc a maxi may be rayon.

Because Etsy's commission is much lower than eBay and they don't nickel and dime you all the way as eBay does (more so with each Update of the User Agreement), I'm considering opening a shop there in 2017 but I need to get my ducks in a row to post pics on Pinterest to increase traffic, etc. so I need to make a serious step-by-step plan.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have just had a very bad experience with an Etsy seller. First let me say that I really hate having to write anything of a negative review however when it is warranted I will do so. That said I have been a shopper on Etsy for years and have had pretty great exchanges with the many sellers that I have shopped with. Some of them have been absolutely magical! This one has been more like a slow train ride through hell! I placed an order on August 22,2016 for two necklaces and one pair of earrings. Nothing crazy or even custom made items. The beaded necklace was comprised of ready made beads and one simple "crafty" style pendant with college logos. The other necklace was a ready made pendant on a chain and the earrings also ready made items. This should have been a really quick simple order to fill and ship. But that's not the case! The shop said it needed 5 to 10 days to fill orders... Okay? Then we add in shipping time. I only live a few hours away from the sellers location so shipping should be a breeze! Nope! Trying to communicate with the seller was less than great with only unhelpful robotic responses when she felt like replying! I did actually get a shipping confirmation which was useless because the tracking info stated a label had been created but no item had been shipped?? I tried to find out what was going on and the seller told me she would look into it with the postal service and meanwhile she would reship the items I had ordered. Still waiting...3-4 days later no new shipping confirmation and no explanation as to where the first shipment is?? So today( Sept 8. 2016) I get a convo message stating that I will be getting a refund and that the seller could not fill my order because she doesn't have the earrings I paid for!?! Seriously! So the seller as good as promised this order would be(re) shipped she said she would reship and didn't know that she didn't have one of the items BEFORE telling me that? I feel very jerked around by this seller. I am sad and so disappointed in this whole experience. I'm not sure if it's an issue of being under stocked on listed items or being disorganized and having poor communication skills. Perhaps a lack of business acumen and not understanding that it's NOT about the sale IT"S ABOUT THE CUSTOMER! It doesn't matter if you please the easy people. They will come and go. It's about pleasing the hard people. They will often times become the most loyal CUSTOMERS not just an easy one time sale! This seller has certainly lost my sale and any future business or referral I may have made in future. Really, she could have offered me the items that were ready and explained the delay on the beaded piece and I would have been ok waiting on that.( At least I would have gotten something!). She could have offered to send the necklaces and explained she was out of earrings offered me a coupon or something on the re-ship items. So many simple ways to resolve this and keep the sale and maybe the future CUSTOMER! I will tread carefully from here on when shopping at Etsy and I would advise the same to others as well. Sorry..... SassyGirlsX3 you blew it! BTW: Etsy if you're reading this think about offering some business education to sellers with less experience so maybe shoppers could have a more smooth experience across your platform offerings.

PS: So had another look at the email sent by the seller and it appears that I should be getting the two necklaces but not the earrings. A refund for those should be coming. So far everything this seller has said about shipping has been inacurate and dodgy all the same. Even if I do get the necklaces it will be uncomfortable wearing them. If I happen to dislike them forget about returning anything because frankly I've had enough of this drama... Good Luck if you choose to shop there folks!

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