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40 Reviews by veronica


Not all my experiences with Geek Squad have been negative, I have to say I've been helped by two techs in particular who were friendly and very helpful, but I would only ever use Geek Squad as a last resort.
I recently went to them because my computer was acting up. After being unable to make any fixes during the consultation, the guy told me for $150 I can have my computer diagnosed and that would take maybe a week. I'm a college student and this was around finals so having a week without my computer was unacceptable. The tech also tried to convince me how great it would be because they would include or have something about online/phone/in-store support. That's absolutely useless for me and I told the guy as much.

My boyfriend looked at my system and almost completely fixed my issues. My complaint isn't that I would have to pay for the service, I understand what a business is, but for $198 I bought a tablet computer to use for work while keeping my slow/iffy computer for casual internet browsing and gaming rather than shell out $150 and maybe get my problem fixed. I have a feeling their fix would involve restoring my system and having my lose all my stuff unnecessarily.

Again, I don't doubt that these people can fix your systems, but I always feel like I'm getting ripped off.


EDIT: Thanks, Raul. My order was restarted and I got confirmation that my item shipped today. Great! Not-so-great, they don't provide any tracking numbers and to know more about my order other than 'it's shipped', I need to call a rep. Seriously? I'm buying a computer. It ain't exactly high security.________________

(As per what a rep told me; will get to that) Because I don't own the house I live in the system automatically cancelled my order, regardless of my card going through and all that information right. I didn't even get an email, I had to find out myself by checking the order status. When I tried to create an account and login, it kept telling me that my account was disabled and to call the service number.

I did call and after having my call dropped (or hung up on 3 times) I eventually talked to someone who restarted my order.
While everyone I spoke to was pleasant (and spoke English) the situation was completely asinine and I had never run into anything like this.

Now I have to make sure the charge for the cancelled order doesn't go through, or else I'll be double charged and double pissed.

I only used this site because the name-brand site that makes the item I wanted redirected me to it. The price was well lower than elsewhere, but after shipping ($15?) and taxes, it wasn't that much cheaper than the rest.

If you can avoid this site, do it.


On two separate occasions I purchased or rented books. Shipping was pretty fast, although the box my latest book came in was a bit managed with the bottom flap out and open inside.
I've also gotten little freebies in each order. First time I got a bottle of 5 Hour Energy and this time I got a Tide pod. It's a nifty little extra. You also get a bunch of coupons for various things but they're mostly pointless.

My biggest issue is that Chegg, in my experience, is not the best deal. If you poke around you might be able to find your books for cheaper. Seriously people, do research.


They operate under the delusion everyone is trying to get a perfect GRE score. Programs in my area just use the GRE as a way to trim down applicants (so as long as you pass a certain level you're application isn't tossed) so I just needed some tips and encouragement. I find their approach really insulting- like if you don't get in the 90th percentiles you didn't do enough.

Their book reviews are a joke. They said a certain book had the best quantitative prep but that was totally wrong. The book in question was much harder than the vast majority of GRE problems. Another book I found very helpful and very close to the real test they said was too easy.

Avoid them unless you are trying to get into the 90th percentile in quant and verbal (but why would you want to?).

Bhavin P. – Magoosh Rep

Hi! I’m Bhavin, the CEO/founder of Magoosh. We realize that not everyone wants to score in the 90th percentile, but we clearly didn’t do a good job of communicating or delivering on that for you, and I’m truly sorry about that.

Overall, we want to help all students regardless of their goal and we try to build our product and content so that it can support students aiming for the 50th percentile or 90th percentile or any other score.

We’ve been fortunate to have tens of thousands of people use Magoosh, and we use their feedback to try to continue to improve for the next group of students. On that note, I realize I’m responding months after the original review, but if you have any specific feedback, I’d love to hear it. You can email me directly at bhavin@magoosh.com.



EDIT: 8/28/16
I decided to return the shirt. I had the tags, they were just taken off the shirt. Still, I tried to exchange the shirt and lo and behold, they took it back no questions an swapped it. For that I am very happy. I mentioned to the cashier what the other women said about shrinkage and the new cashier agreed it should shrink. Still, the extra small size is still a bit took big for me so even if it does shrink, it should be ok.
The reason my 2 stars still stand is because how wonky the sizing is. The small was too big and, as I said, the extra small is big. I guess it's a bad cut. Odd, since the shirt should be fitted.

If you're into that skater/stoner vibe and don't mind paying top dollar for it, you'll find something. At least the customer service was good._________________

I bought bought a shirt online and went to pick it up at my closest location.The shirt was $30, which is pretty ridiculous for a shirt, but one I couldn't find anywhere else. At pick up I saw the shirt and wanted to swap it for a smaller size (I bought a small, but after trying it on in store it was too big) but the woman working said it would shrink "a lot" in the wash.
Well I tried washing it. And putting it through the dryer twice. No shrinkage. So now I have an overpriced shirt that fits badly that I can't return because a store doesn't know the store product.


I bought a messenger bag (specifically, the one with DANGER on the strap) from the website and was initially super pleased with the size and compartments. Still, it started to wear and look a bit crappy in less than one full academic year. Mostly the strap started peeling away and the stitching was almost gone. Hey, I had heavy books that semester.

But what really makes me like this company is the 1 year warranty. I emailed them, sent them pictures of the damage and they said they'd replace my bag at no cost. Nice and easy.

Now they are pricey. For the price I would of wanted a more secure build. But since I'm getting a new one (and admittedly my old one is still usable) I can't complain too much. You can buy their bags on Amazon but without the warranty but I think paying a bit more and having a secure warranty might beat out a cheaper price.


I tried this site once over a year ago (sometimes in 2015) as a venter and I kept getting disconnected from my listener. I think I tried maybe 6 times to actually talk. I could manage to say one or two things before being cut off and that happened again and again.

I tried this site again recently (2016) and it's the same problem. I got cut off and then happened to match with the same person. It told me that I was disconnected and the person said that it told them that I disconnected which I didn't.

On the plus side, no one was abusive or trolling, but then again I wasn't really matched with anyone long enough to know for sure. It's a shame. I just needed a quick outlet when no one else is around but the site is garbage for it's sole intention.


I was very reluctant to get a tutor and Wyzant just happened to pop up on my radar.

The tutor I decided to go with actually messaged me first and we worked out a schedule and I've been very happy with him and I am improving.

I only have slight issues and they're with the people, not Wyzant. One tutor was bugging me a bit and kept sending his entire profile (and reviews) and a lot of tutors are insanely overpriced (in my opinion). But again, that's the people, not the company.

My only slight company complain is that they encourage you to input your payment method before even talking to anyone, supposedly because it makes you look like your interest in tutoring is serious. Still, whenever they charge you you get an email and there haven't been any issues.

I think the issue with most people is that it's like hiring a freelance worker, not someone who is an employee of Wyzant. If you're upset, make sure you're not confusing the tutor from the company.


When you search programs, the Top 10 schools are all online, for profit "universities". What does that mean? It means after paying more than a traditional, decent 4 year university, you'll pay double and have a useless degree. There is no way you can complete a Doctoral degree online. No way.

This site is clearly for suckers. Maybe some of the background information on areas of study are okay (if not basic and unexplained) but no one serious about getting a degree would put stock in a site like this having any reliable information or links to schools.

For your own sake, avoid sites like this. Find reputable universities (not solely online ones) and meet with a real career advisor or find a professional website (i. E. APA for psychology).


I forget how I came across bamboo toothbrushes but I did and once I needed a new one I bought from BrushWithBamboo.
First off, I love the idea. I'm not a hippie or even an environmentalist, but I'm trying to be less wasteful and use less plastic.
Ordering was easy. They take PayPal, which is always good. I ordered on the 18th and they arrived on the 21th.
The box is make of recyclable paper and even the "plastic" the brush is wrapped in is made of pant materials so it's a bit easier to recycle. There's no glue or plastic, either. The box is folded into to itself with flaps. Even nicer, the set was held together by a piece of twine.

Now for the brush. It feels nice in the hand and nice in the mouth. It does feel different from a normal brush, but that just takes some time to get used to. The bristles themselves are soft.

Remember how I said set? The least you can buy is 4 (adult or child size) for $20 (less if you poke around and find online coupons like I did). You can also do a subscription if you really love the idea. So yes, these are much more expensive than regular plastic brushes. But buying 4 off the bat is a great way to test if bamboo is for you (plus you can put the handles to use if you really don't like them). Personally, I think after my 3 brushes (gave one to my boyfriend, he likes it) I'll probably buy another set.


I've ordered a few times from this site (and the updated sister site howtomakecosmetics.com) and have nothing but nice things to say. They mostly sell colors, pigments, oils, waxes and butters primarily for lipstick, eye makeup and nail polish. The prices are pretty good. The smallest size for the powders and micas is a small baggies worth (maybe 2 grams) but that's plenty for a casual DIYer. While colors are the big thing, they do sell some other cosmetic staples like magnesium strearate or sericite mica. They also have some cheap little tools (mini whisk, silicone bowls, special measuring spoons, etc) and containers (compacts, lipstick tubes, shifter containers, etc).

Shipping is great. They ship via USPS and the sliding price is reasonable. I think around $5 is average, but it depends on how much you order. Point is, it doesn't start at some ridiculous price.

I actually had to email customer service about a stock question and solubility question. They were very polite and quick.

This isn't a one stop shop to crafting, but is an amazing place to go for small necessities.


This site is better for raw ingredients (fragrances, flavors, essential oils, butters, roots/ flowers, etc) than for chemicals (emulsifiers, extracts, etc). They have a wide selection and good prices for the sizes. They also ship relatively quick.

Just note, a lot of their items are from other suppliers (i. E their soap molds are by a company called Milky Way). Make sure you're getting it cheaper or the same price on BA. Like for the molds, BA lists the price as $6.93 but previously $8.25, but on the Milky Way site, all the molds are just $6.93.


They're shipping and handling is ridiculous. Almost all crafting/bulk sites charge a lot for shipping and base it around how much you buy, but compared to what I bought v. shipping, this site is the worst.
I bought 4 items that were about $2 each (sample colors, around. 1 oz each, some a bit more). So while my products were about $8, my shipping was $7.95 and then an extra $5 for handling making my grand total just about $21.
I've never had a site charge 'handling' and most sites when you order so little product, shipping is closer to $5. I've never had an order where shipping/handling was so much higher than the actual product. However, I think they negate this by having free shipping over $40.

EDIT: I can say now that they are SLOW. The website says processing is 1-3 from ordering. I ordered on a Saturday, so I figure it wouldn't go through until at least Monday. I emailed a woman on Thursday and I just got an email back and confirmation that it shipped out Friday. I understand large items or big orders might take longer, but I ordered 4 tiny colorants.

Overall this site is way too pricey and much slower than anywhere else I've used and I feel bad for buying from here. Unless there some magic item you can't find ANYWHERE else, just go someplace else.


Good selection for core ingredients, not so much on favors, fragrances and colors. Unlike some similar sites you can buy pretty small amounts (i. E. 3.5 grams of shea butter), although I assume it's a bit pricey comparatively. I ordered on a Saturday so processing took a few days but it shipped and arrived very fast. Everything was wrapped well and the products are good quality.
Shipping is around $4 for me (but is based on your location) which is very good compared to many ingredient suppliers.


All these people do is a thing called 'cold reading' or just be as vague as possible and let you fill in the blanks. Seriously. Don't do it, people.


Terrible site. Everything is about you sharing their crap on social media. Product reviews are joke. Limited products and can only shop temporary deals or sampled items. All these mystery beauty boxes are bit of a risk and you'll never be happy with every sample, but I got 2 products I don't even use (made sure not to check them off on the beauty quiz). Boring shades too, just beige and gold.
If you want a monthly beauty boxes, do Birchbox. It has problems, but at least you get a real website.


A decent site if you want to check quality. The forte is restaurants, but you can find all kinds of shops and services to review. I don't see what's not to like. I've left some reviews and I've read some and most of it checks out. I don't usually review restaurants before I dine for the first time but I do leave good reviews for those who deserve it (and negative for those who deserve those).


If you want an IQ test, go to a real psychologist with years of training and the proper tools to accurately measure your IQ. Online tests are unreliable and invalid. Of course, never pay an online company for anything. Again, see a PROFESSIONAL.


Fun for a while, but no matter who you follow you'll eventually realize tumblr loves being offended. Not up to date on every gender/sexuality concept? You're anti-LGBTQ. Don't blindly support socialism? You're a capitalist who loves oppressing people. Don't think being 400 pounds is a healthy weight? You're fat shaming.
I lean relatively left and even I can't deal with everyone being offended and over sensitivity. I stopped using tumblr (which is a shame, I kept up with a few great artists) and I've genuinely been happier.


The only thing worth buying are basic tops and similar items. I've had bras from here and they feel cheap, but they get the job done and look fine enough. Same with underwear.
All the jewelry and shoes are the chinky junk you can get at any store that doesn't have a legit jewelry or shoe section. H&M is a fast fashion company meaning everything is meant to be made cheap (ergo, lesser quality, hence only being good for basics) and either sell quick or get thrown out. So yes, it's cheap material probably made in sweatshops, but if all you need is a basic black t-shirt or simple sweater, you can't go wrong.

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