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Love shopping online and giving my opinion of websites. Also review and rate survivalist, farmer, homesteader, and off-the-grid tools and gadgets online.

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Like to compare and read biographical and non-fiction books.


Writing, art journaling, reading.

81 Reviews by Helen

Many frugal sites recommend this website as the go-to for earning money as a side hustle, which is how I found this website. I really wanted to like this website, I really did, but they work for advertisers who insist on spamming your e-mail inbox and phone voicemail, and I find it completely untrue that there are offers on Swagbucks that don't cost money to complete and pay out. Over 85% of the offers here require a purchase of some sort, making the frugal upsell of Swagbucks invalid. Furthermore, the advertisers on there insist on disabling the user's tracking software and using the tracked data not to improve their information, but to sell online instead. If you want to be more frugal, try www.fabulesslyfrugal.com for deals, and generally try to avoid purchasing and start saving. Avoid scam websites like these. Another option that I have found is more tolerant of no-track software is user testing of websites such as at Userfeel or Usercrowd. Overall, a scam.

Tip for consumers: Don't use it with anti-tracking software and value your privacy enough not to use this website.

Recently I signed up for this surveying site, and given the survey options offered and services to redeem for points I would not recommend this site, it seems slow; error messages are frequent. I have also tried Swagbucks with much greater customer service success. Additionally, it takes them 2-3 hours just to find a survey that can reward me and suits my profile. I wanted to think it would work and Cinchbucks would be something I liked but it just wasn't there.
This website belongs to an authorized dealer of Preciosa Ornela seed beads, though I have not personally done any transactions or business with them they seem to have a very complete selection of Preciosa Ornela's beads and a selection of tribal, rare, hard to find beads in their shop. Another section of the website carries books, stringing materials, and findings. Worth a perusal.
This service accepts unwanted postage of all types except those with a specific outgoing address and destination address written on the postage label. This includes QR postage and Forever Stamps, and they do not have to be of collectible value in order to earn money for them. Payment is given either in the form of Paypal, check, or bank wire. You must fill out their postage description and ownership attestation form, which is available to download on the site, and then send them an USPS envelope with all your unwanted postage in the envelope to the office address. I have not completed the form and sent in the postage myself, but I still think this a nifty and money saving idea, especially for those leaving the country or updating their office supplies. Recommended.

Tip for consumers: Use a PDF filler to fill out their mail back form, fill an envelope with the postage and mail it back to their headquarter office.

I think this is a circular crypto fiduciary scheme because they don't actually accept or generate any other payment than bitcoin. You must pay for 1 of 4 bitcoin mining plans in which your bitcoins are then used to generate about 0.2 bitcoins daily paid out to you in USD or more bitcoin in a wallet. There is no option to pay USD, and in their Google Ad it states that you can earn free crypto using the escrow payment option, and to contact customer service for details. However, there is no dedicated customer support they don't exist so far as I can tell I received no response to my customer service form submissions and e-mails. A must miss website in my opinion.

Tip for consumers: It is all on your own no customer service involved.

The experts at AMTSO have devised a free tools to discover weak or missing computer cyber security configurations on individual computers. They also publish industry leading news on phishing attacks, malware, computer security, and other similar issues. I liked the webpage they directed me to where I could download a harmless computer file to check whether my phishing and other software protection was working and up to date. These webpages are located under the free tools section of the website. Thank you AMTSO!
This crypto banking firm has ridiculously high minimums that are out of reach of the typical investor, and if you are not investing in crypto you must be an accredited investor to earn interest on USD. I found no mention of the accredited requirement anywhere on the main page of the website, except when I contacted support after I signed up to use this option. I think it is unfair and dishonest that they do not make clear that one must be an accredited investor or have tons of crypto laying around in order to join this banking firm. Stay away.

Tip for consumers: Only if you have a large amount of crypto laying around can you use this site. Dishonest people.

I tried faxing someone through this site and realized that it is superior to most free fax services and sites for the U.S. and Canada. They have international options but the US and Canada is their primary focus. I love it and just wish I had known about it sooner. They have paid options for bigger faxes as well. I recommend this as the best free option out there and urge everyone to try it instead of keeping a fax machine.
This company relies on the services of multi-level, commissions based, 1099 type scams to promote its policies. I find this truly egregious as many of those employees are not paid fairly, and in keeping with their status as a scheme these marketing organizations often mislead potential employees about commuting there, hourly compensation, what training is required for the job, etc. Also, a cursory search on policy genius quoting tool reveals that Royal Neighbor's policies are twice that of the nearest competitor, without any justification for their high premiums. Often companies like this prey upon the elderly and high income individuals, using Long Term Insurance and Annuity misrepresentations that are just designed to make revenue for the company, not help the investor or premium paying individual. Avoid at all costs.

Tip for consumers: Just avoid them at all costs and don't be fooled by the fact that they are over a century old. Some cons are as old as time.

Don't ever buy life insurance it is a predatory scheme upon those with high incomes and the elderly. They also charge twice as much in premiums as their competitor for a comparable policy as a quick search on policygenius.com will reveal. The sheer extremeness of their premium prices means that no one could possibly be saving a single cent from taxes, despite what salespeople at Mutual of Omaha may claim. There exist several multi-level, 1099 contractor, work-from-home style schemes that defraud their employees, and create false listings on the job search websites promising things to the employees that they never deliver. I personally stopped searching for a job online simply because of how aggressively these schemers promote their marketing fraud. There are reviews under the site name www.mutualofomahalife.com for this company, but I think they slyly changed the domain name of the site in order to avoid the bad reviews. Also, don't be fooled by the fact that they are a 100 plus year old company and make claims of reputability based on this. Some scams and schemes are as old as time, this is one of them.

Tip for consumers: Its not a true tax savings idea and don't be taken in by the fact that they have been in business for so long.

This company relies upon 3rd party life insurance sales organizations to vend its insurance policies, which are often multi-level 1099 type contractor schemes. I heartily disagree with this business practice, and believe that life insurance sales licenses should no longer be issued by the government, given just how egregiously inappropriate the business practices used by insurance companies that sell life insurance like Foresters are. A cursory search through policygenius.com also reveals that they charge twice as much in premiums as their competitor, probably to monetize and fund superfluousness caused by their way of doing business. There is no way that anyone would save any appreciable money on taxes given just how steep their premiums are. All one really needs is probably health, cyber crime and property insurance, no more. A win-lose scenario where the premiums payer loses for sure.

Tip for consumers: Just avoid it and don't ever buy life insurance or anything else from this company.

I found 4+ jobs on indeed that don't have a job posting individual who answers potential employee's questions on this site, and includes a work-at-home scam that I am currently struggling to rectify. Despite this, the customer support assures me that it is all right and that they were able to "verify" (read disclaim job seekers concerns about) potential employers and listings. I would definitely avoid this site.

Tip for consumers: Don't apply for any work from home job offers. Its just a baited hook to extortionists and con artists.

Indeed-Support S. – Indeed Rep
Hi Helen, we are very sorry to hear about your poor experience with Indeed. We have sent you a private message to further assist.
These professionals have been thoroughly trained and vetted, and payment is carefully arranged so that individuals that work for the website get paid properly. Forget Fiverr and Insolvo. This is a much better option.
Prompt shipping of requested goods and prompt delivery of the requested items with fair prices. They are geared less towards the novice and more towards intermediate students of bookbinding who know their craft. They are based out of Ann Arbor in Michigan and have helpful staff and a wide-ranging selection. Another recommended bookbinding and conservation vendor is TALAS bookbinding.
I can't recommend doing business with these people without a a background check and perhaps a contact person one can verify the bitcoin assignments with, maybe old blockchain addresses they used in the past or something. Foreign site, I wouldn't place much trust in it. I say this because their website is registered in Panama, not in the United States, and there is really no way of knowing who or what is behind this site especially since there is no registrant listed in domain entries about the website. I can't find any people's names or e-mail addresses in domain research on the website, so users who enter personal information or accept gigs for this website are pretty much on their own. Domain expiration is in 2020 and there is not a lot of history about the website. Buyer/future employee beware.

Tip for consumers: Registered in Panama, no info for USA users.

I have become a habitual user of Udemy for all my basic educational and informational needs. Other than perhaps Amazon.com Kindle books, I tend towards Udemy's instructors for a recent drawing course, finance course, etc. Some information given here tends to be too generic to be dependable and useful, but overall I like Udemy's course offerings and panel of instructors. The only concern I have with this site is the low prices they charge which may or may not be as scrupulous treatment of instructors as one can give a person who is educating others. The customer service here has improved significantly in terms of delay in response times to a support ticket and resolution of student issues in the last 2 years (since 2018), though I haven't utilized Udemy as an instructor so I cannot comment on the level of customer support shown for them. If you are an instructor I recommend you not give out much information and that you use caution unless you are not expecting high return on investment for giving the instruction to others.
I think that this business offers good financial check printing. A lot of banks offer their check printing through Harland and Clarke. However, since checks are an increasingly scarce commodity that is not as heavily used in the world of online commerce and banking, I think this is soon to be a disappearing feature of banking and the financial industry. They are also behind many check fraud protection procedures such as VeriScan, mobile security features, and updated packaging like CheckFolio from various banks. A selection of their checks are available through Costco and Walmart, not other sites like Checks Unlimited, Extra Value checks, etc., they don't offer them through many other online retailers.

Tip for consumers: Refer to https://www.walmartchecks.com/ for their products or go to Costco.

This review is not of Facebook as a social media platform but as a business tool for advertising and reaching new customers. I think that Facebook really is one of the best platforms for reaching a new audience as far as business goes. Their prices for promoting links and call now buttons are very fair, and they reach a wide number of people. People are generally favorably disposed towards advertisers on Facebook, not too much negativity or derogatory remarks. The one criticism I have is it can be difficult to reach people if your personal Facebook profile is not very filled out or well developed, because people don't know who they are transacting with. Otherwise it is an ally in the advertising world.

Tip for consumers: They require people to host their own advertisements after a certain number of them have been launched, any VPS provider is a good choice.

This site helps pay for content on YouTube and other similar viewer and patronage sites. They don't offer merchandise in exchange for a crowdfunder's support, unlike Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. I sort of like it because it affords an opportunity to give content a person admires on YouTube and self-published books, magazines and other work a chance to evince their appreciation. However, it means that some of the more mature content or compensated content that is intended to remunerate the producer doesn't leave cyberspace or get marked as such. I think other crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Fundly, etc. are a bit better. Unless there isn't another way, I would use an alternate platform.
No need for the pills or the patch or anything other than the gel that the inventor of the gel sells without a prescription on this website. If you have a belligerent or very meddlesome gynecologist or obstetrician or can't get birth control for any reason, I would highly recommend this site. The only caveat I have is that they strongly recommend against taking the hormonal birth control pills as being harmful for the female body. I am not sure of the evidence to substantiate this opinion but the solution is surely promoted as a thoughtful offering to the community. Overall I recommend this site after struggling to find MD approval for taking pills myself.

Tip for consumers: Great staff, may occasionally send you product feedback surveys but not intrusive otherwise.

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