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5 reviews
7 helpful votes

I have used Esty to make purchases on occasion. I have always felt the company showed no interest in customer satisfaction but now they are involved in defrauding customers. CoyoteRainbow seller deals in healing stones. They are selling fake Moldivite stones that are very expensive $30 to $100 a piece. I contacted Esty about the fraud and have yet to hear from them a month later. I will be giving a review w/ Consumer Affairs next and so on. Esty has 700 plus reviews here and a rating of 2/5. I am grateful to Sitejabber and others for this venue.

1 review
1 helpful vote

As a former Etsy seller since Mid 2015, I have to say that they make very difficult to contact them. They are more interested in getting buyers than reliable seller. Etsy has allowed non-sense reviews to be published on my store.
Etsy is abusing their power in times of glory. They just suspend my store without any prior notice. It is like going to work in a bright WED morning to find out that you don't have a desk anymore. This happened to me last WED and the reason was that I selling silver chains (not handmade) to accompany the pendants that Ameogem (my store)make. Not enough, Etsy also evicted me from being a Buyer!! I felt that I was selling illicit drugs instead of handmade jewelry!!!
And how about Etsy Partners? Etsy allows 'partners' to all stores, which is vague and which led me to 'misunderstood' their policy, latter NOT clear. As a result, Etsy closed my store, and also other two stores I had with them. I have had top reviews as a seller, making a good income for me, for Etsy and making my customers quite happy.
They just evicted me out of silver chains. Mind you, I have seen many 'made in china' products being sold on Etsy. The smarter seller just take photos of mass produced items and post them on Etsy as a 'handmade' item, including silver chain. Hilarious!!
I have paid Etsy all fees, shipped all items, and yet, they will only release my monies after 180 days from suspension! Now is June, and will get back my AUD$2,000 only in December!! My monies will be at Etsy bank account, while I am borrowing money to pay my debts!!! This is extortion as simple as that.
Etsy has a very condescending language and attitude, no human feeling. Zero customer service for sellers.
Etsy email messages to me as always being cold, automated, wanna-be-big-corporate type attitude. I have to say that eBay customer service for sellers are warm, understanding and professional.
NO ETSY. Arrogance is for Trump not for professionals, serious and customer-based sellers like me.
Oh!!! Their policies are not clear and totalitarian style. When you read you can feel the lack of human touch there. Scary.
Also, when a seller full refund an item, the amount the buyer will receive is lesser than the actual amount. Etsy collects part of the refund money from the buyer, and also charges the sellers for each refund. Money savvy culture.
I do NOT recommend Etsy for any sellers.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered product that said ships 1 - 3 days from LA and was in stock. Wrote note asking for it to ship ASAP as for pride weekend. Monday order. Thursday afternoon notice says shipped............................

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a couple of matching Father Daughter Tshirts for My Son for Fathers Day. They got shipped to the house across the street. When I contacted Etsy they were just rude telling me it was all my fault and tough luck! When I said I thought that was poor customer service, they just laughed in my face and said I was being Rude!

I don't know how these people stay in business I will never order from them again.

When I told them I wouldn't order again. They suspended my account and said "Good".

I felt really bad my Son didn't get his present that I paid for.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered engraved pocket watches for my son's wedding. He will be keeping one and giving the others to his stepsons. I am so pleased with the workmanship, as well as, the price. They will make perfect keepsakes for all three gentlemen. They were completed and shipped very quickly. Thank you for excellent work!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I really like the variety of products in multiple categories. Overall nice experience and delivery is also good.

49 reviews
13 helpful votes

they are too cool and nice and you can always find something on the website and the sellers are really nice and just so cool stuff the have. I Love it and shop a lot with them. thanks

1 review
2 helpful votes

I used hate etsy.until 1 seller.wouldn't refund my money.the dishes was chipped.she didn't write it in the description.she a bad least ebay give you your money back.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I have purchased a few things on ETSY with no problem--left them great reviews. I recently purchased a personalized jewelry box from MyBambino on ETSY. I am a big shopper both in stores and online. This was the WORST buying experience I ever had. The product was not as pictured. I didn't find that out until it arrived. The bottom left-hand drawer cannot be painted because the music box is behind it, but their pictures include adorable designs on that drawer. They changed the picture of mine when I complained (that drawer was not my only complaint) but there are still several in their line of jewelry boxes that include a design on that drawer. The one I chose had a zigzag border across the top and bottom. It was crooked and uneven on the top and the bottom was missing half due to the drawer issue. Management was extremely slow to react--totally unfocused on products and customer service. I finally had to file a claim (never done that before with any purchase anywhere) with ETSY. They were completely automated including 1 1/2 weeks before acting. All together it took me over a month to get a just-OK replacement--music drawer didn't fit right. To top off everything, I was dropped by both MyBambino and ETSY--unable to respond to my "review this purchase" email and the case with ETSY was closed as soon as MyBambino shipped my replacement! I'll never buy from ETSY again--it works well if everything goes fine, but if not, it's on you!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Totally got ripped off by etsy and vendor. 320$ because somebody's feelings got hurt. My advice. Dont use etsy or vendors. No customer service, no protection for buyer. Vendors lazy and unreliable.
Dont let it happen to you.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Really poor experience. Order received incomplete - customer service fails to respond - then promises to send tracking info for the rest of the order (claiming they had shipped). Of course, they never provided the tracking either. Gives online sellers a bad name - Sham on them

1 review
8 helpful votes

Please beware of the Etsy scammer known as "ReVintageLannieJewls". Her name is provided as "Lannie Fellows Simino" and she sells fake jewelry branded as "18k gold". I have been scammed out of $360 for a piece of brass worth only $10. She is a deceitful person who takes advantage of Etsy's unprofessional and defunct customer service. I have returned the item to her PO Box (yes she shipped from some unknown PO Box address) and reported her five times to Etsy but no measures were taken. Please do not fall a victim of "ReVintageLannieJewls" like I did. She is a dangerous fraudster who should end up in jail soon!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT SHOP ON ETSY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!!! It is the home of predators and scammers masked as "sellers". This fraudster scammed me out of $360. Here is the link to her fraudulent business on Etsy which you should avoid:

1 review
1 helpful vote

I had recent dealings with Boki Skoro for some funny toilet signs.For some reason the parcel went missing in transit reasons known only to Aus post.Boki bent over backwards chasing the parcel till all avenues were exhausted and constantly keeping me up to date.Boki then sent me at no charge the same items of the original order.Some15 days after postage the 1st package arrived with no explanation for delay.Boki told me to give them to friends and I would not be charged for them.Wil repeat purchase and recommend.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Great variety but shipping cost more then the actual items you should do free shipping over 35, again the shipping is absolutely outrageous

1 review
2 helpful votes

I've had a great experience as a seller on Etsy ( but also as a very long term customer. I've only had one negative shopping experience to date, and Etsy customer service sorted it out for me and I got my money back.

8 reviews
12 helpful votes

I've only order once from Etsy!! And the owner I've order from, had great reviews from other buyers. I've order a body brush/face brush from the owner, and which wasn't pricey at all! Both items came quickly and my items look like her displays. She also gave me a card to contact her with any issues, and a free sample of lavender shea butter! Oh it had such an lovely smell, couldn't do much with the sample, lol. I was able to use it on both elbows that's about it, but I'm planning to buy more from this seller soon. Never had any problems and I hope it stays that way, with any seller I'll purchase from in the near future! If not I'm coming to update my review, about my bad experience.

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

Etsy is definitely a niche market. However, I consider it very good at what it does. I don't normally go to Etsy when I'm looking for your average consumer product, but sometimes for gifts or special items, it's a great place to check out. I have also had my own store up and running for a while. Although I haven't had much success with sales, it's fairly easy to use and pretty straightforward, and also Etsy doesn't take out nearly the amount out of your revenue that eBay does. I do love eBay for certain things, but when it comes to selling my handmade product, I would much rather sell through Etsy than eBay.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Etsy support is garbage. None the less. I've been shopping on Etsy for 7 years now, I buy something nearly every week, still, and have never once experienced a pleasant experience with Etsy support. The sellers for the most part are and tend to be amazing with exceptions of course, but the Etsy support team seems like a bunch of inadequate and incompetent cold hearted idiots. Nicely put. They will not help you, help understand the issue nor will go out of their way to resolve much. Take a week to reply to comments etc. I've never seen or have experienced more non-caring people in my life.

1 review
4 helpful votes

i sold handmade dresses and paintings on etsy shop with the collaboration of my team, who helped me in designing these items. When my sales had just started and my business was going flourishing. I felt very happy and hopeful to get success in my business. But etsy closed my shop without any notification and was telling me, I have to be in the making of every item from start to end. How it is possible to make products, do marketing and all thing by yourself. For successful businesses, team work is required. I can not get this philosophy of etsy. I am an honest person, so I discussed my team effort in my shop intro, I think when you are in etsy then be careful to not discuss your team and give all credit to you and show yourself superman or super woman . This was a very bad experience for me. I will never reccomend any one to start their business from this platform, this is so uncertain and unpredictable.

6 reviews
12 helpful votes

Etsy is a visually appealing marketplace with a wide variety of products. I have had pleasant interactions with a variety of sellers (my personal experience is limited to fashion-oriented purchases) who were more than happy to answer my questions. The layout is efficient and the shipping time has been reasonable thus far, although Canada post has recently experienced delays that are out of sellers' control.

Artists deserve to charge enough to make a living off of their work but a good chunk of Etsy creations and *cough* resales are overpriced. However, the product quality has been consistent in my purchases and I would advise all buyers to check for sizing and reviews before buying.

5 reviews
2 helpful votes

My daughter bought something from this site and she was waiting for more than a month shipping is really bad and if you try to call them they said sorry nothing we can do you have the wait for your shipping

1 review
2 helpful votes

Tried to return some items that were apparently over the 14 day window for returns and weren't exactly as advertised (multi color instead of just one color) and received a snotty reply: "By the way, even 5/11, it is still over 14 days. Policy is policy. If you give us a bad review because your order is over 14 days not allowed to return, we will report you to Etsy and post your threatening email under your review to let people know what kind of buyer you are." Wow...such a great company to do business with, and certainly the last time I do.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Purchased a vintage 3 chain glass shade, over a week later updated shade has shipped.Shade arrives in a box barely big enough for glass shade, it is wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap,packed in peanuts the shade is shattered.
Will never do business with again

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 2 signs for teacher appreciation week. Huge lack of communication with the product. I purchased it . Received it in an email still had to take it to a print shop and pay additional $28. Not happy at all.

7 reviews
22 helpful votes

Years ago, Etsy was an excellent place to find truly handmade and unique goods. That is not the case now.

Search is dominated by cheap, reseller items. Before purchasing anything on Etsy, I always check Ebay and AliExpress; a lot of the time, the exact same items are listed on those sites for a fraction of the cost. Any truly unique items are buried under a sea of manufactured or trademark/copyright violating goods.

Further exacerbating this problem is the terrible search engine. Rampant mistagging means that search never pulls up the items you are actually looking for.

In addition, the seller quality has definitely gone down. Many either 1) Don't ship on time 2) Never ship at all 3)Ship sub-standard goods.

If you want to support small handmade goods, I'd look elsewhere. Shopping on Etsy is not at all what it used to be

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