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2216 reviews
Categories: Antiques, Auction, Business
2065 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125, USA
Tel: +1.4083767400
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Customer service could not find the listing and said that I must have removed it myself. (in 117 reviews)


Once I bought a computer, which the seller completely lied about the os that was installed, ram, etc. (in 529 reviews)


I'll admit it - I use Ebay to buy strawberry shortcake figurines, my collector's item of choice. (in 354 reviews)

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3 reviews
10 helpful votes

How come everyone I know can find bargains at eBay but when I go there I get the nastiest, trash talking sellers who abuse me for asking for more information? I am polite, courteous and try hard to not offend but honestly it just doesn't work. It has happened often enough that I decided to write a review about my experiences.

Tonight I went looking for a vintage bedspread made of chenille. The seller gave very little information and claimed the spread was from a major manufacturer called Morgan Jones. I questioned that because I worked in vintage and antiques and recognized it did not have any of the signs of a genuine Morgan Jones. The question was, "Does this have a tag? It doesn't look like a Morgan Jones and that is what I want." I got back an snarky answer telling me to mind my own business and not to question the seller's honesty".

When I found another one that looked genuine the seller was asking $44 for shipping from 59944 zip code! That is Wisconsin and I ship to a relative there so I knew that had to be wrong. I know the weight would not be over 5.8 lbs so I went online to and put in zip codes, weight and asked for price for a large package shipping priority. The price came up at $20.70. So I wrote the seller asking if they could change shipping to what the post office charges and this seller also sent me a snarky, defensive response.

So I've decided since I've bought things on eBay that were not at all what they were told to be and was out the money and since I have been repeatedly overcharged for postage, eBay is not for me. But I'd like to know if anyone else has this problem with eBay sellers?

I've reviewed the eBay customer service before based on these experiences. Got NO support at all.

Ask Sally about eBay
1 review
0 helpful votes

worst firm to buy anything if you ask me never buy a simple 10 rs item from it and their ebay guarantee sucks it took three months for me to get my claim approved and get my dd delivered to me. i am not gonna trade anything with ebay pathetic customer service.

Ask dhruva about eBay
1 review
0 helpful votes

Why would e-bay screw up their check out page when trying to pay with a gift card. 3 calls to ebay for assistance and 1 to paypal to submit payment for 4 items purchased with gift card. Line by line help from customer service still resulted in payment to be taken from bank account. Until they can fix this problem, which has never been a problem til now (7-16-2016), my days with e-bay are over!

Ask Dave about eBay
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently purchased medicated shampoo for my pet. DCF28 is my i.d., Item#182126434997 $148. Item not received. No refund received from very rude seller, Pet Wish Pro's. Opened dispute and was told by Ebay that I was not entitled to a refund from them either because tracking info showed "delivered". Got nowhere with USPS either. No one was professional, or understanding. The only thing I did wrong was purchase this item and I was treated terribly for it. Then, Ebay somehow blocked my ability to leave feedback for this item. I am certain due to knowing it would be negative! I was an Ebay customer for over 15 years. If they are willing to let a perfect-rated customer of many years to be treated so unfairly, I don't need them and neither do you! Their seller pricing structure has gotten outrageous over the years too. BEWARE!

Ask Denise about eBay
5 reviews
2 helpful votes

Always buying there any staff for my gadgets and home.
Like, you just sitting at home and after pressing few buttons you receive the phone. You don't even need to get out of home.
There are a lot of great sellers and official shops on ebay, with the ratings and user feedback.
Love it!

Ask Rob about eBay
7 reviews
15 helpful votes

I have been using eBay for a number of years and only buy items. I'm located in Bermuda and is quite limited to goods, so an online marketplace is my best friend.
I buy from a wide range of sellers from different global locations.Generally, American orders arrive here faster but are usually more expensive goods. Likewise, Chinese goods are cheaper but sometimes a lower quality. Most of my disputes relate to packages not arriving and few arrive months after, which forces me to send a separate paypal transaction to return the refund. This being said, if I was a seller- I have to recognize that there's down-market competition, shipping time is vital for western sellers and not every person will return the items or repay if receive them late.
I find eBay to be fair in their judgments. If you don't provide tracking or verified document from a courier stating the item was delivered- how can eBay decide in favor for the seller.
I find most of the "Scam" of eBay is in their auctions. People make false accounts to raise bids. Some bitter people bid just to avoid a low sale of an item they just bought for more and never buys the item, so the auction is redone. I hate reserve pricing; a buy now price of $1000, a reserve of $900 and the bid starts at $0.99.
eBay has room to improve in other ways too. I'm tired of going in a specific section like "Game consoles" and finding hundreds of listings for case and skins for game devices- these are and should be in "Game Accessories".
Overall, the only issue I have with eBay at the moment is the Global Shipping Program. It maybe worth it to sellers but that program charges additional fees and duties that International countries (like mine) do not accept. Thus, as a buyer- I generally avoid global shipping sellers.

Ask Monique about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you deal with a bad seller and eBay will not help - they never do - you can submit a complaint about the particular seller here:

eBay's "buyer protection" is a scam and covers nothing.

Sellers know how to work the system, and when you do not receive your item, eBay will side with them. My seller kept the item in question AND my payment for said item.

Feedback is a scam. eBay does not allow negative feedback on sellers. The five-star review you see is probably helped along quite a bit by the 5,000 negative reviews that eBay removed. This works directly against the possibility of honest business transactions.

Keeping money for a sale when the customer did not receive the item is internet fraud. This is a crime. Report the specific seller and report eBay for their collaboration. Be brief, specific, and submit supporting documents.

Avoid eBay at all costs. Close your account. Consumers have other options. Before you do this, though, submit a complaint. It may hep you and it will potentially protect others.

Ask Educated about eBay
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

If you looking for a cheap (rare item in some cases) you would be able to find it on eBay. Too bad eBay is now flood with some very cheap items and they are mostly from overseas.

Ask John about eBay
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

One of my top destination for shopping. Because of their reputation I really have nothing to fear when I shop.

Ask Jack about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

After sales service and any issue related to order delivery vendor are not being obliged stating that this is customer who has to talk directly to vendor servicing on ebay platform. NEVER BUY FROM EBAY. Even the prices are bit higher than other online plateform. Vendor never reply for any problem as it is ebay who oblise the money to the vendor.

BE ASIDE FROM EBAY. BETTER GO FOR PAYTM, SNAPDEAL. Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay Avoid ebay

Ask hi about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

I Manish sharma suggest to all the customer that eBay is a big fraud group who sells product on eBay when complaint comes they say to contact seller . Then why r u selling work just dial

Ask Manish about eBay
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

The folks down at eBay work hard at what they do and they do it well. The maintenance of the site is always done well to support a wide variety of browsing experiences; from Mobile Web to the latest version of polished chrome, I am never dissappointed by it's fresh looks. When it comes to actual purchases eBay can be a very customer friendly experience both for the buyer and the seller, However, as you may have guessed, It can also feel like one of the worst desicions of your life. Let's be real; bad things happen, but when they do happen you can be sure PayPal and or eBay will go out of their way to help make it right. On many occasions I have had sellers make stupid choices (Putting an iPad in a flimsy bubble wrap pouch...) After a quick contact with eBay or the seller I have always been reimbursed for damages to purchased products. As for the customer service? Well, it's off-shore that's for sure. Not much more I can say about that; Just expect a typical foreign customer service representative.

Ask James about eBay
1 review
3 helpful votes

I won a dispute and they did not refunded me! I am Andrey Manchev. I have a prove.

Ask Andrey about eBay
4 reviews
13 helpful votes

Someone please come up with a better site for selling stuff.

I have repeatedly had issues with the Ebay shipping calculator. I call every week and they credit me the difference but they have NEVER fixed the problem.

Every time I list something where buyer pays, the Ebay shipping calculator has the Buyer pay a lower price than the shipping label actually costs the Seller (me). The last item I sold (<2 lbs and about the size of a pair of shoes in a tyvek envelope...according to the Ebay shipping calculator) cost $9+ to ship. Really???


Ask Jill about eBay
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I love eBay, they have everything that I want and need at really good prices, it's my go to site!

Ask T about eBay
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

eBay closed my seller account today and said they thought my account "was a risk to the community". Before they decided to do that, they asked me to provide documents stating who I was & proof of the products purchased because I had a spike in sales.
Just to clear some things up - here's a few things you should know:
-I had no negative ratings on my account.
-I was selling some of my music software that I no longer use.
-They asked me the other day for my photo ID, my bank statements, & receipts for my purchases. Everything went smoothly & I proved to them I am legit.
My customer satisfaction ratings were just about perfect. Only one neutral rating and ZERO negative ratings. But *dozens* of positive reviews.
-A portion of my proceeds went to charity. If I was really a risk, I think I would be taking the money all to myself, no? My account was built on a good cause & my customers has nothing but good things to say about me & the service I provided to them.

Now they want me to pay them $145 in seller fees, even though I can no longer sell anything. Yet they want me to compensate them. The reason for this closing I think is out of fear because I was really successful even though I was just starting out. When a new guy comes along with a lot to offer, not everybody is okay with that.
I called them up & they said I cannot appeal my account removal. I also cannot get an english speaking person for the life of me. Literally every time I call them, it's a chinese 13 year old girl whose name I can never understand. But the company is based in San Jose, CA right? I literally never had a proper english speaking customer support representative answer my calls. I've been on the phone with them numerous times, too. I know very well what people their workplace consists of. In fact they're so asian oriented, I bet they eat dogs for breakfast & cats for dinner.
I highly recommend avoiding this company like the plague. If you have any form of success at an early stage, they will remove your selling benefits. I allege that these guys were committed to bringing me down for whatever reason.

Tip for consumers: Don't use them. Go for something like eBid or something. Anything is better than them. It just doesn't get any more inconvenient for you as a customer to sell or buy thru them. Especially if you're just starting out. They have a "Funds availability" program where you have to sell at least 25 items before you can get your money. Which is understandable for them. But when you graduate from it, there's a lot more behind the curtain & they will stop at nothing to make your experience a hassle for yo

Ask Clayton about eBay
1 review
2 helpful votes

They have created so many protections for the buyers, that the seller now suffers. Your excited to sell a product, and your anxious buyer pays immediately with a verified PayPal account. Great news right??? Not so anymore. The payment will remain pending until you jump through several hoops to ensure the buyers gets what they paid for. It has to be shipped, received and buyer satisfied so once payment is made it can take a week to see your money. So if your selling something precious to get some much needed cash, find another outlet. Not only do you have to wait a week for your money, your out the money you had to pay to ship the product. Oh and don't forget the 10% selling fee from EBAY and the fee PayPal charges to allow such a "easy" way to get paid. I think I'll give craigslist a try........

Ask Mike about eBay
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I am fairly new to eBay, but have found it easy to navigate.

Ask Daniel about eBay
1 review
3 helpful votes

too many full time scammers.... so adios eBay.

Ask Gerald about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

They claim that they have the consumer back but when the consumer gets a defective item, they back up the seller and force you to pay the shipping lable in order to return the defective item. Very bad consumer policy. And there is no talking or explaining to hem. You might as well talk to the wall.

Ask Roni about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had the occasion on eBay where the product I received was not as described so I started a case through eBay.
The seller was very unresponsive. After opening the case the seller agreed for a refund after the item is returned.
I get an email from eBay saying that the "seller is unable to provide a shipping label" and I should contact the seller and return the item. I even called eBay's customer service to confirm it.
So the seller asks me to ship the item back and he will refund it.
The item is returned and seller is unresponsive. I contact eBay and they say in a very monotonous voice that they will step in and only refund me the original price and original shipping only but not return shipping as that is out of eBay.

How can it be out of eBay it was eBay who asked me to ship the item to the seller!

And nowhere in any emails from eBay did they ever mentioned that I should not pay for the return shipping.

Tip for consumers: There money back guarantee is a false promise or anything else eBay promises.
Ebay = Cheat

Ask AR about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

this company clearly says that we do not give guarenty for the quality. then why the hell are we buying online? i trusted them and choosed the product and when i call them they tell me this and when i showed them the issuse they say call the dealer and dealer says call the manifacturer and they say we replace no refund. i told them the quality of you product is worst that the resean there are some issues they only replacem,ent no refund. and nw ebay says we can only do this much i purchsaed a phone worth 11k and when i recivd it i was a smart phone not worth 2k all the features they said were der in it but with very low quality

Tip for consumers: guys please do not buy anythng from it though u dont have an option drop that plan but do not buy from ebay it sucks

Ask abhishek about eBay
1 review
1 helpful vote

Beware of eBay seller cell-plaza, they do not honour the warranties that they state in their item description.

I bought a Nexus 5 phone from them, whose GPS unit stopped working after a few months. When I contacted the seller, they said that to replace it, I would have to pay for 40% of the cost of the phone in addition to paying for shipping. They had stated on their item description that they would provide a full 1 year warranty on the phone, which they have lied about.

Just posting this so that other buyers will not fall into their trap.

Ask J about eBay
1 review
5 helpful votes

I got fooled by 100% satisfaction guarantee. I had received an inferior quality product which I wanted to return only to realize later that the supplier did not have a return policy at all. I was willing to bear the shipping cost but these guys did not budge. Their customer support SUCKS!!! First of all you have to raise a claim with photos and proofs which has to be verified by them, and can no way be compared to other online sellers like amazon. Secondly it takes more than 25 minutes to connect to their call center. When you speak to the rep, you get a very good response and are assured that your complaint would be resolved positively. But later a call comes from their Delhi branch claims department comes as a rude shock asking you to PROOVE that it is not as per expectation. You may well appoint a supreme court lawyer to fight your case at this point. The claims department is biased towards the seller and for me they never accepted the claim. I wonder what 100% satisfaction means to to them. I believe Ebay has different customer policies based on the geography. I am sure that US Ebay couldn't dare to treat their customers like they treated me.

Ask Rana about eBay
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've brought a lot from eBay only ever having a problem with one item. Other items have not turned up but I've contact ebay and the seller gave a full refund. I do always check the sellers feedback before buying.

Ask Anna about eBay
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Q: E-bay's guarantee, an empty promise.
ref item#251601831554
As a buyer I purchased an automobile for parts. The ad said that it was a complete car with rust free body & frame, and engine & tranny that ran just one year earlier, but will need rebuilt. I called the seller and he said again it was rust free, had the correct engine and would run with just a little work, but the whole interior was trashed & it had no brakes no brakes. I paid $3000.00 for it plus $700.00 for transport. Before I bid, the last thing I saw was the "buy with confidence ebay guarantee"
When the car arrived, the trunk floor & lid were rotted out, the back floor was rusted and arrived full of water & mud. some of the body had rust holes and there clearly had been previous body work done. I then found out many parts were missing and the engine was the wrong engine completely, and never ran because it was not even fully assembled.
I contacted the seller, and he claimed his "friend" must have taken some parts from the car and also must have mickey moused some items. Then he admitted that the pictures he used were years old and that the car was sitting in a field hidden in the weeds those years. He then went on to say the money was gone, spent on medical bills. A liar for sure.
I filed a claim with e-bay. I get a call from a woman who is talking fast who say's, "we are denying your claim & since we don't have a listed reason for the denial, we are going to fill in the reason for denial as non-payment" So, later when I call, I get a curt answer saying I have to actually pay for the item before I can file a claim!!!!! This despite of the fact ebay has e-mail sent through them proof from the seller that I paid.
To make matters worse, they then would not allow me to leave feedback either, which allows others to be taken by this bum.
I have been un-able to get ebay to address this problem since then.
Hello!! How can you guys look yourselves in the mirror??
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