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Review of Alibaba

Alibaba reviews

439 reviews
No. 699, Wangshang Road, Bingjiang District
Hangzhou, China
Tel: 42.118.1465485

439 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I opened a business and ordered 5 shipments through this site. 4 out of the 5 shorted me products. The TT guarantee is a big joke. I have ordered 31 shipments from debate 2 have gone to dispute and settled in less than 5 days

Ask Pamela about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

I made order of full glass screen protectors 3d curved for iphone 6,6+,7,7+ and I agree with them to provide this type not the normal one and also we agreed to be with its packages. First, they said the order will reach to my country within the week and I contact them after week and I discovered that the order was not shipped yet and they try to give an excuse because of holiday. I received the order after 3 weeks!!!. And the order was not the requested one. It was the normal one which is half price of the requested one and they said they sent me the right order and I did not request for different one. they did not confess about their mistake and did not accept to return the order as well as the try to ignore the costumers when i contact them.

Ask HAMOOD about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a pair of thermally insulated lined gloves; when they arrived I found they had no lining, making them useless. The seller offered to refund the money if I returned the gloves AT MY COST. I replied that as they had sent gloves that I had not ordered, it was them that should accept the postage cost, which they refused. The Alibaba disupte service decidedthat as the gloves "still had some value " , ( maybe to the seller, but not to me), I would receive a refund of 60%. So in effect, the seller always wins and the buyer always loses. The seller can ship anything he likes knowing that at worst he will get the item sent back at no cost to him.
I now know why there are so many warnings never to buy from sellers in China, and will not be buying from them again. I prefer to buy from a country like the UK which had genuine buyer protection laws. The UK works on a simple principle - you only pay if you receive what you ordered. I shall do my best to make my case known in Chile, where I live, so that others do not get caught .

Ask david about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

well like the saying goes, if its sounds too good to be true...

I should of known when Alibaba offered trade assurance and protection- FREE with your order.

They will always side against the buyer :( and you will not get your deposit should you decide you do not want to continue business with scammers.

Ask teena about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

That's what poor research gets you I believe.
You don't need to be a PC/internet savvy to have a quick google search about a company.
I don't mean to look down on those that have bought without doing research, especially "normal" buyers that buy 1-2-3 items worth "pennies". Live and learn and no major harm done financially.

But for re-sellers (and I have read plenty reviews that bought $$$$ worth of items) to buy without researching properly first? It's like asking for something bad to happen. Especially without having some extra protection behind your purchase (paypal, credit card, ets)
It's again a live and learn scenario, but a lot more bitter.

I, for one, was hugely inclined like many others here have, to go ahead with some purchases for my own business since some of the prices are simply amazing and allows a lot of margin.

Not saying everyone on AliBaba is a scammer and of course you can't satisfy everyone's needs (you will always get a "moaner" every now and then regardless of the business you are in), but if 9 out of 10 people complain then something is amiss.

After reading such a tremendous amount of bad reviews that even got me personally upset (though I am in no way or shape connected to any of the unlucky buyers), I am surprised at AliBaba's continuous "Couldn't be bothered" attitude.

Online is the best place for scams and heck, there are plenty of them. But for them to continuously being allowed to trade on the platform and AliBaba not putting higher security/protective measures in place is where the real scam lies.
Not the fact that there are scammers is a shame, but that AliBaba allows it to carry on.

It can be such an amazing platform if genuine sellers only would be allowed with good quality items for the trade to enjoy....Too bad AliBaba does not view it like that and they cannot understand how much more money they would actually make due to repeat custom.

Such seller activity would not be tolerated by other online platforms such as Ebay as an example. If one of my buyers would complain, I would be in the weeds! Not on Alibaba apparently....Sad, indeed, as huge potential is wasted to potentially fruitfully connect international markets.

As for my own experience, glad that I did some research before proceeding.
Found some interesting stuff, which albeit cheap looked alright (in pictures!), the total for 20 items would have been around $10.00, which I though would be worth risking to check the quality. I could afford to lose $10.00 if it was nasty, wasn't it? Not that huge of a risk.

Then the seller comes back saying that postage would be $200.00!!! Well, ain't that an amazing coincidence of making up some of the money back from selling the product so cheap? Of course, did not go ahead.

Sorry to hear about such huge amounts of misfortune, sorry to hear that AliBaba is not on the buyers side (like Ebay, Amazon, etc), especially since there are $$$ in the gamble not a few dollars only, but glad that I came here on time before going ahead on any purchase.

Ask Alina about Alibaba
1 review
1 helpful vote

I order a prepaid 3 phase KWhr meter from Huabang Electric Technology Ltd.represented by Jason Huang. I tested the meter on a test bench to check the meter before installing it to where I needed it. During my testing connected to 3 phase supply and fed the program card, the meter switched on, but the out coming of 1 phase,the first on the left was dead, where else the other 2 phase gave me good out coming voltage. I am a qualified engineer and know very well what I`m doing. I reported this situation to Jason Huang and his reply was that I was not operating and installing it well. He even demanded photos of the installation and I supplied, But also insisted that the meter was checked before delivery and I`m doing something wrong and even installing my professional. I even consulted a separate consultant engineer (where he totally agreed with my results) to try persuade Jason, but with no success. I even reported this case to Alibaba assurance policies, but again their bureaucracy leads me nowhere and it cost me twice as much the whole meter cost. The meter`s manual specify that the meter cannot be dismantled or open due guarantee. It seems guarantee never excite with Jason Huang for all the hassle he gave me. This also indicates that the product was never check before delivery.
Since Jason was arrogantly and not ready to solve the problem, I decided to open the meter and diagnose the fault. I found that the coil relay connected to the faulty phase was totally disconnected and even so the other 2 coil relays connection just put in position without soldered.
Although I solve the problem myself, I had also lot of problems programming the insert cards due old software, so I had to scrap the whole project.

Tip for consumers: Do not trust Jason Huang of Huanbang Electric Ltd at all cost.

Ask Joseph about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

I decided to import a small amount of toys to try out the market. I have little money myself. Knowing Alibaba reputation, I searched carefully and looked into the sellers,found some were actually non-existent or impersonating genuine sellers whom I emailed and they knew nothing about the product I was looking for advertised in their name.
Then I found a genuine company that sold on a large scale,seemed professional,,they were responsive,kind,seemed to care. I paid for the toys and they arrived promptly but were delayed at the customs as there was no date,value etc on the dispatch form, something you do not expect from a professional company. It took me about 7 days and many phonecalls and emails to the company to rectify the problem and I got my toys. I then checked the box and the toys were fine,started selling them,it worked well,then as I edged towards the bottom half of the huge box,I realized that 50 packages of the toy were not the ones I bought but Eastern European,in their language, plain packaging and,practically,unsellable. They wanted to get rid of what they could not shift by hiding it underneath the genuine order yet including it in the number I paid for.
I contacted them and they said they would not send me 50 genuine samples or reimburse me for those,but they will "give me some discount when I order from them next time". Blackmail!
I have lots lots of money on the unsellable pieces and am stuck with them.

I tried to raise the issue with Alibaba,yet found it so complicated that it took me hours to find the way how to complain,then it would not accept any of my photo formats for evidence of conversation and invoice... I felt like crying. Finally,I somehow "escalated" the complaint,but within a couple of weeks they asked for all the evidence again in an automatically generated email.
I tried the messenger,it did not work,and I could never talk to or email anyone for help,I still cannot find that option at all.
I doubt it will ever come to anything and it seems to be con people or greedy companies know they can easily get away with anything they do,that Alibaba do not care and take advantage to the maximum.
It is like swimming in a sea full of sharks and I would strongly advise that people stay away from the website.

Tip for consumers: stay away!

Ask Sonia about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

Do yourself a FAVOR and NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY anything you don't mind loosing your money for trying!!!!
Thought I bought a working watch - August 28th - didn't receive it by promised date - although they STATE if not Received by promised date money back... FINALLY got it after buyer protection ran out - from Turkey - Watch damaged severely wrote them - "They NOT understand" "?you no got watch ?? says delivered!!" BROKEN !!! "unusual - NOT understand" -- Make complaint - they send me e-mails you can't reply to - want video's - did that - "YOU STILL say you not get package ??" -- NO WATCH BROKEN -- now almost 2 months after DEMANDING a REFUND -- no give refund - send back on loose money... ??WHO PAYS THE POSTAGE ??? ME ?? why is this MY PROBLEM -- so.... like I say DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT LOT'S OF FRUSTRATION AND LOOSE YOUR MONEY -- AND TRYING TO HAVE THEM UNDERSTAND ??!!! They play "NOT UNDERSTAND FRIEND"... Be ware - be wise...

Ask Notreleasing about Alibaba
1 review
0 helpful votes

Alibaba is a total scam. Received terrible inflatable boats that I ordered and the the trade assurance is of no use. They won't even respond and there is no way to contact anyone.

Ask Lorin about Alibaba
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

The company Alibaba protected sent me a cheap copy of a good tractor. This has cost me $14k

Ask peter about Alibaba
1 review
4 helpful votes

We have been Gold supplier 2 yr+.
During renewal, your sales people make false commitments and seek renewal amounts.
When they don't fulfil, they commit to refund the amount.
After that, they avoid to reply.

Gautam Harnik

Ask Gautam about Alibaba
1 review
8 helpful votes

I placed an order with Alibaba yesterday for my nonprofit. My bank texted me that the transaction went through at 7:50 a.m. for almost $1,000. Today, I heard from Alibaba that my transaction was cancelled and that to resubmit the transaction, I would need to send them a copy of my drivers license and social security number. No US retailer could ask for that information. BEWARE, Sending this data would allow them to steal your identity.

Ask Callen about Alibaba
1 review
7 helpful votes

alibaba supports only their premium registered suppliers i case of a quality problem we serious got defective products we submitted the invoice /the defective products photos /paypal payments proof
but still alibaba ruled in their favour they claimed this wasn't their goods
thats it the matter was closed once and for all

this is all bull$#*! of fair play
trade assurance its crap please proceed cautiously as after a mont with great difficulty u find a buyer and ship out the products stops working ater a few days -- made in china
very sad today selling online we have to give free replacement warranty no questions asked or else we will disappear with 2-3 bad customer reviews so selling inferior products in the guise of superiour product finish from china may not work

Ask sofia about Alibaba
1 review
6 helpful votes

I received a damaged reception desk. I immediately contacted alibaba and the supplier. The supplier doesnot respond to emails or phone calls. The mediator from alibaba was asking for absurd documents.

Ask AJ about Alibaba
1 review
7 helpful votes

I'm so glad I never purchased anything from them! People....Please always read the reviews with any new site before you ever give them money and your personal information. Especially China!

Ask Mitchell about Alibaba
3 reviews
14 helpful votes

Had a run in with VENEZIA INTERNATIONAL. Scammed me and Alibaba wont do anything.
I ordered shirts and other things, all wrong colors and sizes and printing is poor.
VENEZIA INTERNATIONAL scammer wont refund or anytihng and Alibaba wont punish him.
Abusive emails calling me a dog and many other things.
Stay away from VENEZIA INTERNATIONAL scammers
Venezia International scammers, they have scammed me.
Venezia International scammers, they have scammed me.
I have lost $3500 from them
Dont ever use them! you have been warned

Ask james about Alibaba
1 review
9 helpful votes

We bought a $655 movie screen 12' x 16' from SHOWME INFLATABLE CO.LIMITED,, just before shipping we find out that is the overall size, not the screen size. that is not what we ordered. they said they could make it bigger for more money we paid the additional for the bigger size and for the additional shipping. Then the screen was not the right material. they charged us an additonal $231 for the different material. they sent pictures of the screen - a huge 2 inch line where they seamed the material was down the center of the screen. i told Alibaba and SHOWME INFLATABLE CO.LIMITED this was not acceptable. and i filed a dispute. alibaba did nothing, they didnt look at the pictures submitted of the awful screen. we were scammed on this. alibaba wanted me to pay $500 for an inspection of quality. i didnt there was no need to inspect, it was evident from the pictures. we had no choice as they already had our money. we received the screen. it is awful and cannot be used- just as we thought. there is no protection for the buyer even though they promise they will protect you. they are on the side of their manufacturers. BUYER BE WARE!! We wanted to save money by buying over seas. now we have to buy a new screen here in the states. we ended up paying a total of $1400 for a screen we cannot use. Alibaba did nothing. a lot of emails, but did nothing. i will never use them again!!

Ask pam about Alibaba
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

Piece of $#*!

Ask Joshua about Alibaba
1 review
7 helpful votes

Bought 200 pens, told them initially they were to be gifts. They sent them to Germany as a business purchase. This caused customs problems and an additional $87. In import tax. Called to cancel the order and Ms April in customer service said she would pay me. It's now been two weeks and she won't answer my emails or chat.. to include no money. I'll never buy from a company with employees with no integrity. Alibaba is not a reliable company.

Ask John about Alibaba
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Recently heard the president of Alibaba explain the vision for global expansion, and it ticked all the boxes. Well done Alibaba.

Ask bruce about Alibaba
1 review
5 helpful votes

Bought an excavator bucket for a brand new Hitachi ZX55-5u. The bucket arrived & looked okay. I went to pin the bucket on the excavator & the pin centres were 285mm. They should have been 230mm. Xuzhou shenfu international trade refuse to accept they have made a mistake. I even sent them the workshop manual for the excavator & they tried to tell me Hitachi were wrong & they were right. After 2 days of hearing excuses why it is my fault I am ready to give up. Bucket will probably end up a garden ornament. Don't make the same mistake! Buy from a reputable dealer

Ask Ryan about Alibaba
1 review
7 helpful votes

These guys are a bunch of idiots. I paid $42 for a fleece jacket. Good looking product. I make over six figures income of and would have bought more. And these morons want to fleece me. Tracking web site that doesn't work. And disputes website that won't open. Please !!! Stick to Amazon and ignore these morons

Tip for consumers: Have no idea because I never received any product. I can't rate them because I haven't been able to get ahold of them

Ask Matt about Alibaba
7 reviews
19 helpful votes

They deactivated my account!! I didn't receive any of my orders since two months ordering!! I can't open dispute! And they will keep my money there!! What a site!! That's how they deal with their customers?? Very baad

Ask Zahrah about Alibaba
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

Placed an order with an Alibaba, china based supplier. When the supplier failed to meet our contracted requirements or the delivery schedule we canceled the order and requested a refund. The supplier was willing to provided the refund less the difference in the foreign exchange rate and related fees (about $280USD on a $8400 order.) It so happened that the Yuan/Dollar exchange rate dropped during the period of waiting on my order. Raised the dispute through Trade Assurance which is suppose to offer 100% buyer protection. After supplying clear evidence of the contractual gaps and obvious delivery delay the Trade Assurance rep. seemed to totally disregard the evidence and favor the Chinese supplier. Seemingly no options for appeal. Trade Assurance is bogus protection as the Reps do not seem to spend the time to understand or review submitted details even if clearly defined in the contract with the supplier which is already part of the Alibaba transaction. In my opinion they are largely partial to protecting the China suppliers. Your even prevented from leaving negative feedback on the transaction.

Ask Jeff about Alibaba
1 review
7 helpful votes

I bought a steel pipe shipments from suppliers Sino Metal Material Co., Ltd. ( Gold Supplier of Alibaba .. But what I get is a steel pipe poor quality: leaks, Stainless, pitted surface and mixing impurities .. inside steel pipe. We conducted negotiations with Sino Metal Material Co., Ltd., they have given price $ 150/ton compensation for me. But it is not my loss by half. I did complain to the Alibaba and provide all the proof of quality as well as my agreement and suppliers. But at that Sino Metal Material Co., Ltd. launched a very low level of compensation compared with the original, only $ 50 / ton. I pointed out the damage and sincere resolve but do not understand why Alibaba agree that compensation levels and closed my complaint ?.
According to international practice, when there is a dispute vendors like Alibaba commercial service shall have temporarily closed the supply of goods is subject to a claim and issued a warning to buyers, but sellers still normal operation and can scam more buyer in the world.
I have continued feedback and is awaiting the verdict from Alibaba and hope reasonable solution for all

Ask lv about Alibaba

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