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Wotoba has a consumer rating of 1 star from 147 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Wotoba also ranks 76th among Plus Size sites. The most common issues with Wotoba are around returns, which are more complicated than expected by some customers.

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  • Customer service is just an email, and they never responded.
  • They have ridiculous return policy and CHEAP TERRIBLE products.
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“Wotoba is Fraudulent Company”

Kathy G.

Very flimsy cheap junk nothing like their pictures. Do not buy from them. Their customer service is horrible. One example is a hat I ordered. They don't admit it's nothing like the picture and insist I return it to China at my cost. I bet you could find that hat at a dollar store. See photos for the difference in what received vs ordered.

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1 review
8 helpful votes
January 17th, 2020
Very flimsy cheap junk nothing like their pictures. Do not buy from them. Their customer service is horrible. One example is a hat I ordered. They don't admit it's nothing like the picture and insist I return it to China at my cost. I bet you could find that hat at a dollar store. See photos for the difference in what received vs ordered.

Tip for consumers: Don’t buy from this company!!!!!

1 review
26 helpful votes
November 30th, 2019
This company advertises in Facebook and uses images stolen from elsewhere online. The items are beautiful and Bohemian style, and in the photos the quality looks great for the price. If you get suckered in to ordering, you will get a cheap screen printed copy on low cost materials. Not worth your time OR money! Beware that they use other company names with the same stolen photos. I've blocked and reported them dozens of times to Facebook to no avail. I'm done ordering anything from a Facebook ad!
1 review
9 helpful votes
January 13th, 2020
You will get nothing close to the picture they show! The pictures they are using are from the different products!! Your items will not be anything close to the picture. Do not wast money! They are not very careful following the orders. After 2 months I'm still waiting for 2 out of 4 Items and the one I got is just a waste. After all there is no surprises, for that kind of prices you can't get anything of good quality!!
1 review
16 helpful votes
December 29th, 2019
Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said! They are not worthy of a star! Their products are "Disgusting". I recommend that we file a report with the Authorities that can take these guys down. I am reaching out to the Federal Trade Commission and whomever else I have to, to see this through. I will also post their disgusting website fraudulent on Facebook. These people have me pissed!
1 review
7 helpful votes
February 5th, 2020
Saw their Facebook ad which did not reveal that they are in China. 4 orders placed in November. Items came several weeks later (most missed Christmas) in many separate packages and quality is CHEAP/items look Nothing like their online pictures. Still have not received one item - they always reply with "be patient." I would return all of it but shipping to China is outrageous. They offered 15% back to keep the crap. They are also tax evaders as they ship from China to Dubai to USA. Do not make the mistake I did.
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 4th, 2020
This is one of the worst places to buy online. The quality of the items is cheap and they look nothing like the picture. It would be ok, since they are not very expensive but if you try to get help from them and reach customer service... good luck! I didn't get an item that showed as delivered and they made it impossible to get a reasonable solution. The other items I bought went straight to a donation center. A really bad experience !
1 review
10 helpful votes
January 26th, 2020
Do NOT order from this seller. They are located in China and send you cheap and badly made replicas of the items on the website. They have all counterfeit items that are not wearable. When trying to return items, they give you hard time and want you to pay for return shipping. Cheapest return shipping is $60+ for 2-3 pounds of package (6 top) with tracking. I made the purchase for $99 so how does it make sense to pay for $60 in return shipping. These people are big time cheaters and buying anything from them is as good as throwing away your money and getting yourself a lot of headache.

2/6/2020 - So I am still trying to sort this out with PayPal and my credit card company. But I decided to pay $63 in shipping and ship the items back because these really are not wearable. However, now "Return Goods" Package is stuck with China Customs and USPS does not know the reason. Also, PayPal closes the case telling me that I did not provide tracking. So, I had to call them also and ask them to reopen since I provided what they asked.

Attached is one example of what they send you. 1st pic with model is on their website and second is what I got.

Tip for consumers: Simple tip is save money and time and DO NOT buy from them

1 review
11 helpful votes
December 20th, 2019
This is a crooked company. Their measurement chart bears no resemblence to what they sent. They sent me a grease-stained shirt (damaged in manufacture). They would not refund my purchase price. They will cheat you any way they can. They did not send one of my ordered items. It took me 2 months I'd hounding them to finally get a refund for that one thin that I never received. They are happy to rob you if you let them. They don't count on individuals pushing them hard and going after them on PayPal
1 review
5 helpful votes
January 15th, 2020
Please do not buy from Wotoba!!! They represent products beautifully on website, but some products are shoddy and not at all like photos! Not even close. Shipping is not 10-20 days as stated. Still waiting to receive three of four shipments. No response from customer service . I am not able to use tracking links given. I wish I had read reviews of company BEFORE I ordered from them.
1 review
3 helpful votes
March 26th, 2020
Where do I start. First, my partial order arrived nearly 2 months after I ordered. Never got through to anyone from customer service. The partial order was a train wreck. My 13-year old daughter would have done a better job sewing. Very cheap quality. Never again.
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 18th, 2020
I purchased a green tee shirt with a blue dragonfly on the front. After almost two months of waiting the purchase finally arrived. Sadly, it was the most disgusting purchase I have ever made - the bottom edge of the shirt as well as the sleeves were raw edges with no hem to protect the raw edges. A very poor job and decision to deliver to customers unfinished work. Do not purchase from Wotoba - it is indeed a SCAM - BIG TIME SCAM!
1 review
3 helpful votes
February 10th, 2020
Hideous, 2 mo late and then when I had Paypal protest, they sent it, way after Christmas and the BD I got it for. Horrible company, wish I had not trusted a Chinese company. It is different from buying Chinese clothes, etc., which we are forced to do. I will only buy from an American company that may vet the product first. So when the PO said it was delivered, Paypal dropped the dispute and the company got my money! They're a scam. I am afraid to open the package since my relative is sensitive to chemicals and mold.

Betty P.
1 review
9 helpful votes
January 13th, 2020
Wait almost two months to get four products from Wotoba, three of the items arriving. the bag is a paint polyester fabric, the boots leather imitation, and this shirt, well... still waiting for other shirt. NEVER BUY IN WOTOBA!!
1 review
6 helpful votes
January 21st, 2020
I regret not checking reviews before I threw away 200USD.
The clothes are not as advertised and are complete garbage with a toxic smell.
It took weeks for them to arrive and it is impossible to return them.
They have not refunded me for the items that were not delivered despite the many, many emails to their customer service. I would give them a negative star if it were possible.
1 review
5 helpful votes
March 29th, 2020
So I ordered 3 sweaters for my wife a month before Xmas. Two arrived in January, the best one not at all. The two that arrived we garbage and were nothing like the picture. Cheap Chinese crap
1 review
3 helpful votes
April 6th, 2020
First- I placed my order in January and didn't receive it until April (after numerous emails)
Second - the quality is horrible! The pictures do not represent what I received!
Buyer beware I will never order from this place again!!
1 review
8 helpful votes
January 2nd, 2020
coat is nothing at all what was pictured, looked like a kimono, gloves cheap tearing at seams, thin, just terrible. i paid with paypal and filed a complaint today.
1 review
2 helpful votes
May 21st, 2020
The clothes are totally different from the pictures. They are cheap, ugly, see-through and so unwearable that I can't even donate them. The anklet was broken on arrival, too. This is a first ever for me to throw away clothes. Their return policy is as expensive as the clothes cost. Plus, it took 6 weeks for it all to arrive.STAY AWAY.
1 review
2 helpful votes
March 1st, 2020
Will never order from this company again and will tell everyone I know to beware. I ordered a coat on 12-2-19 as a Christmas gift and it was supposed to be 20 days for it to arrive and I still have not gotten it. I've emailed a few times and received an answer that it would be shipped soon. Once I said I no longer wanted the item and would like a refund I've had no response. I order thru PayPal so will also file a complaint with them and see if I can get my money back.
1 review
1 helpful vote
March 8th, 2020
I did two orders with this company in November and neither order was fulfilled. A few items were sent after about 4-6 weeks, but the majority never arrived and when I complained they didn't respond. When I disputed on paypal they claimed they were cancelling remaining part of one order and were refunding but I never got a cent back. That was about $150 and now the second order I am tryig to dispute is for about $140 worth of items they didnt send . Items i did receive were terrible quality.
1 review
1 helpful vote
March 22nd, 2020
If you actually receive anything you order it will be very poor quality, terrible fabric and looks nothing like it looks on the website. I ordered 3 tops 5 months ago. I only received 2 and both are horrible quality. One shirt I ordered is unwearable as the neckline has not been finished off, still has raw edges. I still haven't received the 3rd top and they now will not answer my emails about giving me a refund. Never order from this website.
1 review
8 helpful votes
December 18th, 2019
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
December 25th, 2019
Returns are so expensive to return cheap item, shipping is more than the product. Please report fraud at ic3.gov for US. Seller sells items not in stock. Waited 50 days no item but 1/2 order. Description and photo do not match item received.

Tip for consumers: China reseller. Buy direct from amazon or eBay cheaper and better service.

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 1st, 2020
I placed an order for some really cute blouses and 2 dresses. When I finally received my order. it took weeks, nothing was as it was advertised and nothing fit. Trying to return the order has been a nightmare. I sent in my return information 4 times. The fourth time they finally replied that they are a company based in China and due to the prohibitive return cost, they will refund 15% of my purchase, In one e-mail exchange they said they would send a return shipping label but that hasn't happened either. Buyer Beware!!!
1 review
4 helpful votes
February 17th, 2020
The merchandise I received were junk knock-offs which do NOT match the photos or the merchandise descriptions. They take weeks to mail out each item out separately. So it takes weeks to identify that you have been RIPPED-OFF. Their posted timeframes for mailing do not match the small print timeframes. In order to cancel, you must cancel within 24 hours of your original order. I am furious at myself for not realizing that a company can use photos from other companies to hook people in. WOTOBA is simply stealing from anyone who thinks the photos will match what they receive.

Q&A (11)


In my opinion Wotoba is a SCAM. I am getting the run around because I want to return the 2 items I received out of the 5 I ordered and I want to cancel the order on the 3 I did not receive.

By cynthia m.
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SCAM ALERT! I would have given this company NO stars if I could! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The clothing looks so nice, but when you receive it, it is the cheapest items that look NOTHING like what you ordered. They REFUSE to answer my emails! Then they finally answer but say, owe, it is over the 7 days you have to notify us of a defect. If they had answered my numerous emails it wouldn't have been! Then the purse I ordered had NO purse handle, they refused to refund me or take the item back. The scarf I ordered had a large tear in it & the didn't consider this a defect! This company is pathetic! I lost over $100. It is a shame! I even refused one of the items so it was returned to them. They still have as of yet refunded me for it! I have never written a review on any company but feel I must with this pathetic SCAM of a so called company!

By Jodi I.
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You can't talk to someone and their email responses are wholly unrelated to the question you ask.

By Coll p.
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YESSSSS false descriptions if what is pictured and description- poor craftsmanship.

By Kristin W.
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Plus sizes that are very small. My 3x sweater wouldn't fit my mom, a size 14.

By Coll p.

With their difficult and expensive returns to China, I think they probably make their money on first time customers, knowing they won't get repeat business.

By Patricia D.

Good luck! You'll have to pay the postage to China or they may offer a big %15 refund.

By Patricia D.

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