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2 reviews
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I just opened an account with USAA in march. I have had nothing from problems from them. We were thinking about switching our banks from SECU, thank God we didnt! Customer service reps are untrained and rude! Majority of them do not know what they are talking about, and give out mix information. Oh whatever you do please do not use the transfer feature from bank to bank. Insurance is also $#*!ty. We paid our insurance on 6/23 and when calling to verify it was paid and having a rep telling us yes everything is fine. Then on 7/4 getting a letter stating that it wasnt now i owe 2 months! Also i deposited $300 in a atm and after inserting my money i got a error message and took a pic of it. Called them and informed them of what happened. They gave me a temp credit on my account. I gave them all the info on which atm i used, submitted pictures on the message, she stated she found which one i was talking about and stated it will get serviced the following Tuesday and will call me back with the results. Then 2 weeks later they called again and asked me to go to that atm and get the atm # which is like 30 min away from me, Its almost a month now and still nothing. Like i said its been problems after problems and i blame the untrained customer service teams. I have never ever had these many problems with any other bank. And i am glad i didnt switch everything over like i planned. Hopefully it gets better...but if not im closing my account and insurance with them.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Be careful trusting USAA car insurance. Or even dealing with them. They will F**k up your driving record. Not only yours, but your childrens too! They need to be investigated and need to put their workers in some kind of knowledge training so they can provide you with the right information, and not picking them up from the street corner. All they know is to F**ck you up. Dont be afraid to report them to the BBB and all the other agencies out there. They discriminate against other cultures. Dont let them fool you with their fancy words and charisma. They are hiding their wickedness inside of them. I had a terrible experience with them for car insurance. I was with them for a few years, never had an accident, and I tried to save some money to pay other bills so I asked them if I could lower my policy and they ended up terminating me by giving me the false information. They marked me with other companies so I can no longer get a descent car insurance rate. They are liars. If anyone out there has similar experience, we should all get together and try to eliminate them.
- M.P.

5 reviews
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I have been a USAA member since 2004. I use them for all my banking needs and car/home insurance. It was a little difficult at first having a bank that doesnt have a local branch where I live. But as technology progresses, everything is done online. Now I can deposit checks on my phone and I can use any local ATMs to deposit/withdraw money at no cost (USAA reimburses ATM fees up to $15 per month.) Their customers service is friendly and always helpful. I highly recommend USAA!

6 reviews
2 helpful votes

USAA customer service isn' is indifferent, inept, unskilled, innocently or intentionally. I've searched the web and read other reviews of USAA beginning with the BBB site. Go to BBB and read for yourselves; amazingly uniform complaints. BBB Face page shows [25] Positive Reviews
[4] Neutral Reviews , [300] Negative Reviews , [329] Total Customer Reviews ; [1,460] Total Customer Complaints . Frankly, my voice will be merely one from the chorus - USAA touts service but it's all talk,[TV ads] & no action. I'd summarize their service or lack thereof as "institutional indifference" combined with a lack of familiarity with the truth mixed together with incompetence, untrue, deceptive statements and practices seemingly designed to mislead or delay either intentionally or innocently.

Like the 10 or so other reviews on the first 3 pages of the BBB site, I'm cancelling my insurance and finding a more ethical and competent insurer. Are there any? While other insurance companies may stab you in the back, USAA stabs you in the front while saying how wonderful their service is : better the ˌdevil you ˈknow (than the devil you dont)(saying) it is better to deal with somebody/something bad, difficult, etc. [other insurance companies] that is familiar[or expected] than to perhaps have to deal with somebody/something worse [USAA]

I have no claim issues. I'm not a disgruntled insured.

I'm a simple customer with a simple problem that USAA has botched so badly USAA's picture should be next to the Urban Dictionary definition of FUBAR.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from USAA - no service, bad service or stupid\ignorant service

21 reviews
21 helpful votes

I have been a USAA member for more than 35 years. They USED to be the best at everything they did. Unfortunately, except for the insurance, they are seriously declining in quality - especially in the customer service area.

Without going into VOLUMES of information, suffice it to say that the mortgage department violated regulations related to a refinance request on my home. When I complained, not only did they not back down, but I have now been TARGETED!

Since my complaint they have blackballed me with other mortgage lenders, closed my bank accounts without notice or reason and refused even the courtesy of a response to my queries as to their reasons for these blatant abuses of a long-time loyal member.

I will keep my insurance because that is still the best option out there, but I am rapidly moving my banking and financial investment business elsewhere.

I am truly sorry that this institution which has protected and served our uniformed heroes for decades is becoming just another uncaring money-grubbing bank.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been banking with USAA for years and have been happy with their service. However, recently I have experienced a couple issues of concern. My most recent circumstance involved a deposit that disappeared. I received a deposit from Coinbase into my USAA account. My USAA account reflected a Coinbase deposit as currently available in my USAA account. Later that morning I noticed USAA returned my deposit to Coinbase and assessed an overdraft fee to my account. Upon contacting USAA I was told that the Coinbase transaction was a withdrawal to my account instead of a deposit. I knew this was incorrect as I had not made any recent purchases through Coinbase; however, I was expecting a deposit from Coinbase into my USAA account. The original entry reflecting a deposit represented the correct transaction and not the changed entry to a withdrawal. The USAA representative credited my overdraft fee and instructed me to contact Coinbase customer service. Because I had more unanswered questions regarding this matter I contacted USAA again. This time I spoke to a supervisor and I was informed that the Coinbase transaction was not a withdrawal on my account, but instead two attempted deposits into my account from Coinbase on separate days. I was told that Coinbase had insufficient funds when making the deposit attempts. I have never heard of a business operating this way before. Why would a business proceed with a business transaction that involved a deposit, knowing that they didnt have the funds to cover it? I feel that any business would wait until they had the fund first before proceeding with such a transaction. I have contacted Coinbase and waiting to hear back from them as well. I would like to know if anyone else has had similar experiences with USAA. If you have, I would like to hear from you.

6 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have been a loyal customer of USAA for 17 years. Never forgot to pay any of my creditors but one time for whatever reason they did not get a credit card payment...rather than call me, write me, etc to notify me they did not get a payment- they closed my card!! When I called, their explaination was that they were so worried about me missing 1 payment that they called my creditors and was told I was a credit risk. BS!! I have an R1 rating (pays as agreed) with all my creditors so how is that possible they called and got an unfavorable rating?? Especially when they can pull my credit report to see everyone is getting paid. Took it further up the food chain to have them correct their error- their feeling was that it was closed but they would let me make payments as agreed....They still have the "Closed by Grantor" on my credit report which is a HUGE slap to my credit and still they wont correct it. This caused me to pay more for credit. I got a equity line to payoff my accounts with them from Pentagon who sent the checks to me but made payable to USAA and with the account numbers. I deposited them in my USAA account and found they wanted to hold them for 5 business days to verify funds!! ( Evidently they don't trust Pentagon Federal to have the ability to pay $9k... ;) ) They wont check to see if the check went through so the funds can be released directly to the accounts I am paying off. I just have to wait. Meanwhile the accounts are drawing interest on a per diem basis and are now 3 days past due!! So it comes down to they have the funds to do what THEY want to with them, including getting additional interest on the loans I have once the funds are released and I as a loyal customer for 17 years gets screwed! I have gone through my children passing away from cancer, the hard times of getting out of the military and not getting compensation for 7 months, the government deciding to withdraw military pay that they claimed they overpaid (but still have not got any real documents on that from the government...) and took almost $3k/mo from his check for 3 months, and now another child with cancer and facing a bone marrow transplant in the 17 years we have been with them and STILL we managed to find a way to pay all my creditors with all the hell in our life. I am at my breaking point with USAA. While they have been good to us over the years, they have also done little to correct their mistakes when they make them and don't mind if we have to pay the price and simply have lost touch with their loyal customers in my opinion.

2 reviews
17 helpful votes

I have been with them for over 11 years. I have never had bad customer service. And trust me I call in all the time, with questions or when something happens to my car. Every time I have had a finder bender they fix it quickly and they even introduced me to my favorite auto body shop. Western Auto Crafters, in los angeles. now I won't take it to any one else. this company is fantastic. I can't rave enough on how great they are.

6 reviews
30 helpful votes

We've only been with them a year but each time I've dealt with them, it's been smooth and positive. The representatives on the phone are knowledgeable, professional and quick - three combination traits difficult to find these days. I was with another insurance group for more than 25 years but decided to switch to USAA after reading all the kudos they were receiving from members (truly the best source) and relevant business magazines.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

IN OCTOBER, I notified my bank USAA to their check dispute arm that a service I had paid $159 for DID NOT do what they said. IN NOVEMBER, I emailed ALL proof they asked for and the gross overview is close to 35 calls, 5 times I either emailed, faxed, and sent info on their secure online sight. The business in question that ripped me off, closed their sight, etc, further verifying that I did not get what I paid for. A week ago? I received a call saying, our dispute department wont NOW give your money back, due to it TAKING TO LONG ........
OH BOY. The put me threw hell, kept losing stuff, refused to simply refund the money that I did not receive service for . I had numerous conversations along the way, including one rep who said the reason I was not being refunded was that they had already done it, but in looking saw no money was transferred. I was told by two supervisors they would reverse , who then made no notes and didn't do it.. I was told by worker bees they never got my proof, and told by other worker bees that they; had it. USAA YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS VETERAN FRIENDLY AND THIS LATEST IS THE FOURTH TIME YOUR DEPARTMENTS HAVE NOT SEEMED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I appreciate all the customer service all the help the supply and how nice and friendly they are!

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

They are always helpful, understanding and take the time to explain things. I appreciate that from a bank that has no local branches where I depend solely on telephone conversation. They has always fixed any problems I may have had with banking also and make sure that there are no unauthorized purchases on my card. Great company.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have had USAA insurance for ore than 15 years and never had them question a claim and I have had many of them. My first one was when a storm came thru and knocked over 2 trees that fell on my fence. They asked for pictures and an estimate of what it would cost to have them lifted off my fence cut them up and remove them. I sent them to them and was surprised to find they did not pay for the fence and have the tree removed they paid for the cost of the trees. When I was living in Belgium we had our house burn down and we had renters insurance with them all they asked for was a list of what we lost and the cost to replace our loss. This year they replaced the roof of my house. They sent a guy out and looked at it and said ok we will fix it. This year I had a car that was 2 years old and a guy ran a red light all my car was good for after that was a junk pile. The next day the adjuster came and looked at it and told me how much they would give me. I could not believe what they gave far more than I thought it was worth. Many insurance companies call and ask if I want to change companies and offer me a quote for insurance I tell them I will look at the quote but you will be wasting your and my time I am not going to change. I have not been given a quote that comes close to what I pay. So change? I think not.

11 reviews
73 helpful votes

I do business with USAA, both in banking and auto insurance, and I have had good experiences with them over the years. Their website is easy enough to navigate and seems to be well-maintained as I have never had any problems with it. I agree with one review that says that USAA makes a vet feel valued, both as one who has served in the military and as a customer; other banking entities and auto insurance companies could learn much from USAA and their webmasters. I say bravo, USAA!

8 reviews
6 helpful votes

lI have to say unlike VA the USAA bank does make you feel special having served your country in the military. Which isn't somthing vets see very much in America after you have served your served your country.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love the fact that they reimbursed all atm fees. They also have great rates on loans.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

My first bank in 10 years. Full recommendations for banking! Customer service is awesome and no hidden fees!

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

USAA is a company that has tremendous products and services AND phenomenal Customer Service. I moved both my auto and home coverage here. In fact, 2 months after moving my auto coverage here, a hurricane placed a large tree neatly on my car. USAA settled with a payment higher than I expected! This is after only 2 months of premiums in their pocket. Need I say more?

1 review
3 helpful votes

USAA is a total pain to deal with now. Used to be a great company to work with, but seems to be leaving a membership service organization profile to a for profit company "Sell-sell-sell" profile company. They have increased their based membership rules. Used to be officer and their children only. Now any military person can use USAA (nothing wrong with that), but a sign of their goals and want of market share. Ever since they started bank services, they have gone downhill. Not the bank's fault in general, but seems to be more of a "let's make money" over membership policy. Other review sites show the downhill service since things changed too. Most reviews place the "Fall" about 3 years ago. Not sure what happened. Maybe a management change. They still have great prices, but if you have to use them or need them, good luck on you endeavor.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes
5/19/13 is pretty good if you are ex-military or military, for investing and things like that...

13 reviews
33 helpful votes

Okay, when you have plenty of money, then they try charge all kinds of fees. Plus they say deposit at home.

6 reviews
19 helpful votes

My husband was in the military and I have to say I am usually in shock about how rude govt people are but this actually was quite pleasant to deal with them so kudos for you.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Well first of all you have to have served in the military or be a child or dependent of a military person in order to qualify for membership (free). A visit to the site will show you an array of products and services that I won't try to elaborate on here. The site is famous for getting you to the right person in record time. The person you first speak to usually can handle any question or solve any problem you have (except for adding huge quantities of dollars to your account just for fun) or they will transfer you to the right person while staying on the line to make sure you get to that person. They are extremely friendly, courteous and always professional, perhaps because they deal with military personnel from all over the world every day. Their services are amazing like free checking, free checks, no fees for low balances, free ATM usage (up to a reasonable point) and they rebate your ATM fees back to your account each month which, by the way, they pay you interest on. You can deposit any check from home or from your cell phone (up to $2000 per day, provided you have a scanner at home or a camera in your phone. Their bill-pay service is free, their Auto insurance is probably the lowest in the nation and they rebate part of your annual premium to you depending on their claims for the year. They have a low cost investment account available, savings, teen accounts, college accounts designed to get kids started managing money with more options and free stuff than any of their competition that I know of. You can obtain a mortgage, car loans and lots of other financial services. USAA also has periodic deals with various providers to save you money like ADT home security systems. All in all, USAA is absolutely the finest company of any kind I have ever done business with./...and NO, I don't have any affiliation with them other than literally all of my financial business is with them, but trust me, this is an honest review and I would (and have) recommend USAA to anyone who has ever served in the Armed Forces or is somehow connected to someone who has. Enjoy.

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